The 11 Best Nail Guns For Fencing 2023

Any career workman such as a carpenter, construction worker, and Mason understands what it means to be fatigued or injured in the course of working. That is why he seriously wants to avoid either problem at all costs.

This can only happen if the right and the safe tool are employed for these jobs. A nail gun is by far the most reliable of such tools.

To be able to make the most of it, you inevitably have to learn more about it. And we are here to help you do just that!


#1: NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer

NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer

For your maximum convenience, you want a nail gun that can perform as many relevant chores as possible. You may wish to give this one a topmost priority as it is highly versatile and very capable of discharging multiple roles at a time. You will not only save time but also lots of money as well.

Tough Body

A tough body that is extremely resilient to the various elements of wear and tear comes in first among the list of its most awesome features. The tough body is courtesy of the die-cast magnesium construction. It is also lighter in weight and way very durable.

Interchangeable Triggers

You will have the pleasure of interchangeable triggers for your use. In particular, you will have the freedom to select from the contact or the single triggers as the need may so demand at any given time. This definitely assures you of some comfort and convenience as you go about the business of driving the nails in the materials.

Strict Guideline Manufacturing

Generally speaking, some strict guidelines have been adhered to while making this nail gun. This means that the nail gun conforms to all the various safety standards that are in existence. In light of this, you may make use of it with the utmost peace of mind at all times.


  • Exudes the same feels and dependability like the most expensive guns
  • Suits both the do-it-yourself users and professionals alike
  • Backed by a generous manufacturer’s warranty
  • Shoots at a comfortable 21° angle for maximum reach
  • Bears intense weights and impacts much more conveniently


  • NuMax is not so reputable a brand
  • Quite bulky and cumbersome to engage
  • Calls for higher power consumption

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#2: Hitachi NR1890DR 18V Cordless Framing Nailer

Hitachi NR1890DR

Do you have some intense and rigorous applications to undertake? If your answer to this question is a form ‘yes,’ find this nail gun and make use of it the earliest you possibly can, It does embody some tough construction, a fact that makes it way very reliable for use.

Unique Air Spring Drive System

It does possess a unique air spring drive system. This one makes use of the compressed air to drive each constituent nail smoothly into the material. The end result of such a drive is a zero ramp-up time. This is not to mention that you will also enjoy greater outcomes on the whole.

Selective Actuation on the Control Panel

On the whole, the transitions between the sequential and the bump fire modes are made possible in a convenient manner. You basically have the leeway to determine the kind of approach you desire especially when you happen to prefer the rapid nailing.

Pivoting Rafter Hook

Lastly comes the pivoting rafter hook which adorns the magazine. The hook allows for easy storage and retrieval of the nails if and when you badly need them. It also secures the nails so tightly as to ward off any misplacements of other problems that might generally interfere with them while in store.


  • Manages longer run time per unit charge
  • Requires less maintenance on your part
  • Brings about increased durability and long-term reliability
  • Completely portable and convenient to carry around
  • Added safety on your part courtesy of the dry fire lockout


  • Does cost a fortune to afford
  • Calls for plenty of storage space
  • A high power consumption of around 18V

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#3: BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head Framing Nailer


Handling extremely tough materials like diamonds demand equally great power. Only a powerful and reliable nail gun may offer the required degree of performance. Look to no other kind of nail gun than this as it is better suited for the role. It also exudes awesome power on the whole.

High-capacity Magazine

A high-capacity magazine tops the charts of its most reliable features. It has the ability to hold well over 60 plastic collated 21° framing nails. Each measure around 2.0-3.5 inches or around 60 metal connector nails which measure 1.5-2.5 inches. You have the pleasure of awesome capacity for your advantage.

16-inch Layout Indicator

The 16-inch layout indicator is situated in the magazine. It basically keeps you posted of the correct distance between the studs just by looking. This arrangement ensures that you do not miss any steps and that the final outcomes of your work are very accurate.

Integrated Rubber Skid Pads

Some integrated rubber skid pads close the list of the most outstanding features of the nail gun. These rubber pads are strategically placed to enhance your grip and subsequently comfort while handling the gadget. They, therefore, ward off the possibility of the gun skidding while being used.


  • Exudes an impressive 1,050 inches per pounds of driving power
  • Allows you to quickly change the nosepieces for the framing and metal connector nails
  • Has a patented push-button adjustable nail depth for effective controls
  • Encased in a lightweight magnesium housing
  • Possesses a rubber grip handle for comfortable handling


  • Inflicts higher utility bills
  • Calls for higher operational expenses and inputs
  • A bit clumsy to handle with relative ease

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#4: Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer

Freeman PFR2190

If you are a professional workman who handles only the most intense tasks, this could as well be the machine to look up to. This Freeman Pneumatic line of nailers exists primarily to make life easier for the professionals. You will, therefore, find it pretty awesome to such a person.

Die-cast Magnesium Body

Its body is made of the die-cast Magnesium. This material is extremely low in weight, very durable, and is also lighter in weight. Its use makes your usage of the gun quite a convenient undertaking. This is because it eliminates all forms of fatigue and unnecessary drag while in use.

Oil-less Teflon O-rings

To tightly seal any joints, the gun comes along with the oil-less Teflon O-rings. These rings are made of the anodized Aluminum material. This construction is not only light but also tough enough to endure extreme impacts. As a result of this, the lifespan of the joints is extended.

Heat-treated Stainless Steel Blades

Some heat-treated steel driver blades form the last of the most outstanding features of the nail gun. This means that the blade is extremely tough and durable. They are also well able to exude extremely great cutting power that is unachievable by any other kinds of guns.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications and purposes
  • Delivers the same benefits as the most expensive guns on the market
  • Leaves behind some clean working surface
  • Has a longer shooting range than most other guns
  • Makes it possible for you to fire both single and contact


  • A bit complicated for starters
  • Corded and hence limits your range
  • Requires plenty of muscle power to effectively handle

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#5: Hitachi NR90AES1 Framing Nailer

Hitachi NR90AES1

Perhaps no other brand is as suited for intense and rigorous applications as the Hitachi brand. The range of products is very tough, quite reliable, and on the whole very reliable for the toughest forms of applications. These are why you have to make an effort to acquire it soonest possible.

Selective Actuation

With this particular machine, you have the option to select from the contact and the sequential nailing alternatives. This selection is facilitated by the selective actuation feature which is very prompt in nature. It hence expedites the process of driving nails a simplified undertaking.

Tool-less Depth Adjustment

While adjusting the depth of the nailing, you have the pleasure of using the tool-less depth adjustment for your operations. This feature basically lets you countersink or drive the flushes in a wide variety of materials and items. It also eliminates the need to key in too much of your muscle power.

Two-piece Anodized Aluminum Magazine

A two-piece anodized Aluminum magazine closes the list of its very awesome features. This magazine is basically intended to make the replacement and repair of the gun a simple undertaking with the least expense possible. Being made of Aluminum, it is lighter and hence very convenient to undertake.


  • Backed by a generous 5-year warranty
  • Makes it possible for simplified disassembly in times of tool maintenance
  • Possesses great maneuverability and hence inflicts less fatigue
  • Easier and faster to reload whenever the nails are exhausted
  • The rubber grip provides comfort guarantees some secure grip


  • Requires some great expertise to handle
  • May not really fit some kinds of storage spaces
  • Will demand some extra care from you to handle effectively

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#6: PORTER-CABLE FR350BR Framing Nailer Kit


Are you a career technician? You definitely use the nail guns more frequently than the other kinds of users. This is why you have to find and make use of one that is able to withstand rigorous impacts and forces. Perhaps no other comes even close to this one, as you are about to see.

Awesome Power Output

On the whole, the gun is able to exude some awesome power output. This awesome power is brought about by the powerful motor. It makes it possible for you to drive nails at comfortable depths of around 3-1/2 inches by 0.131 inches in the toughest lumber.

Compact Body Design

Generally speaking, the body of the gun is compact in size. This is simply to mean that it is smaller in size, narrower, and hence well able to fit the least available storage spaces. What’s more? It is also better balanced and for awesome style and outcomes.

Consistent Power

Other than producing awesome power, the gun also produces a consistent power output. Each shot has just about the same energy as the previous one. It is also fitted with an internal piston catch mechanism. These jointly contribute to the consistent performance of the gun as a whole.


  • Covered to greatly shield it from the percolation of dust
  • Comes along with an operating manual for simplified use
  • Able to handle the plastic-collated round-head framing nails
  • Brings about some long-lasting impacts
  • Lower operational expenses


  • Potentially injurious especially when not handled with care
  • Demands too much storage space
  • Not so great to transport around

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#7: Paslode 501000 F-350S Framing Nailer

Paslode 501000

A good nail gun has to be way suited for all kinds of environmental use. This one is designed for all-weather use and applications. As such, it is a good one to consider leveraging if you change locations every quite often. Its tough construction means less effort on your part.

Powerful Nailer

All factors, the nailer is pretty powerful. This power is mainly brought about by the on-tool depth adjustment feature of the drive adjustment. It greatly magnifies the impacts and the inputs to minimize effort requirements on your part. The end result is minimized fatigue and greater convenience.

Awesome Balance and Weight

Its rafter hook and the measuring rule are both lighter in weight and are also properly balanced. They are both located at the magazine and thus play a vital role in facilitating the retrieval of the nails. You have the advantage of unconstrained access to the nails when you need them.

Maximum Nailing Depth

On the whole, the gun has the ability to drive the framing nails from a depth of around 2- to 3-1/2-inches. This depth is almost unrivaled by any alternatives that may take the place of the nail gun. Your use of this gun, therefore, assures you some excellent outcomes and performances.


  • Generates an awesome 2 to 3-1/2 inch 30° degree nails into tough timber
  • Perfectly fits between 16-inch studs, rafters, and joists
  • Possesses an on-tool depth of drive adjustment
  • Balanced for premium performance
  • Has some 1-year limited warranty on the housing and cap parts


  • Requires some heavy trigger force to propel
  • Inflicts higher utility bills
  • Lacks the vital support services

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#8: Valu-Air 9021C Framing Nailer

Valu-Air 9021C

Are you a career technician? If I heard you answer right, you might have to try out this particular nail gun for your consideration. It is intended to perform a vast array of applications such as floors, framing, sheathing, and sliding. You, therefore, stand to gain so much more from it.

Single or Bump Fire Trigger

A highly selective single or bump fire trigger comes in first among the list of its most reliable features. It is these triggers that you engage to be able to shoot the nails in the desired directions. They are fast-acting and very reliable to utilize on the whole.

Rear-loading Aluminum Magazine

The magazine that holds the nails is placed at the rear of the gun. It is made of Aluminum and is subsequently lighter in weight. This arrangement makes it simpler to handle and also ensures a prolonged duration of a lifetime. It also guarantees you some limited fatigue.

Tool-less Depth Adjustment

You will enjoy more precise flushes and countersink nailing activities. This is due to the tool-less depth adjustment feature. On the whole, the process of adjusting the depth is more accurate and highly precise. It also requires less effort on your part.


  • Guarantees longer lifespans for the internal wearable parts
  • Works on a wide range of materials and constituent parts
  • Lighter in weight and subsequently easier to carry around
  • The non-slip grip handle enables some more comfortable handling
  • Performs general purpose fastening tasks excellently


  • Too large to handle with ease
  • Poor manufacturer’s warranty
  • Air-powered and is thus less powerful

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#9: Senco 4Z0001N Clipped Head Framing Nailer

Senco 4Z0001N

Is your workstation located off the grid? Chances are that you rarely have unobstructed access to the power lines. This is why a nail gun that is air-powered such as this one makes some sense. You might want to consider it if you happen to be in such a situation.

Patented True Drive Magazine

A patented true drive magazine does exist in which you may preserve the nails while in the process of use. It is so designed as to greatly minimize the jams and misfeeds. This arrangement ensures that your gunning process is not at all interrupted while in use.

Low-profile Design

It generally comes in a low-profile design. By reason of this arrangement, the gun possesses a small 11.7-inch height and also fits easily between the studs and joists. This way, you do not have to confront too many hassles while engaging the various aspects of the gun.

Switchable Trigger and Drive Selector

The patented drive selector and switchable trigger also form a vital part and parcel of this nail gun. With these two features, it is possible for you to undertake either the contact or sequential operations. You have the pleasure of maximum experience for your leverage.


  • Well-balanced and pretty light to carry around
  • Expends 15% less air than the other guns of its kind
  • Fits easily in between the joists and the studs
  • By far your ultimate framing nailer companion
  • Exudes a highly-efficient internal design


  • Possesses fewer features
  • Able to perform only limited applications
  • Unsuitable for commercial uses and applications

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#10: Freeman PCN65 Coil Siding Fencing Nailer

Freeman PCN65

Are you a professional nailer? You definitely have this particular nailing gun for your consideration if you answered the question in the affirmative. By its design and nature, the nailer is so designed as to handle professional applications with ease.

Adjustable Depth Controls

It does have the ability to adjust the depth of the nailing appropriately. These adjustments mean that you may be able to handle numerous applications with relative ease. You will therefore not have to acquire numerous pieces of equipment to perform one job.

Die-cast Magnesium Body Construction

Its body comes in the form of the die-cast magnesium construction. It is subsequently durable and extremely low in weight. This means that you will easily be able to transport it out and about a desired location of use. The pleasure of maximum convenience is, therefore, yours to leverage.

Anodized Aluminum Cylinder

Lastly, its cylinder is made of the anodized aluminum as well as high-quality rubber O-rings. These two are extremely light and durable. As such, they jointly bring about the benefit of extended lifespan on your part. You will, therefore, spend less to care for and maintain the equipment.


  • Manufactured under strict guidelines for awesome quality controls
  • Appropriately tested before release from the factory
  • Perfectly suited to the professional workmen in mind
  • Offers greater value for money than most other guns
  • Able to accommodate many relevant accessories and features


  • Does cost a fortune to afford
  • Only for professional applications
  • Has a limited operational range due to the corded nature

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#11: Carpenter CFRN9021 Framing Nailer

Carpenter CFRN9021

Is your search for the right nailer informed by the need to perform numerous nailing-related chores? You may have to consider this one as a starting point. It is highly versatile and well capable of handling many chores that are related to nailing.

Heat-treated Aluminum Housing

In all, the nail gun is encased in a heat-treated Aluminum housing. This housing is lighter in weight and very durable. It is therefore capable of guaranteeing years of continuous and uninterrupted applications. You also stand to spend less to repair and maintain it as a result of the durable casing.

Tool-free Depth Adjustment

You will not at all have to engage a tool to adjust the depth of the machine. This is because it is engineered in such a way as to eliminate this particular need. You will subsequently enjoy the rare benefit of driving the nails perfectly at all times.

Non-slip Rubber Grip

Handling the nailer is also not so much of a hassle at all. The non-slip rubber grip exists to offer your hands some firm traction and support. You will enjoy limited fatigue and the possible injuries that ordinarily come along with possible slipping off of the tools.


  • Allows you to select the mode that best suits your preferences
  • Comes along with a generous 7-year warranty
  • Confers to you some great peace of mind
  • Able to perform as many applications as possible
  • Great for many kinds of professionals and potential users


  • Only for farming-related chores
  • Not so great a purchase
  • Poor back-end support

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A nail gun is basically a kind of tool which drives nails into the wood or any other kind of material. The use of this tool negates the input of human muscle power.

It also does not inflict any harms to the structural integrity of the materials it handles.

This is not to mention also that it takes shorter, expends less energy and safeguards your hands from any injuries.


There are 9 types of nail guns. However, only five of these are the most outstanding. They are identified and explained hereunder:

Framing Nailer

Also called the framing gun or simply the nail gun, this is an essential tool for building and construction. It has the ability to drive a couple of nails into the framing assembly much faster than the way a skilled carpenter would ordinarily do.

Palm Nailer

These are like the mini nail guns. They are palm-size and operate much the same way as the full-size versions. As their name suggests, they are designed to fit the palms of your hands. As such, they lack the straps which wrap around the hands.

Roofing Nailer

Roofing nailers are heavy-duty and pretty long-lasting. They bear many similarities to the framing nailers. They are mainly relevant to the professional contractors who badly need them for the long-lasting tasks and applications. Some kinds of do-it-yourself users may also find them handy.

Siding Nailer

By their sheer nature and construction, the siding nailers are mainly used to install the sidings. They are very powerful and mainly join the thinner pieces of wood and other synthetic pieces of materials into a wooden mount. It is mainly suited for projects that require joining larger pieces of wood.

Pin Nailer

Pin nailers are what you would have to make use of to finish carpentry projects. They are by far the smallest and the most delicate finish nailers available today. You will generally find them compatible with the 23-gauge headless nails which resemble the pins.


Master and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions while utilizing the nail gun. This is necessary as the instructions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and also determine the applicability of the nail guns on the whole.

See to it that your nail gun tool meets all the relevant Occupational Safety & Health Administration standards. This is the only guarantee that you will not have to confront unnecessary injuries as other forms of dangers that come along with the tools.

Put on the necessary safety glasses in order to provide a shield to them. You do not want your eyes to confront too much glare which may normally inflict permanent damages to them.

Refrain from modifying or circumventing safety features. Doing so will only make you more endangered and exposed to all forms of injuries. Instead, adhere strictly to these guidelines for the best results at all times.

Always keep your fingers as far away from the trigger as possible whenever you are not driving nails. You do not want accidental switching on of the machine, do you? You also want to save a great deal of your utility bills.


Power Source

Needless to say, these tools require some power to generate the shooting force. You have to be mindful of the source of power as you search for the right nail gun. You do not want one that cannot operate well with your available power source. While at it, take care of the power consumption as well.

Desired Location of Use

These tools are intended for use in various locations. Some are meant for workshops yet others are for outdoors. These variations have a bearing on the kinds of features they ultimately possess. Those of indoor use are corded and bulkier than their outdoor counterparts which are cordless and lighter in weight.

Nature of Application

Other than being suited for use in various locations, these tools are also meant for different purposes. Some of them are merely for drilling nails into the surfaces of the materials. Others may, however, perform a vast array of relevant tasks. It is in your interest to find one that is as comprehensive in scope as possible.

The intensity of the Workouts

The nature of the workouts also determines to a great extent the kind of nail gun that may be relevant to your course. More intense workouts require very powerful and durable nail guns. Lighter duties on the other hand only require smaller, less powerful and compact nail guns.

Muscle Power

Lastly, you may also wish to care for your muscle power. This should especially be the case if you intend to change locations every now and then. You definitely have to find one that is easier to carry around if you are not that much endowed with heavy muscle power.


Q1. Can you use a brad nailer for fencing?

Not at all! The fasteners they shoot are way too narrow and short to be able to effectively hold the exterior board fences in place.

Q2. Does a nail gun need a compressor?

It all depends on the specific type of the nail gun. The pneumatic nail guns definitely require a compressor. This is to be able to generate the shooting power that is necessary to drive the nails into the surfaces.

Q3. What does a gauge mean with regards to a nail gun?

This is basically a measure of the diameter of the nail gun. A higher gauge signifies a thinner nail and vice versa.

Q4. Can a nail gun really kill you?

YES, of course! You, therefore, have to be very cautious with the manner in which you engage them at all times. In particular, take great care not to hit your brain with them as they might kill you instantly.

Q5. How fast does a nail gun shoot?

Generally speaking, a good nail gun achieves a top speed of around 90 miles per hour.


MY FAVORITE IS PORTER-CABLE FR350BR 22-Degree Full Round Head Framing Nailer Kit, 3-1/2″. This is because I am a career workman.

I, therefore, need a tool which is tough, extremely durable, and way capable of withstanding the most intense of workouts at any given time.

You are however free to find that one which best suits your needs.


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