The 10 Best Recliners For Sleeping 2023 : For Back Pain

It is no secret that the recliner chairs are great for relaxation. The question to be asked therefore is how to find the right one. We are here to help you answer this question satisfactorily.

We have carried out extensive research in the area and are going to lay bare the findings hereunder.


#1: Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric, Taupe

 Lifestyle Power Recliner

To be able to fully enjoy your reclines and other associated activities, you want the most minimal disturbances possible. No other recliner under consideration guarantees this better than this one-seat elegant furniture. It has some unique traits and features which all make this a reality. It is especially great for those areas that are sensitive to noise.

Power Recliner

The power recliner comes in first. This simply means that the reclining mechanism is powered by electricity rather than human brawn. This arrangement calls for limited brawn on your part. It especially comes in handy when handling a weightier person. This is not to mention its super quiet operations as well.

USB Charging Port

You will not have to change locations every quite often to be able to power your electronics. This is because the recliner has a built-in USB charging port. The port lets you slip in your gadget to have it replenished. This again makes you all the more comfortable and well taken care of.

Premium Fabric

Lastly, the recliner has some premium fabrics. This fabric comes in the soft cover that is family-friendly and quite simple to keep clean. It also endures abuse and other agents of deterioration quite reliably. This way, you will hardly spend any money to care for and maintain it with time.


  • Incorporates both fresh design and maximum comfort
  • Possesses some generous padding for added comfort
  • Seamed in an expert manner which brings about added aesthetics
  • Offers clean and casual appeals
  • Has a powerful recliner for utmost convenience


  • Not so convenient to keep clean
  • Quite fluffy and less reliable
  • Accommodates only limited occupants

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#2: Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel (Black)

Esright Massage Recliner

To save yourself some bit of money and resources, you want to settle for a multipurpose and one-stop-shop solution of this kind. This recliner indeed embodies all the critical traits and sets of features that the ideal seat of its kind possesses. It is hence an extremely worthy purchase and brings about a higher value for money.

Soft and Sturdy PU Leather Design

A soft and sturdy PU leather comes in first among the list of its awesome features. This leather has a breathtaking appearance, long-lasting and resilient to the various agents of wear and tear. As such, the recliner is great for those intensive and demanding applications. It is yours for the taking if you are a sportsman.

360-degree Swivel Mechanism

The 360°-swivel mechanism comes in next. You may swivel left and right as you so wish. This removes any constraints that may hinder you from enjoying yourself to the maximum possible extent. This swivel is accompanied by 150° recline feature. This also goes a long way in enhancing your overall comfort.

Simplified Operations

By settling on this recliner, you will get to enjoy your use and time. This is because the recliner comes along with a remote control, five control modes, two intensity levels, and a power cord. All the combine jointly to enhance your use and engagements of the various faculties.


  • Contains a back cushion and an armrest
  • Has provisions for extra storage
  • Exudes several purposes at a time such as vibrations and massages
  • Collapsible to occupy less space
  • Produces great shiny appearance


  • Traps too much heat
  • Susceptible to fire outbreaks
  • Requires some assembly before use

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#3: Homall Manual Recliner Chair Padded PU Leather Home Theater Seating Modern Chaise Couch Brown Lounger Sofa Seat (Brown)

Homall Manual Recliner

If all you are looking for in a suitable recliner is to be able to enjoy watching television or reading, you want to try your hand on this one. Its gentle sloping recline, comfortable padding, and stable base all combine to make this a reality. You will particularly find it useful for prolonged occupation.

High-quality PU Leather

This recliner is also made of the high-quality polyurethane leather. This material is quite comfortable, friendly and safe to the skin, and is also easier to clean. Moreover, the material also exudes some breathtaking appearance and does not accumulate dirt and dust unnecessarily. This is the one to use for those strenuous environments.

High-density Thicker Sponge

Underneath the leather, surface is the high-density thick sponge padding. This padding is quite resilient, extremely permeable, and of course, very soft. It, therefore, confers utmost comfort and enables you to enjoy spending plenty of your time freely and unhindered on the recliner. Being thick, it lasts a bit longer before deteriorating.

Highly-durable Steel Frame

The high-durable steel frame concludes the list of its awesome features. This steel frame basically confers some strong and reliable support to your weight. Being strong and sturdy, it guards against unnecessary deterioration and confers added reliability. It also negates the needs for frequent repairs and maintenance.


  • Awesome and reliable design
  • Has an adjustable footrest
  • Comes in the comfortable curved shape
  • Possesses the larger-size seat cushions for added comfort
  • Does have a thicker recliner at the back


  • Requires some technical expertise to engage
  • Performs fairly limited roles
  • Short lasting and not so worthy a purchase

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#4: CANMOV Microfiber Swivel Rocker Recliner Living Room Chair

CANMOV Microfiber Swivel Rocker Recliner

Are you the kind of a person who fancies elegance and aesthetics? If you are, then you will find this beautiful and hand-crafted recliner relevant to your needs. The recliner possesses some great construction, breathtaking design, and fabrics. They are all geared towards enhancing the beauty of your interior.

Sophisticated Technology

This recliner is a masterpiece of its kind. This is because it features the sophisticated technology in its makeup and design. By reason of this technology, the recliner adheres to all the set regulatory standards. This means it is safer, more reliable, and easier to engage. It also brings about higher returns on investments.

Pure Handmade

Unlike most other recliners that are mass-produced, this one is strictly made by hand. This individualized approach means that each recliner may be customized to your unique tastes and specifications. The materials that are used are also highly breathable and thus quite healthy. If you care for your health, this is the seat to go for.

Innovative Design

The innovative design closes the list of the recliner’s topmost features. This design basically embodies all the elegant and topnotch features of the ideal seat of its kind. It guarantees you greater fit and relatively more freedom of movement. This makes the recliner also serve aesthetic outcomes.


  • Exudes optimal comfort
  • Great for reading and sleeping
  • Suitable for intensive use and application
  • Simpler and faster to assemble
  • Accompanied by an easy-to-understand manual


  • Contains some delicate parts
  • Has sensitive fabric
  • Reveals dirt easily

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#5: Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Recliners are designed for different functions and needs. This one is specifically intended for those intense and prolonged applications. It is pretty strong, quite tough, and intended for very rigorous settings and environments. You badly want to acquire and incorporate it into your regiment and applications.

Power Rollers

Setting it farther apart from the other recliners are the power rollers. These, as the title suggests, are powered by electricity rather than human strength. They, therefore, call for limited effort on your part and minimize the likelihoods of fatigue. This way, they allow you to use the recliner repeatedly and for a prolonged duration of time.

Compression and Percussion

Next are the compression and the percussion apparatus. These are designed in such a manner as to improve the flexibility of the recliner. They allow you to rock back and forth gently with very minimal effort on your part. This feature also brings about added comfort and extremely soothing.

Built-in Heat Intelligent Roller System

An intelligent built-in roller system concludes the top traits of this recliner. They are flexible and are hence easier to engage. They, therefore, rock gently with minimal input and energy on your part. You will, therefore, enjoy the benefit of staying on the seat for a longer duration without tiring.


  • Great at reducing fatigue
  • Rejuvenates the body and the mind well
  • Conforms nearly to the contours and shapes of your back
  • Allows for great mobility and posture of your legs
  • Provides some added neck massage


  • Quite expensive to acquire
  • Takes up too much space
  • Very sophisticated in scope and construction

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#6: La-Z-Boy Niagara Reclina-Rocker Recliner, Fossil

La-Z-Boy Niagara Reclina-Rocker Recliner

If you are such kind of a person who spends much of his time indoors, you ought to pay keen attention to this recliner. This is because it is constructed with the need to confer wholesome indoor support. This arrangement assures you of maximum comfort right in your premise.

Adjustable Tension

This is not your ordinary recliner. It does have an adjustable tension which basically allows you to set the tautness of the recline position. This allows you to personalize the tautness to conform to your preferred levels of tension and support mechanism. The pleasure of both maximum comfort and convenience are thus yours to leverage.

Three-Position Legrest

Other than relaxing your back, this recliner also confers added support to your legs. It makes this possible courtesy of the three-position leg rest. You will have the pleasure of adjusting the leg rest to those specific portions that you deem necessary and convenient. This also enhances your overall comfort.

Body and Lumbar Support

Lastly, the recliner also supports your lumbar and whole body. This is due to its awesome and comprehensive design. This arrangement means your entire body is well taken care of and handled well even when reclining. You will, therefore, enjoy maximum and comprehensive comforts at all times of use.


  • Provides a variety of comfortable positions for you to choose from
  • Confers added support, reliability, and safety
  • Conforms to your individual body type
  • Moves naturally as you fidget
  • Allows for the higher reclining positions by far


  • A bit weighty
  • Slightly cumbersome to move around
  • Made of some delicate fabric

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#7: BONZY Leather Recliner Wingback Roll Arm Manual Recliner Chair – Black

BONZY Leather Recliner

Do you just fancy reclining or relaxing? If you answered in the affirmative, this is the one to look up to. The recliner has no specialization at all. It is mainly for general purpose use and is hence not so different from your ordinary household furniture. It may hence do you some good.

Decorative Stitching

You will find this recliner a great source of elegant aesthetics to your room. This arises from its highly decorative stitching that appeals greatly to the eyes. The stitching highlights and reveals the wing back design as well as the curved arms. This is not to mention that it complements the premium leather.

Heavy-gauge Sinuous Spring Construction

A heavy-gauge sinuous spring construction also complements the makeup of the recliner. It is long-lasting and pretty reliable. This makes it very resilient to the common agents of deterioration such as breakages. It also yields maximum comfort and support to your vital body organs.

Hardwood Frame

A hardwood frame constitutes the skeleton of the recliner. Hardwood is strong and reliable material indeed. It hence offers the reliable support your body badly wants to rest firmly. This also goes a long way in enhancing your overall safety. You may accommodate whichever weight on this recliner without any unnecessary worries.


  • Rides you comfortably courtesy of the high-density pocket coil and innerspring
  • Tried and tested for longevity and intense use
  • Made of cancer-free raw materials
  • Produces low gas emission levels
  • Safe for both the home and family


  • Has a nondescript appearance
  • Accommodates less weight
  • Not so reputable brand

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#8: Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner Living Room Chair

Bonded Leather Power Electric Recliner

Elderly persons have very fragile bones. As such, they require specially designed recliners for their use and applications. And when we talk of such a recliner, nothing beats this one at all. By reason of being tough yet simpler to engage, it is indeed great for those persons with sensitive needs.

Electrically-powered Recliner

Its reclining mechanism is powered by mains electricity. This way, it demands less effort on your part at all. It is also super quiet and is thus suitable for use in areas that are sensitive to noise pollution. This is not to mention that it allows for repeated and prolonged use and applications.

Bonded-leather Upholstery

Throughout its exterior is the bonded-leather upholstery. This material is indeed breathtaking to behold, long-lasting, fire-resistant, and clean. It also exudes maximum comfort to your back and whole body. The feature eliminates all forms of inconveniences on your part and guarantees you maximum peace of mind.


You can adjust the recliner in numerous positions. This is due to its unique construction and multiple positions. The fact that the alteration of the recline is done by the electrical power makes it all the more convenient to leverage. You will not have to put in too much of your effort to bring about the required outcome.


  • Presents some ultra-comfort to the occupants
  • Operable with minimal efforts
  • Electrically powered and hence very reliable
  • Achieves the easy full vertical position
  • Padded with the soft and durable bonded leather upholstery


  • Exerts higher utility bills
  • Calls for some assembly before use
  • Has no footrest and is hence less comfortable

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#9: Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

 Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Are you a professional massager or fitness personnel? If you answered in the affirmative, you need a recliner chair that is comprehensive in scope and possesses all the best features and specifications imaginable. Look no further than this particular recliner for the job.

L-track 4-roller Massage System

An outstanding and first-of-its-kind L-track 4-roller massage system comes in first. It basically confers adequate support to your back and neck as well as your buttocks. It does so by decompressing individual portions of your spine. This guarantees you the benefit of maximum outcomes and comprehensive massage.

Advanced Air Cell Massage Technology

It does carry out its massaging by use of the revolutionary advanced air cell massage technology. This covers whole portions of your surface area using the least possible number of air cells. It, therefore, brings about higher returns but with the least input imaginable. This saves both resources and maintenance costs.


Lastly, the recliner possesses the space-saving, zero-gravity positions. This vital feature generally lets you collapse the recliner to let it take up the least possible amount of mounting and storage space. You will thus find this recliner simpler to carry around and store. This is the one to go for if you change locations every quite often.


  • Performs quieter and is hence more convenient to utilize
  • Makes use of the inflated air cells which are safer
  • Twists and stretches the body deeper and more effectively
  • Allows for customized body massages
  • Brings about awesome and effective outcomes indeed


  • Way too expensive
  • Slightly complicated to engage
  • Consumes plenty of electrical energy

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#10: Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Graphite Microfiber Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Graphite Microfiber Rocker Recliner

Are you searching for a recliner for long-term use? This could be the one which you have been looking for. It is strong and intended to last longer. This stems from its possession of the tough and reliable constituent components. You have to try it out.

Quick-pull Lever

It does have a quick pull on its lever. This lever basically grants you the power to locate yourself in the most desirable position at all times. It, therefore, guarantees you the highest levels of comfort at any given time. It is also worth mentioning that it is easier to engage.

Plush Microfiber

The recliner is padded by the super-breathable and comfortable microfiber. This allows for the free exchange of gases into and out of the recliner. It, therefore, guards against suffocation and other ventilation issues. Moreover, it also brings about added comfort while you sit on it. Do get hold of it for those long seating hours.

Heavily-padded Back and Arms

Its arms and back are padded heavily. These two areas are the most significant especially when it comes to matters comfort. By reason of being heavily-padded, they bring about much comfort and support to your most crucial body parts. You may, therefore, rest on the recliner for long without having to feel bored.


  • Great for watching television or working on a laptop
  • Aids nursing mothers in sleeping
  • Relaxes and soothes the body considerably
  • Features an awesome contemporary design
  • Exudes the legendary Softsuede Graphite microfiber upholstery


  • Contains no Sag sinuous springs
  • Has a rough and rugged appearance
  • Contains too stuffy a material

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For a start, the recliner chair is a kind of seat which basically allows you to seat relaxed on your back.

It contains some adjustable parts and components which enables you to generate the positions you are most comfortable with. They are also classy and elegant to look upon.


There are several kinds of recliner chairs. The following are by far the most common kinds of such chairs:

Power Recliner

Most recliners require you to engage the various faculties using bare hands or human effort. The power recliner takes the stress out of you by employing electrical energy to do the job. It is, therefore, more convenient and less tiresome to engage.

Wall Hugging Recliner

This one leaves limited or no space at all between the wall and the chair. This is courtesy of the space-saving technology or make-up. The arrangement is great for those areas that are extremely short of space like the condominiums.

Rocker and Glider Recliner

The rocker and glider recliner do just those. They rock and glide the occupants back and forth gently. They are hence great gifts for young mothers who might find them handy for use in keeping their young ones engaged and taken care of.

Massage Recliner

Over and above merely keeping you in the recline position, the massage recliner will go ahead and massage you. You just have to set the various massage apparatus and sit back. The recliner chair shall take over and do the rest of the job.

Lift Chairs or Riser Recliners

Lastly comes the lift chairs, also called the riser recliners. These ones basically allow you to increase or decrease the height of the seats. This way, they allow you to sit up or down relative to the adjacent table or surface. They are great for office as that is where they find much relevance.


Prevents Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Also called a slouch, the degenerative Spondylolisthesis is a spinal disorder. The disorder is characterized by the vertebral column slipping forwards onto the bones that are located underneath it. This causes discomforts, poor posture and possible damages to the spinal cord as a whole.

Mitigates Heartburn

Even though reclining cannot fully combat or prevent heartburns, it nevertheless can diminish its severity considerably. You just have to stretch your back straight to have the recliner exude this particular benefit. It is hence great for siesta.

Improves Breathing

If you have ever sat poorly, you will recall that you had difficulties in breathing. This is because your respiratory tract was hindered or obstructed. The recliner chair eliminates these twin issues. It, therefore, follows that by reclining, you get to improve your breathing greatly.

Relieves Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the abnormal narrowing of the spine. It does arise whenever there is poor posture. The aim of the reclining chair is to relax the body. This also eliminates this issue from arising. It subsequently maintains your health in the best shape and form.

Improves Blood Circulation

By keeping you in the best posture at all times, the reclining chair also improves the circulation of blood in your body. This is because the right posture opens up the veins and other blood vessels. This eliminates any form of obstruction at all and guarantees the smooth flow of blood.


The following are the hot tips to adhere to while caring for your sleeping recliner:

#1: When getting rid of stains, do not rub the fabric too hard or vigorous.

#2: Rub the recliner using a clean and absorbent piece of cloth. Do so starting from the edge of the fabric to the center. This is to eliminate the formation of rings.

#3: Use the moist brush or the sponge to remove those small stains. Be sure to dabble the stains lightly.

#4: Keep the fabric moist instead of wet to prolong its lifespan.

#5: Always wash whole cushions or fabrics while combating stains. Avoid the temptation of removing only then small spots as this might not confer great outcomes.


Follow these procedures to sleep well on the recliner:

Lie Flat

Start off by lying extremely flat on the recliner. Do not fold your legs, hands, or curve your back. This shall enhance the flow of blood and allow for total relaxation. Be sure also to remove any materials that may obstruct you or hinder your breathing.

Cover yourself fully and appropriately

Next, cover yourself completely. Use the most appropriate covering material. If it is too cold, use a thick duvet or blanket. If it is cold, however, use a lighter sheet or other loose fabric. The material should also be breathable to allow for the free exchange of air into and out of it.

Confer added Support on your Body

You may consider conferring added support to your body. Use a pillow or other supporting materials to do the job. Pay keen attention to your head, sides, and the foot. Be careful not to overdo it as this might interfere with your posture and impede the flow of blood.

Breathe Well

Breather well. Do not compromise this requirement as it may make a difference between life and death. You may attempt the 4-7-8 breathing technique. This is a series of alternating inhale and exhale of gases. It has been proved to be the most successful of all the techniques in vogue today.

Stay relaxed

Lastly, you need to stay relaxed. Avoid too much tension and apprehension as this might lead to the excessive buildup of stress. Instead, remove any worries from your mind as you sleep on the recliner. You might also consider switching off all the electronics for maximum focus.


Put on appropriately for the sleep

Start the preparation process by putting on appropriate attire for the sleep. The kind of attire you put on largely depends on the prevailing external weather condition. If it is too cold, you might want to put on heavy attire and vice versa.

Take in beverages or other substances that can boost sleep

You may also take in those substances that can boost sleep. You are strongly urged to try out the warm cup of green herbal tea or warm milk. They have been proved to be great at inducing sleep. Take them moments before sleep (around 30 minutes) for greater outcomes.

Perform other Nighttime Hygiene Routines

Finish off by conducting other nighttime hygiene routines. These include brushing your teeth, flossing, covering your hair and so on. Mute or switch your phone off and do so to all the other gadgets. Fall asleep safely and gently thereafter.


While looking for the best recliner chair, do consider the following factors:

Fabric Composition

It is necessary that the recliner chair is made of the highest quality fabric. The ideal fabric has to be highly breathable, very strong, beautiful, and long-lasting. These traits will contribute to lengthening the lifespan of the chair and guarantee utmost reliability also. The polyurethane leather is by far the best material.

Type of the Recliner

As explained earlier, these recliners come in different types. These differences in types determine the manner in which they may be utilized and to what areas they may find relevance. You should, therefore, see to it that you take care of the type of recliner as well. This is to ensure the relevance to your unique needs.

Operational Costs

Some recliners are electrically powered. This imposes some strain on your part mainly in the form of the utility bills. Make sure therefore that you consider this as well before deciding to acquire it or not. If you do not have the means to operate such a chair, you would rather settle for a cheaper version.

Space Availability

The typical recliner chair occupies plenty of space. Fortunately, most are collapsible, a fact that reduces the space requirements. You should, therefore, ascertain the amount of space in your disposal. You should only look for that one which can fit the limited space you might have.

Number of Occupants

Lastly, you have to figure out how many occupants you plan to accommodate at any given time. Find that chair that is large enough to accommodate those occupants you have in mind. This again is to eliminate all possible inconsistencies. Please note that a larger seat is generally more expensive.


Q1. What is a power recliner chair?

As the name suggests, the power recliner chair is basically one whose reclining mechanism is powered by electricity. It, therefore, calls for minimal effort on your part and is thus convenient.

Q2. Who invented the recliner chair?

The first recliner chair is believed to have been invented by Napoleon III.

Q3. What is the average lifespan of a good recliner chair?

With proper maintenance and assuming moderate use, a good recliner chair should last you no less than 5 years.

Q4. When was the modern recliner chair was first produced?

This was in 1928 by the La-Z-Boy brand.

Q5. Are there any dangers associated with the recliner chair?

You may feel dizzy and even lose consciousness while sleeping due to too much comfort. Those that are made of non-breathable fabric may suffocate you. Prolonged and frequent use may also predispose you to obesity and heart diseases.


MY FAVORITE IS the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06. This recliner is by far the most reliable and strongest of all the chairs under consideration.

It will cost you a fortune to afford it, granted. However, its minimal maintenance costs coupled with its strength mean less operational expenses on your part. They also confer to you some added peace of mind which you require for your maximum enjoyment.

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