The 6 Best Pontoon Boat Grills In 2023

There is no better way to spend your weekend than to gather your family and friends, get them on your pontoon boat, and get out in the water to fish, relax and of course, enjoy some barbeque.

For this to happen, you have to buy a pontoon boat grill. You will find that there are many in the market, and making up your mind as to which one is best can be a bit tough especially if you are buying one for the first time.

6 Best Pontoon Boat Grill Reviews

We have reviewed what we consider to be the top pontoon boat grills in the market, and to be fair we have also included the cons of each.

#1. Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat

Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat

The Pontoon Grill is for use on pontoon boats with open fencing and with a rail on which the grill can be attached.

This stainless steel portable grill comes to you at a great value. Set up is fast and easy and the see-through lid allows you to see your food without lifting the lid off and letting heat escape.


  • The stainless steel burner and drip tray, locking lid, easy carry handle, and a larger cooking area than Coleman’s Perfect Flow portable grill.
  • It has a solid mount for the propane tank, not a flimsy wand!
  • The grill only weighs 18 pounds.
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#2. Arnall’s Pontoon Grill Bracket Set

Arnall’s Pontoon Grill Bracket Set

This is a favorite among pontoon boat owners. It is a simple grill that has brackets for mounting onto your boat’s railing. Several things make this grill a winner:

  • Many people like the fact that it is rust free and lasts for years. It is of very sturdy construction.
  • The brackets are solid which means accidents are unlikely to even in rough waters.
  • Although it has brackets it is portable you can use, dismantle and store it out of the way.
  • It comes with mounting instructions and they are easy to mount.
  • It comes with a set of 24 mini disc cones.


  • It stopped working after a while. To be safe you should keep a lighter nearby.

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#3. Springfield Deluxe Propane Grill

 Springfield Deluxe Propane Grill

This is a propane grill, and pontoon boat owners love it.

Unlike others that are mounted to a railing, this one comes with a mounting post so it can be mounted firmly on the floor of your boat. Here is why it is so popular:

  • It is excellent for feeding crowds. You get 189 square inched of grilling surface.
  • You can use it both in your pontoon boat and at home.
  • Just unmount and take it home and use it to do a barbeque there.
  • It is a great way to save money.
  • It can be mounted on the deck so that everyone is up there having fun.


  • It has problems staying lit when the boat is moving beyond certain speeds.
  • It doesn’t heat evenly.

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#4. Cuisinart CGG-180T Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-180T

This is a rectangular pontoon boat grill that is excellent value for money. It has many features that make it a winner:

It has 145 square inches of grilling surface so you can use it to feed a small crowd. You can Cook eight burgers, eight steaks, 6 to 10 chicken breasts, or 4 pounds of fish at once.

  • It is portable once you are done using remove the brackets, clean it and keep it away.
  • It has a stainless steel burner that heats evenly and has no problem staying alight.
  • It is easy to set up, and it only takes seconds to get it going.
  • It also has an attached lid that keeps it secure.
  • It weighs only 13.5 pounds and is easy to carry since it is designed like a briefcase.
  • It comes in red, black and silver pick whatever suits your style.


  • It is slower than other grills.

It is true that your steaks will take a couple of minutes longer to cook but when you look at all the other amazing features it is hard not to love the Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill.

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#5. Magma Marine Kettle A10-205, Gas Grill

Magma Marine Kettle

This is another excellent pontoon boat grill. It comes with many beneficial features including:

  • It is made out of 100% 18-9 polished stainless steel with an easy to clean drip pan and wind baffle.
  • Although it is domed, the lid doesn’t slam back.
  • It comes with a stay cool handle and has air-cooled supports.
  • The technology used to create this pontoon boat grill doesn’t allow for it to have blowouts.
  • The fuel valve is placed in a safe and convenient spot.
  • You can rotate the bowl to shield from wind (you should only do this before you light it).
  • Since it uses both convection and radiant heating it heats up fast and the heat is distributed evenly.
  • It has 15square inches of the grill surface.
  • It uses less fuel than most other grills.


  • It doesn’t do very well when there is more than a slight wind.
  • It blows off and has to be relit again and again.

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#6. Coleman Camp Propane Grill

Coleman Camp Propane Grill

Although this grill is big, it is quite portable and has an amazing set of features. Here is what you will get:

  • It has Wind Block panels to keep the wind out and that you can fold back and use as a table when done.
  • It is a good performer even in extreme weather.
  • It cooks perfectly and uses less fuel making it quite efficient.
  • It can feed a crowd.
  • It is easy to clean and there is less spillage.

Not only is the surface easy to clean, the grate is also the same since it is coated in porcelain. In fact, the grate comes right off so cleaning it is a breeze.

This grill is not just right for your pontoon boat. You can use it at home, camping and for picnics.


  • It doesn’t have an ignite feature.
  • This should not be such a big deal if you keep a lighter handy.
  • The lid on this grill doesn’t close when you are cooking. This is deliberate since the manufacturer was thinking more about portability.

In some cases, the grate warps a bit after the first use. Do not worry about this. When you heat it a second time, the heat will pop it back in place.

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What to Look for When Buying a Pontoon Boat Grills

There are certain qualities that the best pontoon grills have in common. Before you buy here is what you should take into account:


Pontoon boat grills can use two different kinds of fuel. There are some that use charcoal and others that use gas. Many people will tell you to buy one that uses charcoal because it gives food better flavor.

This is true, but charcoal pontoon boat grills have one disadvantage it is inconvenient to store and handle charcoal. It will take up space that could be used for recreation, and it is also messy compared to gas.

That said, some forms of charcoal are designed to burn for long and are well packaged so if these are available near you it is okay to buy a charcoal pontoon boat grill.

Gas, on the other hand, may not bring out the full flavor of certain foods but it is indeed much more convenient to handle. Bottom line it is up to you to choose what type of pontoon boat grill you want for your boat.


You will be surprised by how many useless boat grills are on the market. They tend not to heat properly and fall apart after some time.

You want a grill that you will not have to replace for years to come, so it is best to buy from a recognized manufacturer.

Look online to see what other pontoon boat owners are saying about the pontoon boat grill that you have in mind. In addition to that make sure that you get a generous warranty.


The best grills are those that heat meat cooks evenly at the same rate all around the grill. Before you buy a grill ask the seller to heat it up so that you can see how evenly it heats.

It should continue to heat when the boat is moving even in choppy waters.

Round or rectangular?

There are round pontoon grills and there are also rectangular ones. If you plan to have large numbers of people on your boat it is best to buy a rectangular grill because they can take more food at once.

Round grills can sometimes double up as a stove and even an oven. Round grills are occasionally portable which is good if you plan to grill while docked.


Pontoon boat grills are mounted on a railing so you should think about the space where you will mount yours. It should be out of the way of the captain and should not interfere with passenger movement.


Rust is a big problem when it comes to pontoon boat grills. Salty sea water oxidizes and causes pure metals to rust. Make sure to buy a grill made of materials that are rust resistant.


You want the best grill that you can find, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. You should do comparison shopping to see what the best pontoon boat grills are selling for.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an infrared grill?

An infrared grill is a device that produces infrared heat for the purpose of grilling food. It is similar to a gas grill but uses infrared heat instead of flame to cook food, making it a type of grill that uses infrared cooking methods.

Can you grill on pontoon boat?

Yes, you can grill on a pontoon boat, but you will need an electric grill that uses propane or charcoal as fuel.

What if I have a non-standard 1-inch pontoon railing?

There is no danger in that case, but you can face huge inconvenience issues. To avoid this, You need a particularly designed mounting system for your railing.

What People Are Saying About Grilling on the Cuisinart Pontoon Grill?

People say that if you have a pontoon boat, the Cuisinart Pontoon Grill is the perfect grill for you.

What are the Cuisinart pontoon grill specifications?

It depends on the item. But overall:

  • Item Weight 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions 12.2 x 18 x 12 inches

Do I need to purchase a propane bottle for the Cuisinart pontoon grill?

Yes, a propane tank is required to run the Cuisinart pontoons grill. You can get your propane tank at the same place you purchase your grill.

Does the Cuisinart pontoon grill come with propane connections?

The Cuisinart pontoon grill is perfect for your pontoon boat. It comes with such features as a stainless steel body, porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, and a swivel-out cast iron grill grate for easy cleaning. This grill also features a built-in temperature gauge, fold-down side tables, and a lock and key to keep your food safe.

How many burners should my grill have?

One burner is enough. you can use more depends on your needs.

What kind of mount should I use?

You will need a mount that is compatible with your grill. Aluminum is a common material for rail mounts. On the other hand, we suggest stainless steel for a pedestal mount.

When can I use an accelerant to increase the heat?

You can use a charcoal lighter fluid as an accelerant for the charcoal grill. But be aware and keep an eye, The coals are not lighted. 

Do pontoon boats hold their value?

They do hold their value very well. They are a great way to save money and are a very fun thing to have.

Should I buy a new or used pontoon boat?

A new pontoon boat is the best option if you want to enjoy the ride with friends, family and can go for the long rides. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheap option, then used pontoon boats are your best choice.

Final Verdict

You will not have made a mistake to purchase any of these grills for your pontoon boat.

True, they all have some cons, but these are small and can be overlooked. What will help you narrow down among the grills discussed here is your style and how much you are willing to spend.

However, the chances are that buying any of the grills here will transform your pontoon boat into a party boat.

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