Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review


The unlock hip flexor is a process that can help to reduce pain in the hips. In many situations, the hips can become locked in place that can be extremely painful.

The unlock hip flexor is designed to reduce the pain and discomfort in the hips to allow for easier movement.

The unlock method will eliminate undetected pain in the body, increase sexual stamina, reduce fat in the belly, improve energy and ward off disease and illness.

I highly recommend the unlock hip flexor because of the amazing abilities that it provides.

This review will provide all the information you need to know about this product. This information will show you why it is a great product to use.

The Authors

About Rick Kaselj


Rick Kaselj is one of the authors that have produced and discussed unlock hip flexor information. He is a well-known Injury Specialist and Kinesiologist.

Rick is one of the people that fitness experts contact when they want to know more about the latest procedures.

He has attended and given over 250 presentations in front of approximately 8,000 people in the health industry.

These health professionals have spanned across Canada and the United States.

The different techniques that Rick uses have provided the most results to eliminate client’s pain and discomfort.

He is the man when it comes to understanding how to relieve pain and discomfort that involves the locked hip flexor.

About Mike Westerdal

mike-westerdal-coachMike Westerdal is another author who contributed to the unlock your hip flexor’s download.

He is an Iron Magazine contributor, sports nutritionist, worldwide top selling fitness author, founder of the Critical Bench website, and a personal trainer.

He has many years of experience in the health and anatomy field.

The contributions that he has provided for the unlocking your hip flexor videos is phenomenal.

Mike understands how this problem can affect everyone across the globe and wanted to help ease the problem.

He has spent a lot of time analyzing research to provide the best information possible.

How Unlock Your Hip Flexors Work?

Unlock Your Hip Flexor works when each step is done in order. If the muscles are worked out of order, it can cause further damage, pain, and tension.

The proper sequence of the exercises to unlock the hip flexor can be effective when followed in the right order.

The psoas muscle is the key element to relieve the pain and tightening that you are feeling.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexor DVD provides you with the 10 most effective exercises to relieve the psoas and unlock the hip flexors.

These exercises are coordinated to work in order and give you relief of the pain and tension that this problem is causing. Here is a quick list of the main exercise that you will be doing.

PNF Stretches


The proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) is an exercise that relieves tension and stiffness around a muscle.

It also helps to loosen up the joints and muscles around the muscle that you are working on.

It relieves the pressure from the main area and surrounding area of the joints and muscles. This helps to improve mobility and reduce the pressure of pain and discomfort.

Dynamic Stretches


The dynamic stretches allow you to activate and work a muscle around a painful joint. The exercise helps to loosen and move the joint to its fullest capabilities to reduce tightness.

When working the joint in a progressive motion it helps to reduce the tightening feeling that is occurring between the joint and muscles.

The exercise is used to loosen up the joint muscles and increase circulation around them. One example of this exercise is high leveled leg kicks.

3-Dimensional Core Stability


The three-dimensional core stability exercise allows all your muscles to be worked and motivated. It especially focuses on abdominal muscle and the surrounding areas.

When working the core muscles, it can increase the endurance, stamina, strength and movement of these muscles.

The dimensional exercise is important because it reduces injury and stress on the joints and muscles that you are using.

Fascia Stretches


The fascia stretches are incredibly beneficial because it helps to expand and loosen the tissue that surrounds the muscles and joints.

The exercise can help the muscles and joints move in the right direction and become more flexible to relieve tension.

When this tissue is not working properly it can cause a negative impact on the entire body.



The mobility exercises are constructed to increase joint movement and alleviate the tension. The joint will be able to freely move without pressure, tension, or pain.

The joints and muscles will be able to receive the exercise they need to start working efficiently again.

I recommend this exercise process because of the relief of joint and muscle pain, and movement ability that it provides.

Movements of Muscle Activation


The movements of muscle activation help to get all of those muscles that are not getting enough exercise for the chance to be worked and used.

Many of our muscles are not receiving the workout they need because we do a lot of sitting.

The advancement of technology has increased the need for more sitting for longer periods of time.

When we sit down for hours at a time, it can weaken the muscles in our body because we are not using them as much as we should be.

When those muscles are not used, it can cause tension, pain, discomfort, poor posture, soreness, and other health related issues.

What is Inside The Program?


The Unlock Your Hip Flexor contains a guideline that shows each step of the program to unlock your hip flexors.

The step by step instructions is easy to understand and follow for a positive exercise experience.

The program will have you fixing your hip flexor problems and feeling free of pain. It is a highly-recommended program that will fix those hard to reach areas and reduce tension and discomfort.

The results of the program will have you feeling more energetic, stronger, and healthier. Rick had researched and found 10 of the best exercises that include;

Fascial stretches, muscle activation, PNF stretches, dynamic stretches, 3-dimensional core, and static stretches.

All of these exercises are wrapped into 10 of the best exercises to give you excellent results.



The DVD of Unlock Your Hip Flexors includes the best 10 exercises to use to unlock the psoas. It also shows how to loosen up the other muscles and joints that affect how you feel and are in hard to reach places.

Rick talks you through the program and the exercise process. He helps to ensure that you are doing them correctly for better and faster results.

There are two different videos because the program was divided up into two discs. The first disc is Rick doing a Coaching session to teach you each exercise and why you need to do it.

He will get you familiar with the steps and show you how to properly do each one. The second DVD is the workout that you can exercise with.

The second video does not have any explanations and it lets you continue all the way to the end without any interruptions.


The manual has valuable information that will help you understand the cause of your pain. It goes into greater detail about the psoas muscle and how it affects your body.

The guide shows pictures of the 10 exercises and explains how to do them.

If you want to know what type of workout you will be doing, you can read the guide for a better understanding.

The guide is a remarkable tool to have because of the knowledgeable information that it contains.

The manual can be taken with you to work and you can leave the DVD at home. It can help you to learn the exercises and the correct way to do each one.

Rick had created a quality manual to accompany the DVD’s for people to enjoy.

Bonus #1


The first bonus that is being offered is a free video of Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings. It is a good video to watch because it teaches you the exercises to release the tension in your legs.

If the hamstrings are knotted up and tight, they are easier to tear apart.

A tight hamstring is extremely painful and can cause long-term problems. It is not uncommon for hamstrings to be a tightening issue in people’s bodies.

Individuals are more willing to sit for long periods of time at work or at home. This can cause problems in the back and legs.

The pain and discomfort can be overwhelming at times and your motivation to move around are low.

The hamstring correlates to affecting other parts of the body which make those not work accurately.

The pelvis and hips will move backward and this puts pressure on the lower back, causing soreness, pain, and discomfort.

The bonus program will have you feeling better and improving your posture with each use.

These exercises can be done instantly to get relief from the tension and pain you are feeling. By the time, you get the program completed your body and strength will improve dramatically.

Bonus #2


The 7-day anti-inflammatory diet is a program I highly recommend. The program is designed to reduce soreness, aches, stiffness, due to inflammation in the bodies.

The inflammation can be caused by chemicals in the food we consume that is being trapped in our body. Health problems arise from many of the causes of inflammation.

When we eat the right foods and maintain our diet, we can reduce the cause of inflammation. You will begin to feel better, healthier and have more energy and motivation.

This program includes different information to help your body improve and heal from inflammation.

There are meal ideas, dietary plans, supplement information, and food lists to take use when buying food.

The body will begin the process of healing approximately a day after using the seven-day anti-inflammatory diet program.

Being able to know the proper foods to eat each day can improve the way you feel and boost your immune system.

It will eliminate pain and aches in the body and provide you with more stamina and strength.

When you combine the Unlock Your Hip Flexors and the 7-day anti-implication diet program, you will be amazed at how better you feel and can move around without pain or discomfort.


The program is easy to understand and complete without any confusion.

This is a remarkable program. I have helped me regain my athletic ability from a hip injury and helped me build my strength back up in my legs and back.

There are many benefits from using the program and it has reduced my pain and posture.

It has given me better movement and decreased my tension.

It is a remarkable exercise workout to do because it stretches and works muscles that do not normally get exercised. I felt better and had more energy after using this program.

There are many benefits from using the workout. It has increased my strength and reduced my leg and hip pain.

Rick explains the exercises in depth. He shows you how to do the workout and to help you not injure yourself. He makes sure you can see how to do it while he is explaining it.

The coach gives you the reasons why you are using these exercises and how they help different parts of the body.

The 7-day plan is a great bonus offer. It helps you find the right foods to eat that will benefit how you feel. The food choices and meal plans are wonderful and they work.

I have been able to reduce my weight and my constant aches from using the Hip Flexors workout.

I had learned a lot from the exercise DVD’s and finally understood why I had been so sore. The DVD had given me my life back and helped me walk further than I could before. I recommend the DVDs to anyone who wants to become pain-free and regain their muscle strength.

It had helped lose the baby pouch I had after having a child. I was no longer in constant pain and my hips and back felt so much better. I wish I had this workout before now.


It was too long of a workout for me to do. My tension is so bad that I do not think I am able to finish the program.

I still had a slight ache in my back, but it has improved a lot since I started the DVDs.

These exercises are hard for me to do, I do not know if I will ever get to complete them.

My experience using the Unlock video was good, but I am not sure if I am doing it right. The trainer shows how to do it, but I am still not sure if I am doing what he wants.

The exercises appear to be good, but I do not understand the right way to do them. I watched the coaching video and am still not certain I have done these exercises properly as Rick is showing me.

The seven-day diet video that comes with Unlock Your Hip Flexors is not something that I need, but since it is free I will keep it. I do not find that many of the foods on the meal plan to be appealing.

The exercise video was the reason I purchased the DVDs. Just because I did not benefit from the diet DVD, I am sure other people will.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Does the DVD’s help with neck pain?

A: Yes, the DVD’s help eliminates neck pain and tension. It will provide the proper workouts to reduce the problem that is causing the pain in the neck and other areas of the body.

Q: Can the exercises in Unlock Your Hip Flexor be stopped and continued at a later time? Or do the exercises need to be completed in one session?

A: No, the best 10 exercises can be completed when it is convenient for you. If you cannot complete them at one time that is fine. You can complete them when you have time and feel like it.

The DVD is to be used when the time is best for you to do them. For better results, it is a good idea to complete the workout all the way through, but it does not need to be done in one setting.

Q: Does the video show each step of the exercise to keep people from becoming injured or seriously hurt?

A: Yes, the video shows a step by step exercise guide to make sure you are able to do the workout properly. Rick explains the exercises in the video and then he shows you how to do each of them.

The exercises are designed to make you feel better and not have any pain. The reason that Rick shows you how doing each exercise is to prevent you from becoming causing yourself more pain from not doing it right.

Q: Does the bonus video of anti-inflammation help to reduce body weight?

A: Yes, the video helps you understand what is causing the inflammation and it gives you adequate things to do to reduce the inflammation.

It will also help you to lose weight if these programs are followed properly and efficiently. The inflammation program will make you feel better as you reduce belly fat.

Final Verdict

I recommend the Unlock Your Hip Flexors and its bonus DVDs. The programs are amazing and have helped to eliminate pain and tension in the body. It helps you stay active and work muscles that are normally not used as much as they should be.

The bonus videos are very beneficial to maintain and improve the health of the body. It is a great way to become pain-free, have more energy, lose weight, and build up strength in your muscles.

It helps to loosen up the psoas muscle that causes so much pain and tension in the body. This muscle is hardly ever fixed because the Doctors are unaware that it is the problem.

If you’re wanting to finally have relief from being in pain, then the Unlock Your Hip Flexors is right for you. Don’t waste any more time staying in pain and agony, get your video today. It will change your life and how you live it.

Buy it Now!

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