The 10 Best Nail Dryers 2023

Nails are great parts of the body.

If appropriately decorated and well taken care of, they can enhance the beauty of the body tremendously.

The nail dryers are a special kind of items that may achieve this feat pretty well.

10 Best Nail Dryer Reviews

#1: SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer


For all your manicure-related issues, you want a comprehensive dryer that can also perform a range of nail and allied tasks. As you are about to see, this dryer incorporates all the vital traits. This stems from the fact that it possesses several vital traits and features.

UV+LED Dual Light Source

Coming in at position one is the ultra-violet and the light emitting diode dual power sources. This feature suits the dryer for all the nail drying tasks and functionality. For this reason, you will find it quite handy and relevant for curing all kinds of nails.

Multifunctional and Adjustable

As hinted above, this dryer is multifunctional. This is simply to mean that it may perform a wide variety of nail drying tasks and purposes. This is mainly because it possesses an automatic sensor and a two-timing setting.

Low Wattage

The dryer uses less electrical energy. This translates into limited utility bills on your part. It also does not overheat like most dryers besides reducing the drying process by a whopping 50%! The dryer is on the whole very efficient.


  • Solves all curing problems at a go
  • Does not harm the eyes and the skin at all
  • Has a pretty long lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours
  • Can work well both at home and at the salon
  • Backed by friendly customer care services for 12 months after purchase


  • Has a limited warranty
  • Slightly costly and unaffordable
  • Less reputable brand

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#2: MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp

MiroPure 48W

For minimal attention and faster responses, a quick acting and highly automated dryer of this kind are by all means vital. This dryer has several features of this kind, which greatly aid in the provision of these benefits.

True 36W Double-light Source Technology

A powerful 36-watt light beat is the most outstanding of the traits of this nail dryer. The nail dryer has a bulb that emits the light emitting diode lighting quality. The light is able to rid the nail of gels; gems glue, shellac, and UV gel, to mention but a few!

4-timer Settings

The dryer gives you the leeway to control it. This is made possible by the existence of the 4-timer settings. These set the drying times to 10, 30, 60, and 99 seconds respectively. Because of this, you will enjoy the benefit of maximum convenience indeed.


You will not have to engage the dryer manually. This is because an auto-sensor does constitute the control features of the dryer. It detects the hands and lamps and their associated actions. This frees you from the need to do so on your own.


  • Can last up to 5 years when used continually
  • Dries fast (takes only 30 seconds) to do so
  • Twice as fast as most ordinary nail dryers
  • Pairs and works well with most 48-watt nail lamps
  • Can be started automatically without any human effort


  • Possesses some delicate parts and components
  • Requires constant repairs and maintenance
  • Not so reliable in the long run

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#3: MelodySusie Portable LED Nail Lamp

MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp

Official events and institutions never compromise on the quality of the hands and nails they are looking for. This is where a nail dryer of this kind comes in handy. By its sheer nature and design, the dryer is well able to give rise to great outcomes.

Quick Drying

Overall, this dryer can shorten the time, which the nails dry by more than 50%. This is especially so when compared to the other Ultraviolet dryers. You will not have to wait for too long to receive the outcomes you may be looking for.

Miniature Design

The dryer is very small and compact in size. It is also lighter in weight and quite convenient to carry around. This is not to mention its great ergonomics, which expedite the processes of handling and carrying it around.

Built-in Timer

It does have a built-in timer as well. The timer lets you determine the overall duration in which the drying process is to take. This further spares you from the need to pay too much attention to the issue and is thus worthwhile.


  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Cools automatically without a fan
  • Quieter than most dryers
  • Easier to set up and deploy for use
  • Great for gifts to loved ones


  • Not so comprehensive
  • Requires other co-operant tools to operate
  • Has a limited carrying capacity

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#4: USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer

USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer

Dry your nails within the shortest time possible by settling for this particular dryer. The dryer has several trains and technical specifications that work hand in hand to see to it that this happens. The mini-review that follows lays bare its finer details.

Smart Adjustable Timer

This smart adjustable timer basically allows you to select from two-timer settings. These are the 120 and the 180 seconds respectively. It allows you to handle varying amounts of coats as well as several nail drying purposes at a time.

Multi-Purpose Curing

With this dryer, you may cry out several nail curing tasks at a time. These are the Ultraviolet builder gel and the Ultraviolet top coat. This not only saves you time but also expedite the processes of so doing. You are thus assured of great outcomes indeed.

All-in-One Package

By its sheer nature and design, the dryer is quite comprehensive indeed. It incorporates all the key traits, features, and technical specifications that the ideal dryer possesses. This goes a long way in enhancing your overall experience.


  • Very simple to set up and utilize
  • Delivers faster and prompt results
  • Safer to utilize as it is devoid of any issues
  • Does not exude any odor at all and is thus awesome
  • Comprises four super powerful bulbs which simplify use


  • Predisposes you to the over-exposure to UV radiation
  • Not recommended for regular use
  • Quite weighty (weighs a whopping 3.2 pounds)

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#5: USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer

USpicy 48W

If you are a beauty enthusiast, you badly want a dryer that is all-rounded. This can only happen if your dryer of choice can handle both pedicure and manicure at the same time. This is the dryer of that kind, as you are about to see.

Seamless Compatibility

In all, the dryer is compatible with a range of several gel polishes. The UV gel and the 48W LED light gel are top examples of these. Due to possessing these features, the dryer takes less time and effort to achieve the desired ends.

Awesome Illumination

The dryer provides great illumination indeed. The brightness of the light it exudes is great and awesome indeed. It is also sufficient to let you paint even the most detailed nail designs. This obviously gives rise to better outcomes overall.

Comfortable Hand Pillow

A comfortable hand pillow closes the list of the top features. This is because it does provide your hands a place that is comfortable to rest on. This further facilitates the process of applying the gels and drying the same.


  • Has an eye-friendly covering that secures your eyes effectively
  • Quite convenient to utilize for curing your nails
  • Comes along with a detachable tray which aids in cleaning
  • Provides spacious room to cure your nails
  • Simpler to use, transport, and engage


  • Quite complicated for an average user
  • Takes up plenty of storage space
  • May inconvenience the ordinary user

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#6: BellaNails Professional 21W LED Nail Lamp

BELLANAILS Professional 21W

You do not want to compromise your safety while applying gels or performing other chores that are related to drying your nails. This is why you want a nail dryer, which is safe and great to use. This dryer is well able to accomplish that particular feat.

3-timed Modes

The dryer has three different time modes for you to choose from. These are the 30, 60, and the 90 seconds respectively. These different options are great for the sake of bringing about the benefit of maximum convenience to you.

Reflective Interior Design

Also constituting its topnotch features is the revolutionary and multi-dimensional interior design that is highly reflective. This feature amplifies the brightness of the lights that are emitted by the dryers. It also enhances the overall appearance of the dryers.

High-efficiency LED Bulbs

All factors considered the quality of the LED bulbs that make up the dryer is highly efficient. They do not dissipate heat is other bulbs of their kinds do. They, therefore, inflict less utility bill on your part and never need replacement at all.


  • Emits less heat and saves a great deal of energy
  • Compact and portable enough to carry around
  • Suitable for both home and professional use
  • Has an auto shut-off feature which aids in operations
  • May be used any day any time


  • Consumes high power/electrical energy
  • May confuse less experienced users
  • Has comparatively limited applicability

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#7: NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer

NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer

Are you always on the move? You want a dryer that is simple to use and is convenient to carry around. This bulb is manufactured with such circumstances in mind. It is also suited for mobile salons, schools, travels, and sleepovers.

4-Timer Settings

The dryer confers four different drying times. These are the 30, 60, 90 seconds and 30 minutes respectively. These definitely will fit your every need regardless of your unique tastes and preferences. They bring about the benefit of utmost convenience.

Professional Outcomes

With this dryer, expect nothing but professional outcomes. This is mainly due to its compatibility with all LED-friendly nail gel brands. These include the Gelish, CND Shellac, and the OPI, among others. You have no better friend if high quality is what you are looking for.

Portable and Lightweight

All factors considered, the dryer is very portable and light in weight. This stems from its largely compact design. It is this particular feature that enables the dryer to be carried around with ease and used in remote locations well.


  • May be easily used at the home
  • Can also adapt to a salon environment
  • Delivers the needed outcomes within minutes
  • Relevant to all kinds of users; from beginners to professionals
  • Does not harm the environment at all


  • Backed by a limited warranty
  • Exudes a blinding light that can harm the eyes
  • Requires some expertise to operate

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#8: KEDSUM 12W LED Nail Lamp

KEDSUM 12W LED Nail Lamp

Professional salon requires a ‘universal’ nail dryer. With the ability to fit almost every other kind of LED Gel nail polishes, this dyer is indeed your best bet for such a kind of use. It also gives rise to great and reliable outcomes that fit the professional thresholds.

Auto-off Feature

You will not have to worry at all about overheating or other dangers that generally arise from prolonged use. This is courtesy of the auto-off feature. The feature basically senses any imminent abnormal rise in temperature and responds appropriately by triggering a shut-off.

4 Pre-set Timer Controls

Four different pre-set timers do exist. With these presets, you may regulate the pace at which the drying process lasts. These are the 10, 30, 60, and 300 seconds respectively. This gives you the freedom and leeway to settle on the duration that mirrors your unique needs.

One-button Control

All the functionality of the dryer is integrated into one button. You will not have to switch from one button to another as you juggle your way. This saves a great deal of time besides making the drying process enjoyable.


  • Dries nails in a matter of seconds
  • Easy-to-use courtesy of a single button design
  • Does not emit the harmful Ultraviolet radiations
  • Do not require any replacements at all
  • Has a higher power output (12W)


  • May not work well in a professional hair salon
  • Generates fewer returns on investments
  • Higher power consumption 90-240V AC

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#9: NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer

NailStar Professional 36 Watt

For drying hard-core glue and gels, a powerful nail dryer is necessary. This is because these kinds of polishes require great pressure to harden besides taking longer to do so. This nail dryer is by all means well suited for the job.

Super Compatible

This nail dryer is super compatible. It is in pursuance of this perfect for high-end nail gels. It may also dry and fix the Delish, CND Shellac, Bluesky, and OPI. This saves you a great deal of time and effort as it subjects you to limited hassles.

Manicure and Pedicure Friendly

With this dryer, you may carry out both the pedicure and the manicure. This simply means that you may use it on both your feet and hands in equal measure. The benefit of maximum convenience is all the more yours to reap.

Built-in Timers

The built-in timers further seal the deal. Its two-time options are the 2 minutes and the 3 minutes respectively. These are great for finer results and timing. Four bulbs that have 9-Watt capacity each for great outcomes power the bulb.


  • Possesses a timer that eliminates direct attention
  • Works well both at home and in a salon
  • Can tackle professional tasks perfectly well
  • Ensures even nail coverage for awesome outcomes
  • Very flexible and handy to utilize


  • Quite bulky and cumbersome to carry around
  • May not suit home use
  • Not so worthy a purchase

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#10: Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer

Makartt Air Nail Dryer

If you are on the lookout for a nail dryer for salon use, you have this as a further option. It is packed with elegant features that are designed for great outcomes and maximum comfort while drying nails. It is also easier to engage on the whole.

Ventilation Design

Unlike all the other dryers, this one uses a stream of air to dry the polish. This stream of air is generated by use of a built-in fan. It has appropriate ventilation toward off the likelihoods of overheating. This brings about the benefit of maximum comfort.

Salon Quality Makeup

As stated, the dryer has a salon-quality design. This is a user-friendly design, which is also large enough to accommodate all kinds of fingers and nails. This stems from the spacious interior and other elegant controls.

Automatic Double Sensors

You will not have to individually ascertain the various parameters that determine the nail drying process. This is because the dryer has an automatic sensor that does this work for you. These sensors detect any impending changes and respond appropriately.


  • Can work well both at home and in the salon
  • Great for ladies who fancy manicures
  • Handles both the hands and the feet equally well
  • Powers and runs automatically without any human effort
  • Excites the body as well


  • Limited applicability (unsuitable for 220V -240V)
  • May damage delicate hands
  • Inflicts higher utility bills

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What is a Nail Dryer?

For a start, a nail dryer is a special kind of instrument that hardens the polishes that are applied to the nails. They are small, handy, and very effective indeed.

Types of Nail Dryer

a) Normal Nail Dryer

Normal or regular nail dryer is so called due to the fact that it operates manually. It does not draw its power from electricity or other power outlets as is the case with most other gadgets that fulfill these roles. It is also simple and easy to use.

b) LED Lamp Nail Dryer

As the name suggests, this kind of nail dryer uses the LED lamp to provide the heat necessary to dry the paints or polish. This light has a low illumination and is thus safer.

c) UV Lamp Nail Dryer

Just like the LED nail dryer discussed above, the UV lamp also derives its power from electricity. However, it used the Ultraviolet radiation to dry the polishes. This radiation is potentially harmful though.

How Nail Dryers Work

The nail dryers operate much like the hair dryers. They utilize either the warm or cold air to generate the drying actions. It does have an intake system that draws in ambient air. It subsequently blows this air over a platform on which the customer places the hands and the feet.

As hinted above, the nail dryers use either Ultraviolet light or LED for this purpose. Those that use ultraviolet radiation are usually attached above the platforms. Those that use the LED light, on the other hand, are placed underneath the platforms.

These dryers exist in different sizes and shapes. This allows each buyer to choose from the one he or she deems fit. Those that are designed for professional uses are usually larger and diversified due to the fact that they are meant to handle strenuous activities.

How Do The Nail Dryers compare?

Even though all nail dryers can accomplish more or less similar roles, they differ slightly in their nature and capabilities. The following are the main kinds of departures:


Some dryers are very small, others are moderate, yet others are too big. Those dryers that are intended for commercial use are way too big compared to those that are intended for home use.

Technical Specifications

They also vary in terms of their complexities. Commercial dryers have so many technical features and are quite complicated to use. Those dryers that are meant for home use, on the other hand, are simple to use owing to the simplicity of makeup.


Given their variation in sophistication, the dryers also serve varying purposes. Some of these are drying polish, applying polish, setting the tone of the polish, and so on.

Benefits of Using

Quick Drying Time

Their primary role is to hasten the drying process. They cut down the time it would take to dry the polishes from hours to a matter of minutes. In light of this, they are very convenient to own and use as they eliminate unnecessary delays.

Efficient For Professionals

You can never hope to be a professional saloonist without incorporating the nail dryers in your armory. They expedite time besides enhancing the performance of the various chores that are related to pedicure and manicure.

Drying Shellac Polish

Most beauty enthusiasts prefer shellac to other kinds of polishes. This kind of polish is more permanent and breathtaking than most other polishes. However, it takes too long to dry. Only a nail dryer can do the job as well as expected.

Finer Finish

The dryer also brings along the benefit of finer finish. It enhances the beauty of the final outcome in such a way as to make it more breathtaking. This is very different from the ordinary drying methods.

Fewer Accidents

By using the nail dryers, you get to encounter fewer accidents like smudges or finishes. This is great for your hands and nails as well. You will generally not have to worry about soiling your hands at all.

How to Dry Nail Polish Fast

Step 1: Start by filling a bowl with some cold water as well as some ice cubes. Be sure to cover the bowl to keep off dust and to slow down the pace of melting.

Step 2: Go ahead and paint your nails. After you are through with painting your nails, leave them alone for around one minute. This is to enable them to dry completely.

Step 3: After your nails are completely dry, dip them in the bowl of water. Leave them dipped in the cold water for around two to three minutes. This is to enable maximum contact between the ice and the freshly polished nails.

Step 4: Finally, withdraw your fingers from the ice bowl. Viola, your nails are finally dry! You have saved a whopping 15 minutes by following this approach.


Use ice water to dry nail polish fast

As stated above, ice water has the ability to hasten the drying of the nail polish. To make your nail drying a worthwhile experience, be sure to utilize this particular item. It will also save you a great deal of time as explained above.

Insist on those Dryers that Harden Faster

Not every dryer is reliable. Some dryers are indeed more reliable than others. This is why it is in your best interest to settle for one that dries faster. As of the year 2018, the Sally Hansen, NARS Nail, and Essie are the best brands.

Dry your nails moderately

Resist the temptation of drying your nails every quite often. This may inflict damages to your hands and nails as a whole. On the contrary, attempt, and adopt moderate approach to this whole issue. Polishing your nails once a month is not that bad.

Dilute the polish for better results

It is no secret that thicker polish take too long to dry and are also cumbersome to apply. This is why you are advised to dilute the polish before use. Use the acetone substance to do this job.

Store the polish under constant temperature and humidity levels

Nail polishes are very sensitive to the alterations in external humidity and temperature levels. Extreme variations in such conditions usually diminish their overall lifespan considerably. This is why you want to store them in a room that is not affected by such issues.

What Should I Look for in a Nail Dryer?

Overall Lifespan

These nail dryers have a different lifespan. This is to mean that their outcomes last varying amounts of time. You have to be sure that the one you eventually settle for has the longest possible lifespan. You do not want to keep drying your nails every quite often.

Drying Speed

How long does the nail take to complete the drying process? A good nail dryer has to take the least duration of time possible. This is to eliminate unnecessary downtimes and guarantee awesome feedback.

Permanency of the Polishes

How permanent are the drying outcomes? A good dryer has to be able to exude results that are more permanent. The polishes ought to take a longer duration of time to begin peeling off. You want this feat to spare you from the need to keep applying fresh polish every now and then.

Control Features

In what ways are, the dryers controlled? Most modern dryers are automated. They hence call for limited attention on the part of the user. Some are manual and require constant attention. It is up to you to determine the one you prefer.

Noise Levels

In the course of their operations, some nail dryers release ambient noise. This may distract those that are located nearby. To spare them of these issues, it is in your best interest to settle for a dryer that emits limited amounts of noise possible.


Q1: To what uses may I devote the nail dryer?

Basically speaking, the nail dryer does just that, drying the nails. However, some may also trim the nails, apply polish, and even generate patterns on the polish.

Q2: Why should I buy a nail dryer?

If you are a beauty enthusiast, you, by all means, have to buy the dryer. This appliance will aid your beauty by drying the polishes faster and promptly.

Q3: Which nail polish dries the fastest?

As hinted above, Sally Hansen, NARS Nail, and Essie are the nail polishes that take the shortest time to dry.

Q4: How can I make my nail polish more liquid?

Use acetone or any other nail polish remover. In case you opt for the latter, be very moderate and sparing in your use. That is to avoid over-diluting the polish and rendering it of no consequence.

Q5: How long does one layer of nail polish take to dry?

Generally speaking, the polish takes one to two hours to dry completely. However, you may hasten the process by dipping your fingers in the ice-cold water. Doing this dries the fingers within 15 minutes.

Final Verdict

After the long and exhausting discussion, we are pretty confident that you have found the guidance you desperately want. Indeed our insight into this subject matter of best nail dryer is very comprehensive. This leaves you with no doubts at all.

We now urge you to go ahead and place an order of at least one of the items we have reviewed above. In case you lack any in mind, we suggest the NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer or the USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer.

This is because they are both comprehensive in nature by reasons of being able to handle both pedicure and manicure. They are more likely to save you time and effort besides bringing about awesome outcomes. We look forward to receiving your inquiry and acting on it soonest possible!


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