The 10 Best Marine Speakers 2023

You expect the best from your audio equipment, and there’s no place more important to have the best audio equipment than when you’re sailing on the high seas.

Marine Speakers can give you the ideal musical experience while your boat cruises along the water hugging the winds and waves.

Having great harmonic sound playing from your favorite tunes can make the difference between a good sailing experience and a great one.

However, boats don’t always have great acoustics making it more important than ever to find the best marine box speakers for your boat’s particular needs.

Understand those marine speakers need to face harsh conditions while at sea by surviving water, fog, salt, hours under the sun plus dust.

10 Best Marine Speaker Reviews

1. Boss Audio Ask904B.64

Boss Audio Ask904B.64

The Boss Audio Ask904B.64 marine package includes a 500-watt max 4-channel Bluetooth amplifier, Two pairs of 6.5-inch MR6W marine speakers, a universal USB cable and phone pouch to start you on the way to an awesome quality audio marine speaker system.

The Boss audio system is lightweight, small and comes with everything you need to receive great audio.

Our review shows that the system is a breeze to install and provides great sound quality with Bluetooth that provides for an outstanding streaming wireless music experience. The unit boasts a UV-resistant exterior that won’t fade over time while its conformal coated PC board hold back any potential corrosion effects.

Plus, the faceplate is detachable with its own carrying case that will allow peace of mind when the boat is docked and the pre-set radio can hold former commands throughout the winter, even if the battery has been disconnected.

The models built in Bluetooth provides ample opportunity to stream music on an iPod, iPhone or Android smartphone device.

But, this isn’t the only way to get great quality audio on the Boss Audio Ask904B.64 system; the Boss system can also play CDs, play music on stored USB drives or SD card or through MP3 using the 3.5mm aux input.


  • Low-Level Inputs
  • High power handling
  • Weatherproof
  • Full range marine 2-way speakers
  • Short protected


  • Expensive

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2. Polk Audio MM651UMBS 6.5 Coaxial speaker

Polk Audio MM651UMBS

Polk Audio’s MM651UMBS 6.5 coaxial speaker was shaped for the harsh marine environment, made of waterproof elements which help is maintain high sound quality in challenging marine settings.

The model comes with unique protection from water inclusion from comprehensive sealing throughout the speaker.

The audio MM651UMBS 6.5 is also resistant to the effects of corrosion due to its stainless steel modeling and hardware that has been rigorously tested for over 600 hours against the effects UV and fog damage.

One of the most outstanding features of the Polk audio MM651UMBS coaxial is it has as dynamic balance certification which means that the unit will provide crisp clean audio with distortion plus Neodymium driver magnets that provide peak audio performance at an affordable price.

Because of its high-grade certification, the Polk 6.5 coaxial has been guaranteed to remain operational in several harsh marine environments while the model also comes with a larger diameter voice coil that allows the model to be handled with smooth power handling.

The model’s mechanisms have been optimized with Klippel and woven glass cones to boost audio performance that promises unbelievable audio sound performance.


  • Lightweight
  • High power handling
  • Easy to set up
  • Simply put together a unit


  • Pricey
  • Lacks wiring diagram

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3. Fusion Electronics MS-FR6021 Marine Speakers

Fusion Electronics MS-FR6021

Fusion has created a great mid-ranged price marine speaker that is sure to please.

The Fusion MS-FR6021 has one of the best audio quality response for a mid-range price speaker with a tremendous 70HZ frequency that brings out the best bass tones that a speaker can provide.

Plus, the fusion electronics MS-FR6021 has one of the most accurate speaker sounds available in a marine speaker. However, it can sometimes struggle a bit with higher range frequencies.

The durability of the Fusion FR6021 falls perfectly within or exceeds that standard set by the ASTM for protection against salt, fog, and UV damage.

The Fusion’s sealed crossover and tweeter housing ensure vital protection against high humidity plus water exposure for important speaker components like the wiring, voice coil, and the spider. As far as power handling, Fusion’s FR6021 provides continuous power at 100 RMS watts which provide more than enough energy for high-quality sounding audio.

Once you’ve chosen the FR6021, installation features are comprehensive with cutout diameter features coming in at 5 inches paired with a mounting depth of 2.81 which means the speakers can fit with ease into any installation location on your boat.


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Simple to install
  • Durable build


  • Only manual operation due to no remote service
  • High range frequencies scored low

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4. Infinity Reference 612 Marine loudspeaker

Infinity Reference 612

The shiny pewter finish on the grille is one of the outstanding features of the Infinity reference 612 6.5-inch marine loudspeaker which also offers great high-frequency protection due to the grille covered 1” tweeter mount.

The infinity reference 612 is a great lower priced that still delivers on providing high-sounding quality audio within all frequency ranges from 20Hz to 20Hz sine waves.

Strong sensitivity rating at 92dB making it one of the most efficient for changing power into volume output.

But, it isn’t just the high sounding audio quality that the infinity reference provides for discerning marine speaker users. This model is also great for converting power into volume output without losing high audio quality.

However, there is a concern that ATMS has not provided the Infinity reference 612 with certification for fog, salt and UV resistance which doesn’t retract the potential for protection due to the speakers’ strong polypropylene woofer, tweeter, grille and frame which is ideal for marine use.

The sound quality on the Infinity reference has received high marks for bass and steady crystal clear audio even in high wind plus speedboat cruising while also receiving high marks from users on their clean seamless pewter look.


  • Durable with high moisture protection
  • Strong audio sound
  • High power handling
  • Good sensitivity rating


  • No ATMS certification
  • Costly

5. Sony XSMP1621 2-inch Marine speaker

Sony XSMP1621

Sony’s XSMP1621 marine speakers are good speakers at an affordable price with above average quality of sound in the low and high-frequency ranges.

And while they don’t stand out among higher priced speakers, they still deliver on outstanding quality at midrange frequencies which is awesome for experiencing all the richness that music and audio sound can offer.

Because of the model’s 91 dB sensitivity, it is 33.3 percent more efficient than other 6.5-inch marine speakers giving it added efficiency to deliver above standard sound quality. However, there can be below average power handling problems at 70 RMS watts.

While the XSMP1612 doesn’t come with a sealed crossover unit to protect the wiring for the coaxial unit.

It has been ASTM certified as protected against the effects of sea salt, fog and UV damage with stainless steel terminals that are noncorrosive that can withstand the effects of natural elemental damage.

The price for the XSMP1612 makes it a good bet if you are seeking to upgrade your boat’s factory installed speaker system from a reliable brand.


  • Water-resistant
  • Clean crisp sound
  • Easy to clean due to removable grille


  • Weak power handling
  • No sealed crossover area to cover tweeter

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6. JL Audio M650-CCX-CG-WH speakers


With classic white grille details, the JL audio M650-CCX-CG-WH classic marine speakers are like an elegant Rolls Royce for marine speakers.

The JL audio classic is a high-performance marine speaker with provides outstanding sound quality due to its 1” treated silk dome tweeters while are mounted to its classic grilles for precise audio quality.

This allows the model to provide an outstanding sound enhancement that can be clearly heard whether the boat is docked or gliding among the waves.

But, that isn’t the only outstanding quality that makes the JL audio M650-CCX-CG-WH classic speaker a great investment, testing has shown that the model high-level superior 2-way crossovers between the woofer and tweeter allow the unit to work in perfect harmony.

JL’s audio classic speakers were designed with rugged marine environments in mind allowing for great outstanding speaker output that easily overcomes any wind, water and engine noise.

The overall design of this high-quality speaker comes doubled from its durable synthetic rubber weatherproof cone and UV polymer basket system that protects the entire speaker unit.

The speakers are easily mountable in a boat cockpit or bulkhead area. The JL’s price is on the high-level side. However, its outstanding sound quality and durable design make the JL audio classic an exceptional addition to any boat.


  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Superior 2-way crossover


  • Pricey
  • Small tweeter size

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7. Rockford Fosgate Punch PM262

Rockford Fosgate

As one of the country’s leading branch in marine speakers,

The Rockford Fosgate Punch PM262 speakers have several things going for them and the first is that these speakers have been certified by Klippel, a German research company that provides rigorous testing protocols for loudspeakers that focus on the speaker woofer.

This means that the Rockford Punch has a well balanced audio quality that is sure to please. Also, the Rockford punch’s tweeter is made out of solid aluminum alloy coupled with terminals that are gold-plated to deliver optimal signal strength.

It as Marine-grade certification against environmental weather exposure from a fog, salt water, and UV damage. One drawback is that the Punch tested average on sensitivity with only a 75 RMS wattage which cause could volume output problems on the open water.


  • Weatherproof with ASTM certification
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Solid power handling


  • Pricey
  • Lacks strong volume output due to sensitivity.

8. Pioneer TS-MR1640 2-way speakers

Pioneer TS-MR1640

Pioneer is one of the leading brands for audio speakers and stereo in the world with top-level services and awards for home wi-fi and car audio systems.

This commitment to excellence shows with the Pioneer TS-MR1640 2-way speakers. Because of the Pioneer brand’s continuing drive to provide the best in marine audio, the MR1640 has been set up with magnetic fluid which promises to keep the voice coil steady allowing for very low sound distortion and clean level treble sound.

While the sound quality on the MR1640 wouldn’t work for large events due to its sensitivity rating, it will provide great sound quality at higher wattage levels.

The TS-MR1640 speakers are weather-resistant with weather plus water rubber surround woofer cones that have also proven dependable against the effects of corrosion due to their mounting hardware and gold-plated tinsel leads.


  • Low cost
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Reinforced covering
  • Good overall design
  • Water-resistant


  • Low power handling
  • Bass response fade

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9. SW-650 Marine speaker


The Wet sounds brand is a leader in water-resistant audio speakers; the SW-650 provides average sound quality that is sure to provide plenty of hours of audio enjoyment.

The model provides a high level of power handling at a maximum of 200 watts which gives more power than other speaker brands.

The model has a great seamless black design that fits in well with several different types of boat cockpits.

The SW-650 rates of average sensitivity and overall audio quality which means it isn’t the loudest speaker available. Wet sounds SW-650 has received any third-party certifications or endorsement for the effects of UV, fog or water resistance.

Modeling on the cone is injection molded composite plus the grille is set in fiberglass which provides coverage for its magnet circuits to continue to perform well.


  • Steady average power handling
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight


  • Not ATMs certified

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10. KMR-D365BT marine kit


The Kenwood KMR-D365BT Bluetooth stereo marine kit has everything needed for great audio entertainment from one of the leading brands in audio equipment, Kenwood.

The KMR-D365 Bluetooth receiver system works with some of the latest audio technical gear such as Apple iPod and Android open accessory protocol (AOA) which means that the receiver system will connect to your boat’s USB ports turning your devices into multi-entertainment centers.

The Kenwood D365BT as a variable color 1.5-line display that makes it a cinch to see song titles plus channel information, even if you’re on the open water.

The receiver has been designed to withstand harsh open water conditions such as moisture with a conformal-coated circuit board that protects it from the environment.

This outstanding marine kit also comes with 2 Kenwood waterproof speakers that when paired with Kenwood’s 3-band equalizer offers outstanding sound performance. This commitment to service shows throughout the kit with the D365’s auxiliary input options that can help widen your music source experience.

The Kenwood Enrock marine kit provides great features like subwoofer level control and bass boost that provide a bang for your buck. Testing shows there is a wide range of AM/FM radio options with several stations presets plus the model is Sirius XM enabled. The unit is remote enable and allows six remote to be used with its Enrock Dipole marine flexible antenna.


  • Sirius XM enabled
  • Easy installation
  • Auxiliary input
  • USB port plus charging
  • Waterproof
  • Remote useable
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • Sound output
  • Button function hard to learn
  • Faceplate can be hard to remove
  • Slightly dim on display

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What Should Look?

Speaker Cone:

The manufacturer lists marine speakers by the diameter of the cone inside; this generally won’t guarantee the diameter of the grill or the cutout hole. This means that most manufacturers may have a slightly different installation size, using a cone size measurement is the best way to gain the right measurement for your boat size.

New installations should mean purchasing as large a speaker as possible due to their superior frequency response.


Try to think about choosing a speaker that can support USB ports, compact disks, iPod ports and auxiliary ports at the same time because this improves the workability of your speaker model.

Measure Flush Mount Response:

Be sure to consider the dimensions of the flush mount speakers to discover the adequate mounting depth for your model. So, be sure to gain correct measurements of the space area behind the speaker to accommodate the speaker magnet and cone.

Flush mount speakers will require more airspace behind the speaker to receive the proper resonance. Remember that depending on the size of your boat, you might need to consider possible box speakers if there are size limitations for placing flush mount speakers.

Don’t Forget Power Handling:

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of speaker your craft requires, you’ll need to think of the power handling of the speakers because they need to handle an equal amount or more power than an amplifier could provide.

Understand that the speaker’s power is not only measured in peak wattage but also continuous wattage. Also, figure in the effect of RMS wattage sound quality on the speaker because if RMS wattage has been omitted it can change how playback on the speaker will sound.

Don’t Get Zapped:

Remember it is important to buy speakers that are durable and long lasting that will provide you with years of great service. So, look at the speaker brand’s short protection information which guides users in what protections there are against the effects of overheating on the amplifier and speaker grille areas.

Be Flexible and Choose Wireless Options:

Today’s technology is set for comfort and choosing speakers with wireless options can go a long way towards allowing you to use your Bluetooth enabled device such as a smartphone while you’re gliding across the open water making for awesome open water experiences.

Other Things to Consider:

Are the speakers durable? The materials you use should be made of materials that can withstand open water, salt moisture, fog and other natural elements.

Do you need the speakers in the front or back? Because it can make the difference between needing to purchase new speakers or a simple replacement of your boat’s factory installed speakers.

Are the speakers going to be magnetically shielded from navigation equipment? Understand that placing speakers near navigation equipment can affect the compass operations of your boat.

After successful removal of any factory-placed speakers, be sure to check for rust or residue that could damage the new speakers.

If there is damaged wiring or corrosion, be sure to trim down the damaged area and then peel for a new wiring area for your new speaker placement.

Once the installation is set to begin, think of the directional placement you’ll need for the new equipment and place them for the most optimum sound quality.

Now that you understand some of the basics to discover the best marine speakers for you let us share some our favorite marine speaker models that will have you listening to great audio on your boat in no time.

Final Verdict

These are some of the best marine audio speakers and equipment that we provide and with our team of customer service focused staff and suppliers; you’re sure to get a great deal.

With so many great marine audio brands available with such down-earth-prices, it might seem hard to discover the best audio for you to buy.

So, take your time, be sure to cruise through this guide again and allow us to provide you will find the best marine audio purchase services on the market today!

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