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Why Is My Cat Sleeping In The Litter Box

For centuries, pets have been known for their unmatchable loyalty, unconditional love, and endless affection. For pet owners, their pets are nothing less than their own babies.

However, if you have adopted a cat, your camera roll must be filled with all those cute and goofy pictures. But at the same time, it is necessary to understand the sign language of cats as it can denote a lot!

For kittens, sleeping in the litter box is quite normal but if your adult cat has started sleeping in the litter box, then it might be a cause of concern for you. There could be many reasons behind this abnormal behavior of cats such as health issues, fear, stress, or unstable emotional state of mind!

Unlike humans, cats cannot speak, so it becomes more important to figure out the problems they might be facing, by assessing the changes in their behavior. There is always a reason behind the interactive changes your cat is going through and you should not ignore these alarming signs and take the necessary call as soon as the same is noticed. Here in this blog, we will try to find out the reasons behind the sleeping of your cat in the litter box.

Health Issues

The most probable reason why your cat is sleeping in the litter box is that she might be experiencing some major health ailments such as kidney disease. It is mainly caused by the urine infection or the formation of a crystal in the urine that is preventing your cat from urinating properly.

The other reason could be that your cat might be going through some intestinal discomfort. It tends to develop a sense of insecurity in the cat when she is far away from the litter box. There could also be some possibilities of your cat suffering from dementia that might be causing her to stick to her litter box.

Newly adopted cat

If you have adopted the cat recently, then it is quite normal for them to isolate themselves in the litter box until they are familiar with the owner. It might take some time for the cat to get mingled with the homely environment.

The newly adopted cat is habitual to sleep in the litter box, specifically if she was kept in a small crate at the shelter home. To make your cat cozy, give her own space similar to a box or crate where she can find refuge comfortably.

Presence of multiple cats in the house

When there are multiple cats in the same house and there are not adequate litter boxes for all of them, then in such cases they tend to fight over the ownership of litter box.

They generally fight over who gets to use the litter box first. Most of the cats are dominant and as a result, they tend to sleep in the litter box and mark their own territory.

Moreover, the cat who has been harassed by the other cats might also sleep in the litter box so that she can use it before the other cats restrict her from using it.

Fear or Stress

When cats are new to their home surroundings, they do not feel comfortable enough to familiarize themselves with the new space. A cat is prone to develop fear or stress due to a major variation in her surroundings. She might exhibit unusual behavior by sleeping in the litter box.

However, the cats go through one of the most stressful situations of all time when they face the arrival of a new pet or a baby in the home. A random visit from the stranger can also make your cat fearful and as a result, she might feel unsafe.

To overcome this problem, you can provide your cat with a comforting place of her own where she can feel safe and contented the most.

Cat in Labor

If your cat is going to give birth and is unable to find a proper and private place to do so, she might take refuge in the litter box, as for her, it is the most secluded and contented place.

To resolve this issue, if your cat is about to give birth, provide her with space that is more comfortable and quiet than her litter box so she can feel safe and confided.

Measures to be taken

If your cat is constantly sleeping in the litter box, then it is not at all a good sign. There are more possibilities for your cat experiencing some kind of health problems that might be causing her discomfort. In such a situation, you can take several measures such as:

  • Consult a veterinary doctor and get your cat examined properly
  • Check the color and consistency of the urine and feces of your cat
  • Spend more time with your cat as it would help you in getting a better understanding of her behavioral change
  • Pay more attention to any kind of unusual activity which your cat is indulged in
  • Provide a peaceful and cornered space to your cat where she can confide herself comfortably and feel secure
  • You can place a layer of cardboard boxes or soft blankets on secured shelves to make your cat feel relaxed
  • If you live with multiple cats, make sure to get the required number of litter boxes and do not rely upon only one
  • If you are planning to bring out any modifications at home, make sure to execute the changes progressively as it would prevent the cat from getting stressed and fearful

Wrap Up

The unusual conduct of your cat such as sleeping in the litter box could be a worrisome situation for you. In such a condition, it is important to pay attention to the general attributes of your cat and detect the uncommon fluctuations at the earliest.

Detecting such small yet impactful alterations at the early stage would help your cat in getting a preliminary medical aid. It would also increase the chances of success of the treatment if your cat is suffering from a serious health problem.

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