The 11 Best Woodworking Magazines 2023

Are you a professional carpenter? Would you wish to make the best pieces of furniture possible?

Have you been seeking the best advice as pertains the way forward?

If you answered at least one of these questions in the affirmative, you have indeed landed on just the right page!

Our aim here is to aid persons of your kind make the best possible decisions and adopt the best ever approaches and techniques.

Your answer to the above questions lies in acquiring the best woodwork magazine.


#1: Popular Woodworking Magazine Kindle Edition

Popular Woodworking Magazine

If you are short of cash but would still want to receive great tips as pertains matters woodwork, you may consider trying your hand in this particular magazine. You only have to possess an electronic device as it is available for download. It does not cost too much either and is thus affordable.


Its scope is comprehensive. It contains the fundamental knowledge which spans the entire subject of craftsmanship. The overall goal of the magazine is to make readers be independent, competent, and mindful of their workspaces.

Tested for Quality

This magazine is highly tested for quality. The testers are the previous readers, the staff who draft the contents, and the woodworkers themselves. By placing your bet on this magazine, you will not at all be gambling. Instead, you will be guaranteed insightful contents.

Easily Accessible

As stated, this magazine is available purely for download. As such, it is easily accessible. You do not have to trek long distances to be able to acquire it. All you need is access to the internet and a suitable electronic gadget such as a laptop and smartphone.


  • Can be read offline
  • Fills those gaps that might exist in your knowledge base
  • Available for easy referencing
  • Cheaper than most magazines that are available for download
  • Highly illustrated for the sake of eliminating all forms of ambiguities


  • May disparage those who have no access to the internet
  • The smartphones and laptops are generally more expensive
  • Requires some expertise to be able to read

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#2: Great Book of Woodworking Tips: Over 650 Ingenious Workshop Tips

Great Book of Woodworking Tips

This is the book to consider purchasing if all you are after is to sharpen your woodworking skills. It will help you to draw, saw, rout, clamp, glue, join, and finish the pieces of tasks. Its comprehensive and hands-on approach is unlike any other.

Multiple Techniques and Options

In this book are 650 ingenious workshop tips for your consideration. These are definitely very large and sufficient to cover just about every other task you might have at hand. You will not have to look elsewhere to find the insight and the guidance you require for the job.

Essential DIY Reference

On the whole, the magazine is a good do-it-yourself reference book. It is clearly illustrated, comprises very legible prints, and is on the whole easy to read. You will easily find the information you are looking for as a result of this.


The various prints, labels, and illustrations are appropriately placed throughout the pages of the magazine. You will not struggle to locate the content you are desirous of as a result of this. This is not to mention that you will also enjoy reading the book on the whole.


  • Features excellent photography and illustrations
  • All contents are vouched for by professional editors
  • Prevents you from confronting the common pitfalls and problems
  • Provides a ready source of advice
  • Possesses a hardcover that is long lasting


  • Not so easily accessible
  • Costs more than the download versions
  • Requires some great care and maintenance

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#3: The Complete Manual of Woodworking: A Detailed Guide to Design

Complete Manual of Woodworking

For professional carpentry tasks, there is no room for gambling at all. You just have to get things absolutely right. This can only happen if you possess a similarly professional kind of Woodwork magazine. No other magazine guarantees this professionalism better than this one.


With this book, you do not require a separate instructor to help you out. The choice of words, illustrations, and discussions are very straightforward. Any person can easily comprehend the text without any much hassle or possibilities of confusions. The beginners are particularly advantaged.

Very Insightful

This book provides great insights into the various aspects of woodwork. It teaches you how to choose the various tools as well as detailed explanations of every woodwork technique. This is the manual to refer to if you plant to fasten, laminate, bond, and join wood very well.

Heavily Illustrated

Throughout the book are heavy illustrations to highlight and offer visual explanations of the various steps, concepts, and procedures. As a matter of fact, the book has well over 1,800 drawings for your consideration. These come in the forms of photos, diagrams, and plain drawings.


  • Ideal for beginners in the field of carpentry
  • Has the ability to convert a beginner into an expert
  • Covers the entire field of woodwork and carpentry
  • Negates the need for the acquisition of several books at a time
  • Does not wear out easily


  • Its availability in only the paper version is not so convenient
  • Consumes much time to flip through
  • May contain some obsolete pieces of information

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#4: Woodworker’s Journal, the Print Magazine

Woodworker’s Journal

If you are that kind of a professional whose entire life revolves around matters carpentry, you need a comprehensive book of this kind. It is designed and intended to walk you through the entire level of carpentry ranging from the beginner through to the expert levels.

Comprehensive in Scope

As stated, this particular magazine is intended to walk you through the entire process from beginner to the expert levels. This stems from its possession of comprehensive contents that touch across all the levels of the woodwork. You have it for your taking to minimize the loss of time and generate greater outcomes.

Accurately Detailed

All the techniques and the pieces of advice are displayed in accurate details. They are presented in detailed step-by-step formats. What’s more? They are also accompanied by relevant photos, diagrams, and other forms of illustrations. There is absolutely no room for ambiguities.

Appropriately Partitioned

Other than being accurately detailed, the magazine is appropriately partitioned also. The entire book is divided into departments which are devoted to exclusive topics. These include the hardware, techniques, products, finishing, and joinery. You will easily find the contents you are looking for.


  • Enables you to locate the contents conveniently
  • Eliminates all forms of possible confusions
  • Offers some great knowledge and insights
  • Comes along with some free project suggestions
  • Requires no additional teaching aids


  • Was revised long ago and may not possess the latest contents
  • Requires the latest books for thorough comprehension
  • Does cost a fortune to acquire

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#5: Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Print Magazine

Scroll Saw Woodworking

To be able to do a better job, you definitely want a magazine that can offer you appropriate guidance. No other woodwork magazine is suited for the said job better than this one. It contains a host of how-to tips and illustrations necessary for the great outcomes.

Relevance for all Skill Levels

It is on the whole relevant for all skill levels. Regardless of your precise state, you will subsequently find this magazine handy and relevant for your course. This translates to reduced operational expenses on your part as you will not have to struggle to bring about the desired ends.

Great Tutorials

Throughout the magazine are great tutorials. These are designed and intended to complement your knowledge base and overall expertise. In light of this, the magazine comprises some ready-to-use patterns and tutorials. These display some new skills and techniques to you, the woodworker.

Convenient Subscription Regime

Other than furnishing you with the right knowledge, the magazine is also a convenient and worthy purchase. This is because it is backed by some convenient subscription rules and regime. These include ease of managing your subscription and faster delivery times.


  • Simpler in scope and language
  • Great for starters and professional experts alike
  • Possesses great insights and knowledge
  • Generated by a team of experienced researchers
  • Contains references to other great sources


  • Cannot be easily referenced owing to the print format
  • Quite bulky to carry around with relative ease
  • May inflict some inconvenience while referencing

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#6: Popular Woodworking [Print + Kindle] Print Magazine

Popular Woodworking

The knowledge of woodworking may have to be implemented at any place or time. The case is mainly applicable if one is pursuing the trade on a full-time basis. This is why a woodwork magazine that is available in multiple formats is by all means called for.

Existence in Multiple Formats

By far the topmost feature of this magazine is the fact that it is available in multiple formats. You can either choose to purchase the hardcover version or download the digital format in the form of the Kindle version. This is the trait that guarantees its availability everywhere.

Fundamentally Resourceful

The magazine contains great contents that are insightful, up to date, and very relevant to your unique needs and functions. This is because they are drafted and generated by experts and professionals in the field of carpentry. You may thus rely on them not to let you down at all.

Credible Contents

Other than being drafted by professional experts, the contents are also subjected to some rigorous testing and accreditation. These testing and accreditation are intended to vouch for their accuracy and overall relevance. This is yet again another incentive for your acquisition of the same.


  • Very relevant and handy for your use
  • Available in just about anywhere and everywhere you might need it
  • Contains the latest and most accurate information
  • Allows you to teach yourself matters woodwork
  • Comes in an easy-to-comprehend language


  • The digital version may require expensive electronics to make use of
  • Costs more than the other magazines of its kinds
  • Lacks the great back-end customer support

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#7: Woodcraft Magazine Print Magazine

Woodcraft Magazine Print Magazine

Are you already an expert in the field of the woodwork? Do you intend to elevate your woodwork craftsmanship a notch higher? Did I hear your answer in the affirmative? This indeed is the woodwork magazine to look up to. It has the capability to aid you in achieving this noble aim.

Highly Versatile

The magazine furnishes you with the information you require to make maximum use of your wood. You will receive various tips to work your wood in many ways you probably never thought of initially. The vast resources you obtain definitely is a plus to you.

Step-by-step Project Plans

To further help you to make the best of your woodwork, the magazine furnishes step-by-step project plans for you to explore. These come in the form of detailed explanations, instructions, and procedures to explore. The end results are short of any ambiguities or unnecessary hassles.

Expert Advisory

The book contains numerous expert advisory from numerous professionals and experts in the field of carpentry. They provide insights into hot new products, reviews, guides, secrets, and hot tips. You will find these resources handy and quite relevant in furthering your woodworking knowledge.


  • Contains so many details for less money
  • Possesses only up to date information
  • Has great illustrations for eliminating any ambiguities
  • Availed in the comprehensive subscription package
  • Does not tear out easily


  • Explained in tougher language
  • Quite large in size and may hence pose some inconvenience to carry around
  • Calls for great care and maintenance

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#8: Wood Print Magazine

Wood Print Magazine

Even though carpentry is a professional undertaking, it can still be learned in a relaxed atmosphere. The authors of this particular woodwork magazine understand this fact only too well. That is why they have captured the same in the publication of the magazine.

Lifestyle Magazine Format

As stated, the magazine comes in the lifestyle format. As such, it is relaxed, easy to comprehend, and very compatible with everyone’s lifestyle. You will not have to strain to comprehend those otherwise difficult to grasp concepts. This makes the knowledge sink much deeper than ordinarily is the case.

Project Ideas

In between the pages of the magazine are numerous project ideas for your consideration. They also include tips on how to actualize those projects. These ideas are great if you do not have that much experience but would want to do a better job nonetheless.

Tools and Product Reviews

Lastly, the magazine contains some tools and product reviews. These are products that have been tried and tested to be able to do a comparatively better job on the whole. You are thus assured of being able to get hold of the best tools for the job besides just possessing the raw knowledge.


  • Handles all aspects of carpentry
  • Contains detailed explanations of the subject matter
  • Has relevant and up to date contents
  • Enables you to create functional masterpieces
  • Suitable for the modern professional worker


  • Lacks the professional acumen and appeal of competing books
  • Does not have some vital features and contents
  • Requires references to other books for inspiration

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#9: Woodsmith Print Magazine

Woodsmith Print Magazine

Do you want to beat the competition and stand out from among your peers? This indeed is the magazine to consider acquiring if you answered ‘yes’ to this question. This is because it is primarily designed to give you ideas and tips to make unique pieces of furniture.

Excellent illustrations

All the various ideas and tips are illustrated in the form of great illustrations. These illustrations touch on the complete woodworking plans and are further accompanied by instructions that are easy-to-follow. They will, therefore, guide you from scratch to the finishing point without any issues.

High-quality Projects

In all, you will be able to generate high-quality projects. These are suggested and explained by the experienced wordsmith staff. These projects endure the test of time and are also strong. By adhering to the instructions contained in the magazine, you will truly be able to stand out from the crowd.

Hot Tips and Techniques

Other than the high-quality projects, you will also gain access to hot tips and techniques to handle the various aspects of carpentry. These tips are suited for all levels of expertise. They range from the beginner to the experienced expert alike. The pleasure of maximum convenience is, therefore, yours for the taking.


  • Contains no advertising
  • Perfectly illustrated from start to finish
  • Does not lose relevance with time
  • Comprehensive and demands no reference to other books
  • Relatively affordable and cheaper to come by


  • Unavailable in the download format
  • Does have an excellent customer support backing
  • Not so secure to handle and purchase

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#10: Woodworker’s Journal Print Magazine

Woodworker’s Journal Print Magazine

To stay ahead of the game of carpentry, you require one that is complete in scope and covers just about every other aspect of carpentry. No other magazine comes even next or close to this one. It embodies all the vital traits of the ideal magazine and is thus your best companion.

Completeness of Scope

As hinted above, the magazine is complete in scope. It covers just about every other gamut or aspect of carpentry. In the magazine, you will find information that is related to new project ideas, woodworking techniques, and shopping jigs. Your money will, therefore, yield you much in return.

Excellent Presentation

All the concepts, tips, techniques, and ideas are presented in great formats. They are jotted down detailed step-by-step formats and are also accompanied by relevant photos, captions, diagrams, and illustrations. You will hardly get lost in your attempt to make meaning of the magazine contents.

Full-size Patterns

In the middle of each issue are some full-size patterns. These touch on various departments of carpentry such as products, finishing, hardware, joinery, and techniques, to mention but a few! This arrangement further assures you of the awesome outcomes and performances that you badly seek after.


  • Leaves no aspect of carpentry unhandled
  • Brings about higher returns for money
  • Easier to comprehend than most other magazines
  • Revised from time to time for up to date contents
  • Possess a hardcover that is long lasting


  • By far the most expensive magazine of its kind
  • Cannot be downloaded
  • May call for expensive maintenance

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#11: Fine Woodworking Print Magazine

Fine Woodworking Print Magazine

Wrapping the list of the awesome woodwork magazines is the Fine Woodworking Print Magazine. This one is solely intended for the tech-savvy woodworkers. These are people who have practiced carpentry for too long and are way very familiar with the trade. It basically aims at enriching their skills.

Stimulating Design Ideas

The magazine contains numerous stimulating design ideas, projects, and techniques. These are for inspiring you to create those outcomes that are way beyond the scope of the other carpenters. These ideas are also complemented with great product reviews for your consideration. They further enrich your skill base.

Real-world Information

In the magazine is some real-world information. These are basically step-by-step instructions which touch on the construction of fascinating projects and structures. They are generated by industry experts who are well versed in the field of carpentry and may, therefore, bring about the great outcomes required.

Awesome Photos and Illustrations

Lastly, the magazine has plenty of photographs, close-ups, diagrams, and plans which are all intended to see to it that you can simply match each step perfectly and generate the next work of art on your own. You do not have to bring in an expert to aid you in comprehending the magazine at all.


  • Great for the skilled carpenters
  • Contains the most up-to-date pieces of information
  • Provides seasoned advice from the professional carpenters
  • Samples ideas from all the world of carpentry
  • Availed in simple and easy to comprehend language


  • Unsuitable and irrelevant to starters
  • May call for some great expertise to comprehend
  • Comparatively poor warranty and customer support

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For a start, a woodwork magazine is basically a piece of publication, which dares to aid carpenters in making the best pieces of furniture possible.

These magazines have the methods, steps, procedures, and illustrations, which guide carpenters in going about the business of making furniture well.

You badly want to pick up such a magazine, as it is a great source of information. These magazines are also timeless in the sense that the information they contain is relevant for a prolonged duration of time.

This means by purchasing one of these magazines, you get to enjoy higher returns on investments by not having to spend too much of your money to purchase newer updates every now and then.



In case you are on the lookout for great carpentry ideas and designs, look up to these magazines. They have a range of ideas and methods which may be of help to you. These definitely will aid you in making some unique pieces of furniture and help you also to stay ahead of the game.


Other than giving you some tips and ideas on how to make good furniture, these magazines also offer you some guidance on the way to do so. They contain some step-by-step procedures to adopt in the course of so doing. They also have exact measurements and the tools to employ for the said jobs.


Each step, thought, idea or tool is properly illustrated. These illustrations are great in that they offer you visual peeks into how the various aspects of the projects may be undertaken. You can, therefore, be certain to steer clear of any unnecessary ambiguities that may often arise as you interpret such instructions.


You may also treat these magazines as references. In the course of making your furniture, chances are that you shall get stuck somewhere from time to time. With these magazines at your fingertips, you can reliably and readily refer to them for any clarifications.


Compared to many other sources of such information, the magazines are cheaper to afford. Other than this, their contents are also timeless in nature. They are therefore more likely to stay relevant to you over a prolonged duration of time.


To be able to acquire a given woodwork magazine, you will have to identify and subsequently enroll in a given subscription. The following are the factors to consider while seeking a suitable enrolment subscription:


The first and foremost concern on your part should be the actual cost of the subscription. Obtaining the right magazine of this kind ought not to be too much of a pain. You, therefore, want to come up with a budget and then find a magazine that lies well within that particular budget space.

Renewal vs. Non-renewal

Subscriptions come in two main forms. These are the renewables and the non-renewables respectively. Renewables are automatically activated after the expiration of the subscriptions. They also run indefinitely. The non-renewables, on the other hand, last only once at a time. Choose the one that suits your preference.


This refers to the number of magazines you can possibly purchase with one subscription at a time. You have to compare the various subscription regimes to find out the specific one which shall yield you more magazines at a time. A higher number of magazines is, by all means, better as they are more profitable.

Terms of References

Apart from the actual costs of the subscriptions and the quantities of the magazines, there are some extra terms of references to be considered. These include any legal implications and penalties that may be imposed on you should you fail to remit the subscriptions in time. They also matter that is why you should pay keen attention to them.


Q1. How can the woodworking magazines help me out?

These magazines can guide you in making some furniture. They are also great sources of references and come in handy when you are stuck in the process of craftsmanship.

Q2. What should I look for in a good woodwork magazine?

The contents have to be relevant to your unique circumstance. They should also be presented in a simple format and must of necessity contain numerous illustrations. Lastly, the cover ought to tougher enough to endure intense abuse.

Q3. If the information gets obsolete, what should I do?

Look for the Kindle (digital) version of that particular magazine. Chances are that it contains the most recent pieces of information regarding the subject matter.

Q4. Some information is factually incorrect, what steps ought I to take?

Scour the internet for the relevant information regarding that particular subject matter. You will certainly obtain a correct version of that information. You may raise the issue with the publisher and the author of the book as well.


There you have them. The books we have identified and reviewed above are great and relevant to your use. They are more likely to yield you the support you require to sharpen your woodwork skills. Do grab at least one of them to help you out.

Also, share the information with others who might want it. Tell them to share the information further with others who might also be in the same situation. This way, you will help a whole lot of carpenters to make a difference in their trade and overall expertise.

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