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Where To Shoot A Deer With A Crossbow

Deer hunting is one of the most exciting things in the world. There are numerous reasons one can hunt for a deer. Some do it as a passion, while others do it for fun. Irrespective of these, hunting a deer requires patience as well as experience.

Now, what do we mean by experience? It means that you must know the sensitive areas of deer such that, shooting at those areas, kills the deer instantly. This becomes crucial, especially when you are hunting with a crossbow.

Crossbow is a great weapon. It is light, easy to use, and precise. However, the damage by this weapon completely depends on the person shooting it. If the shooter is inexperienced, then probably the hunt will run away. How?

Well, there are chances at your shoot, and it hits the animal too, but they do not die instantly. Therefore, they run away. Do not worry. With our experience and knowledge, you will become a professional crossbow hunter in no time. Always shoot the deer at sensitive areas like lungs or heart. Let us discuss the parts where you should shoot a deer to kill it instantly.

Where to shoot deer?


It is important to study the anatomy of a deer first. You need to know the structure of bones as well as the position of various organs. Why? Well, this will help you identify vital areas where you should shoot. It will also help you understand the areas where you should not shoot. Since you are hunting with a crossbow, the damage will be low as compared to a bullet.

Vital organs

Crossbow is a different type of weapon when compared to others in the market. Unlike others, it kills the target due to loss of blood. It can even cause suffocation by damaging vital organs. Now, what are some vital organs in deer? The first one is the lungs. If you aim the lungs by your crossbow, then the death of the deer will be instant. How? Well, the bow will puncture the lungs in no time. This will lead to suffocation and immediate death.

Do make sure that you shoot at the deer within the range of 35 yards, as bow are not effective above this range. How can you locate the lungs? It is simple. They are located near the shoulder of the deer. Which side? Well, little towards the mid-area. This organ is least covered by bones in deer.

Thus, it is easy to penetrate through them and kill it. You also must not shoot at the shoulder blade. It is the most thickness area in deer. Therefore, the bow will surely not penetrate through it. Moreover, the bleeding will not be enough to kill the deer due to loss of blood.

High at the shoulder

Another area that kills the deer instantly is the high shoulder. A perfect shot can damage the spine as well as the nervous system of the deer. The only issue is that it is difficult to be targeted. Therefore, you must be completely sure before shooting in that area. Even if you have a small doubt on the shot, then probably do not take it. If you missed the shot, then the deer will run out of your sight.

Now how can you identify high shoulder? As the name says, it is little above the holder and little towards the neck. For better understanding, you must go through the anatomy of the deer.


Do you know that shooting at the shoulder of deer can lower the quality of meat? Well, if you do, then you may be looking for an area to kill the deer instantly. The brain of the deer is the perfect place to shoot to maintain the quality of meat. The size of the brain of a deer is small.

Yes, it is even more difficult than aiming for the high shoulder. If you want to have a perfect shot, then you must polish your shooting skills. Make sure that you practice in different positions. This will increase the accuracy of your shots during hunting. How can you identify the brain? Always aim above the area between the two eyes. Yes, that’s the place where the brain is located.


This is another vital area in deer that could lead to instant death with no chances of recovery. Why is the neck so vital? It is because the spine and blood vessels are passing through it. Therefore, if you aim for the neck, then there will be excessive bleeding, and the spine will be damaged. However, you do have to make sure that you hit at the right spot of the neck.

It is recommended to look at the anatomy of deer and find the most vital area on the neck. The motto should be to kill the deer instantly — irrespective of the place you choose to shot at the neck. The shot will be extremely difficult. The difficultly level will be quite similar to a shot to the brain. Therefore, you must be comfortable with the crossbow, and your aim should be accurate.

What are the angles from where you can shoot a deer?

Some of the most preferred angles are mentioned below.

  • Profile shot: This angle gives you a clear shot to the lungs. You can even aim for the high shoulder.
  • Front diagonal: A risky angle to choose. In this angle, you can shoot the lungs as well as the heart. However, there are high chances that the deer will detect you.
  • Rear diagonal: A great angle to aim for the shoulders.
  • Front shot: Through this angle, you can easily aim for the brain. However, you must not be detected by the deer.

Wrap up

If you want to hunt a deer, then you must make sure that you aim to kill it instantly. We have already discussed the areas, which if damaged, can lead to instant death. However, aiming for the neck, high shoulder or brain is not child’s play. You have to be extremely precise with your shots. Therefore, practice your shooting skills as much as possible.

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