At times the difference between waking up fresh and ready to face the day and starting off your day exhausted with some niggly aches is the quality of your mattress.

Having a nice mattress by your side will help forget the tough day you had at work and get you absorbed into dreamland to prepare you for whatever tomorrow might bring forth. It’s one secret weapon for those that want to reap the most, not just from their time in sleep but also from their moments off the bed.

Of course, we don’t expect choosing the right mattress to be a job easily done as said, and that’s why we are here to guide you to the market’s elite options!

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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Did you know that you can go longer without food than sleep? Well, that’s why you need to always end your day with a night of quality sleep. Scientists recommend eight hours of sleep every day for your body to function at its best. That’s literally a third of your lifetime in slumberland! That said, it’s good to invest in a high-quality mattress to make the most out of this time.

A nice mattress will give you quality sleep without leaving you battling with aches and pains during the day. And while navigating stores and overwhelming online sites in search of the best mattress can be tedious, our article offers you an escape route. Dodge the hassle and follow these tips when shopping for your next mattress.

What Mattress Is Perfect For You?

Before you fork out for any mattress, you first need to be sure that it will at least meet your needs. We have several types of mattresses in the market: memory foam, latex, innerspring, adjustable base, water bed, air bed, pillow tops, and gel mattresses.

So, which of these makes is the best? As we all know, the word “best” is most of the time subjective. Therefore, the mattress that works right for me might be the worst option for you and somehow good or bad for another sleeper. That’s why you need to examine each type to see to what extent it works in your favor.

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Common Types of Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

These mattresses are made from memory foam. They contour to your body as you sleep, absorb your weight, and provide good pressure relief. These qualities make them great for side sleepers. They also keep the spine aligned properly when side sleeping. Thus, they also work well for people with back problems.

Latex Mattresses

These mattresses are made with latex foam. They offer good bounce, breathability, responsiveness, and durability. They are also hypoallergenic, making them a decent option for colleagues with allergies. However, latex mattresses may feel firm at first, and that’s why we recommend them for stomach sleepers and people who generally want a firmer bed.

100% Natural Latex

Innerspring Mattresses

Those in this category have one or several layers of coils. This class of mattresses offers a springy feel instead of the sinking experience of the memory foam mattresses. They will absorb the motion of your partner incredibly well. Most of them will also provide nice pressure relief. But beware, the dense innerspring mattresses are quite firm and will work best for stomach sleepers.

Adjustable Base

The bases of these mattresses customize to meet your specific needs. You can set one to elevate your feet, head, or other areas depending on your preferences. They give extra comfort and are good for older sleepers and people who want to target sleep-related issues such as heartburn, sleep apnea, reflux, back pain, snoring, and more.

Water bed

Although they aren’t the most common types of beds, their existence dates back to the 1800s. They use water as the primary form of support in place of materials such as foam and innerspring system. Since they conform to the body shape, they are good at reducing pressure points and providing better relaxation to the muscles. Water beds are well-suited for back sleepers and people suffering from arthritis, back pain, and allergies.

Air Bed Mattresses

These mattresses are similar to water beds only that they use air instead of water. The air chambers let you adjust their hardness. Some will allow you to set different levels of firmness on each side, a feature that renders them ideal for just about anyone including partners with varying comfort preferences.

Pillow Tops

These mattresses are normally innerspring, latex, or foam mattresses with an additional layer of upholstery sewn onto the top for comfort. The extra material provides a cloud-like type of comfort and is good for people looking for that luxurious feel in their beds. The extra layer, however, doesn’t maintain its shape and effectiveness for long. Therefore, it’s not the ideal option for heavier colleagues.

Gel Mattresses

This type uses gel and memory foam for a sleeping surface that is more comfortable and cooler than that of the pure memory foam mattresses. Gel mattresses are for people that love everything about memory foam counterparts except the fact that they heat up.

A gel mattress shapes around the body fast. However, it recovers quickly once you move off it to contour to your body in your new position. This ability renders them excellent for people who roll around their beds more often when sleeping.

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When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

The rule of thumb is that you should get a new mattress after every eight years. However, this law doesn’t apply to all mattresses. If you think that your bed isn’t giving you the kind of sleep you want, it’s one sign that you need to get a new one, even when your current mattress is less than eight years old. Similarly, some mattresses will hold up well beyond this period. In this case, replacement isn’t necessary unless you can afford it.

What Mattress Firmness Is Good For You?

The firmness of a mattress is its degree of softness or hardness. To determine the right firmness for your mattress, consider your sleeping position. How do you sleep? Is it on your side, stomach, or back?

Side Sleepers

People who sleep on their sides are at the risk of waking up with pain around the shoulder and the hips. They need mattresses that provide good support and pressure relief. Hence, medium-soft mattresses will be good for them.

Stomach Sleepers

These people need mattresses that balance support, breathability, and pressure relief. Sleeping on a soft mattress can attract back pain since it doesn’t keep the spine properly aligned. In the same way, firm mattresses won’t provide the much-needed cushioning to the chest and shoulders. That’s why these sleepers will need medium-soft to medium-firm mattresses.

Back Sleepers

This is considered the best sleeping position. Surprisingly, only 15% of folks are back sleepers. That’s according to the stats by The Better Sleep Council. People that sleep on their backs need mattresses that are firm enough to provide proper alignment to the spine when also cushioning their shoulders, hips, and lower back to keep them comfortable. Thus, medium-firm mattresses are ideal for their needs.

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Where Should You Buy A Mattress?

Nowadays, you can buy your mattress either from a physical store or an online store. While it’s absolutely fine to walk into your nearby store for a decent mattress, there are many perks to enjoy in online shopping.

It Will Save You Time: You need time to walk to and from the physical store. Online shopping saves you this time as it makes it easy to shop right in the comfort of your home or office.

The Price Is Usually Lower:  Virtual stores don’t incur expenses on rent and more like the physical stores. This makes their products cheaper since there are no costs to pass along to the consumer.

Comparison Is A Breeze: Even with the low price they offer, you can still compare prices in different online stores to grab the best deal.

You Can Know What To Expect: Online shops provide customer reviews by actual users of the product. This makes it easy to know what exactly you need to expect.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mattress

Before you buy a mattress, you need to understand what exactly you are looking for. Apart from the sleeping position,  we have other factors to guide you. They include size, terms of return, budget, payment terms, and more.

Size: Common mattress sizes include twin, full, queen, king, and California king. If you sleep alone, a narrow bed should just be fine. But if you need extra space, get the queen size given that you have enough space for it. King and California king sizes are way too big for singles and are often for couples.

Terms of Return: One way to tell that a manufacturer has confidence in their products is by looking at the return terms. Under what conditions are the seller willing to accept the mattress back? Some manufacturers will go to the extent of giving a free trial period to let you gauge how well the mattress meets your needs.

Budget: When buying a mattress, you don’t need to spend beyond what you can comfortably afford. Higher prices don’t always translate to better quality. Similarly, you shouldn’t skimp on one at the expense of quality. After all, it’s one thing you will only need to buy once in a decade.

Payment Terms: At times you will need to buy a high-end mattress but can’t afford the whole amount at once. Confirm to see whether the manufacturer allows for more favorable payment methods such as hire purchase.

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Wrapping It Up

Nice and quality sleep is the best thing you can gift yourself after a busy day at work. Sleep helps your body relax and forget about the worries of the day. How good your mattress is will define how well you enjoy your shut-eye period. That’s why you need to invest in a high-quality mattress.

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