The 11 Best Inspection Cameras 2023

It is impossible to carry out inspections of the various infrastructural projects and installations by use of the naked eyes alone.

You definitely have to incorporate a handy gadget which is specially designed for the role. You have the inspection cameras for your use and consideration.

11 Best Inspection Camera Reviews

#1: DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope

DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope

A multipurpose inspection camera such as this is great if you have numerous kinds of environments to handle. With this camera, it is possible to handle and impact as many kinds of application environments as can be. These include the wet areas, dark areas, and the low-light areas, among others.

Adjustable LED Lighting

Topping the charts are some six built-in adjustable LED lighting. These play the role of improving your visibility in the places of pitch darkness or low-lit areas. You may be sure to do your job better regardless of where you might so desire.

Adjustable Brightness

What’s more? You can even adjust the brightness of the light output. You will have to make use of the brightness control wheel which exists on the main Wi-Fi box. This again means you will be sure of nothing but the best kinds of outcomes at any given time.

Excellent Resolution

With a resolution of around 1200P, this camera allows you to capture the images or record the videos at extremely close range. The quality of the images reaches a whopping 1600x1200P resolution. As such, they are very clear and devoid of any ambiguities.


  • Attached to a bendable and semi-rigid power cable
  • Saves the captured shots and images in the phone album automatically
  • Accesses a wide variety of confined and difficult-to-reach spaces
  • Saves files in the latest kinds of formats available
  • Has four adjustable resolutions for you to choose from


  • Limited storage capacity
  • Pairs with fewer devices and options
  • Not so convenient to make use of

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#2: USB Snake Inspection Camera

USB Snake Inspection Camera

If all you intend to do is inspect those hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas, you have this piece of equipment for your consideration. As you are about to see, this camera is packed with numerous features which enable you to accomplish this very feat.

5M Semi-rigid Cable

A 5m semi-rigid cable stands out as the premier trait of this particular camera. This cable rotates at an angle of 360°. In the process of this, it allows you to select your preferred viewing angle as easily as can be. Your view is hence unhindered or interfered with.

8 Adjustable LED Lights

Next comes the eight adjustable LED lighting. Its possession of two extra lights allows for clearer experiences even in the deepest of darkness. The lights also eliminate all forms of ambiguities which might arise in the process.

8.0 mm Waterproof Wired Camera

Lastly, the camera also possesses 8 mm diameter aperture. For this reason, it is slim and compact enough to be able to fit the smallest spaces possible. You will, therefore, make good use of this in areas under water, in holes, and within small cracks.


  • Works well on all kinds of platforms like the smartphones, MacBook, Android, and Windows PC
  • Its power cable may be bent to be able to fit the smallest spaces
  • Pairs with a couple of accessories to allow for use in all kinds of spaces
  • Produces clearer images than most ordinary cameras
  • Has higher resolution images which are clearly visible


  • Expensive to afford and make use of
  • Difficult to find the appropriate spare parts in case of damage
  • Requires huge muscle strength to handle and engage

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#3: Teslong Industrial Borescope

Teslong Industrial Borescope

Short on cash yet would want to enjoy the benefits of a good inspection camera? Worry not! Try your hand on this particular gadget. It is small, light in weight, and compact enough to handle all kinds of home-based applications.

High-quality Metal Gooseneck Construction

Its entire body is made of the high-quality metal gooseneck material. This has the ability to flex when subjected to some impacts and force. It is hence less likely to break apart or sustain damages as compared to the rigid alternatives.

IP67 Waterproof Body

Other than being flexible, the material is also waterproof. The material is rated IP67 and is generally known to be strong and resistant to the percolation of water. You have this particular camera for your consideration if you plan to inspect on a rainy day.

3.5-inch LCD Screen

An LCD screen which measures 3.5 inches closes the list of its most admirable features. This screen, together with the semi-rigid waterproof camera, lets you view images which are of high quality indeed. They eliminate any blurs or other forms of ambiguities.


  • Retains its shape and form under all circumstance of use
  • Captures and displays images faster and more conveniently
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Performs numerous tasks and chores
  • Image quality is brighter and sharper than those of ordinary cameras


  • Great only for those simple and inconsequential chores
  • A bit weighty to carry around with ease
  • May harm your body faculties in case of an impact

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#4: Whistler Diagnostic Inspection Camera

Whistler Diagnostic Inspection Camera

If you are a homeowner and a car owner, it is in your best interest to simplify the task of inspecting your home by taking hold of this convenient and comprehensive inspection camera. By its sheer nature and design, it is great for both the home and automotive applications.

Video Output Jack

You will enjoy the pleasure of pairing this camera with a larger monitor or display unit. You have the video output jack for your use for this task. It hooks on a slot and transfers signals unhindered to the intended end equipment.

9 mm Waterproof Camera

On the whole, every part and component of the camera is waterproof. By reason of this arrangement, the camera is resistant to the percolation of water and moisture. You can, therefore, use it rainy and wet conditions with relative ease.

3.3-foot Flexible Camera Tube

The transfer of the captured signals is made possible by the flexible, cable that measures 3.3 feet. The tube is so slim and is hence able to reach those areas which are beyond the length of the arms. You have the pleasure of maximum convenience to your leverage.


  • Simple-to-use diagnostic inspection camera
  • Makes difficult jobs in those hard-to-reach-and-see areas quite easy
  • Has excellent video recording capability
  • Provides detailed images and outputs
  • Has image rotation for four different orientations


  • Cannot handle professional applications
  • Has fewer operational cycles
  • Possesses some delicate parts and components

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#5: Vividia 9 mm Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera

Vividia 9 mm

Totally dark spaces and those areas that are beneath the water are not really easy to impact. They require specially designed and appropriately calibrated inspection cameras such as this one. Do make some effort to make use of it.

9 mm Camera Head

Its head measures a paltry 9 mm diameter. Given this compact dimension, the camera is capable of fitting the smallest available spaces possible. It also allows for perfect and up-close visual inspections in those cramped up spaces.

Waterproof Camera Head and Cable

Its head and attached cable are both waterproof in nature. They are hence able to withstand wet operational environments which are cumbersome to the ordinary kinds of cameras. It is this trait that makes it suited for use in wet regions well.

Portable Flexible Digital Inspection Camera

On the whole, the camera is portable and extremely flexible in nature. You will not have to struggle to carry it around as is the case with the other gadgets. Being flexible, you will also find the camera quite easy to engage.


  • Allows you to extend the length of the cable for maximum reach
  • Accompanied by numerous accessories and other co-operant tools
  • Grants you the ability to perform detailed visual inspections in otherwise hard-to-reach areas
  • Works well even in total darkness or underwater
  • Possesses a full-color LCD screen which allows you to view live images and videos


  • Lacks a couple of equally vital features
  • May not carry out some chores
  • Cannot perform optimally in some kinds of environments

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#6: DBPOWER Endoscope Inspection Camera

DBPOWER Endoscope Inspection Camera

Do you have poor visibility or other eyesight issues? Your help comes in the form of a specially designed inspection camera such as this. By its sheer nature and design, this camera is able to generate high-quality and visible images you yearn for.

4x Zoom Functionality

The camera allows you to zoom the images up to four times their ordinary dimensions. This, in turn, lets you view every detail, and unambiguously for that matter. Because of this, you will be able to spot those details which are largely inaccessible by the ordinary cameras.

3 Megapixels Resolution

Its picture quality is pretty high. It comes in the form of the 3 megapixels resolution. The camera magnifies those details which are minute and largely untouchable by the ordinary kinds of cameras. You may be sure to ward off any ambiguities in the course of use.

Separable Monitor

Unlike the monitors of the ordinary cameras, this one is separable in that you may detach it from the main camera. For this reason, you will find the camera quite simple to carry around due to limited clutter.


  • Adapts to different working environments
  • Provides extra comfort to your hands while operating
  • Expedites the inspection and repairs of the various tasks
  • Controllable easily by use of only one hand
  • Saves you plenty of money in the course of use


  • Cumbersome to comprehend and engage effectively
  • Imposes too much clutter in a typical workspace
  • Low image resolution

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#7: DEWALT DCT412S1 12-Volt Li-Ion 5.8mm Inspection Camera


Are you a complete starter in the dual fields of cameras and inspections? You have this simple and easy-to-use camera for your taking. Unlike many other alternative cameras, this one is devoid of the complicated features and controls which exist in the complicated models.

5.8 mm Cable Diameter

This camera has the ability to reach those tight areas that are largely inaccessible. This stems from its possession of the 5.8 mm diameter cable. The cable is also flexible to allow for easy maneuverability and controls.

3X Zoom Capability

It has the ability to magnify the images three times their original size. This feature allows for enhanced visibility. It is further complemented with a screen that measures 3.5 inches. These two jointly allow for increased and unconstrained visibility.

Removable Wireless Screen

Finally, its screen is also removable. For this reason, it is possible for you to detach it from the camera to allow for easy transportation and storage. This removable trait also allows for easy viewing in tighter areas which are generally too squeezed.


  • Reaches dark areas with maximum ease and minimal constraints
  • Saves data on a micro SD memory card
  • Captures both photos and videos at the same time
  • Attached to a 3-foot cable that is waterproof
  • Produces images of higher resolutions


  • Produces poorer picture quality
  • Is not so reliable in the long run
  • Inflicts higher maintenance costs

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#8: Etch BR80 Video Borescope Inspection Camera

Etch BR80 Video Borescope Inspection Camera

To impact pitch darkness with ease, you need a camera that is well lit and also generates images of higher resolutions. Perhaps no other camera is as handy and well-suited for this role as this particular camera. Do take hold of it for your use in such circumstance.

17 mm Diameter Camera Head

Its camera head is larger than those of most cameras. It measures a whopping 17 mm. For this reason, the camera is sufficient to handle those shots which are ordinarily too large to be impacted by the smaller cameras.

39-inch (1m) Flexible Gooseneck Cable

A gooseneck flexible cable comes in next among the list of its most reliable features. It measures around 39 inches long and is also flexible. Because of these, it retains its configured shape regardless of the manner in which it is engaged or handled.

Glare-free Close-up Field of View

The lens of the camera is very sharp and strong as to provide a glare-free close-up field of view. It thus sees to it that you obtain images that are crisp, clear, sharp and blur-free. What’s more? It also has four bright LED lamps which greatly illuminate your object.


  • Extremely light in weight and convenient to handle
  • Easily finds, diagnoses and solves your problems
  • Comes in a compact and handheld design
  • Excellent at resisting the percolation of water
  • Suitable for impromptu uses and applications


  • High power consumption of 4 AA batteries
  • May harm the eyes when used for long
  • Has the potential to tangle you due to the long cable

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#9: Scam Borescope Camera

Scam Borescope Camera

A career workman requires a multipurpose camera which has the ability to perform as many chores as possible. This is the camera which is designed for a career workman. Other than being multipurpose, the camera is also strong, tough and durable enough for repeated use and applications.

Waterproof Camera Head

The head of the camera is waterproof. For this reason, the camera is resistant to the percolation of water and moisture. This feature makes the camera usable in wet, sleet, humid and rainy conditions well. You have it for your use in the sewage too.

3 Adjustable Intensity

You can also adjust and determine the intensity of the light output. This arrangement guarantees great picture outputs at all times. It also allows for optimal illumination of the surfaces and the specimen under study. This gives rise to awesome picture quality.

Built-in 2600mAh Rechargeable Battery

A built-in 2600mAh re-chargeable Samsung lithium-ion battery concludes its most awesome set of features. The battery provides up to 6 working hours of complete power and electrical output. You have the pleasure of peace of mind to make use of the camera.


  • Great for the darkest corners and crevices
  • Both the camera and the cable are waterproof
  • Usable in a range of domestic plumbing equipment and facilities
  • Certified by the various accreditation agencies
  • Backed by an excellent one-year warranty


  • Not for a starter
  • Requires some prior technical expertise
  • May not be so easy to comprehend and engage well

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#10: RIDGID 40043 Inspection Camera

RIDGID 40043

An intelligent homeowner ought to acquire and make use of an ordinary inspection camera. Look up to this as it is ideal for carrying out basic and short-range home inspection tasks. It is also simple in scope and is, therefore, easier to comprehend and engage.

2.4-inch Color LCD

Its display monitor is by far its most outstanding trait. This screen measures 24 inches and also possesses higher resolution. With this resolution which measures an impressive 480 x 234, this screen brings about clear and detailed image outputs.

4 LEDs

To further enhance the clarity of your images, this camera comes along with some four LED lights. They are so designed as to allow you to adjust their brightness and intensities. In light of this arrangement, you may be sure to achieve great illumination of the specimens and surfaces.

4-foot Cable

It is attached to the screen courtesy of a cable that measures 4 feet (120 cm). The cable is not extendable and is, therefore, less likely to tear apart. You are subsequently guaranteed maximum reliability in the long run as opposed to the other kinds of cameras.


  • Transfers images to external devices with great ease
  • Possesses the 180° digital image rotation capability for obtaining upright images
  • Performs diagnosis and confirmation in tight spots and those hard-to-reach areas
  • Enables easier detection in tough environments
  • Does not interfere with the image output


  • Only for home applications
  • Quite bulky to carry around with ease
  • Produces not so great picture quality

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#11: Teslong Industrial Borescope Inspection Camera

Teslong Industrial Borescope

For industrial-scale applications, you have no more reliable friend than this particular inspection camera. It is large, strong, durable, and extremely resourceful for such kinds of use. In the mini-review below, you will get to know more about its finer details.

Optimal Diameter

With the diameter of only 5.5 mm (0.21 inches), this camera is slim enough for your use and applications. These minute dimensions allow for the slipping of the camera in the tiniest of spaces available. This is not to mention effective controls and manipulation.

Instant Picture Output

The picture output is also instant. This is to mean that you will not have to spend too much of your time to receive the output you ask for. You only need to power on the screen and there you have it! The benefit of maximum convenience is yours for the taking.

Long-lasting Battery

It derives its power from the built-in Samsung Lithium-Ion battery. Its ampere-rating capacity is a whopping 2600mAh. It is subsequently capable of discharging up to 6 hours of unhindered operating time. This guarantees you some added peace of mind.


  • Extends the field of view to narrower spaces
  • Requires no software downloads and is thus convenient
  • Does not predispose your smartphone to the risk of smudging
  • Retains its shape regardless of the kind of application it is subjected to
  • Allows you to shape it for your special use


  • Only for the experienced users and workmen
  • May pose some injuries to you
  • Limited storage space and capacity

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What is an Inspection Camera?

This is an electronic gadget which can capture remote images and relay the same to you.

It enables you to observe areas which are dangerous, too crowded or inconvenient to access using normal pieces of equipment or methodology.

It is also called a borescope.

Benefits Of Using Inspection Camera

Very Accurate

Generally speaking, this kind of equipment is very accurate. It is appropriately calibrated and packed with responsive controls. With regards to this, it is very unlikely that you will miss a particular target or generate undesirable outcomes.

Maximum Safety

Other possessing effective controls, the gadget is also safer for your use. It is also non-invasive in that it interferes not with the specimen or infrastructure which is targeted. This feature comes in handy when inspecting extremely dangerous places.

Pre-empts Impending Dangers

With the inspection camera, it is possible to pre-empt impending dangers and mitigate them beforehand. This is because it lets you know the sources of the problems and provide room for accurate prevention measures.

Reduces Operational Expenses

Given that you will be able to anticipate any impending dangers, it follows that your use of the inspection camera reduces your maintenance and operational expenses considerably. Their faster speeds and overall efficiency also ensure faster outcomes.

Quite Convenient to Utilize

On the whole, this camera is quite convenient to make use of. The manufacturers of the gadget make deliberate steps to simplify the use and operation of the gadget. Regardless of your expertise and skill level, you may be sure to find one which suits you.

Types Of Inspection Camera

Hand-Held Models

These possess a video terminal as well as a cable which connect directly to the desired output. These cameras are suitable for smaller and lighter day-to-day jobs. Examples are peeking the areas behind a wall or beneath appliances.

Compact Camera Systems

As the name suggests, the compact camera systems are easily portable and are also extremely durable. This means they are a fantastic option for quality inspections which are performed a far off. Their extra-long cable length of around 100 feet makes them all the more convenient for remote use.

Standard Cameras

Standard cameras are so called because they possess the bare minimum set of features necessary for a typical inspection feat. They are as such devoid of any add-ins or accessories like the monitors. You may, however, add these easily due to the existence of attachment ports and slots.

How To Use Inspection Camera

Turn the device On

Start off by powering the camera. Do so to the camera and the monitor at the same time. An indicator light will show up to let you know when the camera is on or not.

Check the Screen

Next, check the screen to see whether the image is produced and that it is clear. Make appropriate adjustments if the image output is undesirable. These include zoom and the picture clarity.

Set the Language

In case you do not understand the default language, consider setting the language as per your unique expectations. Use the control buttons and the instructions in the manual to make this a reality.

Set the Date and Time

On the same note, you want to set the date and the time to match the ones in your locality. Most modern cameras will not work if these parameters do not tally. After this step, the screen will most always display the camera’s point of view.

Insert the Camera Head

Now insert the head of the camera into the exact area you intend to inspect. Adjust its position appropriately for maximum views and perspective.

Navigate the Camera

Go ahead to navigate the camera. Rotate it to the desired direction of your choice and preference. Use the flexible cable or any other existing controls to do the job. Avoid any tight bends at this point to prevent any possible damages to the cable.

Inspect the Area

With the camera appropriately set and well navigated, inspect the area under interest. Record the images and make as many possess as possible in the area.

Turn the Device Off

As soon as you are finally through with the inspection, turn off the device. Press the main switch to trigger this process.

Crucial Tips & Tricks

Inspect the Equipment Before Use

Take good care of your device. Inspect it before use and moments before long-term storage. In case you identify any impending damages or dangers, make appropriate arrangements to have them handled and mitigated in time.

Place Your Hands Next To The Drain Opening While Operating The Camera

Placing your hands right next to the drain opening grants you greater controls over the camera’s reel. With this proper control, you will avoid the sudden motions which may pose some damages to your equipment.

Never Use The Camera as a Tool

Most people are often tempted to use the cameras to perform other chores. Never do this as you might easily damage your camera or shorten its lifespan considerably. Always remember that an inspection camera is purely diagnostic.

Clean and Maintain the Camera Always

Keeping the camera clean and well-kempt ought to be a matter of top priority to you. You should use a clean piece of cloth to wipe off the dust from the lens. This ought to happen after each use and moments before storage.

Be Slow And Meticulous While Engaging The Camera

Never rash or apply excessive force while engaging the camera. The various parts of the camera are delicate and hence highly susceptible to damages or whichever kinds. Be gentle, slow and kind while handling it to avoid such issues.

What Should I Look When Choosing An Inspection Camera?

Camera Size

This by far is the most significant consideration. A good camera ought to be small, compact and preferably foldable. You do not want a camera which is bulky and ordinarily difficult to engage or transport.

Display Unit

These cameras are designed to display the images onto the screens or remote monitors. You, therefore, have to pay keen attention to the camera’s display units. Check the screen size, video technology, resolution, and controls to arrive at the best purchasing decision.

Indicator Lights

In case you intend to make use of the camera in remote locations, your camera of choice has to be equipped with the appropriate indicator lights. The LED lights are by far the most recommended for the job. They have consistently proved to be great at illuminating the work area for maximum visibility.

Cable Reach

For extremely remote applications, you will have to make use of a camera which has a longer cable reach. You, however, ought not to rely solely on the camera’s cable. You can and indeed should indeed buy an extra-long extension for maximum convenience.

Video Output

Lastly, you also have to factor the video output of the camera. This basically determines how the signal or the image is transferred from the camera to the display unit remotely. It also determines the kind of cable you might want to make use of to transmit the said signals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a borescope inspection camera?

This is an optical gadget which comprises rigid or flexible tubes that have some eyepiece attached at one end. It plays the role of inspecting a work area from a remote location.

Q2. What are the best inspection camera brands for beginners?

If you are a beginner in the field of camera inspection, you might consider the Dealt DCT412B, Distich Wi-Fi Endoscope, and the AC Delco ARZ6058 Multi-Media for a start.

Q3. What is the difference between the dome and bullet inspection camera?

Dome cameras are shaped in the form of a sphere and are mainly used for surveillance. The bullet cameras, on the other hand, are shaped in the form of a bullet. They too are used for surveillance but are smaller and hence less visible.

Q4. How much do the best inspection cameras cost?

Most cost an average of $500, give or take. They may, however, go for as low as $200 and as high as $800.

Q5. How much does a typical inspection cost?

Expect to part with no less than $130 for a typical inspection task. The actual cost however varies significantly depending on the nature of the task, terrain, and the kinds of outcomes that are required.


MY FAVORITE IS Scam Borescope Camera because I am a career workman. The camera is quite comprehensive in scope and is as such capable of performing numerous tasks at a time.

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