The 11 Best Inline Fans In 2023

Are you an indoor agriculturalist or simply in need of a comfortable room?

You have to make use of the inline fans.

Given their relative obscurity, finding the right one may never be that easy.

We are here to help you out. Read on to find out more about these fans.

Top 11 Inline Fan Reviews

#1: Hydrofarm ACDF6 Active Air 6″ Inline Duct Fan

Hydrofarm ACDF6 Active Air 6" Inline Duct Fan

Are you sourcing for a fan to use in an installation that demands limited noise? You want to try out this fan if your answer to the question is in the affirmative. That is because it is mainly suited for quiet operations.

Durable Ceramic-coated Exterior

Throughout its exterior is some durable ceramic coating. This coating ensures that the fan is shielded from the agents of deterioration. These include corrosion, ugly marks, and scratches. It hence preserves the awesome appearance.

Metal Housing

It is enclosed in some metallic housing. The housing is hence very strong and stable. Because of this, it yields your years of dependable services and long-lasting outcomes. Also, it brings down your overall maintenance costs.

UL-recognized Components

All the components that are used to make up the fan are recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratory. It is thus on the whole very long lasting. At the same time, it guarantees you unparalleled performances at any given time.


  • Comes along with mounting brackets for ease of installation
  • Resists corrosion, dents, and other agents of damage with ease
  • Accredited by the various standards organizations
  • Quiet and highly-effective impeller
  • Low noise output which leads to quiet operations


  • Quite bulky and cumbersome to carry around
  • Not so energy efficient for your use
  • Slightly costly to purchase

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#2: iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

This fan is great for all kinds of installations. You will find it great for your factory, home or horticulture greenhouse. This is because it cleanses the air and regulates the temperature seamlessly for your good welfare.

Excellent Power Cord

To draw power from the mains electricity, the appliance uses an excellent power cord. This one is pre-wired and measures an impressive 5 feet. Further to these, the power cord is also accredited by the Underwriter’s Laboratory.

Zero Maintenance

With this fan in your possession, you may be certain to incur zero maintenance costs. That is because its bearing is permanently lubricated. Say no to unnecessary hassles and yes to great peace of mind while using it.

Quiet Operations

Also, it discharges some quiet operations indeed. This stems from its possession of the composite fan blades as well as a central hub. These two operate in such a way as to minimize noise and vibrations. Get hold of this equipment if your preferred area of use is sensitive to noise.


  • Cools the air by removing some heat from it
  • Sorts all the air delivery issues
  • Requires no extensive overhauls or reworks of the system
  • Regulates the temperature of the interior of the rooms
  • Works well with both voltage ratings (110/120V)


  • Weaker and hence less reliable for long-term use
  • Cannot impact large rooms effectively
  • Limited range of operations

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#3: Tjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster Fan

Tjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster Fan

If you are an agriculturalist, you want a fan that is particularly designed for the greenhouse. Look no further than this one. It is designed for use in high moisture areas. You will find it especially suited for the hydroponics rooms.

Tjernlund M-Series Exhaust Fans

To rid the interior of your room of any exhaust fumes, the appliance makes use of the Tjernlund M-Series exhaust fans. This is very durable and highly versatile. These two traits allow for the handling of high pressure and robust performance.

Speed Controllability

Other than exuding high performance, it is also possible for you to control the speed of the fan with ease. This arrangement negates the need for guesswork and also guarantees your safety at all times of use.

Great HVAC

Generally speaking, this appliance has very reliable heating ventilation and air conditioning system. As a matter of fact, it can generate 460 cubic feet of air per minute. With this awesome power, be sure to accrue higher levels of reliability.


  • Comes along with some mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Handles humid environments with relative ease
  • Uses negligible levels of electrical energy
  • Can get rid of fog and unwanted odors
  • Good for intense applications and prolonged use


  • Cannot handle tough operations
  • Easily breaks down when subjected to intense pressure
  • Denies you some necessary peace of mind

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#4: AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan

Over above regulating the temperature of the tents, this fan goes beyond to even ventilate it. This stems from its ability to furnish the interiors of the grow rooms with clean air. As you are about to see, it possesses some unique features needful for this role.

Intelligent Controller

The controller of this fan is intelligent indeed. That is because it contains some humidity and temperature programming capability. With regards to this, it is possible for you to determine your preferred parameters beforehand.

Mixed-flow Design

With this fan, it is possible to handle both the fresh and stale air at the same time. While at it, you will not compromise the quality of the air. That is because the PWM-controlled DC-motor handles the exchange of air well.

Temperature Humidity Controller

Apart from cleansing your air, this fan also regulates the levels of humidity. This is handled by the temperature-humidity controller. It keeps the humidity in the desired states and levels which you want.


  • Requires limited attention on your part
  • Highly energy-efficient and cheaper to manage in the long run
  • Great for the grow tents as it promotes the growth of plants
  • Eliminates the exhaust odors with much efficiency
  • Has an excellent transfer heating/cooling mechanism


  • Limited to the growth of plants in tents
  • Delivers limited value for your money
  • Simpler users may find it quite complicated

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#5: iPower GLFANXINLINE4 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

iPower GLFANXINLINE4 4 Inch 190 CFM

Do you have some ducts which frequently get clogged? Worry not! It is indeed possible for you to unclog those ducts and allow for the smooth flow of the air. This inline fan will help you to boost the flow of air and ventilate your facility.


At either end of the fan are some grooves and fluting. These are purposely put in place to receive and attach well to your ducting. The grooves grasp the ducting of the fan to see to it that it does not slip or detach even when shaken violently.

Awesome Packaging

In all, the fan is comprehensively packaged. It comes in some wired junction box. The box is structured in such a way as to relieve any strains. Moreover, it is also accompanied by a power cord and is generally retail-friendly.

Bright Lighting

Lastly, the fan has some bright and clearly legible lighting indeed. That is because it contains the HPS MH LED growing light which measures 4 inches. The bulb is bright and intense enough to allow for maximum impacts on your part.


  • Installable anywhere like the bathrooms, attics, and greenhouse
  • Does not require wholesome rework during installation
  • Cools the air for applications in hydroponics facilities
  • Calls for limited maintenance on your part
  • Inflicts negligible vibrations


  • Higher power consumption
  • Overheats easily when used for long
  • Not for small and squeezed rooms

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#6: Metal Duct Booster Fan by TerraBloom

Metal Duct Booster Fan by TerraBloom

Is your room suffocated and deprived of fresh air? Your answer lies in a fan which has the ability to ventilate such rooms. Do try your luck on this particular fan. It boosts the duct to make the ventilation of attics, basements, and grow rooms possible.

Compact Size

This fan comes in a pretty compact size. As a matter of fact, it has the ability to fit into the standard 4-inch air duct. By virtue of this construction, you are assured the ability to smoothly transport it out and about the desired area.

Appropriately Wired

Also forming a vital part of this appliance is the appropriate wiring. The fan indeed comes along with some pre-wired 6-foot grounded cable. This cable allows for the smooth transmission of the electrical power into the system.

Excellent Makeup

All factor considered the makeup of this fan is excellent indeed. That is because it is manufactured using lightweight paint-coated steel. With this makeup, expect it to last you longer and also reduce your operational expenses.


  • Reduces the levels of noise by streamlining the flow of air
  • Performs a good work of enhancing the growth of your plants
  • Has both the exhaust and intake valves
  • Hits higher operational temperatures
  • ETL-listed which is a mark of excellence and reliability


  • Vulnerable to the percolation of water
  • Unsuitable for outdoor applications
  • Works well with only the 4-inch ducts

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#7: Hydrofarm ACDF10 Active Air 760-CFM Fan

Hydrofarm ACDF10 Active Air 760-CFM

If you plan to use your fan outdoors, it has to possess a longer cord. That is to give you room to stretch far away from the source of power. Get hold of this one. With the 8-foot pre-wired cord, it will do you just that.

High-quality Molded Impeller

At its core is the high-quality molded impeller. This is the component which generates the stream of air that ventilates the room. It is very reliable not to mention being pretty great at performing the desired chores.

Thermally-protected AC Motor

To rotate the motor, the appliance makes use of the thermally-protected AC motor. Given this protection, the motor is insulated against the dangers of catching fire. It is also able to work for a longer duration of time.

2.07-Ampere Rating

The fan is rated 2.07 amperes. This means it consumes less electrical energy but at the same time brings about higher value for money. Further to this, the fan is less likely to sustain damages or issues which surround power surge.


  • All its components are recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratory
  • Offers great innovation in its operations
  • Exudes topnotch performance
  • Housed in a powerful and durable material for long-lasting impacts
  • Simpler to set up and ready for eventual use


  • Strictly for outdoor use
  • Low power output means limited efficiency
  • Has a higher noise-rating

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#8: 4″ Silent Inline Duct Booster Fan

4" Silent Inline Duct Booster Fan

This fan is particularly suited for the small to medium-sized spaces. This is because it is compact in size, consumes low levels of electrical energy, and produces less noise and heat. Do you have a condominium? This is an appliance you cannot shy away from.

Low Power Consumption

As has already been explained, this appliance consumes low levels of power. It is rated only 9W and is thus cheaper to utilize on the whole. Say no to the dangers and inconveniences of higher utility bills which others face.

Energy Efficiency

Other than consuming low power, this appliance is also energy efficient. That is because it has the ability to save you a whopping 30% of the power bill and consumption compared to the fans in the same category. You get more while spending less with this fan.

Silent Motor

Its motor is super silent. Unlike those of the ordinary kinds of appliances which are noisy, the one for this one spins rather quietly. It is this trait which makes it suitable for use in those locations that are sensitive to noise pollution.


  • Delivers slow stream of air for maximum efficiency
  • Brings about energy and monetary savings to you
  • Highly unlikely to deafen your ears owing to low noise output
  • Circulates the air in the ducting easily
  • Does not interfere with the room occupants and their conversations


  • Only for the small spaces
  • Cannot handle extremely humid environments with ease
  • Unreliable for you if you change locations every now and then

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#9: VIVOSUN 4 Inch 203 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

VIVOSUN 4 Inch 203 CFM

Just in case your base is hot and humid, you require a fan that is very powerful indeed. You might want to pay some attention here. This fan possesses a high-tech aerodynamic design which delivers this role for you.

Powerful Airflow

The fan ejects some powerful flow of air indeed. It is equipped with some heavy hitting blower which has a reliable fan speed. This one rotates at the decent speed of around 2,500 revolutions per minute. It hence impacts whole rooms with ease.

Low Noise Output

Even though the fan is powerful, it produces low noise of only 49 decibels. For this reason, the fan is able to perform well in those locations which require quietness. Do get hold of it and use it in hotels and libraries.

Durable Build

Its entire casing is made of some durable build. These come in the forms of the galvanized steel parts that are factory-painted. With this build, the fan is able to ward off atmospheric corrosion which arises from excess humidity.


  • Efficient transmission of air
  • Delivers optimal ventilation
  • Dampens any vibrations for reliable outcomes
  • Eliminates any rattles which in turn diminishes wear and tear
  • Simpler to install courtesy of the dual flanges


  • Requires a lot of money to afford
  • When broken down, it takes more to restore
  • Needs much muscle power to engage

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#10: Hurricane Inline Fan 12 in 1060 CFM

Hurricane Inline Fan 12 in 1060 CFM

For large scale commercial applications, you require an equally powerful inline fan. Do try this out for such issues. In the proceeding mini-review, you shall know about its suitability for this role. Some of these include the uncanny ability to pair with many like-minded devices.

Commercial-grade Construction

As has already been explained above, the fan is suited for commercial applications. It is pretty strong, very powerful and impacts larger spaces with ease. Compared to other appliances of its kinds, it is more comprehensive in its scope.

Durable Housing

The entire structure is encased in some durable housing. The house is made of the firm and durable steel material. Expect it to last you longer and to also perform the stated chores with relative ease. This is not to mention fewer maintenance costs.

Excellent Exterior Finishing

At the exterior of the fan is some excellent finishing. This comes in the form of the durable powder-coated finish. It shields your fan from damages and dangers while at the same time also makes it quite aesthetic indeed.


  • Installs easily in a matter of minutes
  • Has a longer cord for ease of handling
  • Generates a strong jet of air output
  • Extremely reliable for large scale applications
  • Suitable for high-performance operations


  • Quite large and bulky in size
  • May not be installable just about anywhere
  • Requires some skill and expertise to handle

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#11: VenTech IF6 6″ Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM

VenTech IF6 6" Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM

If you are a real estate proprietor, you want to lay your hand on a gadget which is multipurpose and universal in nature. Look to no further than this fan as it is the more suited for such use. You will find it applicable in a number of environments.

Superior Airflow

Standing tall among the list of its most admirable features is the super airflow. This is made possible by the modifications that have been implemented on its air discharge system. You are hence less likely to encounter interruptions in air circulation.

Aerodynamic Body

The body of this fan possesses some excellent aerodynamics. Regardless of how strong the inflow of air is, expect it to withstand them. This assures you some fair degree of reliability in times of use and engagement of the device.

Powder-coated Baked Paint

Adorning its exterior is some powder-coated baked paint. Apart from shielding the entire structure from corrosion and other agents of deterioration, the paint also lengthens the lifespan of the gadget. On top of this, the appliance costs less to manage.


  • Low power input and consumption
  • Low noise output means comfortable operations
  • Comprehensive package leads to reduced hassles
  • Features the tough steel construction
  • Ensures you awesome stability and maximum efficiency of use


  • Only for professional applications
  • May not fit some structures
  • Costly to maintain in the best shape and form

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What is an Inline Fan?

An inline fan is an electronic appliance which is attached to the ducting of a building installation for the purposes of cooling and ventilating the rooms. In most cases, it is fixed inside the attics and further away from the view of room occupants.

Why is Ventilation Necessary?

Ventilation is necessary to prevent suffocation, regulate the temperature of the interiors of rooms, and dispose of the unwanted or polluted air. In some installations, ventilation may be used to provide oxygen for the combustion of the fuels.

How To Clean and Maintain Inline Fans In Grow Rooms

Shut off the power

Kick off the exercise by shutting off the power of the fan. This, of course, is to prevent electrocution and give you the confidence you need to do a good cleaning job. You will find the switch in the circuit box.

Remove the Grate Covering

Now move on to remove the grate which covers your fan. Exercise some caution as you do so to prevent inflicting any damages. Wash it using warm water and soap before letting it dry.

Dust the Fan

Dust the rest of the fan which is left open. Use a dust blower to get rid of excess dust and then some piece of cloth to remove the stubborn stains. Lastly, run some damp clean piece of cloth on top of the surface.

Dry and Re-attach the Grate

Leave the grate and the rest of the fan to dry. Re-attach the grate after it is completely dry and then power the fan on yet again. You are now good to go!

What to Look For When Choosing an Inline Fan

Energy Efficiency

This refers to the energy consumption versus the power output of the fan. A good fan has to be energy-efficient. This means it has to consume as little amount of energy as possible yet exude as much power output as is realistically possible.

Mounting Space Availability

How much space do you have to mount the fan? You definitely want to strike a balance between the space available and the size of the fan. Find one which is just of the right size for your use.

Duct Size

As noted above, these fans are attached mainly into the ducts. It is also advisable to find one which can fit the size of the duct you have in mind. While at it, be mindful of the shape too, as this will also impact on the ability of the fan to fit the space.

Light or No Light

Do you want a fan which has some lights or those that lack the same? You have to be sure of just what you want. Generally, though, the best fan has to possess some lighting for indication and excellent views in times of low luminosity.

Noise Levels

In the course of their operations, these fans will usually emit some sound output. You do not want to acquire a too noisy one. That is why it makes some sense to check out the decibel rating of the fans you have in mind.


How do you know your fan is clogged?

Your fan is clogged if it has excess dry times, produces some burning smells, contains some hot exterior, and has a sizable lint.

How high should an inline fan be from the floor?

In all, the inline fan should be at least 12 inches from the ground level. This is to give it awesome clearance and guarantee smooth circulation of air.

What happens when your inline fan is clogged?

You will notice that the room does not cool as need be. You hence become too uncomfortable by reason of being too sweaty and suffocating.

How often should you clean out your inline fan?

You should do so at least once a year. If you use your fan regularly, you might want to do so around twice or thrice a year.

What happens if the inline fan is not connected?

Definitely, it will not cool the interiors of your rooms. You have to connect and then power it for it to be able to play this awesome role.

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