The 10 Best Penetrating Oils 2023

It is not uncommon for the metallic parts of homes, furniture, and automobiles to rust too much to the point of getting stuck.

When they do get stuck, it may normally be tricky and difficult to unlock the bond normally.

You will usually have to cut the stuck parts to do so.

However, this ought not to be the case at all. It is indeed possible to smoothly disengage the stuck parts and components.

This feat is only achievable if you employ a penetrating oil.

We are going to guide you in making this vital decision in the subsequent review.

10 Best Penetrating Oil Reviews

1: Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil

Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil

Metallic structures are usually prone to corrosion and damage. This is why you definitely want a penetrating oil that can inflict the least possible damages. The Kano Kroil oil is one such kind of oil. It is pretty fast and effective yet safe on your metals.

Excellent Scientific Formulation

A scientific principle constitutes much of the penetrant. This basically reduces the surface tension and in the process, makes the penetrant perform optimally. It also reduces the likelihood of spending too much of the penetrating oil at a time.

High Creeping Power

The penetrant also has a pretty high creeping power. This basically makes the solvent capable of creeping into the tiny openings that may be as small as one-millionth of an inch. You will thus find the solvent quite useful in extremely tiny surfaces.

Pretty Effective

Generally speaking, the penetrant is highly effective. It is well able to loosen even the frozen metallic parts due to its ability to thaw ice and dissolve the most stubborn of all contaminants. You have the benefit of accruing higher value for money by opting for this penetrant.


  • Displaces water to fight corrosion
  • Lubricates the joints as well
  • Prevents rusting of the metallic parts
  • Generates the required outcomes in a couple of minutes
  • Can dissolve dried grease, oil, and gum


  • Limited use and applicability
  • Not for sophisticated parts
  • Cumbersome to carry around

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2: Kano Aerokroil Penetrating Oil

Kano Aerokroil Penetrating Oil

Metals may clog and fasten anywhere and anytime. This includes in the winter months and in areas that are close to the arctic regions. Only a specially formulated penetrating oil may come in handy at such times. This oil is designed with the ability to loosen frozen metal parts and is thus great for such circumstances.


As explained above, this penetrant is designed to operate in the harsh winter months. This is due to its possession of the anti-freeze properties. These basically melt away the frozen water and substances and thus help to loosen the tight fuses.

Petroleum Distillates

The petroleum distillates come in next in the list of the top features and ingredient mixes. The distillates basically enhance the functioning of the penetrant by reason of conferring on it the ability to melt away and dissolve extremely stubborn stains.

Rust Inhibitor

Lastly, the penetrant also inhibits future rusting. It achieves this feat by reason of putting a shield of the protective layer over the surface. This, in turn, creates a barrier between the surface and the external elements to ward off any possible corrosion.


  • Can penetrate extremely tiny spaces (up to one-millionth of an inch)
  • Does not eat away metal
  • Eco-friendly (contains no CFCs)
  • Quick acting and more reliable
  • Wider applicability and use


  • Highly flammable
  • Can harm the respiratory tract
  • Irritates the skin

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3: 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil

3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil

To be able to achieve higher value for your money, you want a comprehensive penetrating oil. This oil can lubricate, clean and protect your metallic parts from corrosion and rust. It thus has the ability to perform just about every other car mechanic chore available.

Fill Level Indicator Strip

You do not want to apply too much of your penetrant to deliver the required outcomes. The manufacturer of this penetrating oil understands this only too well. This is why it has fitted a fill level indicator to aid you in noting the progress of the task.

3-in-1 Multipurpose Oil

As stated, this oil has the ability to discharge three roles at a time. These are lubricating surfaces, clean the surfaces, and shield the surfaces from future rust and corrosion. It is this particular trait that brings about the benefit of maximum returns to scale.

Squeeze Bottle Design

Its bottle design differs from those of other penetrating oils. This is because it comes in the form of a squeezed bottle design. This grants you added control over the amount of the lubricant you can possibly dispense at any given time.


  • Plenty enough for marine, automotive, shop, and home use
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Trusted by professionals and do-it-yourselfers world over
  • Does not overspray or splatter while used
  • Reputable brand since 1894


  • Too potent a formulation
  • May damage metallic parts
  • Poor customer service

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4: Liquid Wrench L106 Penetrating Oil

Liquid Wrench L106

Tougher fuses require equally tougher penetrating oils. Only the hard-working penetrating oil of this kind may help the situation. This oil has a consistent formulation and is also simpler to use by just about anyone from the starters to the professionals.

Powerful Formula

Its powerful formula dissolves all the rust and cuts through the toughest grease. This powerful formula absolves you from the need to put in too much effort, wait too long, and apply too much oil to experience the required outcomes.

Cerflon Anti-seize Formula

The penetrant contains Cerflon which is an anti-seize formula. It is fast acting and penetrates the most inaccessible areas to bring about the best possible outcomes. This, in turn, loosens the rusted bolts perfectly without damaging them.

Excellent Balance

Generally speaking, an excellent balance does exist among the various parameters that make up the penetrant. These are low surface tension, low viscosity, high solvency, and lubricity. This excellent balance lets the product cut across the toughest rust possible.


  • Cuts grease and busts through rust
  • Frees stuck nuts, bolts, and locks
  • Has an accurate and more powerful spray pattern
  • Zero Volatile Organic Content formula
  • Safe on painted surfaces


  • Irritates the eyes
  • Low potency
  • Takes longer to generate the required outcomes

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5: Kano SiliKroil Penetrating Solvent

Kano SiliKroil

Are you short of cash yet still want to enjoy the benefits of a great penetrating oil? Place your bet on this particular oil. It is cheaper and has a relatively mild formulation. It is nonetheless great and effective for the smoothing of the toughest clogs and fuses.

Silicone Penetrating Solvent

Its most outstanding feature is the silicone penetrating solvent. This solvent is engineered to loosen frozen metal parts. It also confers the reliable silicone-enhanced lubrication benefit. It, therefore, returns more value for the money spent.

Petroleum Distillates

It is enhanced the petroleum distillates. These hydrocarbon solvents that are used to remove heavy oils, waxes, greases, and gum from off surfaces. Because of this, you will find the oil handy for extremely tough stains.

Powerful Formulation

On the whole, the oil has a pretty potent formulation. It is quite capable of disengaging the most potent of all the clogs and fuses. This is not to mention that it is safer to use and mild on your hands. You will thus derive greater value for money.


  • Penetrates the tiniest spaces available
  • Lubricates the least spaces available
  • Dissolves the crystals of iron oxide to loosen the parts easily
  • Resists wetting of the surfaces
  • Prevents corrosion of metallic parts


  • Highly corrosive
  • Unsuitable for pregnant women
  • Can induce a sense of vomiting

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6: WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray

WD-40 Specialist Rust Release

Extremely tough and deeply entangled fuses are never easy to untangle. This is because they are too strong for the ordinary oils and may often break in the process. Only the tough and reliable WD-40 specialist rust release penetrant may come in handy at such times.

Blu Torch Technology

The Blu Torch technology is a powerful blend of several synthetic additives. This blend of additives enables the spray to quickly seep into the tiny spaces and bonds to untangle locks, threads, bolts, and nuts.

Powerful Multi-surface Lubricant

In all, the penetrating oil has the ability to lubricate a couple of surfaces. These include metallic structures, joints, and seams. This is due to its ability to repel water and dry quickly when applied on surfaces.

Solvent-based Formula

It comes in the form of a solvent formula. It dissolves dirt, adhesives, grease, and oil faster than the ordinary penetrants do. This enables it to combat just about any other clog or fuse that may hold two metallic surfaces tightly.


  • Ideal for nuts, threads, locks, and bolts
  • Withstands extreme weather between -100°F to 500°F
  • Protects against metal-to-metal corrosion
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Lasts for a longer duration of time


  • Quite expensive to afford
  • Corrodes metals with frequent use
  • Cumbersome to apply

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7: Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil

Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil

Regular penetrating oils can only go that far. They are generally weaker in potency and may thus never amount to anything much. Courtesy of the ion-activation technology, this oil has a great affinity for metals, a fact that makes it suited for penetrating crevices and surfaces deeper and faster than ordinary oils.

Exclusive “Ion Activated” Formula

Unlike most other penetrating oils that utilize chemicals to play their roles, this one utilizes the ion-activation formula. This is a chemical-free formula which does not burn or wat away surfaces as is the norm with those that utilize powerful chemicals.

Powerful Penetrating Action

Apart from the powerful exclusive ion-activated formula, the oil has a super affinity for metals. This gives it a powerful penetrating action which quickly seeps into the crevices and cracks to disengage the clogs and fuses.

“M”™ Additive

It is also enhanced using the new and extremely powerful “M”™ additive. This enhancer provides the oil with lubricating power and the ability to resist high temperatures. You will, therefore, find this oil quite handy for use in adverse environments.


  • Guarantees constant lubrication due to the special formulation
  • Resists high-temperature breakdowns
  • Produces castle thrust foams which minimize run-off
  • Keeps more products working on the rusted part
  • Does not burn off


  • Achieves comparatively fewer uses
  • Weaker potency due to the weak formulation
  • Incomprehensive in scope

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8: Blaster – 16-PB-12PK

Blaster – 16-PB-12PK

Suspension systems, brakes, and the exhausts of cars are ordinarily subjected to great stress. This is due to the fact that they do accommodate and hold great stress loads at any given time. They thus call for more potent and fast acting oils to free any fuses that may exist in them.

Higher Flashpoint

Flashpoint is the point at which a liquid explodes. This penetrating oil has a higher flashpoint of around 152-degrees Fahrenheit. This mainly stems from the fact that it is non-evaporating. It is thus safer for use under all circumstances imaginable.

Penetrating Catalyst

Generally speaking, the oil is highly penetrating. It quickly seeps through the existing tiny spaces, cracks, and crevices. It, in the course of so doing, loosens the surface tensions, gets rid of rust, and prevents future corrosion.

Powerful Ingredient Mix

The ingredients that jointly constitute the penetrating oil are very powerful. They have the abilities to access those hard-to-reach cavities with ease and in the shortest time possible. This spares you from having to put in too much effort and resource.


  • Loosens surface tension rusts quickly
  • Prevents further rusting by reason of not evaporating
  • Saves time and money by eliminating drilling
  • Reputable and trusted brand
  • Offers exceptional value and unparalleled performance


  • Leaves behind scales
  • May cause eye and skin irritation
  • Produces some odor

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9: Niteo Cyclo Break Away Penetrating Oil

Niteo Cyclo Break Away Penetrating Oil

Heavy commercial vehicles like trucks, cars, marine vessels, heavy-duty equipment, and industrial machinery are very tough indeed. In case any two parts of this machinery get entangled, it may require a miracle to separate them. This powerful penetrating oil is designed for such circumstances.

NSF H2 Certified

Coming in at the top of its key features is the NSF H2 certification. This signifies its safety for use in items or machinery that is used for the production or processing of food. It is this trait that suits it for use in those aforementioned sensitive items.

Penetrant and Super Lubricant

It doubles up as a penetrant and as a super lubricant. This simply means that the oil can reduce friction on the movable parts while at the same help in disengaging entangled components. You will thus reap so much more than you pay for by settling for it.

VOC-compliant Ingredient Mix

Lastly, all the ingredients that make up the oil are compliant with the volatile organic compounds standards. It is therefore acceptable throughout the United States and around the world. You will thus face fewer hurdles to transport it across several borders.


  • Does not contain silicone
  • Very safe for body and shop use
  • Provides enhanced lubrication, controls rust and squeaks
  • Breaks loose rusted joints and bolts
  • Pretty great at loosening the toughest jobs


  • Flammable liquid and vapor
  • Has the potential to cause cancer
  • May cause genetic defects

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10: CRC Screwloose Super Penetrant Oil

CRC Screwloose Super Penetrant Oil

Furniture, fittings, fixtures, and mechanical equipment have movable parts. Other than being predisposed to clogs and fuses, they also pose the added threat of being able to break easily. They, therefore, require very potent penetrating oil to break free.

Non-drying Film

The penetrating oil leaves behind a thin and non-drying film. This creates a buffer on top of the surface of the metal on which it is applied. In return, it shields the metallic surfaces from sustaining rust or being eaten away.


By and large, the oil is compliant with all the pertinent volatile organic compounds. It is consequently certified as safe for use in all the 50 states that constitute the United States of America. The benefit of maximum convenience is yours to reap.

NSF H2 Registered

Lastly, the oil is registered by the National Science Foundation. It is thus safe for use on human sources of food and water. These include the poultry and meat plants alongside other food processing facilities.


  • Does not contain any known ozone depleting chemicals
  • Performs pretty effectively
  • Complies with the EPA regulations on the utilization of ozone-depleting chemicals
  • Contains no dyes and leaves no mess
  • Instantly penetrates in a minute to tightly fill up crevices


  • Potentially harmful to the skin
  • Highly pressurized and hence potentially explosive
  • Catches flames easily

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What is a Penetrating Oil?

For a start, penetrating oil is a low-viscosity oil. It is also called a penetrating fluid. It is used to disengage rusted mechanical parts and components such as bolts and nuts.

It does so by penetrating in between the tiny narrow spaces that exist between two metallic parts. It thus helps to free any entangled parts that may be due to rusting.

Different Types of Penetrating Oil

Acetone Mix

Acetone is an organic compound that is liquid in nature. It is colorless and extremely volatile. It is also very solvent and may be used to loosen tight nuts and bolts alongside other rusted parts and components.


Kroil is a very potent penetrating oil. It has the ability to seep into spaces that are as tiny as millionth-inch wide. It has the ability to break tough bonds that may arise from rusting, contamination, corrosion, or compression. It can also lubricate the stuck components to loosen them.

Liquid Wrench

It is a fast-acting penetrating oil. It contains Cerflon and also has the anti-seize formula. It does penetrate the corrosion to loosen the rusted bolts and stuck metallic parts. Other than this, it also emits a low odor and is very safe on painted parts and components.

PB Blaster

PB Blaster doubles up as a non-evaporating lubricant. It, therefore, serves the dual roles of penetrating tiny spaces and lubricating joints as well. It, therefore, saves a great deal of time besides protecting your metallic parts from corrosion and deterioration.


WD-40 stands for Water Displacement 40th Formula. It is basically a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray at the same time. It prevents rusting and loosens tight joints by displacing water from the said portions of the metals.

Common Additives in Penetrating Oils

For penetrating oils to discharge their roles properly, they have to be enhanced with other vital ingredients. Below are some of the common additives that are used to enhance the penetrating oils:

Viscosity Index Improvers (VIIs)

Viscosity index improvers change the temperatures at which the thicknesses of the penetrating oils begin to change. They thus stabilize the penetrating oils and make them able to be very reliable over an extended range of temperature differential.


They break down the sludge and thus suppress the formation of any deposits and rust. Detergents are finite in quantity and do get exhausted every quite often. For this reason, the penetrating oils should be changed every quite often.


These absorb the solid contaminants that may exist in the oil. In so doing, they delay the formation of the sludge. This helps in preventing the contaminants from inflicting damages to the engine. The Corexit 9500 is perhaps the most common dispersant.


As the name suggests, anti-oxidants slow down the pace of oxidation. This results in a decreased pace or likelihood of the formation of deposits. They, therefore, help the penetrating oil to stay ‘fresh’ for longer and be more effective in the process.

Corrosion Inhibitors

The corrosion inhibitors generate a film of protective fluid over the metallic parts of the substances being impacted. This protects the layers that lie underneath from direct exposure to moisture and vapor. It, therefore, prevents them from rusting.

Usage of the Penetrating Oil

Penetrating oils come in various ingredient-mixes and formulations. They are thus suited for varying applicability. Regardless of these inherent differences, these oils are applied in more or less similar detail or methodology. The following are the main ways and means through which these oils are applied:

Step I: Spray enough penetrant on the parts that are fused together. Leave the spray to settle for around seven hours or so. This shall give the penetrant time to seep in.

Step II: Loosen the fused parts using a wrench. In case they refuse to bulge out, apply some more penetrating oil and allow to seep for quite some time. Try wrenching the joint a second time.

Step III: If you experience no further progress, you may consider applying heat to the fused parts. Heat causes the metals to expand and in so doing loosen faster than ordinarily could. Be sure not to apply heat directly to the metallic parts when the oil is still wet. Most penetrating oils are usually highly flammable.

Step IV: Disengage the fused parts and components safely and carefully.

Top Brands

The following are the top brands of the penetrating oil in the market today:

  • Kano Kroil
  • Liquid Wrench
  • WD40
  • Kano Aerokroil
  • Castle Thrust
  • Loctite
  • 3 – IN – ONE 10038 Multipurpose Oil
  • B’laster

Is WD40 Penetrating Oil?

YES, it is! It stands for water displacing and it doubles up as a solvent, and rust dissolver. It rids surfaces of rust mainly displacing the moisture that is chiefly responsible for the development of rust on the surfaces of metals.

What is PB Blaster Penetrating Oil?

It is a kind of penetrating oil that is manufactured by the PB B’laster Company. It has been for a very long time the world’s number one penetrant since 1957.

It loosens the frozen parts that are brought about by rust and corrosion. It also possesses some non-evaporating lubricants which also reduces friction from the various surfaces on which they are applied.

What to Choose Between WD40, PB Blaster and Liquid Wrench?

The choice of the right penetrating oil among the WD-40, PB Blaster, and the liquid wrench depends on several factors. These include the exact roles you would wish the oils to perform, the surfaces you intend to impact, the nature of the rusted joints, and the weight of the metals.

WD-40 is great for lighter joints, the PB Blaster is great for very tough and squeezed joints, whereas the liquid wrench is mainly for rusted bolts and other connective parts. You will require a great deal of assistance from your mechanic to help you arrive at the best possible decision.


Store in a cool dry place

Always store these oils in a cool and dry place and as far away from flames as possible. They are highly flammable and are quite prone to fire outbreaks. Furthermore, they can easily evaporate when left exposed to the external environmental factors.

Keep off the reach of children

These oils are potentially poisonous. If and when the small children ingest them, they may usually sustain injuries and burns in the throats. This is why you want to keep them from the small children. Store them tightly and properly locked when not in use.

Maintain at the right temperature

Owing to their highly fluid nature, these oils are very sensitive to the variations in temperature. This is why you have to see to it that you maintain a constant temperature at all time. This temperature has to be cooler as to avoid explosions, flames, or evaporations.

Match the right oil for the right purpose

As has already, these oils serve different purposes. In light of this, you have to match the right for the use. This is to avoid any discrepancies and ensure a great outcome indeed. This step is also necessary so as to avoid any damage to the various parts that are handled.

Wear protective gears

These penetrating oils, as have already been noted, are potentially dangerous. For this reason, they are more likely to inflict burns and other harms to the skins. The only way to forestall such harms is to put on the right protective gears.

What Should I Look for When Searching a Penetrating Oil?

Type of Oil

These penetrating oils, as have already been stated, are available in different types. This is because they are designed and intended for different purposes and outcomes. For this reason, you have to match the type with the respective use or application.

Nature of task at hand

Different tasks require different forms of interventions owing to their complexities. It is for this reason that you have to bring in the right penetrating oil for the right task. As a general rule, the WD-40 is great for lighter tasks while the liquid wrench does some good for the heavier tasks.


Just like the nature of the tasks at hands, different materials require different kinds of penetrating oils. Bolts and nuts are better off with the PB Blaster penetrating oils. Rusting heavy metals such as steel and iron, on the other hand, require the potent liquid wrench, and so on.


They also vary in their formulation. Tougher and more potent formulation come in handy for tougher tasks. These include the liquid wrench and the Kroil. The lighter tasks, on the other hand, can do well with the less potent formulation. They include the PB Blaster and the WD-40.


Lastly, you also wish to consider the brand. This is because certain brands are much more effective than others. The brands listed above are by far the most reliable of all the ones you might find in the market. Do give them a topmost priority in your search for the right penetrating oil.


 Is there a suitable alternative to the WD-40?

YES, there is. You may consider improvising some homemade oil. Fill an 8-ounce spray bottle completely with water. Add three parts of olive oil or sunflower oil. Shake hard to mix thoroughly.

Are Liquid Wrench and WD-40 one and the same thing?

NO, they are not! They are both penetrating oils, granted. However, they differ in both formulation and scope of influence. The liquid wrench is used to disengage tougher joints owing to its potent formulation. The WD-40 is however useful for weaker roles owing to lighter and less potent formulation.

Are penetrating oils toxic?

YES, they are; and very toxic for that matter. You should keep them from open wounds, mouth, or any other vulnerable portion of your body.

Are these oils flammable (do they catch fire easily)?

YES, they do! This is why you have to store as far away from naked flames as possible.

Final Verdict

MY FAVORITE IS WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray. This spray is quite potent and very cheap. It is therefore well able to carry out an assortment of chores that are performed by a combination of several other items. By settling for it, you, therefore, get to spend less yet receive more in return.

It is not enough to obtain the raw knowledge of the subject matter of penetrating oil. This is why you have to take the next huge step of acquiring at least one of the products we have outlined and reviewed above. It is only then that you will enjoy the benefits that come along with these items.

You also do not want to gain alone. You certainly want others to enjoy similar advantages. In light of this, you may consider sharing this vital data with others around you. All the best as you take the next big step in leveraging the power of the penetrating oil.


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