The 11 Best Portable Garages, Shelters, Carports For Cars, RVs, Trucks 2023

From time to time, you will often have to relocate to a remote location with your car.

Given that the harsh environmental conditions can and do exist anywhere, it is necessary to guarantee your cars the necessary protection they deserve at any given time.

This is where the portable garages come in handy.

11 Best Portable Garage Reviews

#1: Abba Patio 10 x 20 ft. Heavy Duty Beige Carport

Abba Patio 10 x 20 ft

Do you engage in commercial repairs and maintenance of cars and other automobiles? This is the portable garage tent to consider leveraging if you answered the question with a firm ‘yes.’ With the ability to cover a vast array of vehicles, this tent is by far the most desirable for your use.

Powder-coated Steel Frame

Hanging the canvas and the fabric in place is the powder-coated steel frame. This one is pretty strong and reliable. It is also capable of withstanding all forms of deterioration like rusting and abrasion. You have the pleasure of being able to derive maximum support for a prolonged duration of time.

Heavy-duty Bungees Cord

To secure that cover of the tarp to the frame, you will make use of the heavy-duty bungee cord. This material is ordinarily strong enough to confer added strength and reliability while doing this. With regards to this, you should anticipate minimal incidences of loosening of the joints and ties.

Double Polyethylene Fabric

Lastly, the canvas itself is made of the durable double polyethylene fabric. This material is resistant to ultraviolet rays and well as to water. As such, it confers added protection to the car against snow, wind, and rain. You have it for your use for those long-term and universal applications.


  • Resistant to corrosion, rust, peeling, and chipping
  • Provides increased stability to you
  • Simpler to set up courtesy of the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions
  • Completely collapsible for easy transportation and storage
  • Have foot pads which confer added stability


  • Requires extreme muscle power to engage
  • Calls for plenty of storage space to safeguard while not in use
  • Does cost a premium amount of money

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#2: True Shelter 10′ x 20′ Car Canopy

True Shelter 10′ x 20′ Car Canopy

Do you intend to go out camping in hard surfaces like driveways, decks, and rocky terrains? You need a portable garage which is able to be freely mounted atop such surfaces. This is the one to look up to if you are such kind of a potential user.

Universal High UV Waterproof Cover

Topping the charts as pertains its topnotch features is the universal high ultraviolet waterproof cover. The cover is able to shield your cars from the harsh ultraviolet radiation and the water precipitation at the same time. You have the dual benefits of two-in-one with this cover as a result of this.

Excellent Overhead Protection

Other than shielding your car from the harsh ultraviolet radiation and water, the portable garage is also able to shield your car from all the external agents of deterioration that arise from above. This stems from its excellent overhead protection capability.

Plastic Foot Pads

Lastly, it does come along with some plastic foot pads. These keep the frame from sinking into the ground unnecessarily. With regards to this, the garage is very stable at all times. You may, therefore, be certain that no matter how intense the rain or its impact is, the garage shall not at all collapse on your car.


  • Its sidewalls are easily removed for the sake of open-air exhibitions and other outdoor activities
  • Uses the tough and reliable bungee cords to attach the roof to the frame
  • Possesses a high-quality and rust-free powder-coated steel frame
  • May be erected on very hard surfaces such as decks and driveways
  • No tools required to install it at all!


  • Provides only 240 square feet of weather protection
  • Measures only 10 feet by 20 feet
  • May not serve you well in other regions

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#3: Abba Patio 10 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty Carport

Abba Patio 10 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty Carport

If you intend to camp in hot and humid weather environment, you need more than just a basic portable garage. You definitely want one that is also properly ventilated for the sake of allowing free inflow and outflow of air. Look up to this as it possesses sidewalls and windows to allow for this.

Spring Pin Frame and Elastic Ball Straps Design

Unlike most ordinary portable garages, this one comes in the design of the elastic ball strap and spring pin frame. This unique design makes it possible for you to quickly and easily assemble the garage with hardly any tools. It, therefore, saves you some bit of time and effort as you utilize the garage.

2 Easy Open/Close Zippered Doors

Some two easy to open and close zippered doors do exist on the sides of the portable garage. You use these two doors to ventilate the garage on the days that are extremely hot and humid. It is this feature that makes it possible for you to use the garage in conditions stated above.

3 Windows

Lastly, some three windows adorn each of the sidewalls of the portable garage. These three windows also go a long way in enhancing the ventilation of the garage. This is due to the fact that you may open them to let in some fresh air as well.


  • Mountable on both hard and semi-hard surfaces
  • Possesses relatively brighter interiors
  • Lets in huge quantities of airflow in the extremely hot days
  • Prevents direct exposure to the harsh rays of the sun
  • Serves a wide variety of chores, tasks, and functions


  • Not so effective at shielding the contents from the bombardment of the rays of the sun
  • Cannot perform well in extremely cold periods of time
  • Has a shorter lifespan compared to most other portable garages of its kind

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#4: Caravan Canopy 10 X 20-Feet Domain Carport, White

Chances are that you want a tent that can enhance the appearance of your backyard or picnic site. This is why you badly want to make use of one such as this. Its elegant white appearance will always greatly enhance the aesthetics of your campsite.

Sturdy Steel Frame

Coming along with the compression lock, the sturdy steel frame of the portable garage provides immense support. It resists all kinds of fidgeting to leave behind some powerful and extremely reliable support to you at all times. It is hence a good companion you want to look up to.

Ultraviolet Treatment

Throughout its interior and exterior is the ultraviolet treatment. The treatment also incorporates some fade protectors as well as some anti-aging and anti-fungal agents. These jointly go a long way in ensuring that the tent lasts a fair duration of time. You have the pleasure of limited repairs and maintenance to leverage.

Water-resistant Polyethylene Cover

A heat-sealed and water-resistant polyethylene cover comes in last among the list of the most awesome features of the portable garage. Being resistant to water, you may expect it to provide unbridled protection to your automobile in times of damp weather.


  • Powder-coated steel frame lasts longer than usual
  • Easy to assemble and hence calls for limited intervention on your part
  • Able to accommodate additional accessories
  • 6-leg construction provides maximum stability and support
  • Exudes great aesthetics for you


  • Contains the harmful Diethylhexyl Phthalate substance
  • Provides the small 200 square feet coverage
  • Limited color availability (white only)

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#5: Caravan Canopy Outdoor Canopy Weight Bags

Outdoor Canopy Weight Bags

Whenever you are not using the portable garages, you need to safeguard them accordingly. This can only happen if you have a nice bag which is optimized for their transportation and storage. No other bag is as suited for such applications better than this one.

Durable 500d Polyester Fabric Reinforcement

Over and above the bare fabric construction, this one comes along with a durable 500d Polyester fabric reinforcement. This one basically plays the role of strengthening the bag further and in so doing, minimizing the likelihood of it sustaining any tears or other agents of deterioration.

2 Pouches per Bag

The bag comprises some two pouches in which you safeguard your extra gears and accessories. By virtue of this arrangement, it negates the need to acquire separate bags for the sake of handling the other attachments and components. This means the benefit of added convenience on your part.

Wraparound Adhesive Velcro Attachment

To further seal the contents of your bags tightly, the bag contains the wraparound adhesive Velcro attachment. This one contains an adhesive which basically plays the role of tightening the seals so firmly as to prevent any leaks or slippage of contents.


  • Provides stable weight and balance support
  • Usable with almost any other canopy
  • Holds a total of around 11 pounds
  • Safeguards your canopies effectively during lighter winds
  • Provides greater security in the outdoor canopy use


  • Cannot cover the automobiles wholly as need be
  • Provides lower value for money
  • Incomprehensive in scope and usability

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#6: Quictent 20’X10′ Party Wedding Tent carport Canopy

Quictent 20’X10′

Parties and weddings are generally shorter occasions. They also require excessive beauty and aesthetics given their fanciful nature. This is where a highly decorative and elegant portable garage comes in handy. By its sheer nature and design, it is well able to serve the dual roles stated without any hitch.

Extra-thick Polyethylene Fabric

On the whole, the portable garage comes in the form of the extra-thick polyethylene fabric construction. This material is extremely thick and durable. As such, it is pretty resistant to the various elements of wear and tear. This being the case, it will hardly tear apart even when subjected to the strongest impacts.

Reinforced PE Material

A reinforced PE material comes in next among the list of its most awesome features. The material generally tears and waterproof. Moreover, it is also pretty resistant to the ultraviolet radiation. You may hence look up to it to provide uncompromised protection to your car and other gears.

Industrial-grade Cover Fabric

Lastly, its cover fabric comes in the form of the industrial-grade material construction. Generally speaking, this arrangement allows for some long-lasting durability and also guarantees adequate protection. This arrangement means that you will not at all have to suffer the extremes of inconveniences while shielding your car.


  • Safer and firmer than most other kinds of garages
  • Designed in such a manner as to prevent structural twisting
  • Stronger and more stable than most other poles
  • Features net poles that are much thicker
  • Manages longer operational cycles


  • Collapses when bombarded with excess snow
  • Cannot be mounted on hard surfaces
  • Not so stable and firm as ordinarily need be

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#7: Peaktop 20’x10’ Portable Carport Garage Car Shelter Canopy Party Tent

Peaktop 20’x10’ Portable Carport Garage

If you are a frequent user of the portable garages, you want one that is extremely durable and heavy duty. Look to no further than this one as it is the one that will aid you out in this regard. As you are about to observe, it is indeed stronger and long-lasting.

ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer

Its most outstanding feature is the ISO 9001-certified manufacturer. The manufacturer in question is the Peaktop. Given this awesome backing and manufacture, you should expect to derive the most reliable of all services from this company. The products are also longer lasting and very valuable to purchase.

2 Removable Sidewalls

It does come along with some two sidewalls that are removable. These sidewalls are shaped in the form of the clear pane window style. They let in sufficient amounts of light as well as air. With regards to this, they prevent you from getting suffocated should you decide to enter the garage.

Heavy-duty Steel Framework

A heavy-duty steel framework adorns much of the portable garage. This framework comes along with some metal base and durable connectors for added support and firmness. They are the ones that make the garage impossible to fall or trip down even when bombarded with the harshest of impacts.


  • Delivers great aesthetics when looked at
  • Lasts fairly longer courtesy of the heavy-duty steel frame
  • Resists the percolation of water and other external agents
  • Pairs and works well with a couple of vital accessories
  • Great for weddings and other outdoor activities


  • Needs some assembly before use
  • Not strong enough to withstand snow and harsh weather
  • May be tipped off balance by strong winds

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#8: ShelterLogic 10′ x 20′ x 8′ All-Steel Metal Frame Instant Garage

ShelterLogic 10′ x 20′ x 8′

In some instances, time may not always be on your side. At such times, you want portable garages that are faster to install and keep up. This can only happen if you happen to lay your hand on the one that is specially designed for impromptu applications like this one.

Durable Frame

This portable garage, on the whole, comprises some durable frame. The frame is made wholly of steel and measures around 10 feet by 20 feet by 8 feet while its thickness is around 1-3/8 inches thick. By reason of these dimensions and arrangements, the frame confers added stability and great strength indeed.

Patented ShelterLock Stabilizers

To make the garage even more stable, it comes along with some patented ShelterLock stabilizers. These basically latch the base firmly on the ground to prevent the tent from fidgeting or swaying unnecessarily back and forth. You, therefore, are assured some peace of mind as you juggle your way with this garage.

Ratchet-Tite Cover Tensioning System

Apart from being stable and less fidgety, the portable garage also possesses a tight and reliable cover. This stems from the possession of the Ratchet-tite cover tensioning system. You yet again have every reason to smile knowing pretty well that the cover shall be reliable at all times.


  • Provides enough safeguards against all forms of harsh weather elements
  • Resists peeling, rusting, and corrosion perfectly well
  • Treated with ultraviolet radiation to prevent fading and loss of potency
  • Shields against the percolation of water and other exterior elements
  • Brings about a comparatively higher value for money


  • Performs fewer operational cycles at a time
  • Quite susceptible to the risks of wear and tear
  • Backed by poor and incomprehensive warranty

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#9: Abba Patio 10 x 20-Feet Outdoor Carport with Steel Legs

Abba Patio 10 x 20-Feet

The outdoor carport ought to possess as nearly the same attributes as the typical, indoor carport. This dream can only be made a reality if the portable garage that is used possesses all the various unique traits. Look up to this as the first point of reference.

Tough Top

A tough triple-layer UV-woven polyethylene top tops the list of the most awesome features of this portable garage. This top is also water resistant and heat-sealed. With regards to these vital traits, it is well able to resist all the various agents of harsh external weather conditions.

Wheeled Bag

Next comes in a wheeled bag. This bag is provided for use to expedite your travels to any location. It plays the role of safeguarding the portable garage and facilitating its transportation out and about a desired location of use. This means it saves you some deal of time as well.

High-grade Sturdy Steel Frame

Lastly comes the high-grade sturdy steel frame. The frame forms the skeleton of the portable garage in the sense that it is on the frame that all the other components are attached. By reason of this arrangement, you are guaranteed some reliable and strong support at all times.


  • Easier to set up given that no tools are required
  • Fully collapsible to allow for easier transportation
  • Quick and easy set up typically within half an hour
  • Accompanied by some easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions
  • Guarantees easy access to secure anchor points


  • Requires two or more people to install
  • Takes up plenty of storage space
  • May call for hefty repairs and maintenance

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#10: Quictent 20’X10′ Upgraded Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy

Quictent 20’X10′

Do you own a commercial car park or run a commercial portable garage company? If you answered either question in the affirmative, you definitely want a portable garage that is optimized for commercial use and applications. This is the one to give a topmost priority as it is the one that is intended for such applications.

Extra-thick Polyethylene Fabric

Its fabric comes in the form of an extra-thick Polyethylene fabric material. This material is ordinarily very strong and resistant to the various agents of wear and tear. Your choice of this portable garage will, therefore, open a door for you to access unparalleled longevity and overall lifespan.

Heavy-duty Powder Coating Steel frame

Its frame, which forms the skeleton on which the cover is mounted, is very strong and durable indeed. This is because it is heavy-duty and powder-coated. These two arrangements ensure it lasts longer by making it more resistant to the common agents of deterioration. Among these are corrosion, breakdown, and soaking.

Industrial-grade Cover Fabric

The fabric proper comes in the form of the industrial-grade materials. As such, it is pretty capable of exuding long lasting durability and unprecedented protection against all forms of wear and tear. This means that you will spend less to repair and maintain it. On the flipside, you will receive reliable services all along.


  • Backed by a generous and comprehensive warranty
  • Tear-proof and very stable at all times of use
  • Waterproof to resist the percolation of moisture into the interior portions
  • Possesses some anti-UV characteristics which are great for you
  • Stronger and more stable than other steel poles


  • Too heavy to effectively handle with ease
  • Quite complicated to the average user
  • Only for commercial use

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#11: DELTA Canopies 20’x12′ Carport Grey/White

DELTA Canopies 20’x12′

Do you reside or intend to go camping in an area which experiences excess precipitation? You have this particular carport for your consideration if you answered this particular question in the affirmative. The entire construction, material makeup, and composition are all geared towards safeguarding your car from excess precipitation.

Double Zipper

Both its front and rear panels are double zippered. This brings about some added reinforcement which makes the garage more capable of handling intense weight and pressure. By reason of this feature, you are less likely to experience frequent tears and the associated higher maintenance costs.

Heat-bonded Polyethylene Cover

A chemically heat-bonded Polyethylene cover forms the major component of the garage. This cover comes along with some enhanced weave for added stability and strength. It is long lasting, a fact that guarantees you some unparalleled convenience and reliability in the long run.

Galvanized Steel Frame

Forming the skeleton of this portable garage is the galvanized steel frame. This one is pretty high in quality and resistant to rust and corrosion. In light of these two traits, it provides some unhindered support to the cover and all the constituent parts and components of the portable garage as a whole.


  • 100% waterproof and resistant to the percolation of water
  • Pretty strong and very reliable
  • Simplified installation and handling
  • Steel foot plates provided added support and anchoring
  • 12 sturdy legs also bond the garage to the ground firmly


  • Does not offer much value elsewhere
  • Cannot be mounted on hard surfaces with ease
  • Requires expert handling and transportation

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What is Portable Garage?

These are garages that are portable in nature. This is to mean that they are not fixed in size or construction. On the contrary, they are easier to assemble or disassemble as need be.

They allow you and indeed play the role of safeguarding your cars from the harsh external weather conditions such as intense sunshine, rain or snow. Also, protect vehicles from UV rays.

Benefits Of Using Portable Garage

Simpler Installation

Given that they are designed for remote use and applications, they are simpler to install. They are lighter and contain some straps and other parts that facilitate their installation. You do not have to be a skilled technician at all to be able to handle or make good use of them.

Easier Transportation

Other than being simpler to install, they are easier to transport on the whole. This is because of their portable nature which reduces any drag while being handled. With regards to this, you will find them a worthier companion when trekking remote locations.

Requires no Foundations

You do not have to dig any foundation before installing this particular portable garage. This means that you will find them quite handy to use wherever and whenever the need may so demand. By using these portable garages, you also get to save some time and effort in your part.

No Permits

In most jurisdictions, you are not at all required to apply for any permit. You just have to identify an empty space and proceed to mount your portable garage there. Because of this, your use of this facility means lower or reduced operational expenses on the whole.


As stated, you spend less time to install these portable garages. This is because they are lighter in weight and are also designed in such a manner as to allow for easier installation. It is this particular trait that makes the portable garage suited for those applications where time is of the essence.

Care And Maintenance Tips For Portable Garage

Wash After Every Use

After each use, make it a point to wash and clean the portable garage. This is to prevent the accumulation of dirt which may often harden and become out of control later.

Dry Thoroughly Before Storage

Before storing the portable garages, dry them thoroughly. By doing this, you will prevent the fabric from sustaining molds and other forms of damages which may be unnecessary.

Air Occasionally Whenever It Is Stored

Whenever the portable garage is stored for a prolonged duration of time, you have to retrieve and air them. This is because they are bound to accumulate plenty of molds when they are denied sufficient sunlight. The end result could be a weakening of the fabric.

Inspect And Repair Upfront

Do not wait for them to sustain serious damages before stepping in to handle those damages. Instead, anticipate any prior damage and make appropriate arrangements to repair them before they intensify.

Match The Use With The Exact Material Type

Always match the exact material type with the kind of use which is it designed to handle. You will prevent issues which may have the undesirable impacts of lessening their overall life expectancy and proper functioning.

What Should I Look When Choosing A Portable Garage?

Vehicle Size

Vehicles come in different shapes and sizes. Needless to say, the best portable garage for the job has to be able to completely cover the vehicle. This means you have to look for a portable garage that is large enough to be able to cover the entire vehicle. Check out the exact dimensions of the vehicle you are interested in covering.


These items have to be carried around whenever they have to be used remotely. You should, therefore, be mindful of the weight of these items. You do not want to settle on one that is too heavy for you to lift with ease. Find one that is simpler to carry as need be.

Material Construction

The kinds of materials that are used to make up these garages also have a role to play in their efficacy and long-term reliability. It is for this reason that you want to pay some attention to these materials in your search for the right portable garage.

Care and Maintenance Requirements

Caring and maintaining these portable garages may often be too daunting. This is because of their extra-large sizes coupled with the tough materials that are largely used to construct them. You have to take care of your washing resources and the accompanying expertise.

Environmental Conditions

Lastly, they are also optimized for use in different environmental conditions. A portable garage that is suited for a rainy environment may not do you good in a snowy environment and vice versa. You have to be sure that you match the environment with the precise garage you have in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the difference between a garage and a carport?

Both serve the same purpose. However, a garage is fully closed and more permanent. A carport, on the other hand, is temporary and partially closed.

Q2. Just what is a portable car garage?

This is basically a piece of canvas which may be used to shield the cars from external weather elements. It is portable and hence usable in remote locations.

Q3. How much should I expect to part with to buy a carport?

A good portable garage goes for around $200.

Q4. What is the average size of a portable garage that can accommodate two cars?

To accommodate two cars using one portable garage, the size should be around 20 feet by 21 feet.

Q5. How wide is the average portable garage?

The average portable garage is 6.6 feet wide. This is to be able to accommodate the smallest personal vehicle.


MY FAVORITE IS Quictent 20’X10′ Upgraded Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy Party Tent (10×20). I prefer it to the other alternative as I am a commercial car park owner.

It is strong and durable. As such, it has the ability to handle numerous work cycles, so much better than most garages of its kinds.


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