Power Air Fryer XL Reviews

The Power Air Fryer XL is an impressive kitchenware. It uses the rapid air technology which produces a set of cyclonic superheated air around it hence enabling the device to fry food using very little or no oil.

The fact that your food is cooked in a hot whirlwind of scalding superheated air rather than butter; lard or oil means the cooked food has fewer calories.

According to Power Air Fryer website, the kitchenware cuts calories from 1950 to 380 units in blooming onion, 340 to 70 units in French fries and 780 to 250 units in chicken fingers.

Better yet, the desired taste is retained. Do you want to fry chicken, fish, French fries? Do so by a simple touch on its State-of-the-art easy to operate digital panel.

What Should I Look?

Size of the model you need

I recommend that you put into consideration the size of the model Power AirFry XL model before buying one. For instance,

If you have a spacious kitchen space then you might think f going for the larger 5.3 model while limited kitchen spaces can only be able to house the smaller 3.4 model.

Accessories You Required

Power Air Fryer has an accessory kit with a variety of parts that can be used to accomplish almost any type of frying assignment.

But you may not be interested with all the parts to accomplish a small number of frying. When selecting the best model for your needs,

Therefore, you need to consider your kitchen needs in order to select a fryer with just specific accessories you really need. This can save you a great deal of money.


You need to verify the efficiency of the device by checking the power consumption, energy loss and the overall cooking time.

The manufacturer also claims the device can eliminate the added fat in foods and lower level of the calories by as much as 80%. This should be subject to verification before purchasing the kitchenware.

Warranties and Backup

The Fryer can break or malfunctions just like any other kitchenware. You, therefore, need to consider the reliability and durability of the fryer before buying it.

Decide on the best backup cooker incase the fryer breaks up. Also, remember to check the warranty of the device and its span.


Sometimes the brand name on the fryer also matters. Some manufacturers are known to make reliable and long life devices than other manufacturers.

Besides, the overall experience in using equipment’s from a particular brand can play a critical role in picking the best cooker. The most popular brand in the market makes the best cookers.


  • Other than an impressive design, Power Air Fryer comes with a variety of features that ensures a pleasant kitchen experience.
  • Digital Timer Complete with Automatic Shutoff Capability
  • 7 Preset Programs
  • Super-Heated Air Heats to a Maximum of 400 Degrees
  • One-Touch Easy Digital Controls
  • Turbo-Cyclonic Power of 1500 And 1700 Watts
  • Easy-Grip Cool to Touch Handle
  • Printed and Online Recipes
  • An Accessory Kit With Pizza Pan, Tongs and Basket Insert
  • Easy To Use One-Touch Digital Panel – Touch Settings Make Cooking a Great Experience
  • Available In Two Sizes and Colors; Quart Black and Quart Red (For the 3.4 Variant) and Glossy Quart Black and Glossy Quart Red (For the 5.3 Variant)
  • 3 Or 3.4 Quart Easy Load Basket without Stick Coating
  • Rapid/Cyclonic Air Technology- Roast, Air Fry, Sauté, Bake, Steam, and Grill
  • Cooks to a maximum of 400 degrees- fry and cook almost anything/ 1700 Watts
  • Uses no or less oil- Can Cook healthy food without butter or oils
  • 6-in-1 Frying Capabilities


Power Air Fryer XLgives more than just a healthy and efficient way of frying your food. It can bake, sauté roast, steam, and grill every kind of meals.

It reduces the calories in the food by one-third.

Many Power Air Fryer XL reviews point to the fast heating pace in which the device takes just between few seconds to three minutes in achieving the threshold temperature.

The fryer is very easy to use with its easy to understand menu and navigation controls.

It comes with a single one-touch digital panel, which allows the user to easily pick easily between varieties of cooking methods.

You will be comfortable using the fryer just after the first use.

The cleanup exercise involving the fry basket assembly and the outer parts in very simple.

Did I mention the automatic shut-off mechanism? Yeah, the fryer stops the cooking once the set temperature is reached preventing your food from getting scorched up.

The basket got rid of stick coating and is made of ceramic instead.


The most common complaint I have heard from most users involves the trouble in returning the heating basket back into the fryer after carrying the required flipping or shaking.

The problem can, however, be resolved by putting the basket back into the fryer at an angle rather than doing so vertically.

The fryer often lets out some smoke when cooking food that drips fat such as steak.

The smoke is reportedly significant enough to set off the smoke alarm.

The non-stick coating on the inner basket wears away quite fast and you may need to replace it just after five cooking.

The adjustment controls are too minimalistic using the icons instead of real words.

The presets are confusing to interpret


Q: What is the capacity?

A: The 5.3 qt can support 4-6 people while the 3.4 qt can support 2-4 people.

Q: Can I set and adjust the cooking time manually?

A: Yes! The Power Air Fryer XL can be manually programmed to specific time and temperature. Besides, it comes with 7 1-touch pre-set functions.

Q: Should I first defrost frozen foods before putting them in the Power Air Fryer XL?

A: No, you don’t need to. Put your food in it straight away as long as it is clean.

Q: How do I do the cleaning on the heating element?

A: First, ensure the Power Air Fryer XL has cooled completely and is unplugged from the power source then proceed t clean the heating component with a small amount of soap.

Q: What are bonus elements coming with the device?

A: Your Power Air Fryer XL comes with a recipe book, online recipe library and a divider.

Q: Can I fry two different types of food simultaneously?

A: Yeah, you can use the divider to bake, sauté, and roast or even grill two distinct types of food concurrently.

Last Word

Frying your food has never been easier and affordable with the new Power Air Fryer XL. Save for the few flaws with it, it is an excellent and almost goof-proof kitchenware that can accomplish a lot of frying solutions at home and business places.

Its Rapid Airy Technology makes it a truly revolutionary kitchenware in this age of automation. One outstanding feature of this device is its ability to cut calories you consume by 80%.

But Power Air Fryer XL reviews should not be used for self-diagnosis and I advise users to seek the advice of physician, pharmacist or any other relevant health professional to guide you on such.

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