The 11 Best Lawn Rollers 2023

We all know how homeowners world over is proud of their home. Indeed, a big, breathtaking, and healthy grass is the most important aspect of a good home. To maintain such lawns in the best shapes and forms, you need to bring in some tools.

There is one tool which is less known but which is perhaps the most important. That is the lawn roller. It is our pleasure to introduce and examine this tool in its finer details in the conversations that follow.

11 Best Lawn Roller Reviews

#1: Agri-Fab 24-Inch x 36-Inch Commercial Steel Tow Lawn Roller

Commercial Steel Tow Lawn Roller

Is your search for the right roller dictated by the need for commercial tasks and purposes? Think this Agri-Fab lawn roller. In its sheer scope and design, the equipment is designed for commercial purposes. That it is because it covers a larger area faster not to mention that it lasts longer on the whole.

Heavy-duty Hitch Tubes

To mount this roller on a vehicle, you will have to attach the tow bar onto the hitch tube. The hitch tube is manufactured by heavy-duty material which endures the test of time. It is this construction which equips it to last longer.

Welded Seam Steel Construction

At its seams are some tough welding joints. Thanks to these tough and permanent seams, the equipment is stronger and capable of enduring all kinds of stress and impacts. Did we say that you can also use the machine for a longer duration of time?

640-pound Drum Capacity

Its drum capacity is a whopping 640 pounds. Even though this requires heavy and larger fillers, it also guarantees heavier pressing. This means you will be able to handle the toughest kinds of lawns conveniently and yield permanent outcomes.


  • Excellent tow bar which produces permanent outcomes
  • Guarantees reliable operations
  • Comes along with some added strength and durability
  • Filled with water which is ordinarily readily available
  • Achieves heavy-duty performance and outcomes


  • Requires plenty of storage space
  • Calls for huge muscle power to engage effectively
  • May not work well in some terrains

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#2: Toro Lawn Striping System

Toro Lawn Striping System

For you to attain maximum convenience, you have to acquire an all-in-one roller. Look no further than this one as it allows you to mow and stripe in a single unit. By placing your bet on it, you will not have to acquire numerous parts and accessories as is the norm.

Ball-park Quality Stripes

Generally speaking, this lawn roller generates some ball-park quality stripes. On the same note, it also patterns your lawn in such a way as to be beautiful and breathtaking to the eyes. It hence achieves two roles at a go.

Awesome Size

You will find this roller quite compact in size. That is because its dimensions are awesome. These are 13 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep by 24 inches high. You will hence not have to set aside too much space to store the gadget.

Toro Lawn Striping System

Its striping mechanism comes in the form of the Toro lawn striping system. The system grants you the capability of adding professional appearances easily to your lawn. At the end of a typical rolling procedure, you will enjoy better outcomes at a time.


  • Usable with or without a bagger attached
  • Moves easily and does not impose any unnecessary drag
  • Equally assembles with ease by use of the Phillips screwdriver
  • Pairs and attaches to most walk-behind mowers
  • Quite convenient to engage in the whole


  • Requires sand filling which in most cases is rare to come by
  • May not generate awesome pressing power
  • Performs fewer operational cycles on the whole

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#3: Agri-Fab 45-0269 Poly Tow Lawn Roller

45-0269 Poly Tow Lawn Roller

Do you intend to roll areas that are extremely tough in scope, texture, or elevation? You might have this lawn roller for your consideration. On the whole, the machine is tough and durable enough to handle all kinds of difficult terrain, as you are about to see.

Durable Construction

As stated, the machine comes in the form of some durable construction. This is because it is manufactured using durable and rustproof poly materials. Its support discs are also durable enough to withstand intense impacts.

Smooth Operations

In all, you will find the machine quite simple to operate. Its drain/fill plug in particular empties and fills with relative ease. This is not to mention that it pairs and works seamlessly with the regular garden hose. Why would you even wish to look elsewhere for your use?

Universal Hitch

Unlike most other equipment, the hitch of this machine is universal. This means it can attach to almost all brands of tractors out there. At the same time, it requires less effort on your part to mount and calibrate. The pleasure of expedited time is thus yours to leverage.


  • High capacity of 550 pounds offers tougher rolling
  • Allows for easy transportation and storage
  • Requires less space to handle and mount
  • Possesses rust-proof parts which are reliable in the long run
  • A video instruction accompanies the equipment to guide with installation


  • Requires some assembly before use
  • Quite prone to damages
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance

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#4: Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller

Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller

This machine is ideally great for flattening uneven grounds or for preparing surfaces for the impending planting of grass seeds. As such, you will find it particularly useful when preparing to sow your lawns. It can still function normally though.

Lightweight Construction

All factors considered, this machine has a lightweight construction. This allows it to be transported out and about the desired area with ease. At the same time, you will not require too much muscle power to engage it at all.

Smooth-finished Plastic Body

A smooth-finished plastic body also adorns much of the roller. It is this trait that is responsible for the consistent and even flattening outcomes. You may thus count on it not to let you down at all as you engage whichever terrain of choice.

Removable Hitch

Its hitch is also removable for ease of mounting and operations. You will have to engage the push or pull operations to be able to remove or attach the hitch to the towing vehicle. With this feature in mind, you will be able to enjoy maximum convenience.


  • Attaches faster and easily to whichever brand of tractor available
  • Simplified operations of all parts and components
  • Hassle-free to operate, store or maintain
  • Requires limited repairs and maintenance sessions on your part
  • Has a support disc inside for improved durability


  • Performs fewer operations
  • Brings about limited benefits to you
  • May not be so useful in some grounds

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#5: Brinly PRT-36BH 690-Pound Tow-Behind Poly Lawn Roller

Brinly PRT-36BH

Do you have an extremely large lawn in mind? You might want to pay some attention to the mini-review that follows. That is because this Brinly PRT-36BH lawn roller is intended for tackling larger lawns with ease, as you are about to note.

Tow-Behind Roller

This roller operates in the tow-behind capability or method. Its capacity is quite large and is also ideal for use in packing sown the sods and seeds that are newly sewn. You might want to pair it with a tractor or other pullers for best results.

Rounded Edges and Scraper Bar

Its edges and the scraper bar are round in shape. In light of this, the two parts guarantee some smooth turns without necessarily posing any damages to your lawns. The scraper board further keeps your machine free of any debris.

Large Filler Cap

The filler cap of this machine has an extra-large diameter to expedite the filling and emptying process. With this machine at your fingertips, you will not have to waste too much of your time to engage and enjoy the attendant benefits.


  • Opens and closes faster and easily
  • Demands limited storage space
  • Has an awesome and convenient carrying capacity
  • Guarantees some maximum rolling effectiveness
  • Possesses a heavy duty poly drum for long lasting outcomes


  • Requires excessive filler materials to operationalize
  • Cannot be operated manually
  • Imposes higher operating expenses on your part

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#6: Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller 45-0268

Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch

Do you wish to flatten surfaces which are uneven? You might consider leveraging this machine if your answer to the question is in the affirmative. With the ability to impact swaths of land as much as 36 inches wide, you have no better friend.

Tough Scraper Bar

Topping the list of its most desirable features is the tough scraper bar. Being tough and rounded, the scraper bar is such that it prevents the accumulation of debris on the drum. This way, you get to enjoy smoother operations and cleaner outcomes.

Support Disc

For added durability, the roller comes along with a support disc. You should thus expect the machine to break down less often. At the same time, you should also anticipate smoother experiences and overall outcomes while rolling your lawn.

Seamless Hitch

Its hitch is seamless possesses compatibility and scope. On the whole, it attaches quickly and easily to just about every other kind of tractor or mowing machine. Its impressive dimensions of just about 18 inches by 36 inches guarantees this.


  • Has a removable drain plug as well as a scraper bar
  • Comprises a center baffler to confer added stability
  • Strong enough to withstand the strongest impacts
  • Reinforced for greater outcomes and performance
  • Easy to fill and set in motion


  • Produces less rolling power
  • May not handle tougher and uneven surfaces
  • Breaks down frequently and easily

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#7: Bon 84-203 24-Inch by 18-Inch Lawn Roller

Bon 84-203 24-Inch

Are you a seasoned or aspiring landscaper? You might want to try your hand on this lawn roller. Other than being able to perform the bare minimum chores of a standard roller, it can also beautify and landscape your lawn.

All-welded Steel Construction

Throughout the entire length and breadth of the roller is the all-welded steel construction. Steel is ordinarily tough and resistant to the various agents of deterioration. Welding, on the other hand, reinforces the joints to make them tougher and firmer.

U shaped Handle

Unlike the handles of most competing rollers, the one for this one is shaped in the form of letter ‘U.’ You should hence expect some maximum comfort while engaging the roller. Issues like blisters and bone dislocations are also suppressed.

18-Inch Diameter

The diameter of the disc is the impressive 18 inches. With this impressive size in mind, you should expect to pass over an area within a shorter duration of time. This feature allows for a faster conclusion of tasks which generally take longer.


  • Impressive length of around 24 inches
  • U Shaped handle confers maximum comfort and handling
  • All welded steel construction ensures the longevity of service
  • Less prone to breakdowns
  • Peaceful to handle even when confronting the worst of terrains


  • Too simple in scope
  • Requires additional accessories to be able to perform well
  • Imposes too much clutter in your storage or work area

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#8: Brinly PRC-24BH 270-Pound Lawn Roller

Brinly PRC-24BH

Do you intend to operate in extremely tight and unreachable areas? A compact lawn roller of this kind will definitely come into your rescue. It is smaller, collapsible and hence capable of impacting areas that are tight and inaccessible.

Push/Tow Roller

The roller is a combination of both the push and the tow mechanism. This design hence exudes some versatility which is essential for maximum convenience to be achievable. As a matter of fact, the machine is suited for rolling tight and open spaces alike.

Rounded Edges & Scraper Bar

Rounded drum ends to ensure a smooth turn without damaging lawns while the scraper bard keeps it free from debris. Apart from these, the machine also requires limited human effort on your part as it is less prone to the side effects of friction.

Large Filler Cap

You will find the opening and emptying of this machine simpler to undertake. That is because it possesses a large filler cap which has an extra-large diameter. Issues like unnecessary time wastage will hence be kept at bay.


  • Works by pushing or towing at a time
  • Exudes some awesome versatility which impacts tight areas and open spaces easily
  • Neither rusts nor dents even when subjected to intense pressure or impact
  • Allows for smooth tractor turns on the whole
  • Hardly inflicts any damages to your lawn


  • A bit complex to engage
  • Demands frequent greasing and maintenance
  • Generates excessive frictional force

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#9: Ohio Steel 60T Pro Steel (Filled With Water)

Ohio Steel 60T

Who said it is impossible to roll your lawn in winter? You only need to obtain and make use of a specially designed roller of this kind. As you are about to note, this roller contains some elegant parts which make this possibility a reality.

Maximum Rolling Power

With a capacity of around 1,150 pounds, this roller generates maximum rolling power. As a matter of fact, it is by far the most reliable of all pressers available. This means you can and indeed will handle the toughest chores with ease.

Excellent Drainage

Given that it will accumulate plenty of moisture in the course of use, it requires draining from time to time. Worry not though. It indeed possesses excellent drainage mechanism which rids the machine of excess water whenever the temperature falls below 32°F.

Adequate Protection

Its tank is adequately protected from the various elements of harsh weather. The exterior of the tank is insulated from excess cold and is also coated to prevent rust. This means you will be able to use it for a prolonged duration of time without sustaining any damages.


  • Suited for the extremely cold weather
  • Generates awesome pressing power
  • Greatly resists rusting
  • Assures you maximum performance and reliability
  • Very stable and less likely to veer off


  • Cannot be propelled by hand
  • Quite expensive to acquire and maintain
  • Applicable only for the winter months

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#10: Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow-Behind Poly Lawn Roller

Brinly PRT-48SBH

Would you wish to rid your lawn of frost heave, mole runs, seeds, sods, and other debris? Look to no other lawn roller than this. Apart from evening your lawn, it can and indeed also rids it of this and much more unwanted debris.

Awesome Dimensions

In all, this roller has awesome dimensions indeed. Its rolling width is the impressive 48 inches while its filler has 485 pounds. These two traits jointly converge to produce awesome power which generates long-lasting impacts.

Heavy-duty Poly Drum

At its core is the heavy-duty poly drum. Not only is this drum strong and durable, but it also possesses a larger capacity. It is hence capable of holding plenty of fillers which in turn produces awesome power. The end result is an effective rolling outcome.

Lightweight Poly Design

Even though the drum is tough and durable, it is also lighter in weight. This allows for easy storage and transportation whenever the need may so determine. You will not have to input too much muscle power to be able to have your way.


  • Handles damaged yards with ease
  • Requires no strenuous effort to be able to handle
  • Its rounded edges see to it that your yard is not gouged or compromised
  • Allows you to cover more ground per unit roll
  • Does not overload your tractor’s drivetrain while in use


  • Brings the need for complex operational procedures
  • Has to be fitted with numerous attachments for it to work well
  • Quite tiring to move around as need be

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#11: Precision Products PLR1836 18-Inch by 36-Inch Lawn Roller

Precision Products PLR1836

Get hold of this roller to flatten all kinds of surfaces such as dirt, sand, and gravel. In all, it does feature some comprehensive makeup and construction. With this machine, you will save a bit of your time besides enjoying greater outcomes.

Multi-user Roller

This roller, as stated, is suited for numerous applications at a time. The reason behind this is its 18-by-36-inch dimensions which are also operable by the push or pull mechanism. Your use of this roller, therefore, saves you some time and effort.

40-Gallon Capacity

Its filler comes in the form of a gallon which has a capacity of around 40 gallons. When completely filled, this gallon produces plenty of weight which also presses the lawns hardly. Its side molded spokes on the other hand guarantees smooth operations.

Poly Roller Drum

Lastly comes its poly roller drum which is long lasting. The durable nature of this drum makes it handle impacts and stress well. It also hardly breaks down and is hence easier to maintain and operate in the long run.


  • Equipped with the tough steel two bar frame
  • Easy to use and engage compared to other rollers
  • Requires a paltry 30-minute assembly
  • Has some side-molded spokes for added traction
  • Performs chores which require the heaviest weights with ease


  • Calls for plenty of storage space
  • Not for those with limited muscle power
  • May injure you if not handled with care

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What is a Lawn Roller?

A lawn roller is a tool which is designed and intended to flatten, smoothen, and firm up the surfaces of lawns. It is particularly useful in those places where the climates often cause the lawns to develop some bumps or lose their aesthetic appeals.

Benefits of Using a Lawn Roller

Speed Up Germination

When used immediately after planting the grass, the rollers will speed up the rate of germination of seeds. This is because it strengthens the roots of the seeds which enables them to stick faster and firmly on the soil.

Improves the Soil Drainage

As stated, this tool evens out the surface of the soil. In the course of so doing, it improves the drainage of the soil by making it easier for the water to seep out into their desired final destinations. Chances of puddles or pools forming are therefore greatly reduced.

Combat Soil Erosion

Closely related to the above is the fact that the tool combats soil erosion. It prevents the topsoil from being washed off and hence preserves your soil intact. This tool also contributes towards combating landslides and a couple of other common problems.

Boosts the Appearances of Lawns

By making the lawns flatter and even, the tool also contributes towards making the lawns appear more aesthetic. The end result of such rolling is one that is smooth and on the whole evenly grown. You cannot hope to beautify your lawns without this tool.

Invigorate the Health of Lawn

Lastly, the tool invigorates the health of the lawn. This is because it enables the water to trickle down smoothly and unhindered. In this way, the roots of the grass are furnished with enough water and nutrients.

When to Roll a Lawn

By far the best time to roll the lawn is the spring. It is at such a time that the grass has started re-growing after the end of the harsh winter. Also, the soil lacks snow and is therefore easily impacted by the machine.

How to Properly Roll a Lawn

Get Rid of Any Debris

Commence the procedure by getting rid of any debris from the surface of the lawn. Look out for any plastics, twigs, dried sticks, and paper. They might interfere with your machine when they get into contact. Alternatively, squeezing them with the roller might incorporate them in the soil.

Trim the Lawn to Desired Sizes

Now trim the lawn to the desired sizes. These machines work better when the lawns are shorter than when they are taller. Use a lawn mower or a slasher to do the job. Needless to say, you have to remove the debris thereafter.

Engage the Machine

Now engage the machine for the sake of rolling the lawn. This is the core of the entire procedure. You will have to engage the machine appropriately. If it is powered, engage the power button. If it is manual, engage the handles. Make several passes over the area until the outcome is completely uniform.

Check for Any Unevenness

Any human undertaking is never foolproof. You, therefore, have to check out for unevenness. Of course, you have to rectify those issues accordingly. This may require passing the roller severally atop the surface that is under operations.

TIPS for Using a Lawn Rollers

Work Your Lawn When It is Dry

Do not roll your lawn when the ground is soaked with excess water. The splatter from the mud will soil you and also compromise the machines in some way. On the contrary, do so when the ground is damp but not too much as to be soaked.

Pay Attention to The Weight of The Roller

Never use a roller that is too heavy. Your soil might be permanently broken or compromised beyond repair. You have to match the roller of choice to the nature of the soil you wish to handle.

Time Your Rolling Appropriately

The time you wish to roll your lawn also matters. Never do so in winter when it is snowy or in during stormy weather. Besides damaging your lawns sometimes permanently, you might also pose some irreversible damages to your machine. Spring is by far the best time to do so.

Consider The Soil as Well

Some soils cannot just be rolled. Clay is perhaps the most notable of these. If yours is a clay soil, kindly stay away from rolling it. You do not want to endanger your environment at all.

Mind The Frequency of Your Rolls

Lastly, mind the number of times you roll your lawn. Do not do so every quite often. You might pose some permanent damages to your lawn and roller. Once a year, preferably in the spring, would be the best frequency to do so.

Water or Sand?

To be able to let your roller generate the impact it requires, you have to fill it with either water or sand. Water is readily available yet is not heavy enough to generate the desired impacts. Sand, on the other hand, is heavier but not readily available. Also, it requires heavier muscles or more fuel to operate than water.

What to Look for When Choosing a Lawn Rollers

Filler Material

The choice of the right filler is largely determined by the nature of your roller. In case your roller can accommodate both, then you are better advised to settle for the sand filler as it is more reliable.

Muscle Power

Rolling a lawn requires some muscle power especially if the tool is manual. You have to pay attention to the muscle power requirement to be able to enjoy the best outcomes. If you lack the muscle power, you would better look for one that is operable by use of fuel.

Size of Lawn

How large is your lawn? The size of the lawn determines the kind of equipment which may be used. A larger lawn requires a machine which has the ability to impact a wider swath of land. For extremely large lawns, however, you want to make use of a motorized roller.

Kind of Grass

The kind of grass your lawn has also determines the roller of choice. For tough grasslike annual ryegrass, creeping bentgrass, and creeping red fescue can cope with tough motorized rollers. Weaker varieties, on the other hand, are able to withstand only the manual lawn rollers.


Needless to say, the terrain also matters a lot. Winding and bumpy terrains require machine which is tougher and capable of withstanding extreme impacts and tensions. You have a larger roller for your taking if your terrain is one such. A flatter or gentler terrain, on the other hand, responds well to the weaker rollers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is my lawn so bumpy?
The main reason this happens is that the turfgrass becomes compact and thinner. The successive freezing and thawing of the ground, as well as the digging actions of animals, also gives rise to this phenomenon.

Q2. When should I roll my lawn?
Spring is by far the best time to roll the lawn. It is at this time that the grass becomes invigorated from a state of relative dormancy.

Q3. Is it OK to roll a newly seeded lawn?
Yes, and by all means, you are advised to do so. Doing so eliminates all the air pockets which might interfere with the germination of seeds.

Q4. What animal is digging holes in my yard at night?
Squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and burrowing animals are some of those that might dig holes in your yard at night.

Q5. How do I fix holes in my lawn?
Use sand, compost, and soil to seal those holes. Be sure to press hard to prevent the re-emergence of those holes a second or third time.


MY FAVORITE IS Precision Products PLR1836 18-Inch by 36-Inch Lawn Roller. As you can see from the mini-review above, the machine can flatten all kinds of surfaces like dirt, sand, and gravel. My use of this machine negates the acquisition and the incorporation of many accessories. It is hence cheaper and more convenient to engage on the whole.

You do not have to settle on it too though. You have to look for yours on the basis of your own preferences and tastes. Why don’t you also spread the love with many of your friends and relatives? They will also get to keep their lawns in the desired shapes and forms.

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