The 5 Best Shot Timers For Achieve Better Shooting Skills

If you want to improve your shot for hunting or target shooting, then you will find the shot timer a useful piece of equipment.

This device will measure speed and accuracy and give you data that is helpful in making necessary adjustments for better performance. These timers will measure the speed of your shot, the speed it takes in between your shots and the transition time from one target to another.

You will get the best indication of where your strengths and weaknesses lie by looking at the data the timer collects. Features such as the display, data output, and battery life are just some of the many considerations when deciding shot timer for your needs.

5 Best Shot Timer Reviews

#1. Pocket Pro Timer II CEI001

 Pocket Pro Timer II CEI001

The Pocket Pro by Competition Electronics has all of the components needed for a training shot timer.

Some specific features of the Pocket Pro that might make it the right timer for you are as follows.


There are several ways that this timer will provide useful data to help you improve your shooting.

It will record the speed of your shot, as well as keep records of past performance so you can compare. The Pocket Pro will also let you know how to improve your speed by looking at your records as a whole.


The Pocket Pro offers three different display options to fit your needs when trying to improve your shot.

  • Single Time – this shows the speed for the last shot and your battery life
  • Review Direct – shows your last shot, your first shot, the last split, start delay, number of shots made, your battery life, and the date and time
  • Rounds per minute – shows rounds per minute, the first shot, the last split, the start delay, number of shots, battery life and date and time.

The screen is well-lit, so even with a lot of information to view on the display, it is easily readable.


This timer is built to last because it is built to withstand any extreme weather conditions or rugged terrain it is being used for. The belt clip is substantial and fits very securely on your belt loop.


  • Well lit display allows you to see three different configurations easily
  • Designed for extreme weather and rugged locations
  • Data is provided in easy to understand and useful formats
  • Design of buttons accommodate large fingers
  • Good price for the features and quality


  • Battery drains quickly and sometimes needs to be replaced after two days of use
  • Par time setting is not in large increments so a lot of time is wasted when setting it

#2. Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Shot Timer

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro

The Pro Shot Timer is another great timer made by Competition Electronics.

This timer allows you to view your data forwards and in reverse to get the best indication of your speed and how to improve it.

Here are some features of this timer that might make it the right one for you.


This timer will display your last 50 shots backward and forwards which allows you to view your split times, last shots and shot number so you can make any adjustments to help improve your speed and accuracy.


The large digital display offers the option to show your time up to 199.99 seconds in large easy to read numbers.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the light which will help save on battery life. This feature also gives you an extra boost in brightness when trying to view the screen in sunlight.

Battery Life

This timer has a low battery indicator which lets you know when you are getting close to having to change your battery. The unit will also turn itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity so you aren’t draining the power when you are taking a break.


  • Large numbers that are .5 inches tall makes reading the display easy in any situation
  • Battery has an automatic shut-off function that helps save battery life
  • Capable of saving up to 50 shots and viewing them backward and forwards
  • The adjustable sensitivity makes this unit more resistant to extreme weather changes


  • Difficult to use all of the features, directions are unclear
  • Some buttons not labeled which make them difficult to figure out
  • Battery still drains quickly regardless of safeguards for battery life

#3. CED7000 Shot Timer

CED7000 Shot Timer

The CED7000 has a nice large display and a unique design that makes it comfortable to hold.

The following are some features that might help you decide to make this timer the one for you.


This timer has one of the largest and easiest to read displays out of all the timers in this category. The screen is backlit and has large type which is not cut into segments the way other timers are.


The CED7000 is one of the smallest timers that fits easily in the palm of the hand. It comes with separate lanyards for the wrist or to hand around your neck easily because of how light it is.


The battery on this unit comes with a recharger so you don’t need to carry extra batteries. The rechargeable battery holds an extra long charge and the battery indicator on the display will let you know when you are getting close to running out of power.


  • Display is large and easy to read without segments with different measurements
  • This unit is very small and fits in the palm of your hand or on a lanyard
  • The battery comes with a recharger so you don’t need to carry extra batteries
  • There are many additional accessories you can buy like a belt clip and extra color skins


  • The battery charger can damage the battery if left for too long so you need to really watch it
  • The unit can turn itself on when in your pocket or a purse so the battery gets drained when you aren’t using it.
  • The battery doesn’t last very long despite being rechargeable so needs to be charged often

#4. PACT Club Shot Timer 3

PACT Club Shot Timer 3

The Pact timer is a very durable unit that will last through any extreme conditions it is put through.

The following is a list of features that might make this the right timer for you.


The display on this timer has several different functions that show measurements like speed, part-time and split shot.

The numbers on the display are clear and easy to read, and there is no segmentation on the display which makes it more pleasant to use. The display is perfectly placed for wearing the timer on your belt.


The rubber keypad on the PACT makes this unit able to withstand any shock from extreme weather or terrain. The buttons are also designed to be easier to use with larger fingers and the contacts are corrosion proof so the timer lasts longer.

The design of the unit is ergonomic and the buttons are sunken in so there is no inadvertent resets or activations.


This timer can record up to 100 shots and the data compression will reduce the size of the information to make it easily stored in the memory. It will also be easier to load onto an exterior device like your laptop or cell phone.


  • Very small and lightweight, portable enough to wear on the wrist or around the neck
  • Screen is LCD which is clearer and brighter
  • Batteries are rechargeable and come with a charger
  • The sound is loud enough to hear through ear protection
  • Data function allows you to record up to 100 shots
  • Buttons are large enough for larger fingers and also designed to avoid accidental activation


  • Battery needs to be charged often and overcharging can ruin it
  • No button to turn the unit off so battery can drain even when not in use
  • The settings are difficult to program

#5. Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer

This Pocket Pro comes with a larger display than its smaller cousin and all of the features to make it perfect to use as a training timer.

Below are some features of this timer that may give you an idea of whether this is the right one for you.


The Pocket Pro II has a large display with easy to read numbers and a backlit screen. The display comes with three different display configurations which mirror those found in the Pocket Pro Timer II CEI001, but the display itself is larger and easier to use.


The Pocket Pro has an intuitive navigation system and menu that makes programming it much easier to learn.

The data function will record your speed, split, and keep track of which shot you are on so if there is any issue with numbers, you have the data easily at your fingertips.


This timer fits well in the palm of your hand and is light enough to carry on a belt clip or lanyard.

The sound is loud enough that it will be heard through ear protection and the large buttons are easy to use if you have big fingers. This timer will automatically turn off after it is inactive for 10 minutes to save battery life.


  • The display is large and easy to read
  • The intuitive menu function makes it easy to program
  • The design is small and portable
  • The sound quality in the buzzer is loud enough to get through ear protection
  • Durable construction to endure extreme conditions


  • You can’t remove any old data without resetting the unit or removing the batteries
  • After inactivity for 10 minutes, will not pick up where it left off, so new data is lost

Why Use A Shot Timers

Things To Consider

Visual display

It is very important to use a shot timer that you are able to read while you are shooting so you can make adjustments on the fly.

Most displays will be well-lit and have large readouts so you can see them easily. You will depend on this display to read all of your data, so try a couple out before making your decision.

Recording data

The data you record is what is going to help you improve, so a shot timer that records your measurements in an easy and helpful way is the best one to get.

Some timers will record up to the last 100 shots with speeds and other useful variables, while others may not have such varying capabilities but cost less. Deciding what measurements you need your timer to keep track of to improve your shot will help when deciding which one to buy.


Anything used for a rugged outdoor sport like hunting will need to be durable and shock-resistant. Most timers are worn on the belt and will take the impact of your body’s movements but also of any extreme weather changes you experience.

The construction is important so it doesn’t malfunction if the temperature varies or the terrain gets a little rough. Good construction will ensure your data records are safe and won’t disappear because of damage to the timer.


Anything with a digital display will use up battery life quickly. If you throw in a backlight to the display and then some more electronic options, you can sometimes go through one battery every couple of days.

Lithium batteries usually last longer than alkaline, but they can be more expensive to replace. Reading reviews of other consumers in similar situations is a good place to start when deciding what type of battery you want your timer to have.

How To Use A Shot Timer (Pro Tips)

Other Things to Consider

  • Size– If the shot timer is too big then it can be a hindrance when you are shooting and if it is too small you can’t read it.
  • Color – While color doesn’t usually make or break a decision on which timer to get, color may be important for camouflage or extra visibility.
  • Sound – Some timers may be louder or have sharper sounds than others which are effective at getting your attention during timing.

The following lists some of the perfect shot timers on the market and their different features and benefits. Hopefully, this list will help you make your decision on which one best suits your needs. At the end of this review, a clear winner will emerge.

Final Verdict

The clear winner is the PACT Club Shot Timer 3 because of the bright LED screen and easy to use ergonomic design. This timer gives you multiple display options without the distraction of segmentation on the display.

This unit is also durable enough to stand up to any extreme weather or terrain while using it. Data capabilities include recording up to 100 shots that will be saved in the unit and easily accessible if you need to go back and look at how you did.

The PACT also comes with a rechargeable battery and a recharger so you never have to worry about having extra batteries.

A word must be said about another type of shot timer and that is the cell phone app that is available for download. The best shot timer app will give you multiple display options and keep up to 100 or more shots in memory.

The one downside of using a cell phone app is that cell phones are not usually designed to withstand the kind of abuse a regular shot timer would.

It is also not designed to be easy to look while sitting in a belt clip. You are better to get a regular shot timer that is specifically designed for improving your shots.

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