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Where To Put Cat Litter Box In Small Apartment

If you are one of those cat owners who live in a small, one-bedroom, or a studio apartment, it is going to be a challenging scenario for you. You will surely struggle to find a spot to place a litter box for your little companion which offers privacy and easy accessibility.

A spare storeroom or linen closet can be an ideal place to keep a litter box. Cats can very easily get adjusted to this newly offered territory to them. You can even sculpt your cat’s territory in your living room if there is a lack of space in your apartment, this way you can even keep an eye on your cat. Remember to keep kitchens out of this arrangement for the sake of hygiene issues.

Always try and keep your cat’s litter box away from their water and food as the odor of litter can discourage cats from having their meal. Also, ensure the easy accessibility of the litter box to your cat all the time. A little bit of creativity and innovation can help you find the ideal spot to place the litter box for your cat, no matter how small and challenging your apartment space is.

Litter box undoubtedly is going to be a part of your apartment as far as you own a cat. But at the same time the in the small apartment it becomes difficult to find make a place for a litter box that is out of sight and smell. In this blog, we will try to ease this issue by exploring a few feasible ways.

Criteria for Placing the Cat Litter Box

Before spotting the area to place the litter box in your apartment, you should meet certain criteria. Hence, adhere to appended criteria carefully as otherwise, a wrong placement will lead to a lack of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Always keep the privacy of your cat in mind as they do not like to be disturbed while eliminating
  • Cats generally do not tend to eliminate in a noisy place. Hence, try to keep the litter box away from your stereo, television, etc.
  • Prefer keeping the litter box in the corner of your apartment as cats feel bit insecure while eliminating
  • Keep the litter box well within your reach as this will ease your effort to clean the same when required
  • Keep the litter box far away from cat’s water and food bowl as otherwise, your cat will not eat or drink due to the foul smell generated from the litter box

Placing The Litter Box in Spare or Store Room

Cats being a territorial animal will always be looking to claim a section of your apartment and make it their private territory. A spare or storeroom is the best place to offer for your cat’s litter box. Quite naturally it will be difficult to find a spare or storeroom in a small apartment but don’t worry cats do not require a large space but a space of 15-20 square feet only.

Placing The Litter Box in Linen Closets

If you possess a movable linen closet, this is going to be one of the ideal spots for a litter box. All you need to do is remove any wooden partitions or doors from it and cover with a clean cloth. By doing this, you will be able to provide your cat the desired privacy and at the same time mask foul odor originating from the litter box.

You may, however, encounter few problems by choosing a linen closet as the spot for a litter box. One of them will be a foul smell originating from the urination of your cat which is filled with a strong smell of ammonia. Gradually it might spread into your linen over time.

In addition to the aforesaid problem, your cat can also leap into your clean clothes kept in a linen closet after eliminating and can make it dirty in the litter. To overcome this, you need to raise the shelves of your clothes high making it out of reach of your little devil.

Placing The Litter Box in Bathroom

A bathroom is a perfect fit for keeping your cat’s litter box as it will be helpful during the litter training of your cat too. Cats are found to copy the actions of their owners, hence, when you use a bathroom, your cat will also follow the trait.

There are certain things to keep in mind while finalizing the bathroom as a litter box area for your cat. Prefer the bathroom only if you live alone as in this case you can keep it open. If you are living with family, then you are required to keep the bathroom door closed for a prolonged period which might be distressing for your cat.

You also need to assess your cat’s behavior before giving free access to it into your bathroom. Keep watch on your pet and analyze whether it spoils your toilet roll and drinks water from the toilet as such kind of traits need to be broken before placing the litter box in the bathroom.

If all the aforesaid obstacles are addressed favorably, the bathroom is surely going to be an ideal spot to keep your cat’s litter box. At the same time, you also need to take special care of keeping the bathroom safe for your cat and as well as clean to keep the foul smell out of the area.

Wrap up

You might find it difficult to spot the right area for your cat’s litter box in your small apartment but with some effort and thoughtfulness, it is achievable very easily. Just try to imbibe and adhere to the criteria mentioned above while spotting the area for the litter box in your apartment.

Cat is such a lovable and peaceful pet that it will adjust to its litter area swiftly. Do not forget to clean the litter box periodically to maintain hygiene and keep your cat happy.

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