The 10 Best Slipcovers 2023

If you’ve bought a new sofa and want to keep it in top quality for years to come, or if you’re trying to breathe new life into your old furniture, a slipcover can help you to do this.

With a wide variety of styles, patterns, and shapes available, there are slipcovers designed to fit practically any style of living room furniture.

Not only will you make your sofa or chair look more interesting, but also you’ll be protecting it from the wear and tear that comes with regular use.


#1.Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant Sofa Slipcover

Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant Sofa Slipcover

If you have a busy household, then you know how hard it is to keep your furniture looking fresh. This slip-resistant slipcover can help you to protect your furniture without requiring the attention to keeping it fixed in place. Available in many colors, this slipcover will set your living space apart.

Slipcover that stays secure

This superior slip resistant slipcover is fitted with 2-inch thick adjustable straps that allow you to keep the cover in place no matter how much usage your furniture gets. Not only that, the but signature Gorilla slip-resistant backing means that you can enjoy your sofa without the discomfort of the cover sliding around under your weight.

Protect your furniture from pet hair

This suede-like slipcover is designed in such a way that pet hair is no match for it. Not only that, but crumbs and spills will not leave any stains, leaving your sofa looking brand new every single day. No longer will you be finding nasty surprises between your sofa cushions.

Fit any style sofa that you have

No matter whether you have a recliner, loveseat or standard sofa, this slipcover will fit any style. With a thick layer of padding along the middle, you’ll be lounging in style and comfort with the knowledge that you’re protecting your furniture at the same time.


  • Completely machine washable so you can keep it clean
  • Resistant from pet hair, stains and crumbs
  • Fitted with thick elastic to help keep the slipcover in place
  • Available in eight stylish colors to suit any style of décor
  • So comfortable that you’ll want to lounge around on it all day


  • Not waterproof, so spills may result in the sofa getting wet under the protector
  • If your kids or pets are especially rowdy, you may find that small adjustments are necessary

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#2.Sofa Shield Reversible Chair Slipcover

Sofa Shield Reversible Chair Slipcover

Sometimes it’s hard to find a great looking slipcover that will service your lounge chairs. The Sofa Shield reversible chair slipcover not only helps you to protect your single chairs, but it allows you the freedom of changing up your look whenever you need to feel refreshed.

Reversible design

Why have one slipcover when you can feel like you have two? This beautiful slipcover allows you to flip it over and change up the design to reflect your mood. With a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, you’ll never get tired of the way your slipcover looks.

Thick, comfortable padding

The most important feature of your chair is the comfort that it brings you at the end of a long day. The Sofa Shield slipcover is built with a remarkably thick quilted design that will allow you reach the ultimate in relaxation levels as you wind down after a busy day.

Long coverage for arms and back

Rather than just protect the body of your chair, the Sofa Shield slipcover is built to protect the backs and arms so that you keep all of your furniture in the best shape possible. This also offers you the full comfort provided by the slipcover in the often neglected areas so that you can curl up and relax the way you want to.


  • Reversible design with many great colors and eye catching patterns
  • Thick quilted design that affords you a high level of comfort
  • Coverage that extends beyond the body of your chair, into the arms and across the back
  • Allows you to protect your furniture from pet dander
  • Fixes in place using two inch thick straps


  • The thick strap is very visible which may stand out in your living room
  • May take some arranging in order to make it fit properly

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#3.Home Fashion Designs Slip Resistant Slipcover

Home Fashion Designs Slip Resistant Slipcover

When you want to use a slipcover but still want your furniture to have a bold, solid look, then the Home Fashion Designs can help you achieve this goal. With its stretch twill construction, you can cover your entire sofa making your living room look stylish and elegant.

Beautifully stylish patterns

There’s no need to buy new furniture when you can simply breathe new life into the sofa and chairs that you have. The beautiful, stylish patterns of the Home Fashion Designs slipcovers are one of the most inexpensive ways to revitalize your living space.

Strapless design

Thanks to the innovative strapless design of this slipcover, you’ll find yourself spending less time trying to fix it up and more time enjoying your sofa. With an elasticized bottom, your slipcover will stay in place, looking great no matter how much you use your sofa.

One size fits most

Thanks to the innovative stretch design, this slipcover will fit most sofa styles. This means that you no longer have to spend lots of time carefully measuring your furniture, and can instead just pop the slipcover on and start enjoying your sofa.


  • Beautiful designs that look modern and stylish
  • One size fits most sofa styles and sizes
  • Completely encompassing strapless design that revitalizes your sofa
  • Stays exactly where you place it so less time is spent fixing it
  • Resistant to slippage, stains, pet hair and tears


  • More difficult to put on and remove for washing than strap style slipcovers
  • Fabric will catch on clothing that has sharp features

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#4.Maytex Pixel Ultra 2-piece Loveseat Slipcover

Maytex Pixel Ultra 2-piece Loveseat Slipcover

When you want an extra snug fit for your loveseat, your typical slipcover just won’t do. Rather, you need a slipcover that can hug and mold to the grooves and shape of the sofa so that you don’t have to worry about any ill-fitting corners or bulges. The Maytex loveseat slipcover is the perfect solution for the furniture that you love.

Innovative 2-piece design

Loveseats can be difficult to cover, and so for a better fit, you require a slipcover with a difference. The Maytex loveseat slipcover allows you to install your cover seamlessly over the base and the seat separately so that you can get a closer fit.

Textured fabric for breathability

With so much activity in your living room, your sofa can end up smelling musty with the wrong slipcover. The Maytex cover is designed with a stretch fabric featuring textured mini dot design, allowing for better airflow so that your furniture can stay fresh and inviting.

Elastic corners for a snug fit

There’s nothing worse than having to stretch and pull at your slipcover to get it to fit properly. The Maytex slipcover is made using elastic edging, so that all you need to do is pull the cover over your loveseat and snap it into place with ease.


  • Two-piece design that allows you to get the perfect fit
  • Can fit a loveseat from 58 to 73 inches wide thanks to the stretch
  • Elastic corners keep the slipcover in place at all times
  • Fabric that is built to breathe so you’ll keep your furniture fresher
  • Stays smooth even over the angles of the arms of your loveseat


  • Slipcover isn’t padded so doesn’t add extra comfort
  • More difficult to install than a one-piece slipcover

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#5.RHF Reversible Chair Slipcover

RHF Reversible Chair Slipcover

When you have a rowdy household, you never know what’s going to happen when your back is turned. Ensuring that your furniture is covered with a quality, water resistant slipcover is your way to guarantee that your furniture condition is maintained.

Water resistance for your peace of mind

Most slipcovers will deter stains but aren’t water resistant, which means that spills can ruin the furniture you’re trying to protect. The RHF slipcover allows you to protect your chair even further by adding a layer of water resistance so you can worry less about spills and spend more time doing what you love.

Reversible design

A slipcover with a reversible design allows you to refresh and revitalize your living space whenever you feel like it. With a wide range of beautiful solid colors, the RHF slipcover will give you the freedom to have your chair look exactly the way you want it to.

Thick and comfortable

Nothing beats curling up in your favorite chair with a good book, and the RHF slipcover is built with a layer of thickness so that your chair becomes even more comfortable. With a beautiful quilted design, this slipcover is inviting and cozy whilst protecting the furniture you love.


  • Reversible design includes bold colors with stylish trim
  • Water resistant so you can worry less about staining
  • Thick comfortable design with a quilted finish
  • Fixes in place using a thick elastic strap
  • Oversized fit so that you can protect even more of your chair


  • Once washed, some of the water resistant coating may deteriorate
  • The colors described may not be entirely accurate

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#6.OstepDecor Multi-Size Corduroy Quilted Slipcover

OstepDecor Multi-Size Corduroy Quilted Slipcover

It can be difficult to protect your furniture when you have modular pieces in your living room. The OstepDecor rectangular corduroy slipcover is the perfect solution for protecting your furniture no matter the shape or configuration. Just slip it on and feel the comfort.

Quilted corduroy design

The unique quilted corduroy design of this slipcover feels soft and luxurious to the touch, enabling you to feel the ultimate comfort in your home. The long rectangular shape means that you can fit it to any modular sofa no matter the length, so you can stretch out and relax in style.

Protect all sides of your sofa

The long rectangular shape that this slipcover is constructed in can help you to protect all aspects of your sofa from your busy life. No matter how rowdy your kids or pets get, your sofa will always be protected from every angle – the seats, back and sides.

Innovative flexible use

You are not limited to protecting your sofa with this slipcover. If you want to spread it on the ground so that your baby can play all day long without you worrying about a dirty floor. You can even use it as a rug or bench mat – the choice is yours!


  • Soft and strong corduroy design that feels great
  • Can be used as a slipcover, rug, baby mat and much more
  • Anti-slip particles allow you to keep your slipcover in place
  • Fits modular style sofas which can be hard to cover
  • Thick quilted design that offers you the ultimate in comfort


  • The arm rest covers are sold separately
  • Not spill proof so your sofa may get damaged if you spill a liquid

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#7.Easy-Going Stretch Micro Suede Slipcover

Easy-Going Stretch Micro Suede Slipcover

When you want a super snug fit so that your sofa looks as great as it did the day you bought it, then you need a stretch slipcover. With a strong design that hugs every corner and seam, your sofa will make your living room look neat and clean no matter how much you use it.

Two-piece design

It can be hard to properly fit a slipcover, especially when they are made in a one-size-fits-most design. The Easy-Going slipcover will help you to achieve the snug look that you’re aiming for by using a 2-piece design that allows you to fit the seat and back separately. This means you’ll get no bumps or creases anywhere on your sofa.

Micro-suede fabric

The amazingly comfortable micro-suede fabric used in the manufacturing of this slipcover will make your sofa look brand new whilst helping you to avoid slips. The superior water resistant quality of micro-suede will also help you avoid stains and damage to your sofa.

Abrasion resistant

When your sofa is used every day, you can find yourself snagging your jeans and creating small tears. The Easy-Going slipcover is abrasion resistant, so you’ll no longer find yourself pulling at loose threads, ensuring that you can enjoy your slipcover for longer.


  • Micro-suede design that looks and feels great
  • Easy to clean with just a wipe so you can avoid stains
  • Abrasion resistant which means you’ll see less loose threads and tears
  • Two-piece design that allows you to fit the slipcover perfectly
  • Elastic bottom helps keep the slipcover in place


  • Micro-suede isn’t as resistant to pet hair as other fabric types
  • Only three colors available so it might be hard to match to your décor

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#8.Great Bay Home Modern Velvet Slipcover

Great Bay Home Modern Velvet

Sometimes you just want the finer things in life, so why would you accept anything less for your slipcover? Whilst adorning your furniture in plush velvet might sound expensive, you’d be surprised to find that you can achieve this luxurious look no matter your budget!

Add some color to your furniture

If you’re one for luxury, then you don’t want a slipcover that can fade into the background. The Great Bay Home velvet slipcover is available in a beautiful parlor-style pattern as well as in a number of tasteful colors. Your chair will become the centerpiece of your sitting room.


Your chairs can be the hardest furniture items to protect, but the Great Bay Home slipcover will fit just about any chair perfectly. With a strapless, elastic design, this slipcover will stay in place no matter what so that you can curl up in your chair without worrying about fixing it.

No more worrying about wear and tear

This slipcover not only looks amazing, but it can help you shield your chair from stains and spills. The innovative spill and tear resistant design is an unexpected benefit from such a plush velvet slipcover.


  • Tasteful pattern design available in many colors
  • Strapless design with an elasticized bottom so that it stays in place
  • Will fit most sized chairs so that you can match up your whole furniture set
  • Stain and tear resistant so it will last no matter how energetic your family is
  • Form fitting so you’ll see less creases and bumps


  • Very fleecy and might be too warm for some climates
  • Doesn’t fit very well on recliners, only standard chairs

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#9.Easy-Going Reversible Quilted Slipcover

Easy-Going Reversible Quilted Slipcover

When you want to go above and beyond when it comes to sprucing up your armchair but you don’t want to cover the whole chair completely, then you need the Easy-Going quilted slipcover. In a beautiful flour-leaf clover pattern, this slipcover will protect your furniture whilst allowing you to showcase the chair you love.

Strong and thick

This thick slipcover will add extra comfort to your old furniture. The faux suede fabric covers a thick later of quilted foam padding which gives you comfort and warmth whilst helping you to relax at the end of your long day.

Reversible design

You can reverse the slipcover depending on your mood, so that you can have either the eye catching pattern showing or the plain underside. Either way, both sides feature the innovative anti-slip design so that it will stay where you put it no matter which side you want to show.

Protect the arms of your chair

Not only does this slipcover ensure that the body of your chair stays in good condition, but it also protects the arms. The long regions on the side of the slipcover ensure that any spills or accidents can be easily cleaned up before they inflict lasting damage to your furniture.


  • Bright, eye catching four-leaf clover design
  • Reversible so that you can change up the look of your chair depending on your mood
  • Water resistant which allows you to clear up spills before they damage your chair
  • Cover the seats, arms and back of your chair easily
  • Thick strap holds the slipcover in place so that it stays in place


  • If you have an oversized sofa you may have trouble keeping it in place
  • Not waterproof, so you need to clean up any spill as it happens

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#10.Yuuhum Triple-Seater Slipcover

Yuuhum Triple-Seater Slipcover

If you like to entertain guests regularly, then you most likely have at least one triple-seat sofa in your entertaining space. Therefore, you know how hard it is to find a good quality slipcover that fits perfectly. Often, you either have to stretch a smaller cover, or live with bumps and creases of an ill-fitting cover.

Triple-seat coverage

Rather than suffer from an ill-fitting slipcover, the Yuuhum slipcover allows you to protect your larger furniture without overstretching or creases. That way you can be comfortable with the way your entertaining space looks and feels when you have company over.

Pet hair resistance

Pet hair can be a disaster, and with a larger sofa, you will spend far more time cleaning up the dander than you do actually enjoying the sofa. The Yuuhum slipcover makes your life easier by offering you resistance to pet dander so that you can focus less on cleaning.

Thick Jacquard fabric

With a thin slipcover, you get the feeling that it just won’t last for very long. The Yuuhum slipcover is built with a super thick Jacquard style fabric that oozes quality and will last a long time. Fitted with elastic, it will always stay in place, looking great and protecting your furniture.


  • Special striped design that protects against pet hair
  • Built with anti-slip foam so that it will always stay in place
  • Highly elastic Jacquard style fabric that feels sturdy and strong
  • Made with a unique breathable design so that your furniture doesn’t get musty underneath
  • Available in many beautiful modest colors


  • The foam tubes may pop out if the cover isn’t fitted properly
  • Some of the colors are very light and may show your underlying furniture pattern

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A slipcover is a protective covering that you can use to cover a piece of upholstered furniture such as a sofa or a chair.

With roots deep in history, slipcovers have traditionally been used to keep furniture looking its best, keeping it free from dust, dirt and grime in order to maintain its cleanliness.

However, modern usage of these nifty devices can allow you to change the look of your furniture so that you can get that new furniture feel without spending a fortune.

Slipcovers come in two general designs. One, often known as a slipover, covers your sofa completely, so that none of the original fabric shows through.

The second style is designed to drape more casually over your furniture, held in place to protect the main areas of the sofa rather than the back and sides.

The type of slipcover you choose will depend largely on the condition of your furniture and how much of it you need to protect.

If your sofa has seen better days, covering it with a slipcover can help it to feel new again.

Whereas if you just want to add a layer of protection, you can choose a smaller design. This guide will take you through how to choose and care for your slipcover.


In order to get the best fit for your slipcover, you must measure your furniture with care. There are several important steps in measuring your furniture properly. Once you have the following measurements, you are ready to purchase the correct sized slipcover.

Measure the length

Start by measuring the length of your sofa. Measure from the outside of the arm right across to the outside of the opposite arm. This is the longest length of your couch, and your slipcover must be able to stretch to this length.

Measure the inside width

Once you know how wide your sofa is, you need to measure the inside length. This is the length of the section where the cushions sit. Measure from the inside of one arm to the inside of the opposite arm.

Measure the outside width

Starting at the front left corner of your sofa and working in a clockwise direction, measure the outside circumference of your sofa. Be very careful that you measure along angles correctly so that your measurement is accurate, otherwise your slipcover may crease or bunch.

Measure the low height

Starting from the base of your sofa, measure in a straight line until you reach the top of the cushions.

Measure the full height

Using the back edge of the sofa as a guide, measure from the base of the sofa to the top of the backrest.


Your slipcover is designed to keep your furniture clean, and as a result, you will find that your slipcover accumulates dust, dirt and spills over time. In order to keep it looking its best, you need to clean it regularly. This is especially important if you have pets as the dander can gather and begin to smell.

Most slipcovers are designed to that they can be cleaned easily. If you experience a spill or a pet accident, you can often wipe the liquid away before it seeps into the fabric, especially if the slipcover is water resistant. However, for a deep clean, wash your slipcover by itself on a gentle washing cycle to remove dirt before it builds up.


There are several tips and tricks that you can utilize to help you get the most out of your slipcover. While it’s possible to just fit your slipcover and start enjoying it immediately, by using some clever thinking, you can turn your furniture into statement pieces.

Take care of loose areas

If your sofa has thin arms and you’re finding that your slipcover is loose, you can wrap the arms in padding such as foam or batting in order to make the fit more snug. Similarly, if you find that the cover is loose across the back of the sofa, you can fold it into pleats to give it a modern and fitted look.

Fit the slipcover tightly

It can be hard to fit the slipcover tightly into the grooves and joins between the cushions. One way you can get the slipcover into the hard to reach places is to use a kitchen implement, such as a wooden spoon, to push the slipcover into the joins.

Get Rid of creases

If you’re finding that your slipcover is creasing more than you want it to, then you can combat this by fitting it to your sofa before it’s completely dry. This way, the cover will mold to the specific shape of your sofa, removing your creases completely.


Before you buy a slipcover for your couch, there are several important considerations that you must make. Here, we take you through the most important factors to consider when buying a slipcover.

Bold or patterned design

The style of the slipcover you should buy depends largely on the décor of your living space. If you have decorated with plain, unassuming colors, then fitting your sofa with a boldly patterned slipcover may make it look out of place. You may want to choose a solid, neutral color to fit in with your room.

Resistance to pet hair

If you have pets, then you know how much hair they shed and how hard it is to get rid of it. You should look for a slipcover that offers resistance to pet hair, so you’ll find yourself cleaning it off your clothes less frequently.

Water resistance

Sometimes accidents happen, and in order to be prepared, you can choose a slipcover that offers water resistance. This is particularly useful if you have kids who are prone to the occasional spill. Rather than let it seep into your sofa’s fabric, you can protect it so that it can last.


There are many slipcovers available that offer a thick layer of padding in order to add more comfort to your old sofa. This is great for people that suffer from aches and pains, or those who spend a lot of time on the couch. However, if your sofa is already soft and comfortable then you may not need this extra layer.

One- or two-piece design

If you’re looking for an easy to use slipcover, consider buying a one-piece design that fits with elastic. This will help you to install it more easily. A two-piece design, however, can help you to achieve a closer fit so that there are no loose, baggy areas.


Q: What’s the difference between water resistant and waterproof?

A: Water resistant slipcovers will not immediately absorb any liquids that are spilled on it, giving you time to wipe them up before they soak through. A waterproof slipcover, on the other hand, will completely protect your sofa by not letting liquids through.

Q: What size slipcover do I need?

A: It’s best to measure your sofa before you buy a slipcover, but most slipcovers are able to accommodate a wide range of sofa sizes. If you want a more snug fit, you will need to be strict with your measurements.

Q: Will my slipcover shrink in the wash?

A: When you wash your slipcover the first time, you can expect the fabric to shrink a little. You can reduce this risk by washing in cold water, and being sure to dry it on a line rather than in a dryer.

Q: What will a slipcover protect my furniture from?

A: There are all sorts of things you do in your life that can cause your sofa fabric to diminish in quality. Even light can make the pattern fade. Your slipcover will protect your sofa so that it looks brand new even after you’ve had it for years.

Q: How do I remove creases from my slipcover?

A: Not all slipcovers will fit every sofa properly. You can increase the quality of the fit by pulling the fabric tight and tacking it in place along the back of your sofa.


There are certainly many excellent slipcover styles that are available for any budget, but our personal favorite is the Great Bay Home velvet slipcover. We love it because it has a very elegant look and unique style, and will help to put a touch of class into our living space.

No matter how new or old your living room furniture is, a slipcover can help you to protect it whilst giving your décor a brand new look. We hope that this guide has helped to inspire you so that you can choose the right slipcover to suit your style.

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