The 11 Best Portable Water Heaters 2023

Accessing hot water while on the go or in remote locales is ordinarily a daunting task.

However, by acquiring and utilizing a portable water heater, you will be able to guarantee a smooth supply of such water.

We’ll offer you the necessary guidance here below.

11 Best Portable Water Heater Reviews

#1: Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable Tankless Water Heater 1 Pack White

Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM

Do you love camping, outdoor showering or washing of dogs? You might want to try out this particular portable water heater. As you are going to note, the heater is suited for these and many more related chores.

Safety Shut-off Mechanisms

A safety shut-off mechanism stands out as the most significant trait of this heater. Whenever the unit runs for longer than 20 minutes, the feature is automatically activated. It shuts off the system to prevent any accidents or water damage.

Low-pressure Activation

You don’t need to eject water at a higher pace with this water heater. Even at low pressure, it is still possible to obtain some water. Just activate the 20 pounds per square inch and connect to a standard hose to have your way.

Liquid Propane Tank

To make use of this heater, you will require some liquid propane fuel with a capacity of no less than 20 pounds. What’s more? It also possesses an electronic ignition which is comparatively easier to engage. This makes your experience all the more awesome.


  • Light in weight and therefore easier to carry around
  • Comes in a frustration-free packaging material
  • Contains an upgraded shower head
  • Has some easy-to-use temperature controls
  • Tilts at an angle of 45° for maximum convenience


  • The low operational range of only 20-80 pounds-per-square inch
  • Ejects water at a slower pace of only 2.6 gallons-per-minute
  • The minimal operational temperature of only 50°F-140°F

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#2: Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

Camp Chef HWD5

Short on cash but would still wish to enjoy some hot water in a remote location? Worry not! This simplistic hot water heater is the one you will most definitely find awesome and relevant to your need. It lacks several sophisticated features and is therefore convenient to engage.

4-setting Adjustable Shower Head

With this heater, it is possible to channel water in whichever direction and whatever pace you deem suitable for your case. These are made possible by reason of the existence of the 4-setting adjustable shower head. They are jet, shower, mist, and off respectively.


You don’t need to acquire a separate stand or support mechanism to be able to prop up this heater. The logic here is that it is self-standing. If you so wish though, you might also make use of the mounting brackets that accompany the heater to do so.

Easy-turn Brass Garden Hose Connector

Lastly, you will also be able to connect this heater to your ordinary garden hose. It comes equipped with an easy-turn brass garden hose connector to enable you to do this. By reason of the existence of this feature, it is possible to extend the use thereof.


  • Allows you to adjust the heat and flow of water
  • Heats up to 1.5 gallons of water in a minute
  • Generates a whopping 13,500 British Thermal Units per gas side burner
  • Foldable handle for expedited storage
  • Ignites automatically whenever the water is turned on


  • Requires two batteries to ignite
  • Calls for the attainment of higher pressure levels to function properly
  • Attains a lower maximum pressure of 80 pounds-per-square inch

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#3: Camp Chef Triton 10L Portable Water Heater

Camp Chef Triton 10L

If you change locations every quite often, a compact and easy-to-carry water heater of this kind are by all means absolutely essential. As you are about to see, the equipment is small, compact in size, and therefore less cumbersome to transport out and about the desired area.

Adjustable Water Temperature

You will enjoy the convenience of being able to adjust the temperature of your water. This you shall do courtesy of a turning mechanism which increases the temperature to a maximum of 84°F. For this reason, you will be able to receive the water at your satisfaction.

4-shower Head Settings

It also has a four-shower head setting. The showerhead basically allows you to determine the direction and the pace of the discharge of water. By placing your bet on this heater, you yet again obtain the benefit of personalized outcomes.

Higher Output

By being capable of attaining the whopping 60,000 British Thermal Units, it is possible also for you to receive the water at the hottest realistic temperatures. With regards to this, you will enjoy some pretty hot water as you engage this heater.


  • Comes along with a 96-inch hose
  • Wall-mountable
  • Connects to the garden hose
  • Light enough to allow for easy transportation
  • Easy to master, comprehend and engage


  • Limited capacity
  • Brings about lower value for money
  • Discharges water at the slow rate of only 2.6 gallons-per-minute

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#4: Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM

For all your camping, beach and family vacations, you require a large and voluminous water heater of this nature. Being larger in capacity, this heater is more likely to yield you some value and convenience while with an entire family.

Adequate Protection

Even though it runs on gas, No need to worry. It offers adequate protection to you by reason of possessing excellent safety features. The oxygen depletion safety shut-off protection, anti-freezing protection, and the flame failure device are chief among these.

Energy-saving Technology

The entire system is also designed in such a manner as to be able to save you a great deal of energy. It discharges only 1.32 gallons-per-minute of hot water for instance. You are thus certain not to spend too much of your money operating it.

Oxygen Depletion Sensor Protection

In case the oxygen is depleted, you will be able to take note of it courtesy of this sensor. You may install the sensor indoors as long as the exact place is properly ventilated. This means you will not have to suffer those issues which come about as a result of oxygen deficiency.


  • Compact in size and foldable for ease of transportation
  • Enables you to conveniently set it up indoors
  • Operates seamlessly to exude great performance
  • Discharges endless volumes of hot water whenever the need arises
  • Higher energy efficiency and output


  • Cannot produce potable water
  • Lowest water pressure levels
  • Unsuitable for use in elevations exceeding 2,000 feet above sea level

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#5: Costway Portable Outdoor Shower Hot Water Heater

Costway Portable

Generally speaking, this outdoor propane gas heater is suited for all kinds of outdoor activities. These include hunting, fishing, and camping. You, therefore, have it for your taking if you happen to engage in any of these activities.


Its suitability for outdoor use and applications stems from the fact that you may mount it on a vehicle. You simply connect the 12v DC pump wires to the car’s outlet, and that is it! You, therefore, get to receive water whenever and wherever you need it.

Portable Design

The heater comes in the form of portable design. It is also accompanied by a storage bag which enables you to carry along all the valuables which you might require while on the go. This also goes a long way in enhancing your outdoor experience.

Safety Protection

To cater for your safety, the heater automatically shuts off if the temperature of the water exceeds 167°F. Incidences like burns, scalds, and other dangers are therefore severely suppressed and kept at bay. You may count on it for confidence and extreme peace of mind.


  • Enables you to wash your hands and clean your dishes
  • Delivers instant and endless supply of hot water anytime
  • Possesses an anti-dry combustion protection
  • Protects against the wind to prevent the extinguishing of flames
  • In case of an off-balance, the water shuts off the supply of gas


  • For outdoor applications only
  • Too bulky to carry around with ease
  • Quite complicated to a simple user

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#6: Zodi Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel Shower

Zodi Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel Shower

Showering needs not to be restricted to a particular place or time. Indeed, it is possible to enjoy your showering at any day and any time. You only have to make use of this heater as it is self-contained and installable anywhere.

Piezo Push-button Ignition

To set this heater on is quite simple. You only to engage a piezo push-button ignition button, and that is it! For this reason, you get to obtain some instant-on convenience while operating this device. You won’t have to waste too much of your time hence.

Premium-quality Heater

On the whole, only premium materials are used to make up the water heater. The material is wholly metallic which is strong and durable enough to withstand intense heat and impacts. Because of this, the heater lasts longer and hardly sustains any damages.

Powerful 6V Pump

A powerful 6V pump also adorns this heater. It also comes along with a debris screen which jointly exudes some great water pressure. You may be sure therefore to achieve the best outcomes imaginable at any given time.


  • Holds water for 10-minute showering
  • Heats 60+ gallons of water for a given refill
  • Has an 8-foot flexible shower hose which simplifies the ejection of water
  • Completely easier to store and transport
  • Quite simple to engage


  • Has a pretty high carrying capacity
  • Occupies a larger amount of space
  • Potentially dangerous when handled recklessly

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#7: Eccotemp L5 Tankless Water Heater w/ EccoFlo 12V Pump

Eccotemp L5 Tankless Water Heater

If you happen to shuffle repeatedly between your home and a campsite, you need a heater which is universal and highly versatile. Look to no other than this heater as it is highly adapted to both occasions and circumstances well.

Battery Igniter

Unlike most other heaters, this one is ignitable by means of battery power. This negates the need for electricity which may not always be easy to come by. Moreover, it expedites the process of operating this heater by eliminating much effort.

Shower Hose

A shower hose which measures 6 feet also accompanies this heater. It is manufactured using the upgraded stainless steel material which is durable and stable enough. You have assured a prolonged duration of time and limited breakdowns.

Liquid Propane Fuel

The heater derives its power from the liquid propane fuel. This kind of fuel is safe yet potent enough to produce extremely hot flames. Due to this, be certain to achieve hotter water which is almost unachievable by other kinds of heaters.


  • Guarantees you the supply of hot water anywhere
  • Original and best-selling hot water heater
  • Portable enough to be carried around with relative ease
  • Operable in off-grid locations where electricity is lacking
  • Makes daily tasks simpler to undertake


  • The lower discharge rate of only 2.9 gallons per minute
  • Less pressure (just 50 pounds-per-square-inch)
  • Only 4.4-ampere power output

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#8: EZ 101 Tankless Water Heater

EZ 101

No need to be restricted in your access to hot water. Simply lay your hands on this tankless water heater to be guaranteed hot water anywhere and everywhere. Its compact size and quick-acting mechanism enable this to happen.

Battery Powered Ignition

To set the system on, you will make use of the battery powered ignition mechanism. You will not have to use manual labor or be in a location where electricity is available to accomplish this at all. With regards to this, you will enjoy maximum convenience.

Cool Operations

Throughout its operations, the heater is cool. This stems from the fact that the intake air is sucked into the system from all around the casing. It is hence unlikely to generate excess heat which might blow up the entire system altogether.

“No Pilot Light” Design

Generally speaking, the heater comes in the form of the “No pilot light” design. The design is on the whole pretty safe and convenient. That it uses the automatic ignition further saves you some bit of energy.


  • Comes in a simple design and functionality
  • Generally easy to use and install
  • Less obstructive if mounted in living spaces
  • Aesthetically pleasing to behold
  • Great for locations that are detached from the national grid


  • Weighs only 14 pounds
  • Requires places with excellent ventilation to install
  • Inflicts higher operational expenses

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#9: Mr. Heater BOSS-XB13 Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System

Mr. Heater BOSS-XB13

In case you plan to devote the water heater to a larger population of persons, you want one whose discharge rate is above average. Think of no other water heater then this one. As you are about to see, its flow rate is pretty fast and awesome.

Faster Temperature Output

All factors considered, the heater has the ability to discharge a whopping 12,000 British Thermal Units per hour. By placing your bet on this gadget, you get to obtain extremely hot water within the shortest realistic duration of time.

High Flow Rate

Other than the faster temperature output, this heater also discharges water at a pretty faster rate. This is the decent 6 gallons-per-minute. Once more this flow rate ensures that you obtain your water at a pace that is comfortable with you.

Excellent Safety Features

Lastly, the heater is packed with numerous excellent safety features. Examples of these include the flow-driven ignition, tip switch and scald protection, among others. They work jointly to enhance your safety and wellbeing at all times.


  • A single outlet which channels out water seamlessly
  • Long lasting batteries for maximum convenience
  • Features the Quiet Burner Technology
  • Tackles heavy commercial applications with ease
  • Employs the latest infrared combustion technology to heat water


  • Higher operational expenses
  • May cost you a fortune to acquire
  • Imposes some strains on simpler users

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#10: Coleman Hot Water on Demand H2Oasis Portable Water Heater

Coleman Hot Water on Demand

Looking to wash clothes, bathe or prepare hot beverages? Look up to this specific water heater. In all, it is simpler, lighter in weight and more compact in size. This combined with its easy applicability guarantees you hot water whenever you need it.

PerfectFlow Technology

The PerfectFlow Technology tops the list of its most awesome features. Courtesy of this technology, you will receive a steady output of hot water at any given time. It is also devoid of any obstructions which might normally hinder the smooth flow of these liquids.

High-power Submersible Electric Pump

To channel the water along the pipe or via a connector, the heater makes use of the high-power submersible electric pump. Being extremely powerful, it produces a stream of reliable and strong flow of water.

Higher Discharge Rate

Finally, the heater discharges water at a comparatively faster rate. It can, as a matter of fact, dispense hot water up to around 125°F in as little as only 30 seconds! This again means that you will access your hot water with the least delays.


  • Provides easy access to hot water all the time
  • Greatly facilitates outdoor showering
  • Incorporates a convenient mesh storage bag for carrying your valuables
  • Comes along with a collapsible water carrier for expedited transport and storage
  • Enables you to maintain great personal hygiene while camping


  • Clutters a typical workspace
  • Prone to losses and possible pilferage
  • May call for frequent and repeated maintenance

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#11: ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower

ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower

Do you love hunting or backcountry camps? You have to acquire and incorporate this heater in your next outdoor and adventure session. You will find it particularly awesome for those applications which require you to shower while outdoors.

Rustproof Stainless-steel Water Tank

Its tank is made of the durable stainless steel material. As you are aware, this material is ordinarily resistant to the various elements of wear and tear. This being the case, the heater will most likely perform numerous operational cycles within its lifetime.

Powerful 10,000 BTU Burner

A powerful burner which has the ability to generate a whopping 10,000 British Thermal Units of heat also forms a vital part of this heater. This heat output is pretty high as to guarantee you the hottest water available.

6-foot Shower Hose

Connecting the tank to your showerhead is a hose that measures an impressive 6 feet. The length is a bit convenient in such a way as to allow for convenient operations. It also gives you some freedom to move around with ease.


  • Capable of pressurizing water without the need for batteries
  • Can also cook food over and above heating water
  • Extra durable to withstand intense impacts and repeated use
  • Able to heat around 100°F within 5 – 10 minutes
  • Keeps you posted on the temperature of the water conveniently


  • Cumbersome to carry around by possessing a tank
  • Requires some muscle power to effectively engage
  • Operable within a smaller range

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What is a Portable Water Heater?

A portable water heater is basically a device which allows you to access hot water in remote locations or while on the go. It is lighter and compact in size to enable you to carry it around with ease. Most derive their heating power from solar, batteries and gas.

Benefits Of Portable Water Heater

Remote Applicability

As explained above, this equipment can be used remotely. They are as a matter of fact great for those areas that are detached from the national grid or extremely backwater. This stems from their battery, solar, or gas power as well as their compact sizes.

Lighter In Weight

They are also on the whole lighter in weight. As such, they are convenient to carry around as need be. You hence do not require too much of your muscle power to engage as is the case with most other kinds of electronics.


Compared to the standard home water heaters, these pieces of equipment are cheaper to afford. You need not dig too deep in your pocket to be able to afford them. For this reason, you will find them easily and readily accessible.

Utmost Simplicity

Considering that they lack some of the most sophisticated features, they are comparatively easier to master and engage. You need no certification in matters plumbing, for instance, to be able to make use of them.

Faster Installations

Lastly, these machines take a shorter duration of time to install. This is mainly brought about by their simpler nature and structural form. Generally speaking, you only require a 5-minute workout to set in place.

Types Of Portable Water Heater

There are three main kinds of portable water heaters. These are:

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater

This is the standard water heater. It contains a storage tank which holds the water to be heated. In most instances, it is used only in circumstances which require the supply of larger amounts of water. It is by far the most common water heater.

Tankless Water Heater

Also called on-demand water heater, this one does not have any tank at all. As such, it only heats the amount of water you require at any given time. Being tankless, it is also very portable and easier to carry around as need be.

Heat Pump Water Heater

The heat pump water heater is hybrid in that it embodies some features of the tankless and conventional tanks at a time. It does not generate any heat and is thus the most energy-efficient of all the heaters available.

What To Look For When Choosing a Portable Water Heater?

Size and Dimensions

Given that these items are generally used while on the go or in remote locations, they have to be very small and compact in size. You do not want to confront unnecessary hassles as you go about the business of making use of them.

Source of Energy

As has already been explained, these appliances derive their energy from solar, battery and gas. It is in your best interest to find one that is easily powered by you. Try as much as possible to find one which can derive its power from many sources if you can.


This refers to the tasks to which these heaters may be devoted apart from heating water of course. The best heater on the basis of this consideration should be one which can cook, prepare some hot beverages and even boil food.

Tank or Tankless Water Heaters?

You have the choice between the one that has a tank and one which does not. The one with a tank is great for those applications which require higher amounts of water whereas those without tanks are only suited for limited on-demand hot water supply.

Energy Efficiency

Lastly, you want to consider of course the energy efficiency of the said heaters. This is basically a comparison between energy consumption and outputs. A good heater ideally has to consume less yet give out more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How does portable water heater work?

These kinds of heaters contain electric elements which heat up the water when circulated around them. To heat the water, these equipment make use of electricity or gas.

Q2. What is the difference between instant geyser and storage?

As the name suggests, the instant geysers only produce hot water whenever the same is needed. Their storage counterparts on the other hand also store the hot water for future use and applications. The former is thus more energy efficient yet less convenient than the latter.

Q3. What is the best water heater brand?

This depends mainly on the kind of use you intend to devote the water heater too. The Rheem is, however, the best for general home use and applications.

Q4. Is instant geyser good for the bathroom?

Yes, they are, and particularly so if you happen to reside in an extremely small house where space is an issue. This is mainly because they are tankless yet deliver hot water instantly.

Q5. Can we drink geyser hot water?

Not really! Hot water, as you know, dissolves minerals and metals such as lead much faster than the cold water. You might predispose yourself to the attendant risks if you drink such water.


MY FAVORITE IS Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater and that is because I am short on cash.

Moreover, it is also simple enough for me to operate and carry around with ease.

I generally find it convenient especially when I have limited time at my disposal.

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