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Aging is a natural biological process, and it’s inevitable and part of life, you are born and are bound to grow old with each passing moment.

And by the time you hit the big 40 mark its picks up pace irrelevant of your gender. It’s a fact, and you can look around yourself for the examples and the records your body age one day extra for every two past.

Just do the math yourself by the time you reach 60 you will have the of a 70 years old guy. It happens because your body loses muscles every year and gains fat in vast quantities.

You can notice that your body is getting into terrible shape, out of nowhere love handles have sprouted and your waist size keeps on increasing miraculously, and all this happens because you lose muscles which keep you toned.

Hold on to something as we are going to say that this aging process can be reversed. Yeah, folks, you got that right there is a specific way known Old School New Body which teaches you to eat,

Move, work and think stops this rapid aging process and even slows it down to an extent. As a result, you tend to look younger than you actual age.

What is Old School New Body?

It is designed as a guide that can reverse or slow down the aging process in you that too in a period of 90 minutes per week.

The primary goal of this program is to keep your body in shape by just changing your regular eating and workout habits.

It focuses on creating a nutritional diet for you depending on your age and weight besides the workout and exercise routine to be followed.

This program concentrates on the F4X protocol, F4X stands for Focus-4-Exercise which increases the metabolism rate and decreases the chances of injuries during the workout session.

The program perfectly blends the weight training with cardio exercise and converts fats into muscles. It works on everyone irrespective of their age and gender.

Who Created This Master Plan?

Whenever you hear about such a magical program at such an affordable price, certain bells starts to ring in your head and try to inform you that it’s a scam.

Well, that’s not the case here as the authors of this program are Steve and Becky Holman, a husband-wife team which experience of over three decades.

Both of them are over fifty and yet don’t look like one.

steve holman

Steve has first-hand weight training experience of more than 35 years and has been chief editor of Iron Man for more than 25 years.

Also, he has published over 20 books on health and fitness.

On the other hand, Becky manages the nutrition and lifestyle based column in the Iron Man.

Also, she has under significant physical transformation in few months thanks to this program.

How Old School New Body Works?

This program based on the F4X protocol which focuses mostly on a diet and rests on the important exercise.

When you go through this program, you will gain more confidence and have comfort and can feel the youth rejuvenated inside you.

This F4X protocol is based on simpler and much scientific approach for weight loss; the exercises which are mentioned in the program are quite simple, and anyone can perform them with quite ease.

The meal schedules in the program are easier to follow. It is not just a weight loss program but is a combined approach to living a healthier life.

It covers the area of looking and feeling younger along with the anti-aging prospects.

For a better understanding of this program lets try to understand how the F4X program works.

The F4X Protocol

You may have the term over and over and came up with the most logical question that “What the hell is F4X Protocol?” , without any further delay lets answer that question.

It’s a way of exercise which is carried out in following way:

  • Try to find a weight with which you can do 15 reps and can moderately lift it and should not be too heavy
  • Instead of performing 15 reps in one set perform just ten reps
  • Take a rest of 35 seconds and again start a set
  • Do four sets of 10 reps each

It may feel smooth in the starting but as to proceed to later sets the difficulty increases and by the time you reach to the final set your muscles are going to be straining hard.

Why is It so Effective?

The main reason for its effectiveness lies in the way its exercise is programmed as it hits all of your muscles fibers during the workout and can be explained in following steps:

  • During the first set, most of the work is done by red slow twitch muscles fibers which have petite energy but a lot of strength
  • During the second and third set, all of the work is performed by the red fast twitch muscles fibers which have comparatively less strength but more energy
  • And during the 3rd and 4th sets your muscles get exhausted, now all the work is done by while fast twitch muscles fiber which is low in strength but high in energy

Why There is a Lower Risk of Injuries?

Here in this program, you will be working with a moderate weight that is light enough for you to workout without the risk of injuries, and at the same time, it’s sufficiently substantial to put your muscles to their limits.

Also, the strains on your joints are reduced ensuring that the risk of injuries while the workout is significantly reduced.

Unlike gym here you don’t have to work with too much weight and make your knees, elbows and back suffer.

The Integrated Cardiovascular Workout

You may have noticed that this program gives a tiny amount of time for rest in between the sets.

This not only lets you complete your exercise much quickly but also provides cardiovascular effects.

During the entire workout session, your heart beats nearly at 120 BPM and causes a lot calorie to burn.

What’s Inside Old School New Body Book?

Once you get hands on this fitness program, you are going to find a lot of interesting chapter in the book and most of them are worth mentioning here.

1. The F4X Workouts:

The main exercises which you are going to practice are mentioned below.

  • Squats- good for thighs
  • Incline bench press- workout for chest and triceps
  • Bent-over rows-nice for shoulders, arms, and back
  • Dumbbell upright rows- works your arms and shoulders

All these exercises are performed only three days a week as you will be pushing the muscles hard they will need sufficient time to repair and recover after a workout and 48 hours is the minimum they will require.

On the days which you take rest, you can do other kinds of cardio work such as cycling, running or even swimming.

These cardio works will keep your body fat burning and help you to attain a better shape.

2. Joint Rejuvenation:

Joint pain is common among the people who cross 40 marks and also in those who work out properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It’s caused as a result of deterioration of the cartilage which causes pain.

This section gives you information and tips for a proper workout in such a way that can avoid joint pain.

This section will also give lots of information about how diet can affect joints. It also deals with topics like arthritis, joint inflammation, and celiac disease.

3. The diet:

There are a lot of sections dedicated to your diet in the book. Some of the chapters discuss your carbohydrate intake, and food timing, as these are the key aspects of losing weights.

They give an idea how your muscles soak up the carbohydrates which you consume. The main reasons why you get fat are:

  • You consume to enormous amount of carbohydrates
  • You don’t work-out or do proper exercise

Also, this book gives you proper guideline for healthy eating and includes various eating plans and tips. One of the meal plans is:

  • Six meals in the day
  • Maximum 25 gram of protein per meal
  • Maintain equal ratio of carbs and proteins
  • Take only 30% calorie from fat

4. Alcohol Management:

Well, this is not about the effects of alcohol in general, but here the book teaches you that how alcohol affect your physical shape.

Let suppose you had a night out with your friends where you consume a lot of drinks, and after that, you take a huge meal.

Now the calories from the alcohol will be utilized first by the body and if surplus they will go straight into your body fat with the combination of calories from the meal.

So it’s quite clear that drinking will increase the amount of fat so it would be a wise idea to keep the drinks in moderation or if possible completely cut it out of your lifestyle.

5. Motivation:

This is one of the primary ingredients of any successful workout program. The book provides a mental discipline which is required for a weight loss or gaining muscles.

Also, it offers various tips and tricks that will help you to stay motivated. Some of the examples are mentioned below:

  • Why you want to get in shape
  • Correct you habits which get in the path of your goal
  • Plan about your weight loss

Also, the book contains a lot of transformation tips and tricks which are very much helpful.


  • Detailed Explanation: For those who are new to weightlifting for fitness the book provides a step-by-step guide for each of the exercise. Besides a text walkthrough, it shows you the proper way to maintain them. This helps you to learn the basics of training quickly and also reduces the chances of injury significantly.
  • Simplicity: Weight loss is a pretty complex topic and to understand what you are doing is correct or not is even tough, but this explains everything perfectly by breaking down the complex parts.
  • Versatility: The main thing to be impressed with it is that the F4X workout program is suitable for everyone. It does not depend on the age and gender, thus bears fruitful result for everyone. Moreover, the exercises routines are so simple that it could be done in your home too.
  • Exercise order: As a matter of fact the tasks are arranged in a particular order which ensures that fat burning, muscles growth and the anti-aging process can be achieved with the minimum amount of effort. It also facilitates the production of certain hormones which help achieve the entire feature mentioned above.
  • The intensity of the workout: The workout described in the F4X program is not highly intense, they are just moderately paced that they produce results and do not create severe stress in your body as compared to another exercise.
  • Pricing: It is one of the best value for money program out there and also does not require any additional spending.


  • Author’s personal life: The book gives you a whole lot of information on the personal and family life of the authors which is not at all necessary. This kind of information should be better left out as it detracts from the main idea about which the program is.
  • Also personally I would have liked that it should have given more emphasis on the diet plan. Although they provided some general guidelines and a few diet plans, I would have loved to have some more diet plans included.

Final Verdict

Originally this program was designed for people of age around 40, but it happens to as be as much effective on the younger people too.

It were quite simple and based on primary four exercises which everyone can do and focuses attention on a diet.

The fact that it’s excellently priced and can be performed at home also gives it an edge for is worth trying.

If you follow the programs correctly then is the very little time you can lose a considerable amount of weight and build a lean body.

Thus you can get your youth back, this all come at a very nominal price and thus its worth giving a try.

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