Shark NV501 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Perfect All-Round House Cleaner

Shark has been providing quality vacuum cleaners for a long time. The Shark NV501 vacuum cleaner is very famous for the freestyle cleaning and compact design.

With a sturdy construction and smart features, this vacuum cleaner will make your life lot easier with home cleaning.
The vacuum cleaner will take away the complications of your home cleaning by the three-in-one vacuum cleaning feature.

Let us find out the advanced features and advantages of the product in this Shark NV501 Review.

Cyclonic Suction technology

The Shark NV501 uses advanced “Cyclonic Suction” technology. It can separate dust and dirt from the air and then process them into the bin.

This cyclonic suction prevents the filter from any blockage and makes cleaning problem free.
I like the performance of the system because it lets me clean the house efficiently for an extended time period.

The high-powered motor creates deep cleaning suction to suck dirt from inside your carpets or wooden floor cracks.
You can use this powerful vacuum cleaner for deep-pile carpet. Also, it makes cleaning a lot quicker than the other vacuum cleaners.

Filtration System

If you have any problems such as allergy, then Shark NV501 Vacuum cleaner with the smart HEPA filtration system becomes even more useful.

The vacuum cleaner has engineered advanced filter compartment with the gasket chambers.
This system traps allergy causing dust into the gasket and prevents any of them from blowing back in the breathing air.

The filters are washable and needed to be washed regularly. You should clean the HEPA filters once every year to be safe.
You need to clean the pre-motor filters after three months.

Advanced Steering Control

The Shark NV501 Vacuum Cleaner comes with advanced steering control technology. The steering feature comes with simplicity and very easy usability.

It provides an accurate rotating ability of the head of the cleaner for easy cleaning. You can easily maneuver your way around your house.

I love this feature because it lets me clean furniture from the tight spaces. Cleaning the bottom area is tough with the Dysons Ball Technology.

Also, I can maneuver the vacuum cleaner with ultimate comfort.

LED headlights

The vacuum cleaner comes with bright LED Headlights. The headlights are in front of the cleaner (on the handle and nozzles), making it very easy to see the dust and debris.

I can easily clean room where the lights do not reach properly. It also helps me to spot the thin dirt and hair from my carpet.
The LED headlights make cleaning easier in low light conditions.

You do not need high power lights in your room to clean; the headlights will do the job.

Comfortable Grip and Brush roll Shutoff

Holding the grip for a long time can be a bit painful if the handle isn’t comfortable enough. But with this vacuum cleaner, you won’t feel a thing.

Thanks to the ergonomic grip of Shark NV501 vacuum cleaner. It fits in my hand properly, and I can hold the cleaner without any pain. It is easy to operate.

The “Brush roll Shutoff” is a very efficient technology if you want to clean hard surface. You can just turn on the switch and clean hard surface area.

When you are done with it, simply shut it off. Works great when dealing with pet hairs.

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  • comes with a sturdy built quality
  • Clean the lower areas with the rotator steering
  • Has a healthy filtration system
  • Very comfortable handle to hold for a long time
  • Comes with LED headlights
  • The suction technology sucks dust from the air


  • Price is little high for some users

FAQ Regarding the Product

Q: How often should I clean the filters?

The manual says you need to clean the filters in every three months.

Q: Shark NV501 “Rotator” Vacuum Cleaner and Shark’s Navigator Model – What is the difference?

The NV501 has a bigger power cord. You’ll also have a caddy to carry the whole thing. It cleans more area in one go for you. The headlights are helpful compared to other models too.

Q: Is it lightweight?

I wouldn’t call it that. Rather it is “Not too light, not too heavy type”. With 15.5lbs of weight, you can easily carry it but it is not light.

Q: How many attachments does it have?

It comes with five attachments and a floor caddy.

Final Verdict

With so many features and options to make vacuum cleaning easier, the Shark NV501 is one of the best product available in the market.

You will have some advanced options from this vacuum cleaner that can be available only with the expensive products.

I am very impressed with the lift away 3-in-1 technology of this vacuum cleaner. It can create a very healthy environment with the advanced filtration system.

Considering the performance and quality, the NV501 is one of my favorite choices.

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