The 13 Best Oil For Generators In 2023

There is nothing that serves as a great lifesaver during the winter or outdoor activities than a generator.

With a portable generator, you can power your appliances even after a power loss so that you can get a pleasant experience wherever you go.

However, what many of us are not aware of is that you need to service your generator frequently so that it can run correctly.

Therefore, this leads us to the need for answering the question, what are some of the ways of serving your generator?

One of the most effective methods of maintaining your generator in good condition is through frequent oiling to ensure that the engine is running effectively.

Owing to the variety of generator oils on the market, selecting the appropriate type can be challenging the reason I will help you make this task easier.

Top 13 Generator Oil Reviews

1.Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 A3/B4 Motor Oil

Castrol 03101 EDGE 0W-40 A3/B4

Keep your engine protected even under extreme pressure by using Castrol’s Edge engine oil. This is a premium full synthetic oil that is designed for those who are in need of the best performance from cars even under extreme pressure.

Also, the oil is engineered using titanium technology that acts to change the way the oil behaves under pressure.

As a result, it is a perfect choice for combating the pressure in today’s engines where performance and fuel economy is desired.

Another plus of Castrol’s patented titanium technology is that it provides documented performance in friction reduction, deposit control protection, and anti-wear features.

This means that it can decrease deposit formation and metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speeds so that it can ensure performance and strength.

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2.Mobil 1 (120758) Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 120758

Benefit from increased efficiency in your engine and an improvement in the fuel economy once you get Mobil 1 0W-20 synthetic motor oil.

This is a low-viscosity and advanced full synthetic formula. As such, you can get it when you are in need of engine oil that will offer advanced engine protection and an enhancement in the fuel economy.

Besides that, the oil is designed to deliver an outstanding thermal and oxidation stability.

You can use the motor oil during low temperatures, thanks to the outstanding low-temperature capabilities that enhance quick cold-weather starting and an extension in the engine life.

Mobil 1 0W-20 synthetic motor oil meets or exceeds ILSAC GF-5 requirements to guarantee safety and quality.

As a result, it can offer excellent overall lubrication and wear protection in different conditions and driving styles.

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3.Royal Purple 01130 10W30 Synthetic Oil

Royal Purple 01130

Lubricate, cool, and clean your engines with Royal Purple’s synthetic oil. The oil combines proprietary additive technologies with premium base oils so that you can get a high-performance motor oil that will provide superior protection and better engine performance.

What’s more, it features a catalytic emission system meant to provide better wear protection and an improved fuel efficiency.

You can use the oil with mineral and other synthetic oils due to its increased compatibility with fuels containing ethanol.

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4.Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil

Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil

Next on the review is Briggs & Stratton’s engine oil. The oil is a high-quality SAE 30 W detergent oil designed for higher operating temperature air-cooled engines.

It comes in a 48 fl. oz. bottle which is a convenient size for today’s engineers. Also, the oil is tested and approved by Briggs and Stratton engineers so that you can get it with an assurance of getting a high-quality oil.

Since it is classified SJ/CD by the API, you can be sure of getting oil that will provide full protection.

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5.Schaeffer Manufacturing 9003D-012S Gasoline Engine Oil

Schaeffer Manufacturing 9003D

Benefit from real savings and those you can count on once you get this engine oil.

The oil is formulated using the finest-quality synthetic base oils with proven friction modifiers, a viscosity index improver, and an advanced performance additive.

Hence, you can expect it to withstand a higher heat range than conventional oil.

More to that, the oil suppresses deposits while it prevents sludge and varnish from forming on critical engine components.

This means that you can get it with an assurance of better oil flow and a longer oil life.

You can expect Schaeffer’s full synthetic motor oil to maintain exceptionally clean engines and those which are free from oil residue and sludge so that you can get it with an assurance of extending the life of your engine.

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6. Generac Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 SN

Generac Full Synthetic

As one of the best oils for generators, you will appreciate Generac Synthetic motor oil due to its ability to offer a longer engine life.

In particular, the oil aids in protecting against the formation of sludge and varnish deposits so that it can protect the engine from substances that may shorten its lifespan.

Better yet, the high-quality synthetic oil is fortified with an advanced additive which makes it a great choice when you want to ensure maximum protection against viscosity breakdown.

You can get Generac Synthetic motor for all gasoline engines since it exceeds the API SN service classification requirement.

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7.Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology

Valvoline High Mileage

Step up and fight against engine breakdown once you get Valvoline MaxLife motor oil. The oil is formulated to address the unique needs of higher mileage engines since it is a blend of synthetic and premium conventional base stocks.

More to that, it includes seal conditioners. The conditioners help to rejuvenate aging engine seals so that you can use the oil with an assurance that it will prevent and stop oil leakage.

You can expect the oil to extend your engine’s life, thanks to the additional anti-wear additives that prevent future engine wear, and the novel friction modifiers that provide better protection.

Also, the oil includes extra detergents which keep older engines clean by bonding with and eliminating sludge and deposits.

Valvoline MaxLife motor oil can prevent deposit formation and engine-clogging sludge due to its anti-oxidants which to prevent oil breakdown.

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8.Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Pennzoil 550040863

Protect your engines from power loss once you get Pennzoil 550040863 motor oil.

Hence, you can use it with an assurance that it will help the engine to use less effort when it wants to pump the oil.

Another plus of the Pennzoil motor oil is its ability to ensure better viscosity control even under severe oxidative test condition.

This makes it a great alternative to API Group II and III base oils. You can get this oil when you are in need of the best engine oil, thanks to its ability to provide faster low-temperature oil flow and the ability to protect it in extreme heat.

Apart from that, the oil is a perfect choice when you want to save some cash in the long run since you can drive an extra 550miles per year when you compare it to other engine oils.

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9. ZEPRO 30010096-95300C020 Engine Oi

ZEPRO 30010096

Are you in search of the best generator oil for turbocharged engines?

If that is the case, you should give a try to Zepro engine oil. The reason is that it delivers enhanced thermal stability whereas it adopts a high-temperature deposit control technology so that it can provide superior protection to such engines.

What’s more, it adopts an advanced friction reduction technology so that it can provide significant fuel economy improvements.

You can expect Zepro engine oil to eliminate low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) effects which are common in turbocharged engines due to the optimized detergent chemistry.

Also, the oil aids in an improvement of the fuel economy since it surpasses the most stringent global fuel economy requirements.

Once you get it, you can expect your engines to operate at peak efficiency due to the unique formulation that utilizes performance-enhancing additive components and ultra-stable base oils.

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10. Quaker State 550035190 Lubricant Motor Oil

Quaker State 550035190

Formulated to deliver wear and viscosity protection, Quaker lubricant motor oil is one of the best generator oils when you are in need of one that will extend your engine’s life.

The oil is engineered to reduce wear and protect against severe service operation and high temperature so that it can extend the life of the engine.

In fact, the motor oil has gone through independent laboratory tests which depict that it has beat industry wear standards with 3x better wear protection.

Further, the oil meets or exceeds API SN, and prior API SM, SJ, and SL service categories assuring you of safety and quality.

Quaker HD motor oil contains acid neutralizing additives which assist in stopping combustion acids from corroding engines. Therefore, you can get it with an assurance that it will extend the life of the engine.

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11.Rotella T4 Triple Protection Diesel Oil

Shell ROTELLA T4 Triple Protection

Formerly referred to as Rotella Triple Protection, Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection engine oil is an excellent generator oil for those who are in need of one for general hauling, on-highway fleets, diesel pickup trucks, and agricultural applications.

The oil is designed for high-power vehicles making it efficient where resistance to increased heat and stress is needed. It meets the API CI-4 Plus, CJ-4, CK-4, and CH-4 to guarantee safety and reliability.

With it, you can be sure to have your engines protected even under the most sever engines conditions since it uses an advanced triple protection technology.

The technology can offer protection in three critical areas including; acid control- where it protects against corrosion from acids; wear control- where it keeps moving metal engine surfaces apart to ensure a longer life, and deposit control- that keeps engines clean to ensure a long life.

Shell Rotella Triple Protection engine oil can provide increased shear stability for better viscosity control which makes it a great option when compared to the previous formulation.

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12.Idemitsu 30010092-75000C020 Engine Oil

Idemitsu 30010092

Extend your engine’s life once you get Idemitsu engine oil.

The oil is designed to offer enhanced wear protection and minimize the formation of harmful deposits even under extreme conditions so that you can get it with an assurance of extending your engine’s life.

Further, the oil can provide the highest level of fuel economy.

The reason is that it combines the highest quality synthetic base oil with high-performance additive components to enable engines to achieve high levels of horsepower, torque, and efficiency.

You can expect the oil to enhance a reduction in emissions since it is engineered for high piston cleanliness and less oil burn-off.

What’s more, the oil is designed to enhance a reduction in gasoline consumption and green gas emissions which makes it a great choice when you are in need of clean energy-efficient products.

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13.Delo 400 SAE 30 Motor Oil

Delo 400 SAE 30 Motor Oil

Concluding our review is Delo motor oil which is a product that you shouldn’t forget when composing your best oils for generators list.

The oil is recommended for use with older four-stroke diesel and gasoline engines. It is formulated using an advanced additive technology so that it can deliver excellent control for sludge and deposits.

You can get Delo motor oil when you are in need of generator oil that will help you save since it is formulated to minimize oil consumption while optimizing engine overhaul intervals.

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Q: What are the different groups of base oils or synthetic oils?

Synthetic oils fall in different categories ranging from group 1 to group 5. The oils differ in their performance, where you can expect group 5 and 4 to offer the best performance. The rest of the groups then follow with group 1 being the lowest performing followed by group 2, then group 3.

Q: How much oil should I expect my generator to consume?

Basically, there is nothing like a standard amount of oil that you should expect generators to consume. The reason behind this is the number of variables affect the amount of oil that you should expect a generator to consume. Such variables include the model, engine hours, load, among other factors. Therefore, it is upon you to inspect your oil tank to ensure that the generator is in good condition.

Q: What type of generator oil is suitable for my engine?

Different types of engines need different types of generator oils where 7kW, 12kW, and 15kW air-cooled generators require 10W-30 for temperatures above 20° F, and 5W-20 or 5W-30 for temperatures below 20° F. However, you can use all-season 5W-30 synthetic oil after the first oil change.

On the other hand, liquid-cooled units require 15W-40 oil. You should ensure that such oil is SAE rated and meets the API service class SF requirements for gasoline engines. A point to note is that if you have an engine that has been serviced with conventional oil before, then you should refill it with the same type and avoid mixing it with synthetic oils since that can damage the engine.

Q: What happens if I add too much or too little oil in my generator?

Once you add too much oil, the resistance of the engine may rise and even result in a leakage of the oil from the air cleaner. On the other hand, too little oil gets depleted fast resulting in the activation of the oil-warning device to prevent burning of the engine. Therefore, it is essential that you put the right amount of oil based on the user manual.

Q: Should I refill or replace the oil in my generator?

While you can opt to refill your engine, it is best that you replace the oil so that you can prolong the life of the engine. The reason is that the oil undergoes deterioration over time due to exposure to high engine temperatures thereby resulting in a decrease in the efficiency. So, opt to replace rather than to refill.


As you can see, there are a lot of generator oil brands which makes it difficult for you to select the best oil for generators. However, once you follow every recommendation in this article, you can be sure to purchase the right oil for your generator’s engine so that you can enhance its efficiency, and better yet increase its lifespan.

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