The 10 Best Saltwater Spinning Reel For The Money 2020

Using a saltwater spinning reel for your next fishing trip will help you catch the fish you are seeking on the water.

You are looking for a way to fish that is efficient, and you need to know that you have chosen the proper reel for your needs.

Everyone who is using a proper reel has a far better chance to catch more fish on every trip.

You require something that will help you fish comfortably, and you must ensure you have looked through the attributes of each reel before making a purchase.

10 Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Reviews

#1: Okuma High-Speed Spinning Reel

Okuma High-Speed

You may use the Okuma High-Speed Spinning Reel as a good head start on the fishing game.

This is a simple and beautiful product that helps you fish in simplicity.

You may not want anything that is a bit too complex for your first trip on the water, and the Okuma helps you fish without any confusion.

The spoil was created from a mixture of graphite and aluminum, and you will note the drag adjustment system was designed specifically for this device. Ensure you have taken a look at the large spindle that helps you pull in the line in seconds.

The rotor and bearings are made of stainless steel that will not fade, and you will feel more power holding the reel as the anti-reverse device prevents you from losing the reel to even the most abundant fish.

Markings on the device are quite easy to read, and you may use it with any pole you like.


  • You will not feel the line reverse due to the safety system installed
  • The frame is made from a hybrid material that will hold up to anything


  • You may need a reel that is a bit larger
  • The reel does not have the number of gears that other reels possess

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#2. The Penn Spinfisher V Reel

The Penn Spinfisher V Reel

You will find the Penn Spinfisher once of the simplest reels you will ever see, and its simplicity creates a thing of beauty that is cast in yellow and black.

You will find the device simple to attach to your pole, and you may check its features once you are ready to fish.

The device has an automatic anti-reverse system that will stop the line from going out without your consent. You may be injured or in danger, if the line is yanked back, and the Spinfisher will stop anything untoward from happening.

The device is fitted with a metal body and side plate that will stand up to any punishment, and you will not find the device falling apart when the saltwater hits it.

The worst offender in breakage is often the water of the ocean, and you must use a device that will not fall apart no matter what you do. Try the Spinfisher when you want something unique.


  • It is built with a safety device that protects you
  • You receive an all-steel construction that holds up
  • The reel is easy to adjust while fishing


  • You may find the reel a bit mundane if you are an experienced fisher
  • You may need more gears or more length on the reel
  • You may want a drag adjustment feature that is more comfortable

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#3. Shimano Curado E

Shimano Curado E

This is a beautiful piece of equipment that appears to be almost space age when you open the package.

The lightweight construction of this device will help you ensure you have control as you fish, and you will notice the device is quite easy to manage as you change gears.


  • Gear ratio –  6.2:1
  • Weight – 7.6 ounce
  • Power PRO Line Capacity – 30/190, 50/120, 65/80 (lbs/yd)
  • Mono Line Capacity – 8/180, 10/155, 14/110 (lbs/yd)

Everything is printed clearly on the device, and you may grasp the large handle that makes bringing in the reel simple.

You will feel the anti-reverse system kick in if you are struggling with a large fish, and you will enjoy fishing with a reel that gets lost in your hand.


  • The reel is constructed with the lightest materials possible
  • You may read the gears and drag adjustment easily
  • The device carries more line that it appears to


  • The device may not have enough gears for you

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#4. Abu Garcia Classic Baitcast Reel

Abu Garcia Classic Baitcast Reel

The Abu Garcia Classic is a lovely reel that is compact in every way.

The device is fitted with a carbon matrix brake that will stop the line from going out even under the most massive pressure. You may have caught a fish that is bigger than anything you have ever seen, and you must ensure the line is not pulling you out.

The drag system was created specifically for the reel, and it will help you adjust to the exact amount of drag you must use to ensure you are fishing comfortably.

The Matrix Drag System was created to help you make excellent adjustments as you fish, and you may change it several times until you are comfortable.


  • The carbon brake that stops anything from pulling the reel from your hand
  • The fine tuning system for drag adjustments
  • The lightweight body helps you grapple the device without straining your hand


  • You may not want such an intricate drag adjustment system on your reel
  • You may need a reel that holds a much larger spool

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#5. Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse Reel

Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse Reel

You are making a step up in the world of Abu Garcia when using this reel, and you must ensure you have compared their products before making your final purchase.

You may want something that has a bit more heft to it, and you will find that when you use the Orra Power Finesse reel.

You have many more bearings on this reel, and you may change gears several times on a much larger setup. The device is lightweight, but it is large enough to help you feel as though there is more reel to use.

The carbon body will prevent corrosion, and you may take it on even the most-grueling trips on the seas. You are trying to keep saltwater out of your reel, and you will do so using the carbon body on the Abu Garcia Orra.

The Rocket Spool lip design helps stop the reel from moving too fast, and you will feel the control when you are fishing. Every line that is cast out does not move quickly, and you may control the line with more precision than you would on other devices.


  • The device has a Rocket Spool lip that controls a speed
  • The carbon body will stand up to anything you throw at it
  • You may change gear easily given the multiple ball bearings that have been fitted


  • You may not appreciate the lip system that controls the line without braking automatically
  • You may want a device that is lighter to the touch

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#6. The Shimano Stella Reel

The Shimano Stella Reel

The Shimano Stella is a bit of an upgrade over other reels that you may use in the Shimano range.

The reel was made to help you hold a larger reel, gain more control and ensure you may pull in the largest of fish.

You will find fourteen bearings in the device that will hold up to any gear changes you make. You may change gear several times, and you will find it simple to let the line out at the speed you require.

The body is made of a high-rigidity aluminum that will hold up even if you are putting the reel through a crushing amount of work.

The crank on the reel is much more powerful, and you will find it responds when you are pulling in fish that other reels will not retrieve.


  • The aluminum body is strong
  • You may add a larger spool when needed
  • You have more gears to use


  • This is a large device that may be too much for you
  • You may want fewer gears when you fish
  • The body may not suit your pole or line

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#7. The Shimano Thunnus

The Shimano Thunnus

You may step down in the Shimano range when you are looking over the Thunnus, and you will find it to be a bit smaller than other devices in its range.

You have six bearings to work with, and there is a bait runner system that will help you keep track of the line.

The line management system was built to help keep it moving at a reasonable pace, and you may use the device for large or small fishing trips.

The carbon body is lightweight, and you will hardly notice the device in your hand as you are fishing.

You may try a new sort of Shimano, and it will be the Thunnus. It will fit any pole, and you may attach a traditional pole when you are ready to fish.


  • The Thunnus is carbon-bodied
  • It has a line management system that prevents a runaway fish
  • The smaller body holds only a few gears for simplicity


  • The device may be too small for your needs
  • The line management system is not the same as an automatic brake

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#8. Abu Garcia High-Speed Revo Reel

Abu Garcia

The alloy frame was built with a combination of aluminum and magnesium, and you will find it helpful when you want more capacity on a lighter reel.

You have nine gears and bearings to play with, and the brake system allows you to adjust to 28 positions that will help you control the line.

You cannot fish with any confidence if you cannot keep the line under your control. Trips that include large fish need a reel that will stand up to the immense pressure placed on them, and the gearbox in the Abu Garcia will last for many years at a time.


  • The brake system is designed to withstand large fish
  • You may change gear easily
  • The adjustment system allows for fine tuning

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#9. Shimano Stradic 2500

Shimano Stradic 2500

This is a lovely reel that features a next-generation material that is 250% stronger than any other reel.

You may adjust to one of many gears, and every part of the reel was built with the same materials. You will feel strength and durability in a single device.


  • The space-age material is ahead of its time
  • The construction is rustproof
  • You may carry a large spool


  • The device may be too large and expensive
  • The complex construction may be too much to handle
  • You may want to carry a smaller spool

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#10. The Penn Gold Label Series

Penn Gold Label Series

The device is constructed from a proprietary material that will last forever. You may use one of the several gears on the reel, and you may attach a massive spool.

The one-piece gearbox will stand the test of time, and the pros and cons of the device speak for themselves.


  • The metal is strong and stable
  • The gearbox will not break down
  • You may carry a large spool

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What Should Look?

A. How Do You Adjust The Drag?

You must have a proper drag adjustment module on the reel that will help you keep the reel from getting away from you. Reels that most too fast will burn the line, or you may not be able to keep up with the line as it spins.

You are attempting to catch a large fish that is capable of pulling quite hard on the reel, and you must know the reel will not run away. Check the drag adjustment feature on each reel before you buy, and you will find certain reels adjust more easily than others.

B. The Frame

You must purchase a reel that has a frame made to stand the test of time. You cannot fish with a reel that will break the moment you catch your first big fish, and you cannot purchase a reel only to replace it a few months later.

You are making a long-term investment in a reel that will help you fish, and you must have confidence in the reel as you use it. There are several different reels you may choose from, and you will find it quite simple to check the materials used to create the reel before you buy.

C. The Gear Ratios

The gear ratios on a reel must not be so far apart that you feel like you are waiting for it to catch up with you. Several reels on the market will simply take too long to change, and you will feel as though you are behind every time you wish to catch up with a fish.

Ensure you have checked online reviews about the gear ratios on the reel, and you will learn how each device rates among users. Fishers are more honest than anyone about the performance of each reel.

D. The Size Of The Reel

You may use a reel that is quite small if you are not fishing for anything unusually large, and you must ensure you have chosen adequately given your specific needs. You may read the rating of each reel to learn how they are built for you, and you must ensure you understand how they are made.

You may need a medium reel for saltwater fishing, or you may read that a large reel is more appropriate given the sort of fish you catch on a given trip. No one knows your trips better than you, and you must use your knowledge of fishing to ensure best results.

E. Other Considerations

  • Choose from magnesium, aluminum and graphite reels. Each material is light and functional.
  • Shop based on your personal preference and your style of fishing.

Final Verdict

I recommend the Shimano Stradic 2500 given its incredible durability, gear ratios, and smooth drag adjustment. You are searching for the most excellent reel, and I believe the most elegant reel sits in front of you as you use the Shimano.

You may purchase as you like from the list, and you will have many happy returns fishing for the wildest and most-exotic of fish in the sea.

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