The 4 Best Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting 2023

In the art of archery, other than the bow and arrow, another equipment you can hardly do without is the rangefinder. To make a clean kill, you will need a quality rangefinder as this will elevate your chances a great deal.

The usefulness and significance of a rangefinder go beyond just archery and hunting.

It is also employed in some sports like the golf. A rangefinder works to enhance your visual skills, ensuring a proper hit on your target.

A Rangefinder is a device used in measuring the distance between two points, i.e., the observer and the target. For instance, the distance between a hunter and their prey during hunting and it is also used to gauge accuracy in archery.

It instills safety and allows for the perfect opportunity for an exact kill during Bow Hunting. Those who operate firearms use it as well, for accuracy during combat.

Over the years this technology has evolved and has become more and more useful to man, serving a variety of purposes and functions.

The Rangefinder comes in different shapes and sizes and is usually chosen by players and amateurs for their complete accuracy.

4 Best Rangefinder Reviews

1. Bushnell 4x 21mm Laser – Best Hunting Rangefinder

Bushnell 202208

Essentially, the bone gatherer laser rangefinder incorporates an in-view LCD show that gives the correct separation to your objective from 10 to 600 yards with the tap of an only catch.

The 4x amplification and splendid, clear optics convey you nose to nose with your next trophy. Its productive, conservative, vertical outline and climate safe lodging give and make it reliable and simple to convey.

Precision is +/ – 1 yard. Shows correct separation to focus from 10 to 600 yard with +/ – one-yard exactness.

This product features a +/-1 yard accuracy. This feature ensures precise range determination and overall satisfactory results.

If accuracy is at the top of your priority features for a rangefinder, then this product is for you. It is highly recommended for its accuracy and precision.

This product is also very easy to use. It features a one-button operation and is very simple.

This way, even a novice in optical instruments can comfortably handle this rangefinder. It is designed without the complexity and offers great results too.

This product also provides great magnification of 4x and a 20mm objective lens. This allows for clearer images and excellent light gathering capability.

Magnification is one of the essential features to look out for in your optics, for this rangefinder, you can rest assured that the results will be satisfactory.

This rangefinder also features a compact and lightweight design for easy storage, handling and movement from one place to another.

It features a carrying case that is weather resistant. This way, you do not need to worry about the weather when you carry your optic around.

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2. Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell G-Force DX ARC

For an astonishing light gathering speed and high precision, all in the palm of your hand, the Bushnell G-Force is a great choice.

This product is equipped with the second Generation Extreme speed processor which goes a long way to enhance its performance. It is extremely easy to use and provides quick results.

This product features a Vivid Display Technology (VDT) which allows for stunning clear partition readings, especially in low light conditions. It offers precision within the range of 5 to 1,300 yards.

It features a flexible and well-secured metal hotel which accounts for its durability. This rangefinder provides for speedy target identification and is intuitive in almost all atmospheric conditions.

This is due to its 6x magnification and its Rain Guard high definition point of convergence treatment.

This fantastic rangefinder features a 6x magnification and a 21mm objective optical lens. This allows for super sharp clarity.

It is also equipped with the vivid display technology which makes it great even in low light conditions.

It also features a Bow-mode (for providing true 5-99 yards horizontal distance) and Rifle mode (for providing holdover/bullet- drop/ in an inch, cm, MIL, and MOA). This feature makes it your ideal optic for archery.

It is designed with 2nd Generation Extreme Speed Precision (E.S.P.) which enhances its performance speed with an effective range of 5-1300 yards; 1/2 yard accuracy and 1/10 yard display precision.

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3. Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4x20mm

Bushnell 202442

Genuinely, you won’t find a clearer way to deal with security and chop down your target with more assurance.

This product provides great results on your shot room and also ensures that you do not have to worry about segment branches or hitting various obstacles.

It features an impelled laser advancement which expels the secret from bows and bolts shots and with a clear three-arrange set up,

you can adjust the rangefinder to relate with the speed of the bow through the sight system. It is very efficient, and it does what it is designed to do.

The Clearshot feature comes up short at 850 yards with a “shoots like” partition of 200 yards. It is also equipped with an Angle Range Compensation (ARC), which makes this rangefinder a great choice for bow seekers.

It comes with a 3-Volt CR123 battery which ensures long-lasting performance.

This rangefinder features high definition stunning clarity with good quality optics. Exclusively Clearshot technology is responsible for giving instantaneous feedback clearance of your shot. It is a very dynamic optic for your bow hunting.

This rangefinder is designed with 100 percent quality materials used and tested extensively for great results.

It is highly durable and also features a beautiful layout. It has a rainproof carrying case and also comes with a battery and neck strap for convenience.

This product features an ergonomic design of pocket-size an anti-slip finish.

This way, hunters do not have to worry about bulkiness as this rangefinder is quite compact. It is very lightweight and easy to move around.

It features a magnification of 4x Bow Mode for providing true horizontal distance (7-199 yards).

This makes it excellent for bow hunting as it will provide satisfactory results. It also features about 7-850 yards range; 90 degrees to 90 degrees Angle range.

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4. Bushnell Tour V3

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

This Rangefinder is incredibly decent and simple to utilize.

The Bushnell Tour v3 Golf Rangefinder uniquely features JOLT Tech which allows golfers to feel their true separation with every securing.

This is one technology highly appreciated by golfers; largely because of the short pulses of vibration which as a result gives a perceptible confirmation that there has been a locking of the laser into the flag.

The innovation, consolidated with a new ergonomic outline, will take out any uncertainty about yardages and offers the real separation up to 1,000 yards.

The accuracy of this product is amazing and quick. This is also excellent, highly recommended for golf.

This product has a magnification of 5x and an objective lens of 24mm. It features a vertical operation of single hand which makes it very easy to use.

The one hand operation is suitable for both left and right-handed individuals. It is ideal for golf and can be very useful for magnification of landscapes over long distances.

It features Excellent Range; with a finding performance of between 10 to 1,000 yards and also, with +/- 1 yard of accuracy flagging 300 yards.

It also features a Pinseeker Technology which activates Jolt Vibration when Pin Seeker is triggered. This feature allows the golfers to feel their correct separation during the game.

This product features an LCD screen for easy operation. Continuously updated LCD is provided with scan mode as the landscape is panned across.

This feature is an added plus which makes it the perfect rangefinder, in particular for golfers.

This rangefinder is 100% Legal, even for tournament play. Because of its excellent features, it is very efficient for your golf games and is used by the best players even for tournaments.

This product is very useful and is highly recommended for anyone either playing or intending to learn the game of golf.

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What Should I Look?


This is one of the most important determinants of a quality Rangefinder, its accuracy; most rangefinders have the efficient skill and are very efficient during use.

These skills are measured in yards, for example. (=/-1 yard) , (=<1yard), (+/-3 yard) and (=/-5 yards). The gadget should possess the listed determinants for its output to be effective and efficient.

Furthermore, the accuracy of any rangefinder must always be considered before selecting which rangefinder will serve you better.

Just like I pointed out in the first paragraph, a lot of people view this as the most useful feature of this equipment and they are always aware of the benefits of buying one with an excellent accuracy, the primary purpose is to work with its accuracy.

A good example is the Golf Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders which has a very good accuracy of +/-1 yard. We also have other rangefinders with even better accuracy.

Rangefinders without a good accuracy are more or less like buying an ordinary camera without range size or effects.The demand for cool rangefinders is very high, people love it, and regardless of the market price; they are placing orders for it, because of one of its highly graded feature, Accuracy!

Object Lens Size

Different rangefinders come with various lens size – all measured in MM (millimeters).

The purpose of an objective lens is to provide quality images. An objective lens gathers light to give a bright picture. The bigger the lens, the more light you transmit through the scope.

Furthermore, this equipment must possess an effective and efficient object lens size for a good picture. The importance of this beautiful feature cannot be neglected and as such must be considered when choosing this gadget.

It is assumed you already know what you want and what you will be using it for before purchase, regardless of the aim, be it bow hunting or just hunting, or even for golf games, the lens size is highly significant, and I will advise anybody going for a rangefinder always to check the objective lens size.


True to the process of having something enhanced in its physical size and not in appearance. A calculated number quantifies this enlargement. When this number is less than one, it refers to a reduction in size.

The magnification capacity of the rangefinder is also very relevant. Just as the rangefinder comes in different sizes and shapes, so also the magnification differs.

Rangefinders can serve so many purposes and as such magnification capacity is necessary. This feature is one of the sole aims of producing a rangefinder, its ability to magnify items, objects and prays during hunting or battle is highly recommendable.

In the military, firearm users use rangefinders that have an excellent magnification capacity to sort out enemies from long range during combat. Hunters can be able to view press from a long distance and place a real target.

Furthermore, just like other features of the rangefinder, this particular feature is very relevant, and it’s one of the reasons why the demand for this product is very high. Everybody loves to have a good rangefinder with excellent features, and that includes a good magnification capacity.

Range Size

This is another real determinant of a great rangefinder. Range size shows the number or range covered in yards. This equipment includes same yards, distance or grounds in the field while few differ.

The yards covered are very visible, for the maximum range we have 2500 yards, 1000 yards, 1300 yards, 1600 yards and 600 yards, while for the minimum range we have 1 yard, 5 yards, 15 yards, 6 yards and 4 yards all with excellent features. The yards or field size covered matters a lot and must be put into consideration when choosing the one that suits you.

It is important to consider the size of the range during purchase. Buying such equipment without checking out the range size is like the purchase of a car without knowing the range of its speedometer.

This cool gadget differs in size, shape, and functionality. This product line size is highly important and should be considered when seeking for the rangefinder. Just like other features and determinants listed above, this is one of the best.

Historically, all rangefinders ever invented possess this feature, but the distinctive feature between the old rangefinder and the modern rangefinder is the size of its range, covering close to 2500 yards.

Battery type and lifespan

The good rangefinders possess good battery type, and the lifespan is highly remarkable. Most rangefinders work with rechargeable batteries and need to be fully charged when low.

It is advisable to look out for the best gadget with excellent battery life, which has a good running time before it needs to be recharged again.

The lifespan of any battery will vary considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained, charged, the temperature and other factors. Often we are puzzled by an announcement of new batteries that are said to offer very high energy densities.

Some batteries are designed to look smaller, and these batteries don’t last, and they wear out prematurely. In other words, it is highly necessary to consider the lifespan of these finder cells before purchase.

Every rangefinder needs a fully charged battery to function effectively and efficiently. Batteries that don’t last can disappoint you when you need the gadget the most.

Everybody needs something long-lasting, having a gadget such as this rangefinder in your palm with such feature will eliminate your worries and build your confidence.


This feature will ensure that your gadget is water-resistant so that it cannot be affected by water or resisting the ingress of water under certain conditions.

Rain is a natural phenomenon which is seasonal in nature. Gadgets are not used seasonally; people carry them every day. The rangefinder device is used every day in sports like the golf game, forest by hunters and even war zone by the firearm users.

Since this gadget is required every day, it must be waterproofed for convenience and efficiency. Some of the best rangefinders are waterproof and not even rainwater can prevent it from carrying out its function actively.

Equipment with such features is highly recommended. This means that one can comfortably use it anywhere and anytime regardless of the weather condition or demographical location.

Be it in the water or in the rain, this device works perfectly, and one can always rely on its performance and function at any giving time.

Your Needs

Before one heads out to purchase the most expensive rangefinder you can find, it’s always necessary to understand what your specific needs are. Just as their models differ, they will always offer varying degrees of functionality.

All depends on what you need. Always make sure that the rangefinder is rated to be +/-1 yard. Size as well as matters if you are using the finder for bow hunting, then you can search for models as they are all in different categories.

If you are hunting at higher distances than those that are typically used for bow hunting, then you may want to go into purchasing a mid-price rangefinder.

The cheaper the item is, the more likely you are to experience divergence. The further a laser light is from the source, the more it expands, the models of higher price will have less of this divergence making them more accurate.

For the hunters, always have in mind the areas that you will primarily be hunting. If you shoot in varying light conditions, then it’s always advisable to get a rangefinder that has low light or bright light image stabilization for those conditions.

However, you might need a rangefinder that gives angle compensation for hunting in a thick bush. Never underestimate the power and capabilities of this equipment, you never can tell what may happen, and as such, it’s always better to be with the best gadget.

Final Verdict

These gadgets are very useful to Man and have been in the system for over ninety years.

It’s advisable for anyone who wishes to make use of this beautiful and excellent gadget to consider all the above-listed determinants of an effective and efficient rangefinder to achieve the best results in the field.

I can assure you of that you won’t be disappointed as long as you know what you want and the features you need to be on your dream of finding the device.

It will serve you better all your aims of purchasing the best finder won’t be in vain.


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