The 11 Best Tan Extenders 2023

If you spend much of your time in the hot sun such as the beach, you are generally prone to the risks of sunburns. To ward off these risks, you need to tan your skin.

To make those tans all the more effective, you have to extend their efficacy and lifespan. This is where the tan extender comes in.

11 Best Tan Extender Reviews

#1: California Tan Extender with Bronzers


If your search for the right tan extender is driven by excellent protection from the sunless and ultraviolet problems, this is the one not to shy away from. This is due to the fact that its formulation and overall design are both geared towards those very ends.

SPF 15 Sunscreen Factor

Its sunscreen protection factor is rated 15. This means it takes approximately 15 times longer for your skin to begin to burn out when it is applied. The safety of your skin is therefore well taken care of as it guarantees that your skin stays fresh and in good health for longer.

Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB

Unlike most other tan extenders, this one has the ability to shield your skin from both the ultraviolet A and the ultraviolet B harmful radiations. As a result of this, it is capable of shielding your skin from aging faster and sustaining unnecessary sunburns.

Complex Natural Colorant Blend

The formulation of this tan extender is in such a manner as to mimic your skin’s natural complexion and quality. This is because the organic color of your skin is made use of while developing the sunless tan. In light of this, you may be sure that the tan extender is unlikely to inflict any adverse harms to your skin.


  • Extends and perfects the bronze color of your skin
  • Hydrates your skin using Aloe Vera, shea butter, and sunflower oil
  • Works on darker skins well too due to its possession of Erythrulose and DHA
  • Eliminates any strange odors at the source
  • Generates both the sunless and UV outcomes


  • Quite expensive to afford
  • Stay away from it if yours is a sensitive skin
  • May burn your skin permanently if applied in larger quantities

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#2: Juicy Daily Moisturizer after Tan Extender

Juicy Daily Moisturizer

Does your skin suffer from the persistent problems of dryness and loss of moisture? You may wish to give this particular tan extender a try as it possesses excellent moisturizing properties. It is therefore pretty great at tackling the problem of dryness and restoration of lost moisture.

Excellent Formulation

The extender contains plenty of Vitamins A & C as well as Aloe Vera. These active ingredients are well-known to be great at restoring the lost moisture to the skins. Moreover, they also play a vital role in shielding the skin from further losses of moisture.

White Peach

Over and above restoring the moisture balance of your skin, the extender also goes beyond to add some fragrance to the skin altogether. This is courtesy of the white peach fragrance. The nice smell is a great incentive for you to leverage especially in those low moments that badly call for some excitement.

Juicy Daily Moisturizer

Lastly, the entire extender is in the form of the juice rather than solid material. By reason of this excellent form, you will find it more convenient to apply and make use of. The end result of this arrangement is that you will not strain to have your job done at any given time.


  • A designer formulation which brings about great prestige
  • Has a pretty longer lifespan than most ordinary moisturizers
  • Safe to apply every day
  • Extends the length of the tans considerably
  • Also serves as a lotion over and above an extender


  • No money back guarantee to ensure your safety
  • Dries pretty fast and is thus not so effective
  • Requires the intervention of several other products for maximum efficacy

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#3: Tan Extender Daily Moisturizer


Do you detest anything artificial? If you do, you might want to give this particular extender a try. Unlike most other extenders, it is completely devoid of any preservatives and any chemicals. Due to this awesome formulation, it is less likely to inflict any dangers to your skin.

Organic Olive Oil

Topping the list of its ingredients is the organic olive oil. This oil is greatly covered for its ability to deeply moisturize your skin as well as by possessing several anti-aging characteristics. When used consistently, the tan can greatly hydrate your skin thereby making it smooth and supple.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

As stated above, only natural and organic ingredients have been used to make up this extender. These ingredients are perfectly blended to make them able to prolong the entire life of the tan. They are hence very effective yet safe enough to prevent any possible harms and issues.

Exclusive Fade-fighting Formulation

Lastly comes the exclusive fade-fighting formulation. The formulation is so called because it extends the overall lifespan of the looks of your beautiful tan. This is regardless of its precise nature such as sun, bed, spray or self-tanner. The end result is prolonged lifespan and unparalleled outcomes.


  • Prolongs your tan up to three days
  • Reduces tan break-up and improves the fades
  • Leaves your skin velvety soft and smooth
  • No fake tan smell at all!
  • No sticky feel also


  • Must be used within a squeezed duration of time
  • Unable to tackle extremely intense skin issues
  • Have to be applied in sufficient quantities to derive meaningful outcomes

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#4: Skinerals Self Tanner Extender Lotion

Skinerals Self Tanner

Are you short on cash? Worry not! You may still enjoy the benefit of a reliable tan extender. You only need to try your luck on this one. It is cheap yet still reliable enough to grant to you the necessary performance levels and overall outcomes.

Lightly-scented Lotion

It does have some light scent and comes in the form of a lotion. This sets it apart from the others in that it is easier to apply onto the skin. Moreover, its availability in many color options also means a fair degree of convenience on your part.

All Natural Formula

All the constituent ingredients are also natural in nature and form. This all-natural formula makes the tan extender pretty simpler to apply onto the surface of the skin. It also wards off the possibilities of leaving behind any streaks or unevenness. The end result is great and awesome to behold.

Absolutely Oil-free

Lastly, the tan extender is absolutely devoid of any oils and nuts. This makes it great for use on those skins that are either sensitive or are prone to such issues like allergies. It is also fast-absorbing and therefore takes less time to settle into the skin.


  • The 8-ounce bottle allows for easy distribution
  • Safer to use due to the organic formulation
  • Negates the need for bathing in the sun or beach
  • Generates some amazing glow that leaves behind no unsightly splotchy patches
  • Leaves behind a natural-looking sun-kissed beauty that lasts 7 days


  • May disparage those who have some allergies
  • Produces short-lasting impacts which call for frequent use
  • Not so great when the skin problems are deeper

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#5: Australian Gold Hemp Nation Moisturizing Tan Extender

Australian Gold Hemp

You do not have to purchase numerous skincare products at a time. You only need to lay your hand in one comprehensive one for your use. This possesses a host of formulation and ingredients which enables it to tackle a host of uses and applications at a time.

Vitamins and tiny Microspheres

It does have some Vitamins and several tiny microspheres. These two jointly protect your skin from the risks of aging and a shorter lifespan. It, therefore, follows that your continued use of this tan extender is sure of extending the lifespan of your skin.

Anti-aging Vitamin E and B5

The anti-aging Vitamin E and B5 also form a vital part of the formulation of this tan extender. They are good for healing your skin from all kinds of issues and diseases. If you do happen to suffer from inflammations and other skin allergies, this is the product to look up to.

Extreme Hydration

And if you have extremely dry skin, this again is the tan extender to possess at all costs. It is loaded with many essential fatty and amino acids which possess great hydration properties. When you apply the tan extender on your extremely dry skin, you will notice some awesome feedback faster.


  • Possesses the great vanilla pineapple fragrance
  • Comes in the form of the 18-ounce quantity
  • Nourishes and revitalizes skin at the same time
  • Replenishes the skin moisture also
  • Free of the harmful paraben chemical


  • May not handle specific skin problems effectively
  • Not great for the oily skin as it might intensify sweating
  • Weaker formulation means less efficiency

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#6: Australian Gold Moist Lock Tan Extender

Australian Gold Moist Lock

For prolonged used and applications, you definitely want to lay your hand on a sizable tan extender. By virtue of being available in a pack that has the capacity of 16 ounces, this could as well be a reliable companion. You want to purchase and use it every now and then.

Native Australian Extracts

The native Australian extracts form the bunch of the formulation of this tan extender. These extracts possess great skin healing and moisturizing properties. They, therefore, confer to the extender the ability to keep your skin in the best shape and form at all times.

Panthenol and Vitamin E

Coming in next are the Vitamin E and the Panthenol active ingredients. These two play the roles of healing your skin and restoring them to their natural conditions and states. In so doing, they maintain the integrity of your skin as well.


No good tan extender should lack some fragrance. The manufacturer of this extender understands this fact only too well. This is why they have incorporated some light scents into the awesome formulation of this tan extender. The inclusion also adds some value to the extender on the whole.


  • Sufficiently large in size to guarantee repeated use
  • Locks in moisture to prevent excessive burning of the skin
  • Helps in retaining the tan for longer
  • Leaves behind no allergies
  • Easy to apply on the skin


  • Too strong a formulation may damage the skin permanently
  • Inconvenient to carry around owing to the higher capacity
  • Incomprehensive in scope which means fewer returns on investments

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#7: Maui Babe after Browning Tanning Lotion 8 Ounces

Maui Babe after Browning

Do you reside in extremely dry conditions? We have some good news for you. This tan extender is highly recommended in dry conditions. It is, therefore, more likely to do you some good if you happen to reside in such areas. This stems from its possession of great hydration properties.

Awesome Ingredients

On the whole, the tan extender contains many awesome skincare ingredients. These include the natural ingredients like the Aloe Vera and the macadamia nut oil. You will not sustain any harmful side effects and consequences that naturally come along with the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Special Formulation

All the stated ingredients are specially formulated. This makes them all the more great and handy and performing their core roles and purposes. It is by virtue of this fact that they confer great browning and after tanning functionalities. You have the benefit of awesome outcomes to your advantage by use of this extender.

Easy-to-open Bottle

It is never enough to have an excellent formulation. The bottle that contains the extender has to be easy to open to expedite the use and application on the skin. The manufacturer of this tan extender, while acknowledging this, made the bottle very simple to open up.


  • Perfect for year-round use and applications
  • Prevents tans from fading and hence helps them last longer
  • Moisturizes the skin thoroughly when applied effectively
  • Heals the damaged skin as well
  • Prevent peeling and flaking of the skin


  • Difficult to get rid of when no longer needed
  • Takes longer to seep into the skin
  • Limited applicability means a lower value for money

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#8: Devoted Creations So Naughty Nude Tan Extending

Devoted Creations

If you do have rough skin, you might want a comprehensive tan extender to make use of. Look up to this one as it is so formulated as to be able to deliver this very outcome. As you are about to notice, the extender is packed with numerous ingredients which are great and effective at handling the skin.

Powerful Moisturizer

On the whole, the extender comes in the form of a powerful moisturizer. This stems from its possession of a host of extremely powerful hydration ingredients. It is these that restore the delicate moisture balance which is great for the health of your skin.


Apart from moisturizing your skin, this tan extender can also make your skin appear shinier by giving it the appearance of a suntan. This capability is made possible by its bronzer characteristic. In light of this, you will not have to acquire any separate cosmetic to have your job done.

Silicone Barrier

It also has a silicone barrier. This one basically locks in moisture to prevent the same from escaping or getting lost anyhow. With regards to this, it prevents your skin from burning or sustaining permanent creases even when exposed to the sun for longer.


  • Performs three main roles at a time
  • Applicable over a wider range of times and conditions
  • Comprehensive in scope and negates the need to acquire numerous alternative skincare products
  • Leaves your skin feeling soft, touchy and durable
  • Makes your skin quite appealing to behold


  • Lack the ability to shield against the harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • May overwhelm the oily and sensitive skin
  • Prolonged use may bring about permanent damage to the skin

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#9: Ink By Ed Hardy Tattoo & Color Tan Extender

 Ink By Ed Hardy Tattoo

Do you have any tattoos on your skin? Get hold of this tan extender as it is the one that is formulated and designed with such issues in mind. What’s more? It even has the abilities to moisturize and extend the lifespan of colors of the tans.

Lotus Extract

This tan extender is the only one that possesses the awesome Lotus extract. This extract possesses powerful anti-aging benefits. These combine with high levels of antioxidants to jointly make your skin safe and healthy all the time. You, therefore, stand to gain so much more at a time.


Just in case you have any allergies, worry not. You may count on this tan extender to handle all your skincare problems without any undesirable consequences. The logic behind this is the fact that it lacks the wheat and oil which are known to cause allergies.

Tattoo & Color Fade Protector

As stated previously, this tan extender is pretty reliable for maintaining your tattoos and colors in their proper working conditions. They have the ability to protect the luster and life of your tattoos over and above upholding the integrity of your tanning outcomes.


  • Softens the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue
  • Promotes the firmness of your body
  • Boosts the radiance of your skin as well
  • Possesses the great Bourbon & Honey fragrance
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your skin by slowing down the free radical damages


  • Not so great for the extremely darker skins
  • Poor nourishing capabilities
  • The effects last a shorter duration of time

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#10: Devoted Creations SPA LUXURY Tan Extending

Devoted Creations SPA LUXURY

If you are that kind of a person whose skin is aging and in need of reinvigoration, you need an extender that ideally is capable of doing just that. Consider trying out this one as it is suited for that very purpose. As you will notice shortly, the extender is packed with great ingredients which are vital for the job.

Anti-Aging & Skin Firming

As indicated above, this tan extender can reverse the adverse effects of aging and loss of skin firmness. This is due to its possession of the Renovage, Phytocelltec and the Cell LD active ingredients. These operate hand-in-hand to reinvigorate the growth and overall health of the skin.

SunXtend Color-extending Formula

Other than revitalizing your skin, this extender also prolongs the overall lifespan of your tan’s color. By reason of this arrangement, it sees to it that the colors remain appealing for an extended duration of time. This negates the need to constantly and regularly apply the extender every quite often.

Cellulite Fighting and Toning Formula

It is also able to fight cellulite and tone the skin at the same time. This stems from its possession of the great cellulite fighting and toning formula. These two also work in conjunction with each other to see to it that your skin remains in a robust and awesome state at all times.


  • Shores up the appearance of your skin
  • Repairs the damages of the cells and boosts the production of collagen
  • Keeps your skin looking younger and more appealing
  • Locks in moisture for a duration of around 24 hours
  • Tones and tightens the skin at the same time


  • May harm delicate skin
  • Unsuitable for daily or too frequent use
  • Impacts have shorter lifespans

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#11: Jergens Natural Glow Tan Extender

Jergens Natural Glow

It is not enough to extend the tan of your skin. Do you want to make it more appealing by letting it glow, don’t you? Why don’t you take advantage of this tan extender? Its ability to make your skin shine is a matter you cannot handle lightly at all.

Exclusive Fade-fighting Technology

Coming in first among the list of most outstanding features is the exclusive fade-fighting technology. As the designation suggests, this technology is the one that is responsible for combating the fading of the colors and the other tans altogether. It hence ensures a longer lifespan of those two.

Jergens Natural Glow Tan Extender

It is also able to make your skin glow. However, unlike most other extenders of its kind, it makes use of only natural ingredients. This means it shields you from the excesses of harsh chemicals which normally damage the skin when used for a prolonged duration of time.

7.5-ounce Daily Moisturizer

Lastly, it comes in the generous form of the 7.5 ounces. This quantity is sufficient enough to deliver to you unparalleled applications and for repeated use. You have this extender for your taking if you change locations every quite often or travel a lot.


  • Preserves your tans for a whopping 7 days
  • Maintains the integrity and efficacy of your tans too!
  • Suitable for use on all kinds of skins
  • Great for use as a spray tan or the sun
  • Extends the looks of your beautiful tans at the same time


  • May pose some hindrance in the course of use
  • Poor nutritional capability
  • Not so potent as to guarantee amazing outcomes

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What is a Tan Extender

This is basically a skincare product which extends the effectiveness and the lifespan of the tans which you apply on your skin.

It also contains some nutrients such as essential vitamins which nourish your skin and make them appear healthier.

This is not to mention that it also offers adequate protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Benefits Of Using Tan Extender

Extends The Life Of The Tans

Its primary role is the extension of the life of the tans. It seals the tans and prevents them from getting exposed to the direct elements of weather and extreme sun. This arrangement means the tans stay active and effective for a prolonged duration of time.

Offers Adequate Protection Against The Harmful Ultraviolet Radiation

The extender also possesses great power to shield your tan and skin from the direct sun exposure. In light of this, the extender offers adequate protection from the ultraviolet radiation which has adverse side effects on the skin. Your use of them, therefore, guarantees the health of your skin.

Moisturizes The Skin

Most tan extenders are equipped with the wonderful formulation and essential ingredients which play the role of maintaining the delicate moisture balance of your skin. These include the Aloe Vera and the Vitamin B. Sufficient moisture levels are necessary for a good looking kind of skin.

Replenishes Essential Nutrients To The Skin

It also replenishes the essential nutrients which the skin badly needs and which easily gets lost whenever the skin is exposed to direct sunlight. These include Vitamins and melanin. You do not have to eat too much to be able to enjoy such benefits by possessing these extenders.

Makes Your Skin Healthier And More Vibrant

Lastly, these extenders generally make your skin appear shinier, healthier, and more vibrant. These are made possible by the combined impacts and effects of the stated benefits and functionality. With healthier skin, you have the confidence and peace of mind you need to walk around with pride.

What Are The Popular Brands Of Tan Extender

The following are the top brands of the tan extenders:

  • Designer Skin Juicy
  • Jergens Natural Glow
  • Golden Star Beauty Lotion
  • Skinerals Amber Glow
  • Australian Gold Moisture Lock
  • Maui Babe After Browning
  • Devoted Creations So Naughty
  • Tanovations Ed Hardy Ink

What Should I Look When Choosing A Tan Extender

Skin Complexion

Complexion refers to the texture and outward appearance of the skin. Common examples include the dark, chocolate, and light skin, among others. Owing to the uniqueness of these skin complexion, it is in your best interest to find a tan extender which is optimized for their nature and unique states.


These extenders are available in numerous brands owing to the many players who are engaged in their manufacture and distribution. You, therefore, have to identify and only give the leading brands the first priority in your search for the best companion. It is only then that you will stand to obtain better outcomes.


Just like the skins differ in texture, color, and quality, so do the tan extenders themselves. The best tan extender has to be comprehensive in scope. This is to mean that it ideally should be able to perform many skin-related chores. Among these are extending the tans, hydrating the skin, and nourishing the skin.

Mode of Application

The manner in which the tan extender is applied determines the ease with which you will do the job. You want one that is juicy, succulent and fluid to allow for smooth and easy applications. This is why you want to give the lotions and the juicy extenders the topmost priority.

Skin Color

Lastly, you also want to factor your skin color as well. An extender that is designed for a lighter skin may not do well on darker skin and so on. You should, therefore, find an extender that is optimized for your skin color for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Q1. How does the aloe make your tan last longer?

It has awesome moisturizing properties. These lock in the moisture to prevent the same from escaping into the atmosphere. In the process of so doing, it extends the lifespan of your tans.

Q2. Do tan extenders really work?

Yes, they do! And effectively for that matter. This is due to their ability to condition your skin and furnish it with the necessary essential vitamins and other nutrients.

Q3. Can you shave after a fake tan?

Technically yes. However, you are strongly advised against this as it might normally make your tans to fade faster than they ordinarily would or should.

Q4. Is it possible for tanning to be permanent?

It is possible. If and when this arises, it could be indicative of the fact that your skin is undergoing some permanent damages and hence need to be reined in.

Q5. Does it make sense to tan at 5 pm?

The answer largely depends on whether your area experiences sufficient sunshine at such times. If that is the case, and you also spend much of your time out, you definitely want to tan your skin. If not, please stay away from it.


MY FAVORITE IS Australian Gold Hemp Nation Moisturizing Tan Extender. As you have seen from the foregoing review, it is comprehensive in scope.

It does perform all the various skin-care functions at a time. By settling for it, I do not have to spend too much of my time and money in purchasing other skincare products.

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