The 11 Best Night Splints 2020

It is not uncommon for us to sleep with our feet pointing downwards.

This, unfortunately, has the undesirable consequence of shortening the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia.

To rectify this issue and prevent the associated problems, you need to make use of the night splints.

Our guide here aims at furnishing you with the information you require to acquire and utilize them wisely.

Plantar Fasciitis Tips

11 Best Night Splint Reviews

#1: Plantar Fasciitis Posterior Night Splint – Medium

Plantar Fasciitis Posterior Night Splint

Do you wish to alleviate the pains of night-time plantar fasciitis? Why don’t you try your hand on this splint? Its sheer scope, nature, and construction are such that it allows for the mitigation of pains which arise at such times.

Padded Straps

It does comprise some padded straps. These have some buckles which are used to bring forth immobilization when attached to the feet. Even in moments of strong fidgeting, your feet are less likely to experience any pain.

Dual Tension Straps

Other than comprising buckles, the straps have some dual tension. This feature allows for increased flexion and with it the freedom from having to apply too much pressure. You have this splint for your consideration if you are too weak.

Open Design

On the whole, this splint features an open design. As such, it allows for the smooth circulation of air into the body and more so, the affected part. With regards to this, it also keeps you cool and dry throughout the time of use.


  • Stretches to optimally relieve pains
  • Stable and highly breathable
  • May mitigate other conditions than plantar fasciitis
  • Reduces pains and inflammations as well
  • Provides much comfort to the wearer


  • Quite bulky and difficult to drag
  • Moderately complicated to handle
  • Costs some bit of money

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#2: Alpha Medical Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Alpha Medical Plantar

To reduce the pain from plantar fasciitis properly, you need a splint that stretches gently. With the ability to stretch both the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia, this indeed is the splint of your choice. Take hold of it for your best outcomes.

Buckled Straps

Some buckled straps form the most outstanding features of this splint. They see to it that the splint is effectively immobilized to prevent any fidgeting or unnecessary motions. What’s more? They are padded for added comfort.

Breathable Interior

Its interior is highly breathable as it allows for the smooth circulation of air into and out of the splint. This stems from the soft foam interior which is highly ventilated. Apart from being breathable, it also reduces the buildup of heat.

Seamless Engagement

Engaging this splint is pretty easy. All you have to do is to UN-attach the dorsiflexion straps. You should thereafter pull it to set the dorsiflexion to its most desirable level. As you might see, the procedures require no technical expertise.


  • Stretches and contracts to determine the required levels of comfort
  • Helps in alleviating night-time foot and heel pains
  • Pretty light in weight and easier to move along
  • Stable and firm enough to guarantee awesome support
  • Removable wedge allows for unconstrained handling and storage


  • Prone to the loss and damages of parts
  • May be tricky to carry and store
  • Demands extra attention to handle

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#3: Vive Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Vive Plantar

This is generally a soft medical leg brace support for your delicate feet. With it, you might provide some unconstrained support to your feet and legs. At the same time, it prevents you from sustaining any pains or other forms of damages.

Soft Foam Wedges

Made with a soft foam, the wedges elevate the foot to ensure proper positioning for maximum relief. Chances of there being any unnecessary friction, blisters, or foul smell are also severely suppressed. This is not to mention the ease of cleanliness.

Ultra-soft Material Covering

The exterior of the splint is covered using some ultra-soft materials. This is not accidental at all. That is because these materials provide exceptional comfort. They also prevent blisters which are ordinarily likely to arise.


Unlike your ordinary splint, this one is devoid of any latex. Do expect to experience any allergies or intense reactions which are typical of most other kinds of splints. This is not to mention that it is also easier to keep clean.


  • Wearable in either the right or the left foot
  • Allows you to customize the amount of stretch as per your unique requirements
  • Generously padded for maximum comfort
  • Hardly lose shape or form regardless of the impacts it receives
  • A breathable lining keeps skin irritations, abrasions, and blisters at bay


  • Less durable in nature
  • May not bear too intense impacts
  • Requires a bit of expertise to handle well

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#4: StrictlyStability Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

StrictlyStability Plantar

Wishing to alleviate pains and aches on your feet? Well, you might want to pay some added attention to this splint. By virtue of working by means of gentle dorsiflexion, this splint is indeed a good and reliable companion for such issues.

Lightweight Design

Even though this splint is comprehensive in scope, it comes in a very lightweight design. It is hence less strenuous to walk around in and hence does not inflict any drag or excess pain to you at all. This is the one to consider leveraging if you plan to walk around.

Operable Easily

Generally speaking, this splint is easy to operate. You just have to start with the ankle strap and then proceed to engage the other two straps. These straps contribute towards securing the heel tightly in place.

Removable Stretch Wedges

Some two removable stretch wedges also form a part of this splint. They are different sizes which allow for interchangeability if and when the circumstances so demand. This means your comfort is appropriately taken care of regardless of the size of your feet.


  • Quite comfortable to engage and wear
  • Offers great support to your base and underfoot
  • Does not impede the wearing process at all
  • Safer and reliable for use during sleep
  • Comes along with a foot massage ball


  • Easily sustains scratches and tears
  • May not accommodate the various feet sizes
  • Not so reputable a brand

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#5: United Ortho Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint, Medium, Black

United Ortho Plantar

For the best possible pain-relief outcomes and experiences, you definitely want to engage a reputable brand for your rescue. The United Ortho is a good brand to consider leveraging. It boasts of high-quality equipment and excellent customer service.

Flexion Straps

Setting this splint apart from others are the flexion straps. These confer some gentle stretches of both the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia. In the course of so doing, you get to experience some enjoyable support and services.

Seamless Adjustability

It is possible for you to adjust this splint from around 10°-90°dorsi-flexion. This adjustability gives room for the optimal relief of the pains which might normally arise. It is also necessary to take care of the possible expansion of your feet.

Cool Foam Liner

In the interior of the splint is a cool foam liner. This comes in the form of padded ankle straps and calf. They play the roles of keeping the feet and the entire interior both cool and dry. Your feet are hence less likely to smell.


  • Stretchable enough to fit numerous kinds of wearers
  • Manufactured by a reputable and reliable brand
  • Made of high quality and affordable materials
  • Possesses non-skid treads for expedited recovery
  • Confers additional comfort to you at all times


  • May not automatically fit your feet
  • Moderately costly to acquire and maintain
  • Not effectively guarded against the various agents of wear and tear

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#6: Ossur Formfit Night Splint with Slip-Resistant Tread (Medium)

Ossur Formfit Night Splint

Generally speaking, this night splint is designed and intended to alleviate the pains which ordinarily come up with the plantar fasciitis. As such, you will find it quite suited for general purpose use and applications.

Quick-release Buckles

One thing you will probably notice with this splint is that it is easier to operate. That is because it comprises some quick-release buckles which deploy faster. You will not have to invest too much of your time to have your way.

Slip-resistant Treads

Throughout the construction of the splints are some slip-resistant treads. These treads provide some grip onto your skin which goes a long way in preventing the splints from slipping off your skin. They also bring about some added peace of mind.

Maximum Contours

Other than the treads, the entire structure of the splint is also contoured. This contouring is necessary as it provides added comfort to your skin and general body. When rubbing the feet with the fabric of the splint, you will also feel some sweet sensations.


  • Easy to wash and highly breathable
  • Maintains maximum comfort across the flexor tendons
  • Provides some a gentle overnight stretches
  • Adjusts easily for maximum fit
  • Helps to keep you cool all the time


  • Cannot fit all kinds of wearers
  • May bruise your skin when worn for longer
  • Higher maintenance costs and actions

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#7: Vive Hard Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Vive Hard Plantar

If you happen to have some fractures on your bones, you might want to make use of the splint that has some stabilizer. This is the one to consider trying your luck on as it contains those stabilizers. It keeps your feet in check and also reduces inflammations.

Durable Construction

Generally speaking, the splint features a durable construction indeed. That is because it is made of some composite materials which are tougher and durable. Expect this splint to last you long and also incur limited maintenance costs.

Soft Lining

A soft lining adorns its interior. This lining plays the role of preventing the irritations of the skin, possible abrasions, and blisters from forming. In so doing, they assure your maximum comfort not to mention limited possible injuries.

Universal Fit

This splint can fit both men and women alike. At the same time, it is also stretchable enough to be able to fit various kinds of wearers. This again goes a long way in seeing to it that you obtain the highest value for your money.


  • Confers exceptional support
  • Withstands the most intense of impacts
  • Allows for the smooth inflow and outflow of air
  • Negates the need to adjust the straps every now and then
  • Rests your feet comfortably


  • Quite inconvenient to handle and transport
  • Calls for a larger storage space
  • A bit weighty to handle with relative ease

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#8: Alphabrace Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Alphabrace Plantar

If you embrace sedentary lifestyles every quite often, you are generally prone to the risk of muscle contracture. This one brings with it some pains and intense inflammations. To counter these problems, you have no choice but to lay your hand on this night splint.

Adjustable Dorsi Flexion Straps

Some adjustable dorsiflexion straps stand out among the list of this splint’s most outstanding features. They generally play the role of stretching the plantar fascia in such a way as to ease the muscular tension and provide much-needed comfort.

Low-profile Shell

In all, the structure and composition of this splint exhibit the low-profile shell. This construction is generally very breathable and sturdy at the same time. It hence allows for long-term reliability and safety while in use.

Excellent Padding

Some excellent padding adorns the entire length and breadth of this splint is highly padded. This padding allows for some smooth comfort and overall support. For this reason, it spares you from any strains which might injure or disparage you.


  • Positions the foot comfortably
  • Stretches gently to allow for maximum comfort at the tendons
  • Does not impose unnecessary strains while walking or using
  • Stays cool throughout the entire duration of use
  • Spares you from the likelihood of sustaining any foul stench


  • Easily accepts much dirt
  • Difficult to keep and maintain clean
  • Unsuitable for use in rainy seasons or damp environments

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#9: Plantar Fasciitis Soft Night Splint

Soft Night Splint

Do you lack the necessary financial muscle yet would still wish to leverage the benefits of a reliable splint? This is the one to consider making use of. It is both cheap and simple enough for your use and applications.

Adjustable Flexing Velcro Straps

Its Velcro straps, unlike those of most other kinds of splints, are adjustable. This trait allows for smooth expansion and contraction of the feet when need be. It also allows for maximum comfort all times of use.

Padded Fabric

The fabric which makes up the splint is padded. They are soft and also confer extra comfort. This is not to mention that they are fabric and thus last a longer duration of time. The combined benefits of these arrangements provide added comfort and utmost reliability.

High-density Shell

Some high-density shell also forms a part of this night splint. It plays firm support while at the same time also making your feet very comfortable. You may thus count on it not to let you down when you need it most.


  • Removable inner lining expedites the cleaning process
  • Hastens the process of healing
  • Greatly reduces the pains which are likely to arise
  • Gives you room to stretch your plantar fascia as need be
  • Guards against irritations to the skin


  • Not recommended for walking
  • Too basic in scope
  • Brings about fewer benefits

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#10: ProCare ProWedge Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

ProCare ProWedge Plantar

Are you a man or woman whose shoe sizes are in the range of 6.5-10? You might want to pay some special attention to this mini-review. As you are about to note, the splint comprises some of the best features which guarantee your comfort.

Contoured Posterior Shell

At the exterior of the splint is some contoured posterior shell. This one not only covers the entire splint from harsh exterior agents but also makes some contribution towards your overall comfort. The contours offer some grip.

3 Velcro Straps

Some three Velcro straps also exist to make your use and implementation of this night splint. You will get to use the straps to fasten the entire structure and makeup of the splint. Being three in number, they guarantee maximum reliability.

Removable Liner

Lastly comes some removable liner which exists inside the splint. Its primary role is to provide added comfort and support to the feet. Being removable, you will find it easier to keep clean and maintain compared to most other competitors.


  • Provides passive dorsiflexion services
  • Holds your plantar fascia in a better position for expedited healing
  • May be worn in either foot
  • Stretches your plantar fascia gently
  • Maintains your feet at a comfortable angle


  • Limited size range
  • A lower value for money
  • May not perform some equally vital chores

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#11: Cramer Dorsal Night Splint

Cramer Dorsal Night Splint

Do you reside in a hot area or are preparing for the upcoming summer? You cannot cope well with such circumstances of use without the incorporation of this night splint. As you are about to note, this splint is optimized for such environments of use.

Unique Small Anterior Dorsal Clamshell Design

Its design comes in the form of a unique anterior dorsal clamshell. Apart from being unique, the design also sees to it that the feet are maintained in a neutral position at all times. This way, it provides much comfort to your feet.

Comfortable Relief

With this splint, you may be sure to obtain some comfortable relief from pain. That is because it absorbs all the fidgeting, impacts, and stresses which are known to exacerbate the existing problems. As such, you may be sure to suppress pain considerably.

Minimal Heat Retention Capacity

Generally speaking, this splint has the least heat retention capacity. It hence allows for some cool temperatures at all times of sleep. It is this trait which makes it suited for use in extremely hot conditions.


  • Relieves pain and guarantees maximum comfort concurrently
  • Less bulky and hence more convenient to carry around
  • Offers sufficient support for your arch
  • Allows for proper healing of the condition
  • Large in size and fits the right or left sides


  • Difficult to walk or move in
  • May not offer much help in cold seasons
  • Its limited padding means less comfort on your part

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What is a Night Splint?

Night splints are braces which are worn on the feet. They maintain your feet at an angle of around 90° and your toes pointing up. In so doing, they apply some constant and gentle stretches to your plantar fascia. This prevents long-term effects and dangers.

Benefits of Using Night Splint

Cure Plantar Fasciitis Pain While You Sleep Using This Treatment Night Brace

Minimizes Stress

This is perhaps the most significant purpose or benefit of the night splints. They minimize stress especially on those areas of your feet which are susceptible to inflammations. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of excess pain arising or for any present pains being intensified.

Reduces Feet Pain

Most users have experienced reduced pains in their feet especially in the morning hours. The reason underlying this is that the flow of blood to the feet is not impeded or hindered at all. Because of this, any buildup of such pain is effectively mitigated.

Provides Support to the Feet

These night splints also provide adequate support to the feet. This also comes in handy as it stretches the feet without requiring any further input on your part. The end result is feet which are fit and very agile indeed.

Treats Numerous Related Conditions

Apart from plantar fasciitis, these night splints can also mitigate a couple of other conditions. Examples of these include the tendon damages, painful calf muscles, and a host of other closely related ailments. Your use of this equipment hence brings in much more than you pay for.

Limited Downtime

Generally speaking, these night splints take a shorter duration of time to bring in the associated impacts. Depending on the intensity of your pain, expect to receive any positive impacts within a couple of days to under one week of regular use.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: Night Splints

Types of Night Splints

There are two main kinds of night splints. These are:

Dorsal Splint

This one features some hard plastic support base which is situated along the shin and on top of a foot. This kind of splint is primarily intended to cover the dorsal (upper side) of the feet or heel. The typical dorsal splint lacks the ability to cover the arch or heels.

Boot Brace

These kinds of night splints are larger than their dorsal splints. They are ordinarily designed to forestall the possibilities of slipping and to also maximize the effects of stretching. If you intend to move around every quite often, you are highly advised against them as they are not mobile.

How to Wear Night Splint for Plantar Fasciitis

How To Put On A Night Splint For Plantar Fascia Pain

Follow the procedures below to wear the night splints safely:

Insert Them in Your Feet

Start off by inserting these night splints in your feet. Do so slowly, carefully and meticulously so as not to pose excessive pains on your feet. You might have to stretch the splints to pave the way for accommodating your entire feet.

Adjust them to Fit Nicely

After inserting your feet in the splints, adjust the appropriately to see to it that they fit nicely in. you do not want to experience too many strains, neither do you want to have some loose fittings which might inconvenience you as you sleep.

Fasten Tightly

Now fasten the splint for maximum fit. If left loose, these splints might fidget and even get off your shoes as you turn round and about your bed at night. Make use of the straps to do the fastening. Take care not to make it too tight either.

Implement Additional Security

In case your splint has some additional security features, do not hesitate to make use of them. With regards to this, pay some attention to the comfort features which may come as extras. As you do this, take some great care not to overdo it.

Test for tightness

Before you retire to bed, test the splint for tightness and safety. Stand on the floor and attempt to walk around slightly. Notice how the splint behaves on your feet. Needless to say, you have to make the appropriate adjustments.

What to Look For When Choosing a Night Splint

Finding the right splint is a meticulous undertaking indeed. It entails the input and consideration of multiple factors. Here below are some of the top factors that have to be considered:


Weight should be the topmost concern. That is because you do not want to confront unnecessarily inconveniences as you sleep on your bed. You want a splint that is extremely light and hence easily movable as the need may so dictate.


It goes without saying that the splint of choice has to be properly ventilated. This is to ensure free inflow and outflow of air. You need to have your feet breathe unhindered and to also curb the likely emergence of foul smell.


A good splint has to be able to fit as nearly as can be on your feet. It should also be appropriately contoured to prevent fidgeting or the emergence of any unnecessary pains. The said splint also has to be stretchable to prevent pain when the feet contracts.


What exactly do you anticipate from these splints? On the whole, these splints are designed with the abilities to discharge diverse needs. You want one which is as relevant to your needs as can be. This is to avoid unnecessary stress and hassles.


Lastly, you have to figure out how the splints are operable. You need to acquire that one which is within your easy grasp and operations. Gauge your own expertise first and foremost after which you are to look for that which easily fits within your scope.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long do you wear a night splint?

For as long as you shall be asleep. The standard recommended duration of sleep is around eight hours. That means you have to, on the whole, put the splints for that duration, give or take. If it is for athletic reasons, be sure to do so within 10-15 minutes after the activity.

Q2. Is it possible for the plantar fasciitis to vanish on its own?

Not really! Deliberate efforts have to be made to mitigate the situation. You need not necessarily use the splints though as a couple of other homemade approaches can equally do.

Q3. Do plantar fasciitis worsen with time?

Yes, they might worsen. This is especially if no effort is made to rectify them or if they are subjected to worse pains and more pressure. You should hence take great care while handling them.

Q4. What happens if the plantar fasciitis goes untreated?

Some long-lasting may arise which may even bring forth some permanent disabilities in the long run. In some instances, the condition might end up even crippling you altogether.

Q5. Why is the pain of the plantar fasciitis intense in the morning hours?

Long stretches especially those that flatten and widen the tissues have the tendency to degenerating or weakening the feet. The end results might be severe pains which intensify moments before getting up from the bed in the morning.


MY FAVORITE IS Plantar Fasciitis Soft Night Splint. I do lack the necessary financial muscle yet would still wish to leverage the benefits of a reliable splint. The said splint is both cheap and simple enough for my use and applications.

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