The 11 Best Paper Cutters and Trimmers In 2023

Paper is required in all settings from offices to the ordinary classrooms and finally at homes.

They will need to bur cut to size using the paper trimmer or cutter.

Due to the existence of many kinds of paper cutters, it may often be difficult to narrow down to the right one.

That is why relevant guidance of this kind is by all means called for.

11 Best Paper Cutters and Trimmers

#1: Fiskars SureCut Portable Trimmer with Recycled Cutline

Fiskars SureCut

Looking for a trimmer to shred your photos, coupons, and office papers to size? Look no further than this one. In its design and composition, the trimmer has all the components necessary to do a good job. Moreover, it is comparatively easier to handle.

SureCut Wire Cut-line

To let you monitor your cuts diligently, the trimmer comes along with a SureCut wire cut-line. This one basically notifies you of the progress of the blades. They hence allow for the attainment of unconstrained accuracy while cutting.

Patented TripleTrack System

A patented TripleTrack system comes along with the trimmer. It basically interlocks the blade and the rail to be able to bring about some cuts which are straight and accurate. Moreover, it also allows for steady cuts by suppressing curves or wobbles.

Titanium Blade

Its blades are made of Titanium material which is known to be strong and durable. Given this awesome construction, you may count on the trimmer to handle the toughest kinds of materials ever. That is because the material is sharper and tougher.


  • Longer cut length of 12 inches
  • Able to cut through seven sheets of paper at a time
  • Secures your hands while cutting
  • Provides better grip if your hand on the blade
  • Its rubberized feet maintains its base from stable and less fidgety


  • Quite bulky to handle well
  • Easily susceptible to rust
  • Not backed by any major warranty

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#2: Fiskars 01-005452 Recycled Bypass Trimmer, 12 Inch

Fiskars 01-005452

For heavy commercial applications, a durable and tough trimmer of this kind is absolutely essential. With this trimmer, it is possible to handle heavy commercial applications like invitations, handouts, and fliers. It is hence your best bet for such applications.

Awesome Base

Its base has an awesome construction and appearance indeed. That is because it comes in the durable 100% recycled post-consumer resin material. As such, it is durable, strong, and quite resilient to the common agents of damages.

Self-sharpening Blades

Unlike the blades of most other kinds of trimmers, the one for this appliance is self-sharpening. This basically is to mean that they have a built-in mechanism to sharpen themselves when they happen to get blunt. This saves you time and the need to replace them every now and then.

Precision-printed Scale and Grid

Also forming a part of this trimmer is the precision-printed scale and grid. These two jointly allow you to align your projects before the cutting exercise accurately. Chances of making any mistakes or inconsistencies are hence kept to the absolute minimum.


  • Self-sharpening blades which require less maintenance on your part
  • Requires no replacement blades to operate
  • Appropriately secured for maximum safety on your part
  • Quite stable and less predisposed to tripping and fidgeting
  • Aligns easily to make your overall experience a breeze
  • Maximum cutting capacity of around 10 sheets of paper at any given time


  • Inconsistent outcomes
  • Cannot manage some shapes and patterns
  • Does not guarantee any clean environment

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#3: Jielisi 12 inch Paper Trimmer A4 Size Paper Cutter

Jielisi 12 inch Paper Trimmer

Perhaps no other trimmer is as suited for shredding A4 and A5 papers like this one. What’s more? It also allows you to handle a number of designs and kinds of papers at a time. These include cards, labels, pictures, and photos.

Plastic Cutting Surface

Its cutting surface is plastic rather than metallic. This material improves your scale visibility which in turn brings about accurate measurement and outcomes. Your chances of getting things wrong or generating undesirable outcomes are hence heavily suppressed.

Patented Track System

A patented track system does exist to guarantee your safety. It does so by interlocking the blade and the rails. In the course of so doing, it ensures that your cuts are straight, steady, and consistent indeed. You have the guarantee of awesome cuts and outcomes.

Compact Dimensions

You will note that this trimmer is sleek, light in weight, and extremely portable. This compact size enables the cutting of standard size papers, labels, and photos. You hence will find it also easier to carry around wherever you might want to go.


  • Cuts at 45° and 90° respectively
  • Can cut a maximum of 80 grams thickness at a time
  • Great for mixed media projects
  • Generates some straight lines with relative ease
  • Handles daily trimming chores with ease


  • Only for the experts
  • Has a limited carrying capacity
  • Cannot cut through very thick papers

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#4: Swingline Paper Trimmer Guillotine Paper Cutter

Swingline Paper Trimmer

For your convenience, you need a trimmer which can work and deliver the required outcomes both at home and at the office. This is the one to consider leveraging for those kinds of roles and purposes. It is on the whole great for home and office environments.

Guard Rail

To secure your fingers accordingly while cutting paper, the trimmer comes along with some guard rails. These basically shield your fingers by keeping them safely away from the blade. In so doing, it protects you from accidental cuts.

12-inch Cutting Length

With this trimmer, it is possible for you to cut up to 12 inches of paper at a time. You hence spend less of your effort to derive the required outcomes by utilizing it. The benefit of maximum convenience is hence yours for the enjoyment.

Alignment Grid

An alignment grid exists on the trimmer. Its purpose is to enhance the precision of the cutting exercise. It comes along with some dual scale ruler which assists in the measurements of the curs using numerous scales and measuring systems.


  • Light enough to transport easily
  • Suited for everyday use and applications
  • Ensures maximum accuracy while shredding papers
  • Does not fidget while being used
  • Stands the test of time


  • Delicate and prone to damages
  • Takes up more space to mount
  • Possesses many movable parts

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#5: HFS (R) New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter – 12″ (12” paper cutter)

HFS (R) New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

Are you a career paper trimmer? This is the machine for you! It is capable of tackling up to 400 sheets of paper at a time. For this reason, the trimmer is suitable for performing commercial applications and procedures.

Hardened Steel Blade

Its blades are made of hardened steel material. As such, they are tough and sharp enough to tackle the hardest of chores with ease. It is this particular trait that enables the trimmer to handle numerous sheets of paper at a go.

Adjustable Paper Clamp

The paper clamp is adjustable. With this ability, you may be sure to obtain some precise measurements and outcomes any given time. Also, it is possible for you to tackle and respond to any shape or configuration of use at any given time.

Replaceable Blades

Lastly, its blades are also replaceable. Doing so is also pretty simple. You simply have to take off some few screws and get rid of the blade whenever it has to be sharpened. This requires no technical skill or expertise.


  • Saves great time and energy
  • Cuts the pages easily and faster
  • Has some quick-measuring rough cuts
  • Great for postcards and half-page flyers
  • Impacts multiple stacks of paper at any given time


  • Replaceable blades mean more operational stress
  • Costs more than the normal alternatives
  • When broken down, you will have to pay more to restore it

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#6: Amzdeal Paper Cutter Guillotine Paper Cutter

Amzdeal Paper Cutter

If you trim papers every now and then, your bet lies in a trimmer that is very strong and durable. You might want to try this one out. As you are about to see, its constituent parts and components are indeed tough and resilient to all forms of damages.

Large Cutting Capacity

As hinted earlier, this trimmer has an awesome cutting capacity. With this guillotine cutter, it is possible for you to handle up to 400 sheets of paper at a time. This is further complemented with the extremely sharp blade.

Hardened Precision Steel Blade

Other than being sharp, the blades are also tough by reason of the hardened steel blade construction. They are also customized right at the factory. Moreover, it is possible to replace or even sharpen the blades as per your expectations.

Machined Steel Side Gauge

Further making your paper shredding a breeze, is the machine steel side gauge. This one basically directs your activities and cutting exercises in such a manner as to let you derive some accurate outcomes. It has a standard measurement resolution of 1/32-inch resolution.


  • Automatic safety blade lock which guarantees your safety
  • A well-balanced and reliable frame
  • Scratch-resistant coated surface prolongs the life of the trimmer
  • Heavy-duty construction yields years of reliable services
  • Gives you the options to sharpen or replace the blades


  • May disparage unskilled users
  • Inflicts higher utility bills on your pocket
  • Set up may never be that simple

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#7: Swingline Paper Trimmer Guillotine Paper Cutter

Swingline Paper Trimmer

An all-rounded trimmer is, by all means, essential if you have to derive the best and convenient outcomes. Look to no other trimmer than this one for such applications. This machine is able to tackle all kinds of materials from the delicate to the heavy duty.

Die-cast Metal Arm

Its arm which is its main frame is made of die-cast metal material. As such, it is strong and hence quite likely to resist all forms of damages and impacts. This being the case, the trimmer is longer lasting and less likely to inflict any harms indeed.

Maple Wood Construction

Quite a number of its parts are made of the maple wood material. As is well known, the maple wood is generally strong and reliable indeed. This is not to mention that it brings about awesome reliability to not mention some earthly warm into your workplace.

Dual Scale Ruler

To enable you to accurately mark out your cuttings, the trimmer comes along with some dual scale ruler. As the name implies, it contains two kinds of calibrations; one in inches and another in centimeters. They assist you with the measurements.


  • Performs some accurate cutting courtesy of the alignment grid
  • Enables some consistent cuttings courtesy of the strong guillotine blade
  • Provides some long-term topnotch performance
  • Stays secure throughout active use
  • Provides some easy cutting


  • You may not use it well if you are unskilled
  • The wooden component is shorter lasting
  • Slightly complicated in nature and scope

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#8: Fiskars 100580-1002 Precision Rotary Bypass Trimmer, 12 Inch

Fiskars 100580-1002

Do you intend to tackle some mixed media projects? Did I hear you answer the question in the affirmative? You definitely have this paper trimmer for your consideration. Its incorporation of numerous features makes it suited for this application.

Precision Rotary Bypass Trimmer

Topping the list of its most outstanding traits is the precision rotary bypass trimmer. This combined with the paper guard jointly allow for easy trimming and overall handling. They also give rise to greater outcomes which are very reliable.

Permanent Grid

A permanent grid exists on the trimmer to allow you to position your papers appropriately before the commencement of the cutting exercise. Also accompanying the permanent grid is a folding deck. The latter allows for easier storage.

Dual Measurements

It does have some two measurement systems. The first is the metric whereas the other is the imperial respectively. With these two measurement options side-by-side, chances of making inaccurate measurements are highly avoided.


  • Handles all kinds of materials with relative ease
  • Highly versatile and very reliable indeed
  • Its rotary bypass blade carriage allows for easier operations
  • The expandable grid makes cutting quite convenient
  • Rubberized feet ensures added stability


  • Quite complicated to master and operate
  • Larger dimensions mean more stress to handle
  • Not foldable and hence difficult to carry around

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#9: Dahle 446 Premium Rolling Trimmer

Dahle 446 Premium Rolling Trimmer

For maximum returns on investments, you want to place your bet on a trimmer which is manufactured by a reputable brand. Dahle is a globally-renowned brand which is also very reliable and produces quality products.

Ground Steel Blade

The blade is made of grounded steel materials. Apart from being tough and sharp. The blade is also enclosed in some protective housing. This arrangement assures your safety throughout the entire handling process.

German Engineering

In all, this trimmer is manufactured courtesy of the German engineering technology. You will find it particularly accurate and precise in its workings. This will definitely bring along to you some awesome outcomes and performances.

Extruded Aluminum Guide Bar

An extruded Aluminum guide bar also exists to ensure that you receive the awesome strength you require to handle thicker materials with ease. Its existence also absolves you from all kinds of fatigue and boredom while in use.


  • Cuts in either direction
  • Self-sharpening blade requires less attention from you
  • Longer and convenient cutting length
  • Higher cutting capacity
  • Automatic clamp means less operational effort and attention on your part


  • Expensive to afford
  • Brings about limited returns on investments
  • Aluminum material is not so long lasting

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#10: Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer

 Westcott ACM15106

Some trimming tasks may subject you to the risks of infections and germs. This trimmer is designed to mitigate such issues. The logic behind this is that it contains some unique characteristics which are intended to do just that.

Contemporary Design

By far its most notable trait is the contemporary design. This design features some comfortable handle which is also accompanied by a safety guard. Being latest, it means you get to obtain some satisfaction which is unequaled.

Anti-microbial Protection

As stated in the introduction, this trimmer has some anti-microbial properties. Thanks to this protection, your hands and fingers are spared of any bacterial infections and odors. It is this specific trait which safeguards your welfare and safety.

Proprietary Blade Technology

Lastly comes the proprietary blade technology. Generally speaking, this technology keeps the blades of the trimmer sharper for a longer duration of time. Subsequently, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of this trimmer for a longer period of time.


  • Delivers unparalleled performance
  • Elevates your comfort and safety
  • Provides added protection to your hands and fingers
  • Has an ergonomic handle for simplified use
  • Anti-microbial protection spares you of microbial infections


  • Extra features mean higher acquisition costs
  • Repairs and maintenance are similarly costlier
  • Not for you if you have never used such a machine before

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#11: X-ACTO Plastic Base Laser Guillotine Trimmer, 12×12 Inches

X-ACTO Plastic Base Laser Guillotine Trimmer

Are you an architect? This is the trimmer that is meant for you. It has the ability to craft everything from the artistic works to the architectural models. You have to, therefore, acquire and incorporate it into your applications and use.

Laser Guide

Given its design and intention for the purpose of architectural tasks, it is pretty accurate. This accuracy is particularly enhanced by the laser guide which exists on the trimmer. Your outcomes will be very accurate indeed.

Perpetual Edge Self-sharpening System

You will not have to sharpen the trimmer’s blades on your own. That is because it contains a self-sharpening system to do the job. It keeps the cutting blade very sharp automatically and without your intervention.

Spring-loaded Finger Guard

Finally, it also cares for your fingers. This is due to the existence of the spring-loaded finger guard. As you might have guessed, the guard shields your fingers from getting into direct contact with the blades and sustaining cuts or injuries.


  • Cuts up to 12 sheets instantly and cleanly
  • Protects your hands and fingers
  • Sharper and more reliable on the whole
  • Keeps your hands off the micrometer
  • Assures the quality of your projects


  • Laser light is potentially dangerous
  • Only for professional architectural chores
  • May not cut as sharper as need be

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What is Paper Cutters and Trimmers?

Also called paper cutters, paper trimmers are pieces of equipment which are used to shreds papers to desired shapes and sizes. They vary in scope, functionality, and also yield varying outcomes on the whole.

Types of Paper Cutters

Rotary Trimmers

Rotary trimmers make use of some round cutting blades to do the job of shredding papers to size. They are mainly preferable by the graphic designers as well as photographers gave their accurate and clean outcomes. This is not to mention that they cut in either direction easily.

Guillotine Cutters

Wishing to cut through some thick stacks of paper at a time? You have the guillotine cutter for your use. Depending on the cutter you use, it is possible to cut between 15-20 sheets simultaneously. Perhaps the most significant downside of this cutter is its exclusively manual operations.

Stack Cutters

As the name suggests, the stack cutters are used to tackle very thick stacks of paper at any given time. They do have a guide as well as a ruler which both aid you in achieving the desired cut outcomes. Further to this, they have some clamps which put the papers in place for easy cutting.

Electric Paper Cutters

If you are looking to cut multiple stacks of paper at a time or for a prolonged duration of time, you have to utilize the electric paper cutters. They are powered by electricity and are also very fast. Besides this, they also require minimal effort on your part and are hence enjoyable to operate.

Foam Board Cutters

Do you work in a graphics studio or a workshop that makes signs? The foam board cutters are yours for the taking. They are intended to let you cut all the sheets and materials that are used in the modern graphics store. These include laminate, paper, and graphics boards.

Benefits of Using Paper Cutters

Great Precision and Accuracy

As has been explained multiple times above, paper trimmers are designed for accuracy and precision. They contain guides, grids, and measurement scales which jointly allow you to leverage this advantage. It hence eliminates any ambiguities or unnecessary errors.

Large Cutting Capacity

Most modern cutters have a large cutting capacity. This is simply to mean that they can handle larger sheets of paper at any given time. For this reason, they save time and bring about the benefits of added uniformity to you.

Minimized Fatigue

Given their automated nature coupled with the electrical power, these cutters reduce fatigue and its likelihood. You can never imagine of managing many sheets of papers conveniently without making use of the paper trimmer.

Reduced Clutter

Apart from being of larger cutting capacity, the typical modern paper trimmer is also compact in size. It takes up less space and is even foldable. Courtesy of this arrangement, the trimmers reduce the clutter and also allows for easy transportation in remote locations.

Numerous Patterns and Designs

By use of the modern trimmers, it is possible to generate some patterns and shapes over and above merely cutting the papers into some desired shapes. This is a plus because you get to obtain much more benefits than you actually pay or bargain for.

How to Use a Paper Cutter: Beginners Guide

Select the most suitable paper cutter

Needless to say, it is important that you select the most suitable paper cutter for the job. You definitely want to avoid any errors, mismatches, and inconsistencies from arising in the process. The same should apply to the capacity you intend to handle.

Set up the cutter accordingly

Next, set up the cutter accordingly. To do so, place it on a level surface to minimize fidgeting or unnecessary shaking. Also, deploy the various safety mechanisms to shield your hands and fingers from any possible harms.

Place the papers on the cutting base

After you have set up the paper cutter, go ahead to place the papers to be cut on the base of the cutter. This will depend greatly on the model of the paper cutter you use. Be mindful of the carrying capacity of the cutter to guarantee smooth operations.

Cut the papers

Finally, cut the papers. This again depends on the operational mechanisms of the cutter you have at hand. Generally, though, you will have to engage the arms of the cutter down to maneuver the blade. While at it, you will follow the markings and the measurements given.

Safety Issues to Take Care Of While Using

Be mindful of your fingers

Your fingers are by far the most susceptible to the risks of dangers, hurt, or injuries. You should be mindful of them throughout the entire paper cutting process. Use the relevant safety feature to shield them from direct contact with the blade.

Secure your Hands

Your hands come in next after the fingers. You similarly take care of them as you embark on the process of cutting papers. Skim through your manufacturer’s manual to find out how to secure them using the existing parts and components.

Set accurate Measurements

Perhaps one of the best ways to avoid any mishaps is to set the measurements accurately. This will avoid any errors which might normally arise and in the process predispose your fingers or hands to dangers of some kind.

Take care of the Blades well

You have to take care of the blades as well. Keep a safe distance between your blades and your hands. Also, sharpen them to remove rust or marks which might imperil your hands when in direct contact or in the event of a cut.

Lubricate the Levers from to time

It goes without saying that you have to lubricate the levers of the paper cutter from time to time. This is necessary to ensure smooth operations and also negate the likelihood of inflicting some injuries on your hands or body parts.

What to Look For When Choosing a Paper Cutters


From the above reviews, it is clear that these cutters come in five main types. They are also suited for different applications not to mention that they are operable by various means and ways. Finding the right kind if thus the most significant step to having a fruitful experience.

Cutting Capacity

How much paper do you intend to cut at any given time? Be sure to find out how many and then look for a cutter that is able to handle that amount comfortably. This yet again is necessary as it will ensure that you enjoy some convenience in the process.

Automatic or Manual

These cutters are either manually or automatically operable. The manually operated ones are suitable mainly for small scale applications and home use. The automatic ones are however useful for commercial, frequent and repeated uses.


Considering that you will have to carry these cutters with you, it is necessary that you consider their weights as well. A good cutter has to be extremely light in weight to allow for easier and unconstrained transportation.

Mounting Space

Considering that you will have to keep them for longer durations between any two incidences of use, it is necessary also that you factor the storage space available. A good cutter on the basis of this consideration has to be foldable and compact in size.


Q. Who invented the paper cutter?

Milton Bradley

Q. What kind of a lever is a paper cutter?

Level II lever. That is because the load is in the middle of the fulcrum and the effort. Its mechanical advantage is also greater than 1.

Q. When was the paper cutter invented?

They have been in existence from around 1830s. However, it was not until 1844-1852 that the first patent was filed.

Q. Do these tools require any special care or attention?

Yes, they do! You have to lubricate them, sharpen the blades, and make some timely replacements from time to time.

Final Verdict

MY FAVORITE IS HFS (R) New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter – 12″ (12” paper cutter) because of I employ the machine a lot on my day to pursuits and like it mainly because of its sheer strength and overall reliability. Moreover, it is capable of handling 400 sheets of paper at a time. This again brings with it some degree of convenience.

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