The 10 Best Propane Lanterns 2023

Propane lanterns are great sources of outdoor lighting.

They are particularly useful for those applications that require excellent lighting but in locations that are as far away from the national grid as possible.

We are going to digging every important issue about the propane lighting.

10 Best Propane Lantern Reviews

#1: Coleman NorthStar 1500 Lumens Propane Camping Lantern with Case

Coleman NorthStar 1500

Are you searching for a reliable lamp for use in any of our national parks? If you answered ‘yes,’ you require one that is specifically accredited for the job. This is the one to consider purchasing. It is the official lantern of the national park foundation.

Adjustable Brightness

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this lantern is the fact that it allows you to adjust the brightness. By way of this arrangement, you can precisely control the intensity and brightness of the outdoor lighting. This means adequate illumination but with great energy-saving possibilities.

Bail Handle

It does possess a bail handle which makes it easy to carry and hang the lantern conveniently. The handle is further optimized for ergonomics and is therefore very comfortable. Regardless of how long you might have to carry the lantern around, you may be certain it won’t inflict any blisters on you at all.

Pressure Control Technology

Other than controlling the brightness of the light output, the lantern also allows you to control the pressure of the flow of fuel. This is made possible by the pressure control technology. Courtesy of this functionality, the lantern is capable of ejecting consistent fuel streams in all weather conditions.


  • Performs well even in adverse weather conditions and high altitudes
  • Pretty light by virtue of possessing only a 16.4-ounce cylinder
  • Manages a longer run time of 4 hours (high intensity) or 9 hours (low intensity)
  • Collapsible for the sake of expediting the transportation and storage
  • Has a longer range of around 26 meters


  • Lower fuel carrying capacity
  • Not for those who possess no prior experience
  • Requires you to dig deeper in your pocket to afford it

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#2: Coleman Compact Propane Lantern

Coleman Compact

Do you lack the relevant technical expertise to manage a complicated lantern? This is the one to consider starting out with. It is constructed with persons of your kind in mind. It is very easy to comprehend not to mention getting started in.

Chain Handle

Topping the list of its most awesome features is the chain handle. With this handle, it is possible for you to carry and hang the lantern around as the need may so dictate. It also imposes a limited drag on you thereby making the process of carrying the lantern around a comparatively simpler undertaking.

Metal Guard

A metal exists all around the lantern to shield the interior components from the various agents of external impacts. What’s more? The guard is also complemented with a built-in stabilizer which offers adequate protection to the globe. You are thus assured of maximum longevity.


Lastly, the lantern possesses a ventilator whose primary role is to open and release excess heat. This arrangement is pretty awesome as it shields the globe from overheating and possibly blowing up. It also expedites the process of removing the globe as soon as you are done with it.


  • Small and compact size to allow for easy storage and transportation
  • Single mantle means it is less complicated to engage
  • Makes it possible for you to control the pressure of fuel flow
  • Lights with matches for your maximum convenience
  • Adjustable brightness allows you to experience the intensity you desire


  • Has fewer operational cycles
  • Cannot withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Potentially injurious when handled recklessly

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#3: Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern

Coleman NorthStar

Are you planning to go out camping in the cold or rainy weather? You may have to pay keen attention to this lantern review. As you are about to see, this is the lantern of choice for such circumstance. It is optimized for effective performance under such circumstances pretty effectively.

High-temperature Globe

A high-temperature globe tops its leading features. The globe, courtesy of its high-temperature rating, has the ability to resist cracking well. In light of this, the globe can operate well under extremely high temperatures and is, therefore, an asset for use in colder temperatures.

InstaStart Ignition

You will enjoy the convenience of matchless lighting. This simply means that the lantern is capable of lighting without necessarily using matches or any other external source of heat. This is handy when in a colder place as the rain and drizzles can easily extinguish a match flame.

Adjustable Dimmer Knob

Lastly, comes the adjustable dimmer knob. This one is basically used for controlling the intensity of light in the outdoor environment. It, in so doing grants you power of just how legible you anticipate the outdoor lighting to be at any given time. This again confers added convenience to you.


  • Higher lumens rating of 1,540 lumens
  • Exudes a consistent flow of fuel at all times
  • Shielded by use of a metal guard for a longer lifespan
  • Works well in extremely cold weather
  • Has a folding base which provides added stability at all times


  • May not work optimally in dry weather
  • High fuel consumption rates
  • Costs more to operate and maintain in the long run

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#4: Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow Propane Lantern

Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow

Are you a camping and outdoor enthusiast? You have this particular lantern for your consideration. As you are about to see, it is truly optimized for such applications. This stems from its ability to withstand extremely harsh external weather conditions and other problems.

Collapsible Footed Base

Its base is collapsible for easy transportation and storage of the cylinder. It is also broader to confer to you the benefit of added stability. It is very unlikely that your lantern shall trip or fall off unnecessarily even when bombarded with a strong beam of wind.

PerfectFlow Pressure-control Technology

You are granted the ability to mitigate the flow and pressure of the fuel. This is made possible by the existence of the PerfectFlow pressure-control technology. You have the right to decide just how intense the flame and the brightness of the globe might be at any given time.

16.4-ounce Propane Cylinder

A 16.4-ounce propane cylinder closes the list of the awesome features of the lantern. This one has the ability to contain enough fuel to last you a whopping 7 hours on the high setting or 13 hours on the low settings, respectively. You have the pleasure of extended longevity for your enjoyment.


  • Can work well in all weather conditions
  • Lights with a match as well
  • Lets you adjust the brightness appropriately
  • Not so heavy to carry around with ease
  • Quite simple to comprehend and engage


  • The low light intensity of just about 967 lumens
  • May not provide the brightness needed for effective visibility in pitch darkness
  • Lasts a shorter duration of time

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#5: Coleman Elite Perfectflow Propane Lantern

Coleman Elite

Do you spend much of your time outdoors? You might want to try your hand on a lantern that can provide extended illumination outdoors. No other lantern may guarantee you such a functionality better than this one. You, therefore, want to give it a try for your next outdoor use.

2-mantle Design

Coming in a 2-mantle design, this lantern is very steady and reliable. It is also quite durable; not to mention its ability to create a steady bright glow that measures up to 1,000 lumens. These rays can also reach a handsome 23 meters away from the lantern itself.

Porcelain Ventilator

Also forming a vital part of the lantern is a porcelain ventilator. This one is so structured as to resist corrosion and rust. It is this particular feature that suits the lantern for hunting, camping, fishing, and a host of other outdoor undertakings.

Extended-run Outdoor Illumination

As hinted above, this lantern has the ability to generate lights for an extended duration of time. This arrangement makes it all the more desirable for night time activities that call for excellent bright light for a longer period of time. You have it for such activities in mind.


  • Adjusts easily from low to the bright light and vice versa
  • Able to run for 8 hours non-stop for any given amount of fuel
  • Delivers consistent output under all weather conditions
  • Gives you the power to set the relevant brightness at any given time
  • Hangs easily courtesy of the bail handle


  • Costs a lot of money to afford
  • Requires frequent repairs and maintenance
  • Higher-than-average fuel consumption

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#6: Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern with Case

Coleman Two-Mantle

Are you constantly on the move? You cannot afford to use any other lantern. You badly need one that is easier to pack and unpack. No other lantern is more suited for such a circumstance than this one. Its collapsible nature is perhaps the single most significant distinguishing feature.

Porcelain Ventilator

A porcelain ventilator exists to channel excess heat away from the lantern as possible. With this arrangement in mind, it is highly unlikely that the lantern may overheat and possibly explode. This means adequate safety for you and your companions at any given time.

Easy Lighting

You will have the pleasure to easily light the lantern. This is because the equipment can easily light using a match. It is also accompanied by a cylinder which has the ability to accommodate enough propane for use for up to 14 hours non-stop.

Handy Carrying Case

Lastly, you will also enjoy the ease of carrying it around. This is courtesy of the handy carrying case. What’s more? This case can open up in three sections to make the transportation of many other relevant tools and accessories a simpler thing for you.


  • Lights with matches easily
  • Has a stable base with retractable feet for easy transportation
  • Generates enough light for around 14 hours non-stop
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Not so complicated to a starter


  • Unable to perform well in extreme weather conditions
  • Lacks some vital parts and features
  • Hardly accommodates any extra accessories

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#7: Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow Propane Lantern with Soft Carry Case

Coleman Deluxe

This best propane lantern is mainly suited for search-and-rescue missions. This is due to the fact that it has the ability to distribute light in 360°. It is subsequently capable of impacting a larger amount of space within the shortest duration of time. The end result is expedited searches.

Collapsible Collar

Unlike the collars of the ordinary lanterns, the one for this lantern is collapsible. This simply means that it can nest into the base to bring about added stability to you. This way, you may be sure that your lantern shall operate optimally regardless of the prevailing external conditions.

Insta-Clip #21 Mantles

Its mantles are by far the easiest to install. They do not require the use of too many co-operant tools and materials to do the job. This means you are well taken care of in times of emergencies or in circumstances when you have to act really fast.

360° Lighting

As stated above, the lantern is able to disseminate light all round (at an angle of around 360°.) This is the number one trait that makes the lantern suited for search and rescue missions. Its ability to generate a whopping 970 lumens of bright light makes it all the more outstanding!


  • Produces a consistent flow of fuel
  • Fitted with a high-temperature globe which resists cracking from heat
  • Has a durable porcelain ventilator that also resists rust and corrosion
  • Comes along with a soft carry case for easier packing and protected storage
  • Accompanied by a 5-year limited warranty


  • Inflicts higher operational costs and expenses
  • Can get too hot to touch at times
  • Too much exposure may burn the skin

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#8: Coleman Portable Propane Deluxe Lantern with Hard Case

Coleman Portable

Propane lanterns are generally used for outdoor applications. However, some may also serve indoor use and applications. This is perhaps the most outstanding of these kinds of lanterns. It is customized for indoor applications and stands apart from most others of its kinds.

Pressure Regulation

You will not have to let the lantern determine the pressure with which it churns out the fuel. This is because it has some pressure regulation mechanism which gives you the awesome power to determine such vital parameters. The end results are brightness which you are very comfortable with.

Wider Base

Its base is comparatively wider than those of most other lanterns. This awesome width brings about stability. What’s more? It also comes equipped with some foldable feet. The two jointly allow for compact storage and expedited handling at all times. You will find it easier to move out and about a given area.

2-Mantle Propane Lantern

Also setting this lantern apart from others is the 2 rather than 1 mantle lantern design. This expedites the handling, functionality, and installation of the lantern on the whole. The end result is awesome outcomes which are unprecedented by the ordinary kinds of equipment.


  • Lights using matches easily
  • Fully adjustable light output
  • Enables you to set the pressure levels that are your liking
  • Resists rust and other agents of deterioration well
  • Possesses high-quality parts and components


  • Quite large in size and cumbersome to carry around
  • Weighs a whopping 5.2 pounds (2.36 kg)
  • Too tedious for long-term use and applications

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#9: Coleman PerfectFlow Lantern

Coleman PerfectFlow

Do you have limited financial resources at your disposal? You want to give this particular propane lantern some try here. This is because it is generally simpler in scope, cheaper to afford, and comparatively easier to get started in. You will really have to love it!

Adjustable Illumination

At the top of its most impressive features is the adjustable illumination. This simply means that you can determine the quantity of light and heat that the lantern generates at any given time, and easily for that matter. This feature comes in handy when changing locations and working environments.

High-temperature Globe

Its globe has the ability to work well under extremely high-temperature levels. This guarantees you the brightest lights under whichever circumstance of use. You will find the lantern a particularly useful companion when working in extremely cold weather conditions such as snow and rain.

Excellent Heat Shield

Your hands will be shielded from excessive heat. This is due to the existence of a heat shield which basically offers some buffer between your bare hands and the metallic segments of the lantern. You can, therefore, rest easy to know that you will not sustain any scalds of burns at all!


  • Lower fuel consumption ratings
  • Light enough for frequent travels
  • Simpler to exchange and replace the globes
  • Allows you to adjust the brightness
  • Can light easily with matches


  • Shorter run time
  • Lower light brightness output
  • Too simple to perform too complex chores

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#10: Coleman Two-Mantle InstaStart QuickPack Lantern

Coleman Two-Mantle

For frequent and regular usage, a durable lantern is by all means called for. No other lantern guarantees such consistency as this one. As you are about to see, the lantern is packed with very many elegant features which jointly combine to deliver exceptional performances at all times.

InstaStart Push-Button Ignition

You do not at all require to purchase some matchsticks. The InstaStart Push-Button Ignition system lets you light the lantern without the need for matches at all. This means you may count on it for use even in the most unforgiving of circumstances of use.

EverBrite Power

Other than matches lighting, the lantern also exudes consistent amounts of power brightness. It is subsequently well able to work well under all conditions of use. Whether you plan to work in a rainy, cloudy, windy, or normal environment, this is the lantern for your use.

Durable Porcelain-coated Ventilator

A durable porcelain-coated ventilator closes the list of its topmost features. This ventilator reduces the excessive buildup of heat to deliver a safe working environment. It also reduces the chances for overheating and the attendant accidents that ordinarily come along at such times.


  • Quite lighter in weight and easier to carry around
  • Possesses pre-installed mantles and hence easier to set up
  • Includes a cover for easy packing and storage
  • Backed by an awesome 5-year limited warranty
  • Works well no matter the conditions


  • Does not collapse and hence calls for greater storage space
  • Demands too much money to purchase
  • May be tedious to repair if it sustains some damages

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Benefits Of Using A Camping Lantern

Optimized for Remote Use

By far their most outstanding trait is the fact that they are optimized for remote use and applications. This means you will conveniently light your paths in areas that are way beyond the reach of the national grid. These include remote camping, fishing, hiking, and expeditions.

Generates Both Heat and Light

They have the ability to generate both heat and light. This makes them great companions when in cold areas or environments. In particular, the lanterns are great in the harsh winter months when a steady supply of excellent heat is by all means vital.

Relatively Safer

Propane is a relatively safer gas compared to kerosene or other forms of liquid fuels. It rarely explodes and if it does, the fuel is generally simpler to contain. You may, therefore, rest assured you will not sustain any damages or burns that most users of alternative fuels are predisposed to.

Hassle-free Operations

Propane lamps lack too many complex parts and components. As such, they are comparatively easier to operate than most other lamps. You will easily get started in them and operate them for a prolonged duration of time with relative ease. You do not have to be too experienced in the field of outdoor lighting to make good use of them.

Longer Lifespan

Lastly, they also last a prolonged duration of time. This is mainly because they are stronger by virtue of high-quality material construction. On the same note, they also take longer to deteriorate not to mention the comparatively lower operational and maintenance expenses.

Types Of Camping Lantern

Camping lanterns are mainly categorized into three types based on the sources of fuels that power them. These are:


As the name suggests, these are powered by mains electricity. They are limited in range due to the fact that they are corded. You will have to be in an environment where there is a stable supply of mains electricity to be able to make use of them. They produce the brightest kinds of light output.


These ones are powered by gas rather than batteries or electricity. The gas power extends their range and allows them to be used in regions that are far removed from the national grid as possible. They are not so safe though as the gases occasionally explode and endanger your lives.


Lastly comes the battery powered lanterns. These ones derive their power from batteries. They are subsequently cordless and also have an extended range of use. Unlike their gas counterparts, they are very safe as the batteries hardly explode or ignite to form flames.

How To Light A Propane Lantern

To light a propane lantern, follow the procedures stipulated below:

Attach the propane canister to the lantern. This canister is to channel the fuel from the cylinder to the mantle. It is often removed to ward off accidental lighting of the lantern when not in use.

Turn on the gas. Do this by rotating the knob in the anticlockwise direction. Start off with a small amount of gas and vary the amount with time. This is to prevent the possibility of the gas exploding and injuring you.

Press the ignition switch if your lantern contains it. Alternatively, you may have to light a match and then use it to ignite the mantle. Stay at a safe distance while doing this just in case the gas explodes.

Turn down the gas to your desired level of brightness as soon as the mantle begins to glow. Be very gentle, slow and meticulous as you do this. You do not want the mantle to blow up as a result of being overwhelmed with the gas outflow.

Comparing Lantern Performance

Generally speaking, the propane lanterns are great lighting devices. They are safer as they use propane gas which is less likely to explode or ignite heavier flames. They are also lighter in weight and are easier to carry around. This makes them a great companion for those applications that are far removed from the mainstream locations.

What’s more? The amounts of light they produce are also brighter. It is as a matter of fact sufficient to light whole areas at a time. The lanterns, by virtue of this arrangement, are also great for search-and-rescue missions.

Propane Lantern Troubleshooting Solutions

Check out the fuel. Do this by opening the cylinder and emptying its contents in a container. Examine the fuel for any contaminations. Make replacements if need be.

If you notice any buildup of lacquer, add some denatured alcohol to the fuel in the tank. Shake gently and leave to stay overnight.

To wash the cylinder, release the tank pressure and empty the alcohol contents. Rise the tank thoroughly using unleaded gasoline and white gas.

Just in case you want to replace the mantle, pull the cap and lift off the glass globe. Cut the old mantle using scissors. Clamp a new mantle on the fuel generator. Light the new mantle using a match or canister and let it burn.

If the globe has some issues, replace it. Disassemble the old globe using the knurled knob. Put a new globe in the place of the old one. Thereafter fix the globe again using the knurled knob.

Lastly, if your lantern cylinder has some issues, loosen the fuel valve to remove the old cylinder. Then fix a new one and tighten the bottle securely.

What Should I Look When Choosing A Propane Lantern?

Maximum Brightness

This refers to the maximum brightness of the lamp. It designated in lumens. A good lantern has to be able to produce the brightest realistic kind of light. This is to assure you awesome performance even in pitch darkness when you need the brightest kinds of light.

Fuel Consumption

How much fuel does the lantern burn per unit time? A good lantern has to possess a modest fuel consumption capacity or rating. You do not want to spend too much to operate the lantern at all times, do you? Check out the ratings of a number of lanterns under your consideration to ascertain this.

Burn Time

Burn or run time refers to the total amount of time that the lantern can operate on per unit amount of fuel it contains in its cylinder. It is mainly determined by the fuel consumption rate and is a measure of the lantern’s efficiency. Check this out also and settle for one that has the longest realistic run time ever.

Fuel Capacity

How much fuel can the cylinder contain when completely full? Though a higher capacity is desirable, you have to be wary of the weight as too heavy lanterns are ordinarily cumbersome to carry around. The best lantern on this consideration has to be a perfect compromise between the two.

Size and Weight

Lastly, you have to be mindful of the size and weight of the lanterns. This consideration is particularly crucial if you intend to change locations every now and then. Find one that is extremely compact and light in weight if you plan to change locations frequently for the sake of maximum convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are lumens with regards to propane lanterns?

This is the SI unit of the luminous flux. It is equivalent to the amount of light that is emitted per second. It determines the brightness or dullness of a propane lantern.

Q2. How do propane lanterns work?

They basically burn fuel such as propane to produce heat. It is this heat that subsequently causes the mantles to generate the light energy.

Q3. What is Coleman fuel made of?

The fuel is basically a mixture of various kinds of hydrocarbons. These include the cyclohexane, nonane, heptane, octane, and pentane. It has a rating of around 50 to 55 and flammability that is pretty similar to gasoline.

Q4. How long does the Coleman fuel last?

When stored, the Coleman fuel takes around 5 to 7 years to lose the potency. When opened though, the potency diminishes to just 2 years.

Q5. When were propane lanterns more popular?

Before the invention of the national grid, the propane lighting was the in-thing. They were at their zenith in the early 19th century. They were largely used between 1816 and 1859.


MY FAVORITE IS Coleman Two-Mantle InstaStart QuickPack Lantern. This is mainly because I use such lamps on a frequent and prolonged manner.

The lamp I have selected has consistently proved to be very reliable at such times and under many circumstances of use. Feel free though to find one that is as relevant to your uniqueness as possible.


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