The 11 Best Trailer Hitch Locks 2023

Given the high value of goods that are ordinarily transported by trailers, it is necessary that they are secured adequately against any possible losses or damages. This feat is unachievable by the ordinary locks. Only powerful, durable, and strong locks may be used.

This is the role that the trailer hitch locks are intended to play. It is only prudent to be able to know how to make the best purchasing decision. This can only happen if you receive the necessary insight into the matter. Our review and buying guide endeavors to do just that!

11 Best Trailer Hitch Lock Reviews

#1: Master Lock 2866DAT 1/2 in. and 5/8 in.

Master Lock 2866DAT

Do you ply routes that experience adverse weather conditions? You have this particular hitch lock for your acquisition and use. As you are about to see shortly, the lock is highly resistant to the various elements of weather.

Durable Locking Head

Its locking head is pretty durable. It also has the ability to rotate at an angle of 360°. This allows the keyway to face forwards to enable convenient opening and closing. The mechanism spares you from unnecessary hassles.

Receiver Lock

The receiver lock of the equipment operates on the push-to-lock locking mechanism. This construction guarantees secure locking at all times. It also conceals the lock from being seen easily by an unsuspecting person.

Snap-on Cover

A Snap-on cover also exists to shield the lock from the various agents of weather and climate. Due to the existence of this cover, your lock is unlikely to sustain rust and weather damages. It hence lasts longer than average.


  • Easily operable for reason of requiring less effort on your part
  • Effectively shielded from all manner of dirt and debris
  • Durable construction exists for added security and protection from pilferage
  • Greatly deters theft and unauthorized access to your premise
  • The reputable brand provides adequate peace of mind


  • Capable of inflicting some injuries on your hands
  • Requires some muscle power to operate effectively
  • Calls for too much attention on your part

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#2: Connor Trailer Hitch Lock – 5/8″ Black Nickel Hitch Pin

Connor Trailer Hitch Lock

For the sake of faster retrieval of your gears and cargo, you definitely want a lock that is easy to engage. This lock is equipped with a couple of automated features. They reduce the effort and attention you require. Why don’t you try it out?

Auto-Release and Lock

To engage this lock, you need to turn the key only ¼ way. The lock takes over to automatically release itself from the pin. This leads to expedited time and frustration-free operations and experiences on your part.

Push-to-lock Mechanism

In order to lock the door, you will utilize the push-to-lock mechanism. You will remove the key and push the pin fully into the lock head. A ‘click’ sound will emerge to signify success in locking. It is that simple! No stress or hassles at all!

All-Weather Rubber Cap

Throughout the exterior of the lock is the all-weather rubber cap. Its role is to confer to you some tight grip and also extra protection from gunk and corrosion. In light of this, the lock is unaffected by extreme weather.


  • Pairs and works well with most hitches
  • Comes in a pretty durable design and construction
  • Possesses fewer moving parts and is hence a breeze to operate
  • Exudes great strength every time of use
  • Pretty reliable in the long run


  • Quite weighty and cumbersome to carry around
  • Simpler users may find it somewhat complicated
  • Costs more to operate and maintain

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#3: Master Lock Trailer Lock, Trailer Coupler Lock, 377KA

Trailer Couplers, Chrome by Master Lock

Simplicity is the best policy, they say! Indeed, closing your trailer ought not to be that much of a hassle. It is indeed possible for you to do so without any stress of whichever form. A simple and easy-to-use lock of this kind is a good starting point.

Advanced Locking Mechanism

Perhaps setting this lock apart from the others is the advanced locking mechanism. It is ordinarily tougher and pretty resistant to pries and picks. The mechanism is hence very reliable in the long run and offers great outcomes.

Seamless Versatility

By using this lock, it is possible for you to lock a number of vehicles and doors. These include recreational vehicles, trailers, and other kinds of haulage vehicles. You hence stand to leverage maximum convenience as well as higher returns on investments.

Strong Construction

On the whole, the lock comes in some strong construction indeed. Its most outstanding part is the coupler. This part is so designed as to greatly resist corrosion and rust. As such, it guarantees years of reliable operations.


  • Easier to install than most alternatives
  • Removable with relative ease
  • Fits most kinds of trailer couplers
  • Opened by use of two keys for maximum safety
  • Requires limited muscle power to operate


  • Needs some assembly before eventual usage
  • Takes longer to open and close
  • Unsuitable for those squeezed moments and circumstances

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#4: Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Trimax TCL65

To save yourself some money and also ensure seamless operations for a prolonged duration of time, you want to place your bet on a lock which is pretty tough. Try out this one as it is the one that mostly fits within those particular confines.

Built-in Chock

A built-in chock exists to prevent the trailer from rolling away. The chock basically comes in some kind of obstacle which secures the lock firmly. Chances of unauthorized access to the contents of the trailer are hence kept to absolute minimum.

Unique Design

The lock also features some unique design. By far the most significant aspect of the lock is its possession of the chock. Also, its ability to desist rolling makes it all the more reliable and great for use. Your contents are safer with this lock hence.

Universal Fit

On the whole, the lock can fit just about any other wheel. This stems from its universal design which basically allows for this to happen. You yet again stand to accrue some convenience and higher returns on investments.


  • Attaches to any wheel quickly and easily
  • Takes a shorter duration of time to get started
  • Exudes great strength and robust resistance to all kinds of undesirable issues
  • Comes in a durable construction which endures the test of time
  • Its rubber-coated arm protects against rust


  • Costs more on average than most others
  • Demands more effort on your part to care and maintain
  • Imposes some constraints to handle

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#5: REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

REESE Towpower 72783

Do you lack the necessary muscle power? Worry not! You have a companion in this lock. As you are about to see, the lock is lighter and hence easier to carry around. You will find it particularly awesome if you change locations every now and then.

Universal Fit

In all, the lock is structured to fit and work hand-in-hand with innumerable other kinds of closely related gadgets. This is further enhanced by its possession of 11 locking positions. The adjustable ratchet design makes it all the more easy to use.


This lock is indeed built to last. All its vital parts and components are manufactured using the most durable of materials. They take longer to deteriorate not to mention that they yield dependable services for a longer-than-usual duration.

Lightweight Aluminum Body

A lightweight Aluminum body wraps the list of its most amazing features. Aluminum being light means that you require no huge muscle power to engage this lock at all. This feature is great if you happen to be a frequent traveler.


  • Possesses the easy to engage ratchet design
  • Fits most kinds of couplers
  • Brightly colored to deter theft and inappropriate access of your contents
  • Secures many trailers successfully
  • The heavy-duty steel lock bar is not so easy to crack


  • Extra-large dimensions may impede your use
  • Demands a larger space to install
  • Has to be greased every now and then

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#6: Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal ‘Solid Hardened Steel’ Trailer Lock

Trimax UMAX100

Are you looking for a lock that can fit multiple couplers? This is the one to place your bet on. Its most outstanding feature which also sets it apart from the others is its universal design and compatibility. It is hence seamless to use and employ.

Exclusive Design

Generally speaking, this lock comes in an exclusive design. Among some of the outstanding issues to expect from it courtesy of this design is the 360° hardened steel protection. You will hence find the gadget quite durable indeed.

Ballistic-grade Nylon Housing

In its entirety, the lock comes in some ballistic-grade nylon housing. This housing is very attractive not to mention extremely durable. For this reason, expect it to last you a longer duration of time on the whole. This is not to mention the reduced maintenance and operational expenses.

Dual-ratchet Lock System

You have the dual-ratchet lock system to control this particular lock. This mechanism is on the whole more convenient than ordinary counterparts. As such, you will experience limited incidences of delays and also enjoy better outcomes.


  • Pretty great at sealing grime, dirt, and dust
  • Fits and works well with most couplers
  • Highly resistant to hammer blows
  • Effectively shielded from all-weather elements
  • Resists attempted drill outs perfectly well


  • Potentially injurious especially when handled recklessly
  • Calls for complex maintenance and repairs
  • You will have to invest too much attention to monitor it

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#7: Connor 1615320 Black Nickel Swivel Head Receiver Lock

Connor 1615320

For smooth operations, it is necessary that the lock of choice be extremely agile. You might want to try your hand on this as it contains a swivel head. This allows for easy positioning which is great and important for seamless handling.

Superior Strength

This lock exudes some superior strength indeed. This stems from the heavy-duty solid steel construction. The materials used are pretty effective in that they resist the various forces of damages conveniently and for longer.

Durable Black Nickel Finish

Throughout the exterior of the lock is the durable black nickel finish. Courtesy of this finish, the lock resists the percolation of moisture and other extreme weather elements. It hence spares you from the likelihood of excessive repair and maintenance costs.

Top-notch Engineering

The lock is manufactured and engineered with passion. Indeed, this lock is strong and highly reliable. It hardly breaks down and is also great at bearing the most extreme of impacts. This is the gadget to look up to for those long-term applications.


  • Effectively shielded from extreme weather elements
  • Negates the need for and use of keys
  • Spares you from the need to carry your keys around all the time
  • Resists corrosion and gunk perfectly well
  • Possesses a first-of-its-kind frustration-free design


  • Costly to acquire
  • Only for those with prior experience
  • Requires constant attention and repairs

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#8: Tow Ready (63228) ‘Gorilla Guard’ Coupler Lock for 2″ Couplers

Tow Ready (63228)

For maximum peace of mind, you require a tamper-proof lock such as this. As you are about to see, this lock is very tough and hardly ever gets compromised even when subjected to the most intense of impacts. It is hence your best bet.

Awesome Design

In all, the lock comes in an awesome design. This design is set in such a way that it shields the lock from any device that might tamper with it. It is this trait which makes the lock exude tamper-proof locking outcomes.

Tow-ready “Gorilla Guard” Lock

If you also hope or plan to tow your trailer from time to time, this is yet another lock to look up to. Indeed, the lock comes tow-ready and is hence a reliable companion at such times. You will receive more than you pay for by placing your bet on it.

Wider Compatibility

Generally speaking, this lock is compatible with many kinds of accessories and other locking equipment. For this reason, it spares you from the need to acquire numerous accessories to have your way. At the same time, it also brings in more returns on investments.


  • Fits most kinds of couplers especially those that measure 2 inches
  • Provides maximum protection to all unattended trailers
  • Comes along with some two keys
  • Backed by a robust customer care regime
  • Brings in more value for money


  • Cannot fit couplers that are taller than 5/16 inches
  • Suitable only for couplers that are no more than 3-13/16 inches wide
  • Performs limited operational cycles

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#9: Stainless Steel Barbell Receiver Lock, 1469DAT

Receiver Lock, 1469DAT

If you have some too heavy load, you can only bank your hopes on an extremely tough lock of this kind. By virtue of being able to bear 10,000 pounds of load, you indeed have no better friend. It also has other features which equally make it stand out.

Higher Load Rating

As stated above, this lock is able to bear a whopping 10,000 pounds of load. This is given its Class III/IV rating. It is this fact that makes the lock capable of delivering robust outcomes even when bombarded with the heaviest impacts.

Weather-resistant Design

It also features a great weather-resistant design. This stems from the watertight cap and the tough seal which is highly resistant to weather elements. You will find this appliance great at enduring dirt, moisture, and other weather elements.

Push-to-lock locking Mechanism

Its locking mechanism comes in the form of the revolutionary push-to-lock type. In all, this mechanism is pretty convenient to engage and also yields years of reliable services. Did we say that it hardly breaks down or sustain any damages?


  • Usable across numerous kinds of vehicles
  • Pairs and communicates with various kinds of receiver pins
  • Confers some unparalleled convenience to you
  • Heavy duty and hence unlikely to break down
  • Easier to keep clean


  • Difficult to set up for eventual use
  • May disparage those with limited muscle power
  • Quite demanding during storage and transportation

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#10: Cocoweb [New] C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking 1/2 Inch Hitch Pin

Cocoweb [New] C-Lock

Do you happen to travel in rainy and extremely cold areas most of your time? You have probably noted that your locks are highly susceptible to the risks of rust and weather damage. To counter this issue, you need a lock that is pretty resistant to weather elements.

C-Lock Hitch Mount

Its hitch is mounted in the form of the C-Lock. This kind of mounting makes use of the barbell locking mechanism to establish this installation. Because of this phenomenon, be sure to accrue some added protection to your equipment.

Heavy-duty ½-inch Pin

To lock the hitch to your trailer firmly, the appliance comes along with the heavy-duty ½-inch pin. Its very existence means you will enjoy greater security and keep issues like an unnecessary intrusion at bay. You, therefore, have the added benefit of utmost peace of mind as you transport your valuables.

Maximum Versatility

All factors considered, this hitch lock is built with the ability to communicate and work jointly with numerous closely related gadgets. This is mainly because it can fit and work well with most industry-standard 1/2″ hitch receivers.


  • Faster installation
  • No mounting or drilling necessary
  • Generates more secure and snug fits
  • Secures the locks firmly by preventing the accidental removal of the key
  • Retains its original shape and form for a longer duration of time


  • May not work with many kinds of hitches
  • Easily damaged when inappropriately handled
  • Not so reliable in the long run

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#11: Master Lock Trailer Lock, 3794DAT

Master Lock Trailer Lock, 3794DAT

Do you have numerous kinds of vehicles in your possession? You need not necessarily acquire numerous hitch locks to secure them. Just one will do you good. Try your luck on this as it can handle recreational vehicles, trailers, and other kinds of haulage cars with ease.

Seamless Flexibility

Generally speaking, this hitch lock is unlike any other. It has the ability to adjust from 9/16 inches (14 mm) to 2-3/4 inches (70 mm). It hence confers improved application flexibility. With regards to this, the equipment also gives rise to unmatched convenience.

Convenient Fit

On the whole, this hitch lock can fit couplers that measure 1-7/8 inches (48 mm), 2 inches (51 mm) and most which measure 2-5/16 inches (59 mm). You have the pleasure and assurance of handling quite a number of tools with just one lock of this kind.

Comprehensive Scope

Lastly, this hitch lock is comprehensive in scope. That is because it incorporates the receiver lock, trailer coupler lock, and the trailer coupler latch lock in one compact package. By virtue of this trait, you yet again have the benefit of unconstrained convenience.


  • Manufactured using the most reliable brand
  • Easily opened by three kinds of keys
  • Effectively shielded from all kinds of moisture damage
  • Requires less muscle power to engage
  • Works well with multiple couplers


  • Requires some expertise to handle and engage
  • Only relevant for those with prior experience
  • May not yield much value when used on non-commercial applications

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What is a Hitch or Trailer Lock?

A hitch or a trailer lock is a special kind of padlock that is wholly intended for use on trailers. It is larger in size, tougher, and more durable in nature. It keeps seals your receiver and trailer hitch tightly to prevent unauthorized opening save by using the right key or number combination.

Benefits of Using Trailer Lock

Provides Extra Security

This is by far the most significant benefit of the hitch lock. By its sheer design, construction and overall nature, the equipment are intended to provide you extra security. This is because it prevents a third party from gaining unauthorized access to your goods while in transit.

Deters Theft

Just by beholding a hitch lock, a would-be thief will be weighed down. Moreover, some are so colorful and are easily seen by all. It is hence highly unlikely that anyone with the intention of accessing your gears will even make an attempt to do so.

Aids in Towing your Vehicle

From time to time, your trailer might normally break down. If and when this happens, it definitely requires towing. Some kinds of hitch locks are designed with this ability in mind. You have to do a proper search though because not all are reliable.

Long-term Reliability

On the whole, these hitch locks are pretty tough, strong, and durable. They are hence able to withstand extreme impacts not to mention yielding years of reliable outcomes. It is hence in your best interest to acquire and make use of them.

Brings about added Peace of Mind

This equipment also yields you some added peace of mind. This is because they eliminate all worries and anxieties which are often bound to arise as you engage them or secure their benefits. You cannot transport your valuables peacefully from one point to another without them at all.

How Does a Trailer Hitch Lock Work?

The exact manner in which these locks work depend on the specific kind. On the whole, though, the typical hitch is a metal pin that has some locks on either end and comprises a crosswire.

This metal pin is fit into a hole which exists on your trailers locking area. It seals and locks the load you are towing in such a way as to prevent any separation, be it deliberate or accidental.

What is a Locking Hitch Pin?

As the name suggests, the locking hitch pin is a special kind of pin. Unlike most other pins, this one confers added protection to your load and hence prevent the theft of your valuables. It is available in multiple sizes and is also suited for a number of roles and purposes.

Other Security Systems for Your Trailer

Needless to say, the hitch lock is not the only safety or security system for your trailer. Indeed, it is just among the many others that are equally essential. The following is a listing of these alternative security systems:


Alarms come in to alert you on a possible breach of privacy or unauthorized access. It beeps to alert you appropriately. It is hence a security gadget you cannot afford let alone contemplate overlooking. A good alarm has to produce sufficient sound which is audible enough.

GPS Tracking

This is a way of keeping an eye on your trailer by use of the global positioning system navigation. It relays the location of the trailer in real time and in so doing, prevents its theft or possible hi-jacking. You have to fit this system more so if your trailer plies routes that are detached from the mainstream.

Ordinary Locks

You should never shy away from using the ordinary locks even after installing the hitch locks. That is because they too are necessary to provide yet another layer of protection to your trailer. Moreover, they are also easier to engage and are hence convenient.


Headlights deter theft and possibilities of hi-jack by emitting a powerful beam of light at night. They are much if your trailer travels most of the time only at night. The halogen lamps are better because they are clearer and consumes less energy.

Anti-theft Features

These are an assortment of features which jointly combine to deter the theft of valuables in your trailer. Before installing them, you have to consult your manufacturer or brand. Insist only on that paraphernalia which is sold and provided by your company.

What Should I Look When Choosing a Trailer Hitch Lock?

Finding the right trailer hitch lock is just as significant as the benefits it brings along. That is why it is necessary that you invest a bit of your time and effort in finding the right one. Below are some of the issues you have to pay attention to:


Of course, a good hitch lock has to be compatible with the various gears and parts of your trailer. These include the hitch receiver, hinge, and the towing apparatus. This is to eliminate any mismatch which might pose unnecessary hassles while utilizing them.


These locks are rated in terms of the amount of weight they might bear and the impacts they might withstand at any given time. You also have to factor this as you look for the right one. Be sure to acquire only a tougher and reliable one for the best outcomes.


You do not want to pay a visit to your hardware store every now and then, do you? To prevent that eventuality, you have to look for one whose construction is very tough and durable. This can only be the case if the materials used are tough and reliable.

Operational Mechanisms

These locks are operable in diverse means and ways. You do not want to have one which is too complicated for your skill level or expertise. It, therefore, follows that one of your choices ought to be relevant to your experience and know-how. Try them out before determining the most suitable one.

Long-term Reliability

Lastly, a good trailer lock hitch has to be reliable in the long run. It ideally ought to possess anti-rust, coated exteriors, weather protection, and rubber caps alongside other layers of protection. It is only then that you will be spared of the various issues which come along such as frequent breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.How do you lock a trailer coupler?

Use the coupler to clamp and lock the ball in place. Secure this coupler clamp using the hitch pin which comes is part of the locking mechanism. Thereafter, make use of the safety chains to connect the trailer to the tow vehicle. Cross the chains as well.

Q2. What size is a class rating with regards to a hitch?

Class rating is a designation that is assigned to a hitch. It is done so on the basis of how much load the hitch can bear and the impacts it can withstand at any given time. There is a direct correlation between the rating and the load it can bear. A higher rating bears much weight and vice versa.

Q3. How does coupler work?

The coupler is generally attached to a tongue of a trailer. It fits securely and also pivots on this tongue. It is used to tow the vehicle when it cannot move on its own.

Q4. What is a Class 1 trailer hitch?

These are trailer hitches which have the ability to accommodate up to 2,000 pounds gross trailer weight. They have a maximum trailer tongue weight of no less than 200 pounds.


MY FAVORITE IS the Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock. Its design and structure are such that it saves a lot of money. At the same time, it also guarantees seamless operations and prolonged durations of service. I have found it to be pretty reliable and great for my applications.

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