Updated On May 18, 2020

Is IKEA Furniture Good?

Furniture has been an extremely important part of our lives. Most people are overly particular about choosing their furniture. The design of the furniture defines the impression of the room. The piece of furniture in your room can decide how others will be impacted by it. IKEA, a Swedish company, has provided low-budget furniture at low prices and with stylish designs. If you are looking for voguish furniture at reasonable prices, IKEA has been at top-notch.

There can be bad reputation issues for the IKEA company. There are several reasons for it and sometimes it might be people’s misunderstanding for the same. So, you might question if IKEA’s furniture is worth paying money for. Is it a smart deal? There are different points of view in the market and you need to personally explore it by yourself and check whether it is suitable for you or not.

The quality of IKEA furniture is usually good. There is a technique of assembling the pieces of the furniture in which if you are accurate, you might not have issues with it. IKEA has always been providing more parts than needed. IKEA is excellent at customer services.

In this blog, we will tell you about the positive and negative points of the IKEA to make it easy for you to decide if you want to buy or not. We have covered the quality and durability, company policies, reviews of the customers, and online services of the company because it is very important to research properly before buying the products. IKEA has been emerging as a furniture company but with good and bad reviews.

Product manual issues

Over the years, it has been found difficult for the people to assemble the pieces of the furniture because of the guidelines. As IKEA is a Swedish company, the basic manual has been written in the Swedish language. It has been translated into many different languages later on but some information is lost in the process of translation. Therefore, it is difficult to assemble with the missing pieces of information from the manual. Many people cannot understand how to fix and where to attach different parts of the furniture.

On a different note, written instructions are also provided for the ease of customers along with picture guides as to how to proceed step by step.

Extra pieces of furniture

It is normal to expect no leftover pieces after you assemble all the parts of the furniture. However, IKEA gives out a few extra pieces for the same furniture. There might be many reasons for this but one of the main reasons is that it ships the products globally and therefore there is a possibility of receiving damaged and misplaced parts of the furniture. For a few people, this is a plus point.

But most of the people are not aware of the fact that they give out extra pieces. Consequently, confusion arises as a result of which people have to put in extra efforts to assemble the furniture. If you do not want to prepare your furniture, you can hire a competent furniture assembly and installation services company to do that for you by investing a small amount of money.

Unsafe furniture doubts

There was a tall dresser controversy that had led people to believe that their IKEA furniture was not as safe as it appears to be. Due to the fall of the heavy dresser, a few people got injured and some died too. It had been a very critical issue for the reputation of the company.

However, the company aided it well. There are several cases of furniture recall due to an unsafe feeling. But for a solution to this problem, they came up with a new strategy. They provided the users an anchor kit to attach the wall to keep it from falling off. The users had an option between the anchor kit and getting a full refund upon recall.

Acknowledge yourself on what to avoid

IKEA has been very open in telling its customers what had been recalled over time. The products which are unsafe for use have been on the poster on the walls of IKEA and they probably might not be trading it. But the external shopkeepers might still be selling it.

Hence, you must research enough to know what you should be avoiding to buy from IKEA. You should always check the quality of the product before buying it. IKEA has not been providing extra good quality. The quality of the furniture withers out over time but the prices are affordable.

Less durability and environment unfriendly

The durability of IKEA furniture has been proven bad because it is made up of recycled wood. Therefore, it is not durable enough to last for years together. Even after being made from recycled wood, the furniture is not environmentally friendly. The finish and the resin glue are not entirely recyclable. But the company took a great step by banning the use of PVC. The particle board of the furniture is synthetic and thus, it cannot be refinished with the DIY hacks.

Wrap up

In conclusion, it is recommended to always check the quality of the furniture before you buy it. No company is flawless. Even though IKEA has quality issues, the prices are much lower than the market. And even after so many allegations on the company, it has been one of the best rated in the market.

The way the company designs each item has a lot to do with its sales. The services and the marketing policies of the company excels in its field. The return policy of the company has been made easy and non-hectic such that it has provided utmost satisfaction to its customers.

The pros of the IKEA furniture are that you can buy stylish and attractive designs of furniture at a cost-effective low price. It has a lot of pieces that can fit into smaller places. If you are a person with a short budget, IKEA serves the best for you. The furniture has been so expensive to afford that it is a blessing for some people that the IKEA is providing at such affordable prices.

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