Vortex Optics Strike Fire

Do you like making precise shots? Well, sometimes without the right scope, you may not get that perfect shot.

In fact, your eyes end up feeling fatigued because of the strain you put on them. The Vortex Optics Strike Fire changes all that. It is capable of helping you acquire targets so that you can fire perfect shots.

It marks a Red/Green laser dot on your target. Depending on your preferences, you can choose either the red or green dot. Its lens is fog proof and water resistant and it is a super lightweight scope.

In this Vortex Optics Strike Fire Review, we look at its features and why those who have used it recommend it.

The Reticle

The Vortex Optics Strike Fire scope is equipped with a 4 MOA Reticle. Its dual color enables you to simply use the dot that suits the environment and body of your target.

It is the best if you are looking for shooting marks, which will not interfere with your split-second shooting decisions. You will also like it that the scope allows you to change the intensity of the dots.

The Reticle has ten levels of settings that you can use to determine how intense the dot will appear on your target’s body. That is helpful especially when you are shooting at night.

Optical system

The scope has a high-quality lens that preserves the integrity of the light beam. The beam stays crisp as it’s transmitted from the air into the glass and out of the glass into your eye’s retina.

That ensures that even in the dimmest lighting conditions, you are still able to acquire your target. Therefore, at any time, you will be seeing the brightest image of your target. That is important when you are aiming from a great distance.

Sometimes you just do not have enough time to closely stalk your target, which is why you need a high-performance optical system.

Magnification and Eye Relief

It offers magnifications levels of X1 by default. The scope has a screw that you can use to double the magnification by a factor of 2. That helps to increase the versatility of your scope in helping you acquire all targets within the range of its shots.

The magnification reduces the field of view but it does bring the target close enough. That means you can shoot the target exactly where a single shot will instantly put down the target. The great eye relief of this scope means that you can shoot all day.

Great eye relief also is great means you can quickly acquire your target any time of the day.

Cantilever Ring Mount

This ring mount helps you mount the Vortex Optics Strike Fire on any rifle and position it firmly where you want it. With this ring mount, you can center the optical bore 40 mm above the base.

That gives you 1/3 co-witness with iron sights on any rifle with a flat top. A great scope mount is a helps you to mount your scope once and enjoy the rest of your shooting day.

If you have ever been out shooting, then you know it can be inconvenienced if you have to reposition your scope the moment a twig moves your scope. That can happen if your scope mounting is not firm enough.


  • The Vortex Optics Strike Fire is light in weight, compact and durable.
  • The scope is easy to carry, mount and dismount.
  • It is equipped with an O-ring seal that prevents water from penetrating into the scope.
  • It performance remains consistent under all environment conditions.
  • It works great even when used in temperatures as low as -22 degrees and as high as +140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It‘s filled with nitrogen gas that helps to fog proof the lenses.
  • It’s anodized which makes it durable.
  • This scope is shockproof and therefore can withstand recoil impacts from your rifle.
  • The scope is made of aluminum alloy which makes it nit just super light but durable.


  • You will find the lens caps a little difficult to close.
  • Some users say they do not like the way the knobs bulge from the sides.
  • The scope sometimes turns on if you give it a bump.
  • The night vision can come on if you turn it on accidentally, which will drain the battery.


  • Lens caps that fit tightly onto the scope to protect it when not in use.
  • The Vortex Optics Strike Fire’s ON-button can turn it on with a smooth touch.
  • The scope has a magnification of X2 that makes it easy for the user to view a target far away.
  • Electronic controls for perfecting the dot mark on the target.
  • It has a night vision capability which is great if you are hunting at night.
  • It comes with a ring mount for easy mounting.
  • It has great eye relief which is great for those who hunt all day long.
  • The great optical system brings the target into sharp focus no matter how far it is from the shooter.
  • The reticle enables you to switch between a red and green dot. That is great for camouflage purposes.
  • It has a parallax-free design so that you can shoot with both eyes.
  • When switched, it returns to the last dot setting used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Which is the best rifle to use with this scope?

Answer: This scope can be used with any rifle such as Rugger, Smith & Wesson, and M&P 15, but if you have the AR platform rifle, it will work perfectly.

Question 2: How well do this scope work in dim light, bright light, and minimal light conditions?

Answer: This Vortex Optics Strike Fire scope is equipped with night vision technology, therefore you can use it bright light, dim light, and a night.

Question 3: How easy is it to mount and un-mount this scope as well as to pack it?

Answer: The scope fits easily into place on it O-ring mount and you can unmount it with easy as well. Sometimes the lens caps might be a little difficult to fit onto the lenses. That is by design to make sure the lenses are well protected.

Question 4: How close you I keep my eyes on the scope?

Answer: That will depend on your eyesight, but it is best not to keep your eyes so close to the scope.

Question 5: For a target that is 300 meters away, how will it appear when viewed through the scope?

Answer: The target will be covered a 13-inch diameter 4MOA dot, which will be clearly visible without the X1 magnification.

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Final Verdict

The Vortex Optics Strike Fire is designed to make it easy for you to acquire targets and shoot them irrespective of the time of the day or night. It is light in weight because of the aluminum alloy used to make it and the high-quality glass used to make its lenses.

It can be used in humid condition without its performance being affected because of it moisture resistant and fog proof. The scope is capable of acquiring targets that are as far as 300 meters away.

The scope’s non-parallax design makes it easy for you as the user to shoot or track your target with both eyes interchange. That is a great feature because it makes it easy for you to work all day without feeling a strain in your eyes.

I like it that it is easy to toggle on and off the night vision of the scope. That is important when shooting at dusk or at dawn when the light conditions have not stabilized.

The scope is able to withstand the recoil of any rifle, which is great when you need to acquire your target and shoot in quickly but accurately. Overall, the Vortex Optics Strike Fire scope is a great hunting scope; I would recommend it to a friend.

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