Top 11 Best Shower Tents 2023

When embarking on adventures like camping or hiking over the weekend or holidays, it’s embarrassing to end up showering or changing in the bush. Luckily, great people came up with a way you can enjoy a nice shower at the end of your tedious day with all the privacy you require.

A shower tent is one of the essential requirements when going out to enjoy nature without restrictions. Shower tents are easy to carry and set up when required. They provide privacy for you to change or shower with all the privacy that you need.

If you are looking to buy one, certain factors such as durability, size, and other special features come into play. Considering all the critical factors, we narrowed down and reviewed some of the top shower tents. This gives you a wide range to choose from.

Keep reading the review below, and you’ll end up with the best shower tent for your outdoor adventures.

11 Best Shower Tent Reviews

#1.Ridge Outdoor Gear 6.5ft Pop Up Changing Shower Privacy Tent


This Ridge Outdoor Gear pop up shower tent comes with all the features required for outdoor use. It keeps in mind all the cleaning and toiletry struggles that people go through when camping or hiking and comes up with great solutions.

The tent is easily portable. The tent weighs 5.5lbs, which makes it easy to carry around. It’s also a pop up tent which makes it effortless to set up at any place. The combination of portability and easy set up comes in handy as it also saves you time.

The essential part of any shower tent is privacy with comfort, which it provides. The tent measures 47″ (L) x 47” (L) x 79” (H) making it big enough for a pleasant time when showering or changing. The tent is made of high quality opaque 190T premium nylon to ensure privacy. The nylon is waterproof to protect you during rainfall.

Inside the tent, there is a lantern hook, clothes hanger, storage pocket, and a toilet paper holder. All these features aim at making it easier for you to change your clothes, take a shower, or use the toilet. They provide a way to accommodate all your necessities while in the tent.

The tent has an XL window and a meshed roof which provides enough ventilation to let the tent breathe and give you a breeze when showering on a hot day.

It also features a removable groundsheet which keeps you clean by protecting you from dust and mud when using the tent.

Despite being portable, waterproof, and having an extra-large size, the tent has a few shortcomings in that it’s not suitable for harsh weather conditions, and its 190T nylon is not very durable.

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#2.WolfWise Two Room Pop Up Shower Privacy Tent


This shower tent from WolfWise provides you with a double shower tent to cover extra activities when enjoying your outdoor experience. Imagine having two tents which can be joined to make one tent or separated to make two tents for different uses. This makes it quite versatile as you can use one tent for showering and the other tent for storage, changing or as a mobile toilet.

The size of this double tent is amazing. It measures 94.5″ (L) x 47.2″ (W) x 74.8″ (H). This is a great space for taking a relaxing shower or changing clothes. Despite its massive size, the tent is easy to set up and fold when required because it’s a pop up shower tent. When folded, the tent folds into a 24” diameter circle which is simple to carry around.

On the inside, the 190T polyester is covered with a silver coating which protects you from UV light. The coating also provides extra privacy when using this tent.

On the inside, the tent has features that make your experience better. It has a clothesline, a storage bag, and a velcro pad. These features are aimed to make it easier for you to use the shower tent.

Its top has a zipped window which helps in air circulation keeping the tent fresh. The tent also features a removable base to keep you and the tent clean.

The Wolfwise tent provides you with good space and versatility, but it has its flaws. To start with, it doesn’t provide a spot to hang your shower. It also doesn’t have a rainfly to protect the tent during heavy rainfall.

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#3. Bigfoot Outdoor Products Standup Privacy/Shelter Tent


Bigfoot is one of the major companies that provide outdoor enthusiasts with the necessary tools to make their experience better. Their Bigfoot shower tent is another way they prove that they aim to provide you with great ways to enjoy your outdoor experience.

It’s one of the largest tents on the market with a massive 7ft 2inches height and a 5ft 4inches base. This large size accommodates you comfortably when showering, changing, or when using it as a mobile toilet. Despite its size, it weighs only 7.7lbs, which makes it easy to carry around.

The Bigfoot shower tent is made of 190T polyester taffeta. Polyester taffeta is waterproof to protect you during rainfall. The tent is supported by aluminum poles which are strong and durable. The top part of the tent is supported by fiberglass poles which keep the tent sturdy and stable.

It features several storage compartments and a clothesline, which makes it easier for you to store essentials such as toiletries and a space to hang your clothes when changing or taking a shower.

The tent has 2 zipped windows on its sides, which act as ventilation to keep the tent cool and fresh.

The Bigfoot shower tents large size, portability, and good quality poles and polyethylene material make it an excellent addition to your camping gear. However, it has its downside. To start with, it doesn’t have a spot for a showerhead. Another problem is that it’s not suitable for very windy conditions.

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#4.KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Camping Dressing Changing Room


The KingCamp oversize shower tent combines strength and size to bring you a great tent for camping. The tent is made of high-quality nylon and support frame. The nylon is waterproof, which keeps the rain out.

The nylon material is thick and opaque. This ensures that you have your privacy to take a shower or change comfortably. It’s also very durable since it’s made of 190T polyester nylon.

The shower tent is 85” (H) x 66” (L) x 66” (W) which gives you all the space you’d require when showering or changing.

The inside of the tent features compartmentalized storage to fit your toiletries and a clothesline to hang your clothes and towels. It also features a polyester floor with a mesh finishing. This makes it easy for water to drain from the tent when taking a shower while keeping you away from dirt.

Ventilation for this tent is achieved through the two mesh windows located at opposite sides and a removable rain fly. Ventilation keeps the tent breathable and fresh throughout your camping period.

The removable rain fly is an essential part of this tent as it offers protection against rainfall. The rain fly is supported by strong fiberglass poles which keep the whole tent sturdy. Due to its robust structure comprised of poles, pegs, and ropes, it can hold up to a 3-gallon shower bag.

Despite the KingKamp shower tent having great size, high-quality material, and a strong structure, it has its fault in that; it requires extra support during windy conditions and the separate poles take time to assemble.

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#5. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors

The Lightspeed Xtra Shower Tent is a combination of structural superiority and adaptability. This tent is for the people who wish to spend less than one minute in setting up a shower tent. It features pre-threaded telescopic poles which use compression hub system to fold and unfold. This makes setting up the shower tent as easy as it gets.

For those camping in windy/rainy places, there are guy lines to provide extra support for the tent.

The tent measures 5′ (L) x 5′ (L) x 6′ (H). The height is enough for most people, and the width provides enough space for you to shower or change with ease.

The floor can be clipped up or down depending on the current use of the tent. You can clip it down to keep your feet clean when changing or showering and you can clip it up when it serves as a mobile toilet cover.

Privacy, one of the main reasons to acquire a shower tent, is well catered for by this tent as its PU coated, which makes it opaque. The PU coating also makes the tent resistant to water to keep your tent dry.

The top part of this tent features two zippered mesh skylights which allow light in and keep the tent ventilated. It also has a solar shower bag holder which can accommodate up to a 3-gallon shower bag.

On the interior, the tent has a few unique features to accommodate you when using it. It has two large mesh pockets to hold your toiletries and a clothesline for hanging your towel when showering or your clothes when changing.

This Lightspeed tent features a great structural support system, easy portability, durable materials, and ample space. All these features make it great, but it’s limited to only less than 3-gallon shower bags.

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#6. PARTYSAVING 6 FT Portable Privacy Outdoor Pop-up Room Tent


This tent is for people who prefer simplicity in every way possible. It has a simple pop up and foldable structure. This makes set up and portability of the tent easy.

It’s made up of dura-light steel frame for increased durability and ease of folding. The nylon material is waterproof, which makes it suitable for use in any conditions.

The tent measures 76” in height and has a square base of 40” in length. This space is sufficient for a comfortable shower or a change of clothes.

On the inside, it has only one flexible strap which serves as a clothesline. The bottom features a removable pad which keeps you of the dirt when showering.

It has an open ceiling which serves as both a means to ventilate the tent and a way in for a portable shower. This also comes as a disadvantage as you cannot use the tent in the outdoors when it’s raining as it doesn’t have a rain fly.

The tent contains tent stakes and sewed in anchor loops which provide extra support for your shower tent.

The PartySaving pop up tent is a very simple tent featuring convenience, durability, and portability. However, the tent is not strong enough for prolonged camping and does not have storage pouches and a lantern hook. It also lacks a roof fly to protect against rain.

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#7.Chill Gorilla Instant POP UP Privacy Tent

Chill Gorilla

Chill Gorilla tents and other outdoor amenities are exceptional in terms of material, durability, and size. This chill gorilla instant pop up tent is no different. It’s easy to set up as it requires no assembly. It’s also easy to fold and carry around because it measures 24” by 1.7” when folded.

The tent is made up of 191D polyester material and a flexible, galvanized steel frame which assures you of its durability. The 191D polyester is waterproof to protect you and the tent during heavy rains. The material also offers protection against UV light. On the other hand, galvanized steel is light, sturdy, and resists corrosion.

The tent considers the importance of having a spacious, comfortable shower tent by providing you with a 57” (L) by 4” (W) by 74” (H) tent. This is enough room to take a shower or change your outfit without crouching.

It also features a removable rain fly which covers the mesh opening during intemperate weather conditions. The rain fly can be removed to allow light in and to act as a ventilation system. More ventilation is accomplished via a zippered window. This keeps the shower tent odor free and at a cool temperature during sunny days.

On the inside, the tent has a storage pouch for storing your devices and toiletries. It also has a clothesline and a removable bottom mat. The removable mat makes the tent versatile as it can be used for showering or changing when the mat is attached or as a toilet cover when the mat is removed. The mat keeps your feet and clothes off the dirt.

It has guylines and stakes to provide extra support during windy/ rainy days.

Chill Gorilla Privacy Tent provides you with significant advantages, including bigger base size, portability, and durability. On the other hand, it’s not able to withstand severe windy conditions.

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#8.Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent – Privacy Portable Camping

Green Elephant

Green Elephant Utilitent is a combination of all the features that make a durable and adaptable shower tent. First, the tent is made of high-quality polyester T210, which is PU coated, and a steel frame. The polyester is waterproof, and the PU coating protects you from UV rays. The steel frame keeps the tent firm and durable.

The tent takes less than a minute to set up because it requires no assembly. It also takes less time to fold into a small compact size. For extra support during windy conditions, tent pegs with tensioners or sandbags can be used to provide additional support.

Comfort while using the tent is not an issue as its spacious enough for one person. The tent is 6’10.7” (H) x 3’11” (L) x 3’11” (L) in size, which means that any adult can use it without constrained movements.

The tent has a rain fly which protects you and the tent from rainfall. When the rain fly is removed, you can access the shower opening which you simply slide your hose through and take a comfy shower. There is also netting at the top which keeps the tent ventilated and mosquitos out.

The tent is packed with extra features which work towards convenience. These features include a storage pouch for toiletries/ devices, lantern hook, clothesline, toilet paper holder, and a towel hanger.

The only downside it has is that it’s a little bit heavier due to its thick polyester material and sturdy frame.

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#9.Campla Portable Pop up Dressing/Changing Tent


Campla Pop up Shower Tent recognizes the need for high-quality, spacious, and portable shower tent. With these in mind, this tent is meticulously made to ensure that it fulfills all the essential features of a shower tent.

The tent weighs 4.4pounds. This is light and easily portable. The tent is easy to set up because it’s a pop up tent and easy to fold when you want to pack it up. When open, the tent measures 74.8” (H) x 47.24” (L) x 47.24” (W) which is ample space to shower, change clothes or to set up a mobile toilet.

It’s made of high-quality 191D taffeta polyester and flexible steel frame. The polyester is waterproof and is PU coated to block UV rays, which help in protecting you and increasing the durability of the tent. The steel frame keeps the tent secure when in use. For extra support, the tent comes with 4 stakes to hold it to the ground.

Inside the tent, there are unique features installed for convenience when using the tent. These include a clothesline to hang your towel or clothes and a storage bag to hold toiletries.

The tent stays ventilated and breathable via the mesh roof and the zippered window. Apart from ventilation, the meshed top and zippered window help with lighting the tent.

It also includes a roof fly which helps keep the tent dry when it rains. The rain fly also shelters you from UV rays.

The tent has a removable base pad which makes it adaptable to various uses. It also keeps your feet clean when changing or showering.

The tent is exceptional in size and durability, but it has its flaws, including limitations in the wind, and the lack of guy lines to hold the tent down.

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#10. GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room

GigaTent pop up pod delivers simplicity, convenience, and versatility in providing a showering/ changing/portable toilet tent. It’s composed of high-quality 191D polyester material and a robust, flexible steel frame. The taffeta polyester is waterproof providing protection against rain, and it’s able to block harmful UV rays making it perfect for shelter.

It contains sewed-on sandbags and nylon loops with metal stakes which increase the tent’s stability during windy conditions. There are also extra nylon loops near the top for connecting guy lines to hold the pop up pod down.

The tent requires no assembly making its set up easy. It also collapses easily into a small and compact size of 4.2 pounds, which is easily portable. This makes the tent convenient and time-saving.

Privacy is a top priority in this shower tent. Its nylon material is opaque, and it features a completely covered top. This ensures that you take your shower or change your outfit without compromising your privacy.

The tent measures 36” (W) x 36” (L) x 69” (H), which is plenty of space to change clothes or take a shower. When folded, the tent measures 24″ x 24″ x 3″ which is small enough to carry around.

The mentioned features make this tent unique and a go-to tent for simplicity. However, it lacks some basic essentials such as a bottom pad, storage pouch, and a clothesline.

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#11. Ozark 2 Room Non-Instant Shower Tent


When you need a separate room for storage/changing and showering, the Ozark 2 Room Shower Tent is the favorable tent for you. It offers maximum space, durability, and versatility.

The tent is composed of durable polyester and steel frame. The polyester nylon material is waterproof and coated with silver aluminum, which increases privacy and protects you from UV rays. The steel frame is strong and durable. The combination of these two high-quality materials makes the tent really durable.

The tent measures 7′ (L) x 3.5′ (W) x 7.3′ (H), and it’s divided into two separate sections, each featuring convenient essential depending on its use. Each side, i.e., the changing side and the shower side, has ample space for a comfy time when using the tent.

On the shower section, this outdoor tent has a five-gallon solar heated shower bag which hangs from the reinforced roof. It also features a meshed bottom pad which allows used water to drain quickly. The base pad also protects you from dirt and prevents the entry of mosquitos.

More features such as storage pads, clothesline, and lamp hook are provided to increase user convenience. It also has a rain fly which offers protection against rain and UV rays.

The Ozark 2-room shower tent is one of the most durable tents, and it’s equipped with many user friendly features. The only downside is its high cost.

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What is the use of a shower tent?

A shower tent has several uses. It’s mostly used for camping to provide privacy when taking a shower, changing clothes, or using the mobile toilet. It can also be used merely as a shelter when you’re on the beach or a playing section for your baby.

What is the best shower tent for me?

The best shower tent is the one which offers you convenience, portability, and durability. It should fulfill all your requirements depending on what you want to use it for. One should always consider acquiring a shower tent equipped with most features to increase flexibility.

Can I fold my shower tent immediately after use?

One should only fold the shower tent when it’s completely dry. This makes sure that your tent lasts longer. It also prevents the formation of molds and odor.

What is a rain fly?

A rain fly is a removable top of a shower tent. Its primary goal is to protect the user and the tent during rainfall, but it also provides shelter against UV rays.

Final Verdict

The outdoors can be tricky if you’re not well prepared to face the challenges. Shower tents should be a part of every outdoor adventure that you decide to embark on because they serve us in many ways. They give us privacy when we need it most to take a relaxing shower, change our outfits, or answer the nature’s call. They’re irrefutably beneficial.

The shower tents reviewed in this article are different in terms of size and other features to provide you with multiple varieties to pick from. As an outdoor enthusiast, you should procure one that fits your set specifications, and we hope that it’s among the ones listed in this article.

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