The 10 Best Toilet Repair Kits 2023

A running toilet is an integral part of any busy household, but what happens when this important utility breaks?

Hiring a plumber to fix your leaking pipes or replacing the toilet altogether can be costly, so being able to fix it yourself can save you a lot of money.

However, knowing how to go about this can be a challenge when you’re inexperienced with home maintenance.

There are many parts of a toilet that can fail, and finding a repair kit that can offer you a complete solution is a key to performing a professional and efficient job.

These kits are an inexpensive way to take care of the occasional leak, or even upgrade your entire system.

10 Best Toilet Repair Kit Reviews

#1. Korky 4010pk Universal Complete Repair Kit

 Korky 4010pk

Having a leaking toilet is noisy and annoying, especially when you’re trying to relax in your downtime. The Korky universal toilet repair kit is your complete solution to your constantly running toilet, by allowing you to fix a constantly running toilet.

Fix Any Type Of Toilet

All homes are built differently, and having to purchase a different repair kit for your varying configurations can become costly. The Korky universal repair kit allows you to completely repair and overhaul your toilet no matter the design. Built with universal valves and premium parts, your repairs will be long lasting.

High Quality, Bacteria Resistant Rubber

Made in the USA, the Korky universal complete repair kit is made from super high quality parts. Long lasting clorazone red rubber is built with hygiene in mind, with bacteria and chlorine resistant properties so that they will maintain form and cleanliness no matter how often you use it.

Upgrade Your Old Technology

If you live in an older home, then your toilet technology may be outdated. Not only does this mean that your parts are more susceptible to breaking down under the stress of use, but the technology itself is old and inefficient. The Korky universal complete repair kit allows you to replace this old technology with modern, more efficient technology.


  • Available in multi-packs so that you can fix all toilets in your home
  • Compatible with any toilet style with no modifications
  • Easy to follow instruction kit so that you can complete repairs yourself
  • High quality metal with bacteria and chlorine resistant rubber
  • Allows you to replace your old toilet technology


  • The flapper may not completely seal due to a lack of a rubber ring
  • Rust may occur on the metal parts

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#2.Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Universal Repair Kit

Fluidmaster 400AKRP10

As one of the most popular repair kits available right now, the Fluidmaster universal repair kit really delivers. With the ability to fix any leak, big or small, and the stunning attention to the little details, the Fluidmaster repair kit will have you enjoying a quiet, efficient toilet in no time.

Super Easy Installation Instructions

It can feel like a disaster when your toilet is constantly leaking, and short of shutting off the water valve altogether, it can feel like fixing it is a very difficult challenge. The Fluidmaster kit is not only inexpensive, but it comes with very simple step by step instructions to allow you to fix your toilet with ease.

Get A Great Seal With O-Rings

When leaks are getting you down, you want a toilet repair kit that will allow you to make a perfect seal. The Fluidmaster kit comes with multiple O-rings so that you can seal off that leak for good and get some peace of mind.

Microban Coating

You don’t want to think about all the kinds of bacteria that grow in your bathroom, and your water-filled flush tank is a haven for the critters to grow. The Fluidmaster repair kit comes coated with Microban, a professional level compound that confers resistance to bacteria growth so you can keep your family safe.


  • Universal kit that will fix any leaking toilet
  • Includes a flapper assembly plus a fill valve mechanism allowing you to tackle any source of leaking
  • Built with high quality parts for longevity and ease of use
  • Installations are very easy to follow and will have even DIY newbies covered
  • Comes with many O-rings so that you can get the correct seal


  • Not USA made, which can add variability into the quality control process
  • If you have hard water the fill valve can get clogged, requiring cleaning

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#3.Fluidmaster 400AH Universal High Performance Toilet Fill Valve

Fluidmaster 400AH

Your toilet repair doesn’t always require replacement of every part. If your flapper assembly is in good working order then why buy a kit including this if it will just sit in storage and gather dust? The Fluidmaster universal high performance repair kit allows you to repair your fill valve only.

Performax Technology

This Fluidmaster product is comprised of the toilet fill valve only, which is built with PerforMAX technology. Focused on delivering the most powerful flush even for low fill toilets, this fill valve is the most high efficiency fill valve on the market.

Quiet Filling Of Your Toilet

If you’re having an issue with the noise that your toilet is making when you flush, replacing it with the Fluidmaster fill valve means that you can finally use your toilet without bothering others. This is great for people who live in multi-dwelling complexes or need the use of the bathroom throughout the quiet hours.

Built For High Efficiency

The efficiency of your toilet can decline over time, and this can lead to overfilling of your bowl, or low water levels and a lack of power when flushing. The Fluidmaster fill valve is built to automatically detect when these deficiencies occur, making adjustments when needed so that you’ll have no more toilet issues.


  • PerforMAX technology allows for a more powerful flushing system
  • Compatible with low fill toilets, helping you save water while you flush
  • Works with any flapper style toilet systems no matter how new or old it is
  • Can help you to reduce flushing noise so that you won’t bother anyone when the house is quiet
  • Allows for manual adjustment of your water fill level


  • As a fill valve assembly, it may not stop your toilet from leaking if the flapper is the issue
  • The adjustable fill rate may be too long even at the lowest setting

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#4.Korky 528MP Quiet Refill Fill Valve

Korky 528MP

When you want a product made from materials you can trust, the Korky brand is your go-to solution. With its totally USA made products, this fill valve will fit your toilet no matter the design, allowing you to achieve the quietest flush possible.

Reduce Your Filling Noise

Flushing your toilet is unavoidable, but when the filling of your tank makes just as much noise, you’re going to start to annoy everybody in your vicinity. The Korky QuietFILL fill valve provides you with a solution to this common problem, reducing your fill noise so that you barely notice it.

Fix Your Slow-Fill Toilet

While noisy toilet refilling may be tormenting you, it can be even worse if your toilet takes forever to fill. Not only will this fill valve allow you to decrease the level of sound your toilet makes when it fills, but it will also reduce the amount of time it takes for your toilet to fill. This helps you to reduce the issue with multiple solutions.

Fully Adjustable Design

Not all toilets are created equally, and the Korky QuetFILL fill valve features an adjustable valve so that you can modify how much your tank fills. This ensures that your cistern is always filled to the appropriate level so that you can get a more powerful flush.


  • QuietFILL technology that reduces the sound of your filling tank
  • Fills your cistern more quickly so that you are ready for flushing sooner
  • Adjustable design so that you can maintain proper fill levels
  • Can fit both 2-piece and 1-piece toilets
  • Available in multipacks so that you can fix multiple toilets


  • No flapper assembly means that you can’t fix all leaks
  • There is a delay between when you flush and when the fill valve is activated

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#5.Fluidmater 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

Fluidmater 400CRP14

There may be several reasons why your toilet begins to leak and stops filling properly, especially when the unit is years old. The Fluidmaster universal toilet fill valve and flapper repair kit allow you to perform a complete overhaul of your flushing system so that you can get that new toilet to feel.

Flush With Confidence

Your Fluidmaster toilet fill valve and flapper repair kit feature a filter within the fill valve, which means that water is pumped into your cistern leaving the contaminants behind. This means that you will see less clogging and buildup in your plumbing when you flush and will help keep everything clean.

Install In Only Fifteen Minutes

When your toilet is constantly leaking, you need a solution fast. The Fluidmaster systems are designed with ease of use in mind, allowing anyone to fit them regardless of experience. This will reduce the time taken to install and save you big bucks when it comes to home maintenance.

Chlorine Resistant

It’s important that your flush mechanism components can stand the test of time, particularly when your water source contains chlorine. The Fluidmaster toilet fill valve and flapper repair kit are made with chlorine resistance in mind so that your parts will last.


  • Built for use with 3.5 gallons per flush toilet systems
  • Features an anti-siphon toilet fill valve which helps you flush quickly
  • Chlorine resistant so that you’ll see less breakdown
  • Microban coating which confers bacterial resistance
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions


  • Will not work with low fill toilets
  • Flapper only supports 2 inch flush valve toilets

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#6.Korky 8188P QuietFill Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

Korky 8188P

When you have an older toilet, you will often need to replace not only the fill valve but the flapper, too. The Korky toilet fill valve and flapper repair kit come with every accessory needed to have your toilet flushing like the day it was installed.

Quietfill Technology

Korky is known for their focus on the things that matter. The fill valve is the same quality and standard that you come to expect from the brand, and the QuietFILL technology means that you won’t have to listen to your toilet filling any longer.

Fully Adjustable

With toilets fitted in many standards and configurations, your toilet repair kit must be able to comply. The Korky fill valve allows you to adjust it to fit your toilet flushing style, so you can have the water at the appropriate level for your requirements.

Long Lasting Design

The metal parts used in the Korky repair kit are not only 100% USA made, but the rigorous quality control process ensures that your parts will stand the test of time. In addition, the chlorozone red rubber will allow for resistance to chlorine as well as bacteria, which helps to main integrity of the parts.


  • Suitable for low efficiency toilets thanks to the adjustable fill
  • Suits 2 inch standard toilet flushing systems
  • Long lasting metal parts which resist breakdown no matter the use
  • Chlorozone rubber resists bacteria keeping everything hygienic
  • Allows you to repair not only your fill valve but your flapper too


  • Instructions aren’t as clear as Fluidmaster systems so it might take longer to install
  • Does not come with additional O-rings which must be bought separately

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#7.Fluidmaster 507AKP7-2 Flush Valve Repair Kit

Fluidmaster 507AKP7

Your older toilet is not beyond repair, no matter how leaky it has become. The Fluidmaster flush valve repair kit is built with strength to handle your 3.5 gallons per flush toilet and comes complete with a solid frame flapper that can handle heavy use.

Get A Perfect Fit

The Fluidmaster flush valve repair kit comes with all of the accessories that will help you get the perfect fit. Not only does it feature the fill valve and flapper, but the gasket and bolts allow you to install the unit easily to your system

Resist Corrosion

It’s important that your flushing system is built with strength and the ability to last. The parts are made using corrosion-resistant metals as well as bacteria-resistant Microban technology for the flapper, which will result in less breakdown over time.

Adjustable Flapper

Not only does this kit come with a high quality fill valve, but the flapper is built with a solid, adjustable frame. This allows you to customize the way you flush so that you can get the most powerful flush you need.


  • Suits any toilet design with a 2 inch flushing system
  • Will reduce the amount of leaks you experience between the bowl and tank
  • Microban technology incorporated into the flapper which results in bacteria resistance
  • Suits older toilets with 3.5 gallons per flush mechanisms
  • Quick and easy to install


  • Will not work with low efficiency toilets
  • The gasket that sits between the tank and bowl may be undersized for some toilet models

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#8.TOTO TSU991.X Universal Fill Valve Repair Kit


The TOTO brand is known for luxury when it comes to bathrooms, and the universal fill repair kit comes with the strength and longevity that you want for your repair. Not only that, but the contemporary design allows for a stylish feeling that you just don’t get in your typical toilet accessories.

A Smoother Flush

With an eye for style and a focus on comfort, the TOTO fill valve creates a natural feeling flush that requires very little effort on your part. This makes for a smoother flush, making your toilet feel brand new.

Self-Generating Hydropower

Power is one of the most important features when it comes to flushing, but power can come with excessive water usage. The TOTO universal fill valve repair kit is designed with EcoPower which allows you to flush with self-generating hydropower.

Adjusts For Any Toilet Style

The TOTO design utilizes an adjustable style, so no matter which fill valve you buy, you’ll be able to integrate it seamlessly into your flushing system. The height is adjustable, and so is the flow rate, so your toilet will flush the way you want it to.


  • Adjustable flow rate which allows for as much flush power as you need
  • Utilizes a self generating hydropower for a more powerful flush
  • Design incorporates features that reduce contamination
  • Suited for two piece toilets with a standard 2 inch system
  • Easy installation that only requires knowing what height you require


  • Does not come with a flapper valve which must be purchased separately
  • The fill valve may stick sometimes, requiring you to tap the tank to get it running

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#9.Hibbent Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit

Hibbent Universal

Sometimes the bigger brands just don’t have all the answers. This Hibbent universal toilet fill valve kit allows you to refit your toilet plumbing no matter what size, shape or style your cistern is in. With its stylish and modern design and quality parts, this kit is an inexpensive and easy way to get your toilet flushing properly again.

Fully Adjustable

The size of your tank is one of the most variable parts of your toilet setup. The Hibbent fill valve allows you to easily adjust the height of the valve by simply twisting it and locking it into place. That way you can service your tank from 7.8 to 13 inches with ease.

Fits Most Brands

Some popular toilet brands are built with propriety valves which can be hard to replace. The Hibbent universal toilet fill valve kit is designed to work with any brand, no matter the configuration. This means you can spend less to get the fix you require.

Filters Out Contaminants

Debris from your water line can make it into your tank, and you need to have a way to prevent this from being flushed down your toilet. The Hibbent universal toilet fill valve features a filter that will prevent this debris from sitting in your tank so that you can keep it cleaner.


  • Adjustable fill valve that will service tank heights of 7.8 to 13 inches
  • Can help to overcome slow filling tanks
  • Suitable for modern and older toilets and can handle low fill toilet systems
  • Installation instructions are easy and install time is quick
  • Produces a quiet flush so that you won’t hear it during the night


  • The filter may clog if you have hard water
  • Does not come with a flapper assembly

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#10.Qualihome Universal Toilet Tank Flush Lever

Qualihome Universal

Once you have your toilet flushing and working exactly the way you need it to, how do you go about putting the finishing touches on your tank? The Qualihome universal toilet tank flush lever is a beautiful flush lever that will complete your toilet overhaul.

Chrome Finish

Built to fit most toilet styles, this Qualihome lever is a beautiful addition to any tank. The chrome finish handle will add a modern and elegant look to your old tank, giving it that new life that you’ve been looking for. Strong and durable, the handle is built to last.

Everything You Need To Flush

The Qualihome universal flush lever comes with everything you need to initiate your flush. Built with durable metal, the lever ships with a metal lock nut and a pre-drilled 8 inch rod to connect it to your flushing mechanism.

Easy To Install

There’s not much to installing your new lever. Just remove your old lever, insert the new lever and attach with the locknut. The threads are reversed on the locknut, so be sure to tighten the opposite way, then attached the flapper and you’re done!


  • Strong, durable design with a chrome finish
  • Universal design that fits most front mounted flushing systems
  • Easy installation that will take only a few minutes
  • Allows you to fix just a part of your system
  • Has a flexible design so that if it doesn’t fit perfectly in your system, it can bend in place


  • Can’t be used with top mounted button flushing systems
  • The lock nut thread is in reverse, which may not be obvious at first

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What is a Toilet Repair Kit

When your toilet is leaking, or you experience phantom flushes, where the toilet seems to flush without anyone triggering it, then you have a broken flush.

Other symptoms of these problems are the fact that your toilet has begun to lack the power to flush properly, and the capacity for waste removal has been reduced.

These times can be stressful, as your first thought may be to call a plumber, but there’s a way to avoid this expensive route.

A toilet repair kit is an inexpensive alternative to calling a plumber. Featuring replacement parts for your entire flushing mechanism, from the fill valve to flapper, this kit allows you to quickly and efficiently repair your toilet so that it is flushing as good as new.

They are very easy to install, so you can often perform the entire fix yourself, no matter who you are. Fixing your toilet in this way can help you to gain the confidence to tackle any DIY challenge around your home.

How To Identify The Source Of Your Leak

Your toilet flush system is a mechanism that involves many parts. Being able to identify the cause of your leak will help you in determining what parts of the flushing system that you need to replace. There are two main components that are involved in flushing, and there are different symptoms that occur when each of these components start to fail.

The fill valve is responsible for keeping your tank or cistern with water, so that the tank is full enough when you want to flush. If you’re noticing that your toilet is constantly running, such as a small trickle which you can hear, then it’s likely that you need to either clean or replace your fill valve. This valve sometimes gets clogged, but it doesn’t cost much to replace the entire thing, so whether you clean it or replace it, the choice is yours.

If you are hearing phantom flushes, which is where the toilet flushes or fills without you having done anything, then your problem is with the flapper mechanism. Your flapper and float are responsible for judging where the water level is at in the tank, so if it is getting this information wrong, then your tank will start to fill again. Once your tank is overfull, the only thing it can do to get rid of the excess water is to flush.

How To Repair A Leaking Toilet

If you have a leaking toilet, you may want to replace the fill valve. Here is our step by step guide on how to do that.

Disconnect The Water Supply.

Turn off the water supply by twisting the shut off valve so that it is closed. Flush the toilet to remove all of the water from the tank. Disconnect the supply line.

Remove The Old Fill Valve.

The fill valve can be removed by removing the nut, and then the whole assembly should come right out.

Adjust Your New Fill Valve

Most new fill valves are adjustable, so adjust it by following the manufacturer’s instructions so that the height of the valve is at least one inch above the overflow tube.

Insert New Fill Valve.

Fit the gasket over the fill valve, then insert the valve into the tank. Push down on the gasket, tighten the locknut (but do not over-tighten it) and then reconnect the supply line.

Attach The Refill Tube

You may need to trim the refill tube if it is too long for your system. Once it is the right length, attach the refill tube and angle adaptor to the overflow.

Adjust The Water Level.

With the water connected and turned back on, allow the tank to fill. You now need to adjust the water level by moving the float on the fill valve up or down. The adjustment process may be specific to the fill valve that you use.

Tips And Tricks For Maintaining Your Toilet

There are a number of reasons why your toilet may not be performing, and you might want to try some things before you go through the repairs process. There are many things you can do at home before making a purchase just so you know that you’ve covered all bases.

If you experience water trickling into your tank often, which sounds like a constant hiss, then you might find that the float of your fill valve is getting stuck. You can check to see whether this needs to be adjusted. The refill tube shouldn’t be stuck too far into the overflow tube, so if it’s more than ¼-inch below the rim of the tube, pull it out a little bit.

If you are experiencing phantom flushes, you can empty your tank and check and clean the flapper seat. It may jut require a re-seal, so that it can maintain the seal when you aren’t flushing it. However, if it is worn or damaged you need to replace it altogether.

If you are experiencing a weak flush, then you probably have a clog below the rim of the bowl. You can use a piece of coat-hanger wire to clear out each flush hole, making sure there are no blockages. You can use a mirror so that you can see better.

What To Look For When Buying A Toilet Repair Kit

If you know your toilet needs some work and you want to repair it once and for all, you need to know several parameters before you buy a toilet repair kit. This will ensure that your toilet repair is complete, and that all parts are suited to the type of toilet that you have.

Flush Capacity Of Your Toilet

Older style toilets have a flush capacity of over 3.5 gallons per flush, which is standard in most homes. However, newer builds and installations may have utilized a more eco-friendly approach that uses less water to flush. These low-fill toilets will require a fill valve that can work with these low water levels so be sure to check before you buy.

Fill Valve, Flapper Or Both?

There are many toilet repair kits on the market, and they are built to service either your fill valve, flapper assembly, or both. In order to properly decide which kit you need, you should try to identify exactly where your flushing problem is coming from. If you have a constantly running toilet, then be sure that your kit includes the fill valve. If you’re experiencing phantom flushes, then you will need to replace the flapper. If you’re not sure, a complete kit is the best way to cover all of your bases.

Size Of Your Toilet

The industry standard for toilets is to have a 2 inch water intake hole in the tank. Most universal toilet repair kits are suited to work well with this standard, but some toilet brands have holes that are often larger and sometimes smaller. Be sure to know what size your toilet is configured with so that you can avoid disappointment when you buy your repair kit.

How Many Toilets Will You Repair?

Many homes have more than one toilet, and seeing as they were all installed at the same time, you can expect that the flushing components will break down at the same time. That’s why it may be more cost effective to buy more than one repair kit at any one time. This way, you’ll have enough parts to fix all of your toilets when you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy just any toilet repair kit?

A: No. While many kits are universal and will fit 99% of standard configuration toilets, there are some toilet brands that will use different sizes in the holes. If you have a standard 2 inch system, then you have more flexibility in what you buy.

Q: Can I repair my low fill toilet?

A: Yes you can. Some kits are specifically designed for standard fill toilets, but there are certainly kits that can adjust as low as 1.6 or 1.8 gpf.

Q: How do I know when to repair my toilet?

A: You will know when it is time for a toilet repair. Your toilet will leak, or you will start hearing the tank fill without anyone having flushed it. You may even hear phantom flushes. If your toilet is doing these things, then it’s time for a repair.

Q: What makes my toilet flushing mechanism break down?

A: The water that sits in your tank is pulled in from your main water supply, which is often full of chlorine. This can break down metals and plastics over time, leading to cracking, and degradation of your parts.

Q: My toilet is very noisy after I flush it. Is it broken?

A: It may not necessarily be broken, but you can certainly reduce the noise it makes after you flush. Choose a toilet repair kit that uses a quiet technology to reduce the sound of filling after your flush.


A toilet repair kit has the ability to restore your toilet to its original capacity when it comes to flushing. This important function of your toilet can help you to maintain a hygienic and orderly bathroom.

Our pick for the most convenient and long lasting toilet repair kit is the Fluidmaster 400AH Universal High Performance Toilet Fill Valve.

This fill valve gives you the power to fill your tank quicker and flush with more power, and is best for busy households.

If you have a leak, or your toilet is behaving in an odd way, then replacing the flushing mechanism will allow you to get your toilet back to good working order.

We hope that this list of the best toilet repair kits for 2019 has helped you to decide to take care of your broken toilet once and for all.

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