The 11 Best Lighted Nocks 2023

To save yourself a bit of time while hunting, you have to make use of the lighted nocks as they are designed for such needs and applications.

They basically play the role of letting you know how to trace the paths of the arrows and the manner in which they have to be retrieved after all.

11 Best Lighted Nock Reviews

#1: Nockturnal-S Lighted Nocks for Arrows


Hunting did not start yesterday or yesterday but one. It is indeed an old trade which has been in existence for millennia. It is by virtue of this that a good hunting gear ideally ought to capture this reality. This is the role that the Nockturnal-S is designed to play.

Piston-driven Contact Switch

Its switch is the piston-driven contact one. This one is so timely and precise that it brings about some great and desirable outcomes. In the course of its operations, it sees to it that LED illumination is generated promptly every time.

Waterproof and Shock-resistant Design

By its sheer nature and design, the lighted nock is both waterproof and shock-resistant. You may thus count on it not to subject you to any shocks and other issues which might normally arise in the course of use. This is not to mention that it prevents the percolation of water.

Universal Compatibility

With this Nockturnal-S, it is possible to pair and communicate with the widest range of bolts. This stems from the ease with which it may be attached without any undesirable hassles. You are subsequently absolved from any constraints which might hinder you from fully leveraging the benefits that come along with it.


  • Requires no prior preparations and is thus convenient to leverage
  • Also calls for no assembly moments before use
  • Has the impressive 20+ hours of battery life
  • Works in any type of weather or environmental condition
  • Hardly falters in the process of being used


  • Lacks a couple of vital features
  • Too manual and not so exciting to make use of
  • Not responsive enough to handle extremely fast animals and preys

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#2: Lumenok Signature Nock (3-Pack), Green

Lumenok Signature Nock

If you are a career hunter, you want a lighted nock that is reusable severally. This is to spare you from the need to acquire brand new ones every quite often and to also simplify the process of hunting. Its design and makeup are also both strong and highly durable.

Green Lighting

The light that is emitted by this nock is green in color. It is highly visible even in the most pitch of darkness. The bright light makes it easy for you to retrieve the arrows and to recognize the shots whenever you are hitting a particular target.

Excellent Fitting

In all, the nock fits the Aluminum shafts and the ID carbon that measures 245 inches of arrows. Given this excellent fitting, the nock is seamless and pretty convenient to make good use of. You will hardly confront any unnecessary hassles and wastage of time.

Patented Polymeric Battery Holder

The battery holder comes in the form of the patented Polymeric battery holder. In the unlikely event that the battery sustains dents and damages owing to hard impacts, this holder allows for easier replacements. It is unique and very easy to make good use of.


  • Easily activated whenever the need for use comes up
  • Allows for both arrow retrieval and recognition of the shot placements
  • Operates free of magnets and switches
  • Can operate repeatedly before getting completely worn out
  • Made of a reputable and reliable brand


  • Only for professional applications
  • May disparage starters and those with limited knowledge
  • Does not handle the ordinary chores well

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#3: TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Crossbow Arrow Nock

TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Crossbow Arrow Nock

To save yourself a bit of time while hunting, you want a universal lighted nock. This is basically one which can pair and communicate with as many arrows as possible. Perhaps no other nock is as universal in scope as this one. It is easy to adapt to different applications also.

Omni-Nock Technology

The Omni-nock technology is the one that grants this nock its universal scope and applicability. It basically allows for seamless and easy connections with the various kinds of arrows. At the same time, it wards off the accidents that often arise out of improper loading.

Three-Piece System

It is generally structured in a three-piece system. This comes in the form of the nock-receiver insert, six-sided interior, and a combined LED unit. These co-operant features all combine to make the entire unit fully functional and appropriately reliable in tracking the arrows. What’s more? It also glues and aligns well with the vanes.

Superior Visibility

Perhaps no other nock is as visible as this one. This is due to its possession of the Omni-Brite 2.0 electric bulb. This provides superior flight visibility while at the same time greatly improve the arrow flights too. You just will never miss out the arrow at all regardless of how obscure it could be.


  • Features a greatly improved pressure fit system
  • Snaps securely into the receiver to guarantee awesome outcomes
  • Eliminates improper loading accidents and the associated issues
  • Aligns perfectly for the sake of robust outcomes and performance
  • Has built-in locking clips which allow for effective attachments


  • Comes in the complicated three-piece system and construction
  • Calls for the possession of relevant expertise
  • Backed by poor warranty and after-sale services

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#4: Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks for Arrows

Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks

Do you change locations every quite often? Chances are that you will require a nock which can operate effectively in all conditions you may be faced with. This is the one to consider leveraging as it is optimized for foolproof operations in any conditions.

Gold Tip Arrow Fitting

In all, the nock has the ability to fit the gold tips of the arrows. These tips have to measure no less than 0.246 inches. Such a fitting is, by all means, great and awesome in that it guarantees awesome performances at any given time.

Super Bright LEDs

Next in line is the super bright LED bulbs. They produce sufficient illumination which is great for visibility. By placing your bet on this particular nock, you may be certain to enjoy an unparalleled performance at all times, including those moments of extremely poor visibility.

One-piece Lightweight Construction

Unlike most other nocks, this one is available in a one-piece lightweight construction. This simplicity of design allows you to easily comprehend and make good use of it at any given time. It also calls for limited expertise to be able to effectively engage.


  • Derives power from the long-life Lithium battery
  • Resistant to both the water and the weather elements
  • Generates some unsurpassed reliability
  • Available in a vast array of color options for you to select from
  • Gives off foolproof operations in all conditions


  • The too bright color output may jeopardize your eyes
  • Dimensions are too small to allow for effective handling
  • May cost a fortune to repair and maintain

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#5: Nockturnal-X Lighted Nocks for Arrows

Nockturnal-X Lighted Nocks

In case you are a person who lacks any prior experience in the field of hunting, you want a simple and easy-to-use nock. You may have to give this one a try as it is quite simple in scope and construction. In light of this, you will generally find it easier to make good use of at any given time.

Patent-pending String Activation Switch

A patent-pending string activation switch comes in first among the list of most desirable features of this lighted nock. This switch makes the process of activating the lighting mechanism of the nock an easier undertaking indeed. In the process, it also allows for unparalleled reliability.

Lightweight Durable Plastic Construction

Following the switch is the lightweight durable plastic construction. This one guaranteed the longevity of operations while at the same time negate the need for too much muscle power at a time. The attendant end result of this arrangement is an extended range of overall impact.

Seamless Connectivity

Lastly, the nock can indeed fit and work for hand in hand with a host of numerous tools and accessories. Among these are the Aluminum arrows, impact arrows, slim-built arrows, hidden inserts, and half-outs. You yet again have the pleasure of unhindered convenience in times of use.


  • Great for night time use when the visibility is extremely poor
  • Reduces the strains that mostly arises when tracking the lost arrows
  • Resistant to both shocks and water and is thus pretty reliable
  • Grants excellent illumination at any given time
  • Possesses a switch that is pretty easy to make use of


  • Only for practicing and lighter tasks
  • Made of the less durable plastic material
  • The manual switching mechanism is not so convenient to make use of

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#6: aokur 3PCS Automatic Led Lighted Nock

 aokur 3PCS Automatic Led Lighted Nock

To minimize fatigue and guarantee awesome outcomes and performances, you want one that is simpler to use and engage. This automatic nock may indeed come to your rescue as it is designed for just that. By its sheer nature and construction, it calls for extremely limited interventions on your part.

Excellent Functionality

On the whole, this lighted nock exudes great and excellent functionality indeed. This stems from its capability of handling the retrieval of the crossbow arrows and the recognition of the shot placements conveniently and robustly. You do not have to worry at all about the benefits that come along.

Universal Compatibility

With this lighted nock, you may pair and communicate with almost all of the skinniest carbon shafts. You are not at all constrained with regards to the application of this particular equipment. This further translates into fewer strains and by far the most enjoyable of experiences.

Fluorescent Hunting Bow

Setting it farther apart from the other kinds of lighted nocks is the fluorescent light production. This kind of light is more visible and stays sharper under all circumstance of use and applicability. You will, by making use of this nock, stay well ahead of the game of hunting.


  • Easier to turn on and off
  • Available at a more competitive price
  • Light up as soon as you shoot them
  • No glue is required at all with the press-fit nocks
  • Wonderful size and dimensions for you to make use of


  • Pairs not with the compound bows
  • Its light is too blinding to stare at for long
  • Higher acquisition cost may disparage those with limited finances

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#7: Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Precision Lighted Nock

Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Precision Lighted Nock

Do you lack the necessary muscle power? Worry not! This ultralightweight lighted nock is the one you have to make use of. Being light, it will hardly pose any excessive strains on your muscles. It will, on the contrary, allow you to carry it around for a prolonged duration of time.

Ultra-lightweight 18.5 Grains

As stated, this lighted nock is extremely light in weight. As a matter of fact, it weighs a paltry 18.5 grains. This is light enough to let you carry it around for a prolonged duration of time and with great ease. It is hence your best companion if you lack the necessary muscle power.

Universal Fit

You will also enjoy the convenience of fitting it into various kinds of arrows and relevant accessories. This stems from its ability to work hand in hand with just about every other kind of Carbon Express carbon arrows and a host of other standard-sized Carbon hunting arrows.

Concentric Design

It does feature the concentric design which comes in handy while centering the nock in the arrow. It greatly expedites this process which in turn gives rise to more consistent performances and outcomes. The dual pleasures of fewer constraints and greater outcomes are indeed yours to leverage.


  • Enables controlled releases of the arrows
  • Perfectly balanced for superior and more accurate shots
  • Does not interfere at all with the arrow’s front of the center
  • Exudes high and unconstrained visibility when lighted
  • Lower power consumption and utility bills


  • Low illumination or light output
  • Not so reliable in the long run
  • Easily shatters when bombarded with stronger impacts

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#8: Clean-Shot out Lighted Nock

Clean-Shot out Lighted Nock

Are you a starter in the field of hunting and would thus wish to up your expertise? This is the lighted nock to look up to as it is meant for persons of your kind. It has the ability to take you through the beginner to the intermediate and finally expert levels.

Silver Activation Collar

The nock allows you to practice and sharpen your skills at the same time. This is made possible by the simple ¼ turn of the silver activation collar. It is this specific trait which allows you to easily make good use of the lighted nock for sharpening your overall skills.

Brighter Glows

In all, the lighted nock generated brighter glows which are clearly visible at higher ranges. The bright glow ends the frustrations that ordinarily come along with searching for the lost arrows. They in the course of so doing make the searches quite joyful.

Easy-to-use Nocks

Lastly, the nocks are pretty easy to make use of. They are not so complicated and just about any other person can easily understand and engage them effectively. You need not possess that much experience and expertise to be able to fully utilize them.


  • Grants you unconstrained monitoring of the arrows
  • Lets you notice and pick the arrows even in the most obscure places
  • Works well with so many other co-operant tools and accessories
  • Quite low in weight and is easier to make use of
  • Gives you some form of controls over the size and fits


  • This brand is not highly reputable
  • Delicate and prone to frequent damages
  • Poor manufacturer’s warranty

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#9: Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Precision Lighted Nock

Carbon Express

Do you have some undamaged Carbon Arrows? This is the lighted nock to use with these kinds of arrows. The two sets of equipment are designed to operate seamlessly and in conjunction with each other. These nocks are subsequently your best bet as they guarantee awesome feedback.

Launchpad Lighted Precision Nocks

Over and above being able to execute the bare minimum roles and benefits, these lighted nocks are also optimized for precision. This is because they are designed in such a manner as to aid in the hitting of targets and other associated issues that revolve around hunting.

0.244-inch Internal Diameter

Its internal diameter measures a paltry 0.244 inches only. This diameter is slim enough to ensure tightness of the joints and to allow for seamless performances at any given time. You, therefore, have the benefit of being able to ward off unnecessary attendant issues.

Precise Contact Points

To further enhance the precision of the arrows, the nocks have some precise contact points throughout their makeup and structure. These points basically allow for some controlled arrow release and also guide the arrows to their final destinations reliably. You will hardly miss the associated targets as a result of this.


  • Brings about a comparatively consistent performance
  • Accords superior accuracy owing to the perfect balance
  • Interferes not with the stature and balance of the arrows
  • Generates clearly visible light which eliminates bias
  • Released and activated with great ease


  • Limited applicability
  • Accommodates relatively fewer accessories
  • Not so lucrative a purchase

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#10: aokur 6PCS 6.2mm Automatic Led Lighted Nock

aokur 6PCS

Does your entire life revolve around hunting and shooting game? If you answered this question in the affirmative, this could as well be the lighted nock you have been looking for. The nock is suited for all kinds of hunting and shooting tasks.

6.2 mm Shaft

At the core of the lighted nock is the shaft that measures 6.2 mm in diameter. It has the ability to fit any bolt that has that same diameter. This arrangement makes it great for you to enjoy the attendant benefits which a good and reliable nock of this kind brings along.

High-Quality Construction

All the constituent parts, components, and major functionalities exhibit some high-quality construction. They are subsequently well capable of enduring the most distressing of impacts and agents of deterioration. In the course of using them, you get to save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance.

Green Color

Its lighting is green in color. This light activates automatically after you shoot the arrow. It requires no effort on your part and is thus quite to make good use of. The benefit of higher convenience and higher quality of outcomes are thus yours to enjoy.


  • Easy and durable applications
  • Requires no advanced lighting before shooting it
  • Lights automatically after a shot to save you time and effort
  • Lighting lasts about 24-48 hours
  • Compatible with many Aluminum shafts as well


  • Uses non-replaceable batteries
  • Cannot work with the skinniest carbon shafts
  • Not so convenient to utilize

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#11: Clean-Shot Archery Nock out Crossbow Half Moon Nock

Clean-Shot Archery Nock

If all you are looking for is a nock for general purpose use, you have your answer with this particular lighted nock. This is because it is generally intended to handle a couple of the hunting related chores and duties. By using it, you will generally be able to sharpen your skills considerably.

Lightweight Construction

Weighing only 31-34 grains, this nock is light enough to enable you to carry it around with much ease. This arrangement allows for simplified and unconstrained use and applications. It also negates excess fatigue which may often compromise your overall experience.

High-speed Use

These nocks are generally designed for those crossbows which have the ability to attain shooting speeds in excess of 350 feet per second (fps). It is hence suitable for tackling some fast-paced animals like the antelopes. Its accuracy is a trait you just don’t want to forfeit at all.


You may devote this lighted nock to a number of uses. These include 3D tournaments, traveling, and lightless practices, over and above merely hunting. By placing your bet on it, you may be certain to derive the highest returns on your investments. It also confers to you some peace of mind.


  • Has a longer battery run time of around 24 hours
  • The battery is disposable and is therefore environmental-friendly
  • No tools are required to make use of it
  • Allows you to stay focused on your arrow
  • You will never lose your arrow in the grass at any given time


  • Requires some prior experience before use
  • Not for the everyday lighter tasks
  • May disadvantage those who lack the necessary expertise

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What Is Lighted Nock?

The lighted nock is basically a piece of hunting equipment which enables you to keep tracks of the path of your arrows and to retrieve them altogether after a hunting session.

They are attached to the arrows and are activated with each shot. It, therefore, follows that they minimize the losses of unused arrows and also aid in tracing the kills.

Why Use A Lighted Nock?

These equipment are mainly applicable in moments of low illuminations. These include the twilight moments such as the early dawn and the late dusk.

This is because they help a great deal in identifying the location of the preys. Other tasks are identifying the preys after a kill and saving the consumption of arrows by minimizing possible losses.

Benefits Of Using Lighted Nock

More Accurate Shots

The use of these lighted nocks leads to more accurate shots. This is because they enable you to trace the paths of arrows as you hit the target. This arrangement makes it possible for you to keep an eye on the prey as well and minimize any stray shots.

Reduced Hunting Costs

Given that they allow you to find any unused arrows, they have the impact of reducing the overall costs of hunting. You will not have to purchase newer arrows every now and then by making use of them. This spares you of unnecessary expenses.

Great for Moments of Reduced Visibility

Considering that they are illuminated, they are great for those moments of reduced visibility. The glows that they emit enable you to easily identify them and make use of them. At the same time, they suppress the inconveniences that come along with poor and less visible terrains.

Saves Time

You will also enjoy the rare privilege of saved time. You will not have to waste too much of your time to search for the arrows and the preys as is the case with the ordinary hunting techniques. This leads to a more fruitful hunting venture on the whole.

Simplifies Hunting

You cannot think of hunting conveniently without making use of these pieces of equipment. Their joint benefits simplify the process of hunting. As a matter of fact, they make hunting all the more enjoyable as they eliminate the unnecessary hassles that do come along.

How Does A Lighted Nock Work?

A lighted nock possesses a switch which in many cases is automatic. After attaching it at the end of the arrow, you shoot the arrow and the switch automatically triggers. This closes the circuit which then lights the lighted nock.

When lit, the nocks emit some light for a period of around 24 hours non-stop. In the course of so doing, they allow you to easily spot the arrows and the nock itself. This arrangement makes the retrieval of the arrow and the spotting of the prey easier.

How To Use A Lighted Nock For Bowhunting

Attach The Lighted Nock On The Arrow

Start off by attaching the lighted nock on the arrow. Use the manual of the manufacturer to carry out this otherwise sensitive undertaking. Be sure to confirm that the joints are properly secured and tightly made.

Shoot The Arrow Or Activate The Nock

Now shoot the arrow to light the nock. Alternatively, you may manually illuminate the nock by activating the switch on your own. This is to let the nock generate the light which makes it achieve the desired ends. After activating the nock, fire the arrow.

Monitor The Trajectory Of The Arrow

Monitor the path along which the arrow flies. This will help in identifying where it eventually falls and subsequently aids in the retrieval process.

Retrieve The Arrow

Go and retrieve the arrow thereafter. You have to do so within a period of 24 hours from the time you shoot the arrow. This is because the battery power of most lighted nocks is only 24 hours.

Switch Off And Re-Use

Immediately after retrieving the arrow, switch it off and then store appropriately. You will have to do this to save battery and allow for multiple usages without having to purchase a brand new battery.

How To Turn Off Lighted Nocks

Each lighted nock possesses a switch. It is this switch that is engaged to either turn it on or off. You, therefore, have to find the switch and then use your hands to turn it off appropriately.

What Color Of Lighted Nocks Should You Use?

There are three most outstanding colors to select from:

Green Lighted Nocks

Green is by far the most outstanding to use due to its camouflage nature. It does not compromise the possibility of catching the prey by reason of blending seamlessly with them.

Red Lighted Nocks

In the springtime, red becomes the color of choice. This is due to its bright and conspicuous nature which allows for the easy spotting and retrieval.

Yellow-Lighted Nocks

Lastly, you want to make use of yellow in moments of extremely poor visibility. These include the harsh winter months and moments of pitch darkness.

What Are The Popular Brands Of Lighted Nocks?

Listed below are the top five brands of the lighted nocks:

  • Lumenok Signature
  • Nockturnal GT
  • Aokur
  • Clean-Shot
  • Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD

What Should I Look When Choosing A Lighted Nocks

Batteries Consumption

As stated, these equipment derive their power from batteries. The rate at which the batteries are consumed therefore matters. You want to find one whose battery consumption is moderate so as to minimize the utility bills that ordinarily come along.


The choice of color determines the circumstances under which these lighted nocks may be used. They also have a bearing on the visibility of the lighted nocks. Choose a color that is bright enough to be clearly legible. Some of the top colors to consider are red, yellow and green.


You definitely want one that is light enough to carry around with ease. This is why you want one which you can carry around with ease. Check out the weight ratings while checking out for the most desirable kind of lighted nock.


Not every jurisdiction may allow you to utilize these lighted nocks. You have to be certain that the jurisdiction you are intent on using these equipment allows for their use. You also have to be sure that the exact brand or specifications are well supported in your area.

Skill Level vs. Controls

Lastly, you also want to check out the control features of the lighted nock of choice. Their ease of use is determined by your skill level. You do not want to purchase a lighted nock which is too complicated for you to make use of. Check them thoroughly for these.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long do lighted nocks stay lit?

Most last around 24 hours. Quite a few though can operate well beyond one day to around 30-35 hours.

Q2. How much does the nockturnal nock weigh?

This brand of lighted nocks weighs only 20 grains. This makes it by far the most preferable kind of lighted nock for your use and applications.

Q3. What are the best materials to use to make the lighted nocks?

Some of the top materials for use are clear plastic and lighter metals. These guarantee awesome maneuverability. They also eliminate the need for too much muscle power on your part.

Q4. What color of lighted nock is the best?

No other color beats the Red Lighted Nocks. The reason here is mainly because they find applicability round the year as opposed to other colors which cease to be reliable at certain times of the year.

Q5. Just how does a lighted nock operate?

Whenever an arrow is shot, the shooting action triggers a switch which subsequently closes a circuit to generate the illumination. The light stays on until such a time that the battery is depleted.


MY FAVORITE IS Lumenok Signature Nock (3-Pack), Green. This is because I am a career hunter who cherishes an arrow that allows for professional hunting and applications.

You have the challenge to find your own though. The argument here is that my unique circumstance of use may not really be the same as yours.

Having gained just the right insight, you definitely have to make a subsequent purchase. Do find at least one item from the list above and purchase it. Consider sharing this information as far wide as possible as well. Best of luck in your next hunting mission!

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