Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Review

For Your Home & Office

Cleaning has always been a fussy job. It is time-consuming and tiresome. But then Oreck vacuum cleaners came along.

And with them, came the ease of cleaning. With time, Oreck has been improving, and they have improved a lot.

The Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is an example of a modern vacuum cleaner.

It is made to deliver performance at home and in offices. Have a look at this review to know what benefits this product offers.

Handheld Handle

Maneuvering a vacuum cleaner is tricky. Sometimes the buttons are on a separate panel, and you hold the nozzle in your hands.

With Oreck XL2100RHS, it is different. The hand-hold Oreck XL2100RHS is equipped with all the buttons, you need to push while cleaning.

This makes it a lot of easier when switching from floor-cleaning mode to carpet-cleaning mode.

Not only that, the unique design of the handle makes it easy to maneuver the XL2100RHS.

You Can Clean Every Corner

Oreck is designed to provide cleaning to every corner of your house. It has got a quick roller brush that, along with the suction, cleans all sort of dirt.

XL2100RHS cleans carpets, removing dirt hidden deep down into it. As a result, cleaning pet hairs becomes very easy.

And for cleaning corners and edges, it is equipped with Side Edge Brushes. Oreck can be bent 90 degrees so that you can push it under sofas and other furniture.

Most importantly, its suction power is strong enough to pull out any sort of stubborn dirt.

Go Long With a Long Cord

This vacuum cleaner is called Commercial for a reason. It is built to provide service both at home and office.

And for this purpose, it comes with 35 feet long power cord. The length of the cord enables you to work with ease.

When at home, you can plug it in one room, and move about the whole floor without having to change power sockets.

And when in office, the long cord helps you to clean all of the office areas, without needing to remove the plug.

Fill the Bag To Dispose It

Oreck XL2100RHS is a bagged vacuum cleaner. But it is no drawback. Because you won’t need to clean the whole bag.

Rather a disposable inner bag is inserted into this bag, which when filled can be easily removed.

The disposable inner bag is to be inserted from the top. And removed in the same manner.

The inner bag is designed to fight microbes that can later cause harm. As a result, it keeps the neighborhood safe, along with you.

For Your Home And Office

Vacuum cleaners are generally designed either for use at home or at commercial places.

Oreck offers you a cleaner that provides professional cleaning to your household and commercial space.

XL2100RHS is built for working at both the places.

The cleaning technique, the 35 feet long cord, the brush and suction, 12” cleaning path – all add up to an ideal multi-purpose vacuum cleaner.

An important feature of this vacuum cleaner is that even though it is built to provide quality professional cleaning, it weighs only about 8 pounds.

So it is very easy to take it from one place to another.

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  • Low Profile Design; can be bent to 90 degrees
  • Switch cleaning modes using the hand-held
  • The hand-hold is designed to provide easy maneuver
  • 12” cleaning path
  • Side Edge Brushes for cleaning edges and corners
  • High Speed Roller Brush
  • Non-marring bumps
  • Disposable Top-fill Bag
  • No filters; so no worries of cleaning them
  • 35 feet long power cord


  • It makes a lot of sounds
  • While on high carpets, it becomes hard to maneuver
  • The inner disposable bags have to be bought again and again
  • No swivel steering

FAQ About the Product

Q: How long will the dirt-bags last?

One dirt bag can last for about 5-10 cleaning sessions.

Q: Can I buy HEPA bags to be used with this cleaner?

I have bought Celoc Hypo-Allergenic Filtering Systems Genuine Celoc Filter Bags (the CC Types). These bags come in a pack of 8.

Final Words

I do not say it is best to vacuum cleaner there is. But I do say, Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS offers you some services that are good for you.

Nevertheless, this review is written to point out both the good and bad sides.

By comparing both the sides, if you find it great, get it for yourself.

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