The 10 Best Stair Treads In 2023 [In-Depth Review]

It is one thing to construct the raw structures of a building. It is yet another thing altogether to finish it in such a manner that it is habitable.

This is why you have to familiarize yourself with the various tools and tactics for this job.

We are here to help you out. We have conducted in-depth research into the best stair treads.

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10 Best Stair Tread Reviews

#1: Ottomanson SST2611-7 Stair Tread

Ottomanson SST2611-7

Are you looking for a stair tread that can greatly enhance your interior décor? If so, this indeed is the one to consider purchasing. It is beautiful to behold and is also available in many colors. It can thus fit in various circumstances.

Non-slip Rubber Backing

The non-slip rubber backing is perhaps the topmost trait of this particular tread. It basically confers the benefit of skid-resistance and added safety to you. It subsequently allows you to achieve a tighter grip as you engage the stair tread.

Machine-made Soft Shaggy Pile

Each layer of the carpet comes in the form of the soft and shaggy piles. These resist stains and are also easier to maintain. This is not to mention also that they are durable and as such very reliable in the long run. You will, therefore, enjoy greater returns on investments by placing your bet on this tread.

Bounded Edges

All its edges are bounded. This bounding prevents fraying. It also contributes towards lengthening the overall lifespan of the stair tread as a whole. You will hardly have to dig too deep in your pocket to be able to maintain it in the best shape and form.


  • Stronger and more reliable than plastic
  • Does not skid and as such is very stable
  • Confers excellent traction and stability
  • Shields the stairs from sustaining scratches and tears
  • Reduces noise and other discomforts


  • Requires regular cleaning to keep in the best shape and form
  • Unsuitable for washing machines or dry cleaning
  • Must be rotated periodically

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#2: Seloom Carpet Stair Treads Non Slip Indoor Set

Seloom Carpet Stair Treads

Do you intend to run up and down a staircase? If so, you require a stair tread that is stable, firm and has a higher grip also. This indeed is the tread to look up to. It indeed has all the aforementioned and so much more traits. You will, therefore, find it handy for such circumstances.

Blended Jacquard Construction

A blended Jacquard construction tops the awesome features that this stair tread has to offer. It is resistant to stains, quite durable, and synthetic in construction. The material lasts longer and in so doing, calls for limited intervention and repairs from your part.

Anti-skid Design

Your security is well taken care of at all times. This is enhanced and indeed made possible by the anti-skid design. The design gives rise to a safer surface that is completely devoid of scratches and other agents of the tear. It is also great for the pets.


With this stair tread, you will not have to acquire a separate adhesive material. This is because it comes fully equipped with the ability to stick the various surfaces. This is courtesy of the self-adhesive feature. It is easier to install and has no glue at all.


  • Does not at all require a rug gripper and is hence convenient
  • Quite comfortable and does not wear you out
  • Extends the lives of the high traffic hardwood stairs
  • Reduce slips and increases traction
  • Leaves no sticky residues behind


  • Ages faster than most other stair mats
  • Easily gets damaged by hot water
  • Requires period maintenance

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3: Palos Designs Rubber Stair Treads

Palos Designs

Save yourself a great deal of time and effort by opting for this particular tread. It is both sturdy and charming at the same time. Because of this, it has the ability to discharge the benefit of maximum reliability without compromising aesthetics or appearance.

Openwork Scroll Design

An openwork scroll design adorns the entire length and breadth of the staircase tread. The design basically incorporates plenty of holes and perforations throughout the tread. These are purposely to enhance the aesthetics of the tread as a whole.

Sturdy Construction

On the whole, the stair tread is sturdy in construction. It is firm and very reliable under the most unforgiving of circumstances. It will provide you with great charm and firm footing as you move up and down it throughout the duration of use.

Heavy-duty Rubber Design

You will also find this stair tread quite stable and reliable. It will hardly slide around even when subjected to the greatest force and stress. This is courtesy of the heavy-duty rubber design. The stair treads are particularly handy for rigorous exercises.


  • Comes in the attractive scroll design
  • Allows slush and water to drain easily
  • Adds safety and style to your home
  • Does not slip and is, therefore, safer to walk on
  • Enables you to run up and down


  • Quite tiresome to install
  • Only for indoor use
  • Costly to afford and acquire

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4: Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Indoor/Outdoor Stair Treads

Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Indoor/Outdoor Stair Treads

If you intend to switch the use and applicability of the stair treads from the indoor to the outdoor environment, you definitely want one that is multipurpose. This simply means that it has to be able to fit both environments perfectly. This indeed is the tread to look up to.

Functional Design

Tops among the features that the stair tread has to offer are the fully functional design. This basically comes in the form of floral patterns that constitute various collections. These are quite pleasing to the eyes and also ward off water and debris from the mat.

Durable Polypropylene Face

A polypropylene face comes in next. This is basically a strong and durable surface material that is pretty resistant to extreme weather elements. It will neither mildew nor rot even when subjected to the most extreme amounts of water possible.

Exclusive “Water Dam” Technology

An exclusive ‘water dawn’ technology closes the list of its topmost features. This technology basically traps and holds a whopping 1.5 gallons of water for every square yard of fabric. This way, it contributes to the fight against damping.


  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Eco-friendly to the environment
  • Neither mildews nor rots
  • Stands up to extreme weather elements
  • Safer on any floor surfaces


  • Bulky and cumbersome to engage
  • Traps dirt and is thus risky to your health
  • Difficult to maintain and keep clean

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#5: Antdle Stair Treads Non-Slip Carpet Indoor Set

Non-Slip Carpet Indoor Set

Regular use requires a durable and reliable stair tread. This is to be able to withstand the various elements of wear and tear. This is the need that this particular stair tread is designed to meet. It is indeed suited for both family and pets by reason of durable construction.

Durable Non-slip Backing

Underneath the top surface is the durable and non-slip backing. This backing gets in touch with the tiles and bare floor. It also negates the need for a rug gripper. It nevertheless provides the comfort and traction required for maximum reliability.

Anti-fatigue Feature

Its surfaces possess an anti-fatigue feature. This is due to its comfortable and reliable trait. You will be able to jump up and down as you so wish without having to worry about every tripping. This is not to mention that the surface is also warm.

Lifespan Extension

Lastly, the stair tread has the ability to extend the overall lifespan of the high traffic hardwood stairs. This stems from its ability to shield the surfaces from scratches, dents, and other agents of deterioration. You will, therefore, spend less on average to care and maintain the said surfaces.


  • Washable by either hand or washing machines
  • Backed by free replacements within a month after purchase
  • Great for pets, family, and treads
  • Exudes a practical and simple design
  • Lasts a longer duration of time


  • Only for indoor use
  • May pose health issues by reason of trapping dirt
  • Inflicts allergic reactions

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#6: RugStylesOnline Stair Treads Collection Set


It goes without saying that a good stair tread has to be easy to clean. This is especially the case if that stair tread has to be used repeatedly or for a prolonged duration of time. As you are about to see, this stair tread is easy to clean and hence great for the indoor environment.

100% UV treated Olefin Construction

Throughout the exterior portions of the stair tread is the ultraviolet Olefin construction. This material resists the penetration of the harmful ultraviolet radiation which further safeguards the welfare of the animals and humans.

Excellent Marine Backing

Beneath the surface of the stair tread is the excellent marine backing. This backing features the skid and slip-resistant materials. They both work hand in hand to see to it that the tread remains firm, steadfast, and reliable at all times and under the most severe conditions imaginable.

Corrugated Construction

Unlike most other stair treads, this one features the corrugated construction. This corrugation adds strength to the stair tread. In so doing, it enhances the ability of the tread to withstand stress and impacts. This is not to mention greater traction and streamlined liquid flows.


  • Simpler to vacuum and clean
  • Quite strong and ideal for tougher conditions
  • Resistant to water and does not dampen easily
  • Fades slower than most other stair treads
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your indoor décor


  • Requires other co-operant tools to operate
  • A bit hectic to install
  • Moderately weighty and difficult to carry around

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7: Elogio Carpet Stair Treads

Elogio Carpet Stair Stread

Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you often run up and down the stairs? Did I hear you answer ‘yes’? You have this particular stair tread for your consideration. It is indeed manufactured with persons like you in mind. It also provides excellent traction and is as such very reliable.

Premium Design

Topping its list of key traits is the premium design. This design comes in the form of the soft and comfortable surface. It is great for the bare fee and lasts longer even when used repeatedly. Because of this, you may count on it not to let you down when you need it most.

Polypropylene Fiber Carpet Surface

On the surface of the stair tread is the Polypropylene fiber. This fiber is backed with the durable and reliable Polyvinyl Chloride. They jointly offer a simple, elegant, and cost-effective manner of improving safety and comfort for both pets and humans.


On the whole, the stair tread is very friendly to the pets. It is structured in such a way as to enable the dogs and the cats to take their stairs confidently. They also reduce the noise that the pets generate and thus minimize any interferences that the pets may confront.


  • Enhances the safety of stairs at no extra cost
  • Confers extra grip to the stairs to prevent any chances of falling off
  • Great for visitors, the elderlies, family, and friends
  • Prevents scratches and damages to the wooden components of the stairs
  • Comfortable for both pets and humans


  • Less permanent and needs constant replacements
  • Made of the carcinogenic PVC material
  • Indivisible into smaller pieces

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8: Whistler Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads

Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads + Double sided tape

Get hold of this non-skid stair tread and make your interior a place that is convenient to stay in. The tread confers extra stability to your feet and prevents you from falling off. It also sees to it that you run up and down the staircase without any hindrance of whichever form or shape.

100% Premium Polyester

The entire fabric of the stair tread is made of the premium Polyester material. This material is generally soft, warm and comfortable. As such, you may count on the stair tread not to let you down even in the harshest winter. You may walk on them with your bare feet.

Ultra-Non-skid Latex

An ultra-non-skid latex material forms the rubber backing. This touches the ground firmly to confer the benefit of added stability to the tread. This arrangement prevents the treads from fidgeting or slipping while you step or walk on them.

Double-sided Stair Tread Tape

A roll of double-sided stair tread tape accompanies this tread. The roll basically confers added security to your stair by binding the various slabs that constitute the tread firmly. It also prevents the various components from slipping off and sliding.


  • Prevents stairs from sustaining tears, wear, and tractions
  • Diminishes the risks of slipping on stairs
  • Handy for pets and animals
  • Backed by a generous money back
  • Safeguarded by a one-year warranty


  • Cannot endure intense abuse
  • Calls for frequent repairs
  • Delivers fewer returns on value

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#9: Ottomanson Comfort Collection Stair Tread

Ottomanson Comfort Collection

Stair treads need to do more than just facilitate your up climb and down climb of the stairs. They can and should indeed enhance the appearance of your room beside conferring the benefit of added luxury. These treads are beautiful and well suited for the said roles.

Polypropylene Material

The Polypropylene material tops the list of the key features of the stair tread. This material is intricately woven by use of a state-of-the-art machinery. The end result is a great finish that is both comfortable and appealing to the eyes.

Solid Brown-colored Treads

The appearance of the stair tread is also charming and awesome. It comes in the form of the solid brown-colored treads. These complement the aesthetics of your room a great deal. You, therefore, stand to derive so much more by opting for it.

Long-wearing Surface Pile

Generally speaking, the surface of this stair tread is long and roomy. This means that even the largest foot shall find comfortable accommodation. This roomy surface is also backed by non0slip rubber which provides the stability and traction required for optimal performance.


  • Easier to clean and requires hassle-free maintenance
  • Generates safer and a more secure walking surface
  • Reduces the possibilities of falls and slips
  • Maintains quality with time
  • Provides maximum comfort and reduces noise as well


  • Provides comparatively poor traction
  • Absorbs moisture greatly
  • Incomprehensive in scope and functionality

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10: RugStylesOnline Comfy Stair Tread Treads Indoor Skid Slip Resistant

Comfy Stair Tread Treads Indoor Skid Slip Resistant

Climbing up and down the stairs ought not to be too daunting a task. Indeed, you can enjoy every bit of the task and minimize the pain that comes along with such an undertaking. You may only achieve these two feats if you employ the right stair treads of this kind.

Comfy Collection

All factors considered, the stair tread is indeed very comfortable. It provides comfort to your feet and weight as you hop up and down the stairs. It also shields your carpets and stairs as a whole from scratches and other elements of tears.

Polypropylene – Olefin Pile

Its construction features the Polypropylene material. This is strong and reliable. It attaches tightly onto the hardwood and prevents the possibilities of slipping and falling. With regards to this, you will hardly sustain any injuries that may arise from falling unnecessarily.

Comprehensive Benefits

In all, the stair tread combines competitive pricing with great quality. For this reason, you will not have to look elsewhere for your needs. This will not only confer to you the benefit of maximum convenience but also reduce the financial pain and burden that arises at such times.


  • Requires no detergent to wash
  • Protects the stairs and creates traction
  • Resist skidding to confer added stability
  • Does not slip on most hardwoods
  • Prevents unnecessary injuries that may stem from fall offs


  • Comparatively limited applicability
  • Loses traction easily
  • Too simplistic a design

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What is a Stair Treads?

To begin with, a stair tread refers to the horizontal portion of the stairs on which people step and walk.

These horizontal portions may be made of plastic, metal, wood, and other durable materials.

In some homes, they may be carpeted. In industrial settings, they may be of the non-slip varieties.

Types of Stair Treads

There are several types of stair treads. The following are the most outstanding of these:

Traditional Solid Wood

This comes in the form of all natural, long-lasting, and durable hardwood. It is expensive and also requires skilled manpower to fix in place. The wood is also known to expand and contract with the variations in external environmental conditions.

Engineered Building Material

Unlike the hardwood described above, these ones are fabricated. They are artificial and are as such not vulnerable to the ever-changing external environmental conditions. They are however less durable. If you want to save money and enhance the aesthetics of your home, they are the ones to look out for.

False End Treads

Are you cash-strapped? You may still enjoy the benefits of the hardwood flooring but at a greatly discounted cost. This is due to its relatively cheap nature yet equally satisfactory quality. It also serves the role of enhancing the aesthetics of your room.

How to Install New Stair Treads

To install the new stair treads, follow the procedures highlighted and explained hereunder:

Step I: Install the Treads

Start off by installing the treads. Commence the exercise from the bottom and work your way upwards. Be certain to place the holes on the treads uniformly to give rise to awesome looks and appearance later.

Step II: Brace the Top Tread

Insert a 2 by 4 brace in between the stringers and the top step. This shall confer extra support to the final treads.

Step III: Fill the Screw Holes

Fill all the screw holes that are left in the treads. Use some matching wood putty to do so.

Step IV: Fix the Stair Treads in Place

Now proceed to fix the stair tread in place. This is the most significant aspect of the installation process. Use a rubber mallet to secure the treads in place. Also, fix the treads in place one after another. This is to avoid errors or the possible loss of inconsistencies. Fill the holes that exist in between the treads using a wood putty material.

Step V: Attach the Railing

Now attach the railings onto the sides of the staircase. The railings serve to secure the users of the staircase from the possibilities of falling off or sustaining injuries. Tighten the rails effectively to prevent them from getting loose or falling apart.

Step VI: Fix the Moldings

Now complete the project by fixing the moldings. Place the moldings round about the landing and the stairs. Molding is crucial as it fastens the joints tightly and enables them to withstand extreme pressure and impact.

How to Replace Stair Treads

From time to time, the stair treads will often tear apart or become obsolete altogether. For this reason, you will have to replace them in order to keep them in the best shapes and forms at all times. The following steps shall aid you in accomplishing this noble objective:

Remove the Trim Strip

Kick off the process by removing the trim strip that attaches the stair treads to the stair riser-board. Use a pry bar to do this job. Be slow and meticulous to avoid inflicting further damages to the board and the stairs as a whole.

Remove The Damaged Stair Treads

Now remove the stair treads that have been damaged. To save yourself some money and time, focus only on those that are damaged. Leave the ones that are in good condition intact. Pry them loose from the riser all the way to the staircase stringer beams.

Salvage Parts of the Stair Treads

You are advised against disposing of the stair treads which you have removed. Instead, you are advised to contemplate saving them. This basically means setting them apart for future use. You may consider using portions of the stair treads you have removed to fill existing holes.

Attach the Two Tread Sections

Attach the two tread sections together. Use a plate joiner to do so. Focus on the tread edges you are to assemble together. After attaching the two sections, seal the gaps in between by use of glue. Clamp the two sections using a bar clamp.

Make Final Touches

You now have to finish off by making the appropriate final touches. This may include cleaning the staircase, repainting the affected portions or placing the carpets over the affected portion, among others.

How to Repair a Broken Stair Tread

Stairs & Safety Tips

While working on the stairs, there are a number of issues you have to get right. These tips will see to it that you do not sustain any injuries at all.

They will also guarantee that the final outcome measures up to the required standards and expectations. Some of these tips are highlighted and explained below:

Be Slow and Meticulous

Do not hasten the installation or repair process. This task requires some degree of attentiveness to details. Hurrying might compromise the outcomes of the job. It may also inflict further damages to the stair treads.

Put on Protective Gears While Working On The Staircase

It is needless to emphasize that you have to put on the relevant protective gears while undertaking this procedure. You do not want to sustain injuries and damages to your body and other vital organs. The goggles, aprons, and gloves are a must.

Cordon the workspace appropriately

Apart from putting on the appropriate protective gears, you also have to cordon the workspace well. This is to prevent small children from gaining undue access to the workspace. This again goes a long way in ensuring their safety at all times.

Carry out the repairs in the daytime

It is important that you carry out the repairs in the daytime rather than night time. In the daytime, there is sufficient illumination of the workspace. The chances of compromising the interior portions of your home are therefore kept to an absolute minimum.

Seek expert advice

You can never hope to do a good job on your own; not when you lack the relevant skill. For you to beat the system, you have to seek expert advice that relates to the subject matter. Let someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in the area offer you appropriate assistance.

Top Brands on The Market

The following are the top brands of the stair treads on the market today:

  • Ottomanson
  • Bungalow Flooring
  • Antdle
  • Comfy

Indoor vs Outdoor Stair Treads

The stair treads that are meant for the indoor environment differ markedly from those that are meant for outdoor environments. The following are the main points of divergence between these two kinds of staircase treads:


Those that are designed for outdoor use are waterproof. They are designed to resist the percolation of water. This is due to the obvious fact that the external environments do experience higher precipitation on average than the internal ones. They also have to last longer by reason of this.


Just like being resistant to water, the treads that are for external use are generally more durable than those for the internal use. This again is for the sheer reason that those for external use are naturally bound to bear too much load on average.


Outdoor stair treads are also stronger than their internal counterparts. The sum total of impacts, vibrations, stress, and forces they bear are naturally greater and more intense than those of the interior ones. As such, they do possess stronger and more superior material construction than their interior counterparts.

Temperature Variation

The external environment experience greater temperature variations. In the daytime, they experience higher temperature than the interior rooms. At night, they experience too low temperatures as opposed to their interior counterparts. As such, their stair treads have to be able to operate optimally within this higher variation of temperature.


Lastly, the interior staircase treads have to confer the added benefit of aesthetics. They have to match with the interior décor and blend well with the other pieces of furniture. The same may not be said of the external staircase treads. They do not have to exude this benefit or role at all!

Stair Tread Materials: Manmade vs Natural

Stair tread materials may either be manmade or natural. Even though the materials are more or less equally significant, they have certain points of divergence. The following are the top of these variations:


Manmade materials are naturally more durable than natural ones. The logic that underlies this is pretty simple. Man has the ability to determine the strength and by extension the durability of the materials made. The natural materials, on the other hand, have fixed traits and strength which may not be altered at all.


Generally speaking, the manmade materials are suitable in those areas where there is a dearth of natural materials. Since they are also cheaper, they are also relevant and great for those who may not have as much money in their disposal to purchase the more expensive natural varieties.

Ease of Use

Given that they are hand-crafted and specifically designed, the manmade materials are easier to use than the natural ones. You will find them easier to cut into desired shapes and sizes. You will also find the easier to fix in place not to mention to carry them around as need be.


As hinted, the manmade stair treads are cheaper than their natural counterparts. This is due to the use of cheaper and readily available materials to make them up. For this reason, they are great for those persons who lack the financial muscle to afford the natural counterparts.


On the whole, manmade materials are great for commercial installations. The natural ones, on the other hand, are great for private residential homes, mansions, and other entities that are expensive. In case you are planning to purchase a retirement home, they indeed are the materials to consider.

What to Look for When Choosing a Stair Treads

Desired Environment of Use

As stated, the stair treads may be used in both the indoor and the outdoor environments. Due to this, their features, specifications, and finer details vary markedly. You have to put in place deliberate steps to match the material with the intended environment of use to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Size of the Staircase

Staircases vary in size. You have to factor the size of the staircase in your search for the right stair treads. Measure out the dimensions of the staircases and look out for the treads that align perfectly with the available space. This again is to prevent unnecessary inconsistencies and inconveniences.

Load Capacity

The amount of load you intend the staircase to accommodate also has a bearing on the suitability of the stair tread and its overall lifespan. Look for a tough and durable stair tread if you plan to have many people step on it at a time. The opposite should apply to the rooms that have fewer visitors.

Estimated frequency of Use

How often do you intend the stair treads to be stepped on? Treads that are to be stepped on more frequently will definitely have to be stronger and more durable. This is due to the increased pace of wear and tear. The opposite shall again apply to those that are intended to be stepped on less often.


Not every brand is created equal. Some brands are more reliable and durable than others. This is why you have to be sensitive to the brands as well. A good brand has to provide excellent back-end customer service as well as a robust after-sale service regime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the code for stair treads?

As a general rule, the treads have to be wider and longer enough to accommodate the dimensions of your feet. This is to prevent tripping off or sustaining injuries. There is no fixed dimension to this effect though.

Q2. How do stair treads stay in place?

They are pressed together in a nice shape. The spaces that exist in between them are also filled with mortar or any other filler material. This fastens and seals the joints. In turn, the treads stay in place firmly.

Q3. How thick does a stair tread need to be?

A good tread has to be at least 1.5 inches thick. This is to minimize wear and tear besides being strong enough to withstand the harshest impact and stress.

Q4. How many stringers are needed for stairs?

This depends on the size of the stair. Generally speaking though, the stair tread has to possess the same number of stringers as its width. For instance, one that measures 3 feet wide ought to possess three stringers and so on.

Q5. What is the best angle for the stairs?

The angle depends on the space availability and the rise and the run of the stair. Assuming a 7-inch riser and an 11-inch tread, an angler of 32 degrees would be most appropriate.

Final Word

My favorite is the Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Stair Treads. As you have already noted, the tread is indeed capable of exuding the required levels of satisfaction both in the indoor and the outdoor environments. It is thus more convenient and also brings about a higher value for money.

Having known all you might possibly have to as regards the stair treads, why don’t you go ahead and acquire at least one of them? This is the only way you will possibly be able to enjoy the benefits that they bring along.

You should also consider spreading this information far and wide. You definitely want others to enjoy the same advantages. All the best as you embark on this wonderful task of leveraging the benefits of the stated product.


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