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How To Use Argan Oil For Hair

You might have seen Argan oil as a common ingredient in most of the hair care and skincare products. Argan oil is extracted from the little kernels in the fruits of the Moroccan Argan trees. This oil is scientifically proven to do wonders on your skin and hair. Argan oil promotes natural hair growth and regrowth.

Actually speaking, Argan oil can be used for hair in many different ways. You can use it just like regular hair oil. Nothing is refreshing as a hot oil massage using Argan oil. You can use it along with your shampoo and conditioner as well. Argan oil is also an excellent natural leave-in conditioner. Nowadays, it is even used as a styling agent.

Argan oil is rich in hydrating and moisturizing properties. It is naturally infused with Vitamin E, which is very beneficial for hair growth. Argan oil fights against dandruff and dryness of the scalp. It is so powerful such that you can even reverse the damages done through chemical treatments.

Argan oil is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Use of Argan oil yields quick results on your hair. You can achieve moisturized and lustrous hair in the very first use itself. It makes your hair softer, smoother, and manageable.

Here, in this article, we are dealing with different ways to use Argan oil for hair.

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair in Different Ways?

As already said, Argan oil can be used for your hair in different ways. You can select one or two ways to try out by considering your hair care routine and hair type.

Argan Oil as a Regular Hair Oil

Using Argan Oil as regular hair oil is one of the easiest methods to use it efficiently. It is just about replacing the bottle of your regular hair oil.

Take a few drops of Argan oil and rub it on your palm gently for a while. Rubbing the oil on your palm will heat it mildly, heated oil are said to get absorbed sooner than oil in normal room temperatures. Now, apply the oil on to your scalp and hair strands. Massaging oil on to your scalp for a couple of seconds would assist quick absorption and thus, better results. You can shampoo your hair if you want to get rid of the oil residues.

Using Argan oil daily promotes hair growth. It helps in maintaining your scalp moisturized, preventing dandruff, itching, and dryness. Daily use of Argan oil also imparts natural lustrous properties on your hair.

Argan Oil for Hot Oil Massage

Argan oil is the best massage oil for dry and frizzy hair types. It will hydrate the scalp and dry tips of your hair. To maintain your scalp and hair strands moisturized and nourished, you should do at least one session of hot Argan oil massage in a week.

Before initiating the regimen, it is important to clean your hair and scalp with a mild shampoo. By doing this, you can unclog the dirt from pores and expose them to penetrate oil into the deeper layers.

Heat a little amount of Argan oil. Massage it into your hair and scalp using fingertips. Start from the roots and cover the entire length of your hair. Now, wrap your hair in a hot towel for the next 15 to 20 minutes. The vapors from the hot towel would hasten the process of absorption. Rinse your hair thoroughly with a shampoo to get over the oil residues.

Hot oil massage, especially with Argan oil is very effective for eliminating dandruff and dry skin from your scalp. Doing it at least once in a week will help in maintaining your scalp healthy, and also imparts soft, shining, and voluminous hair.

Argan Oil in Shampoos and Conditioners

There are plenty of hair products infused with Argan oil available in the market. Almost all leading shampoo and conditioner brands have variants containing Argan oil. The Argan oil shampoos and conditioners work perfectly for dry hair types.

If you are not satisfied with the Argan oil content in your shampoo or if you want better results, you can add a few drops of Argan oil into your shampoo and conditioner. Obviously, this would yield better and quick results on your hair.

Argan oil is a common ingredient in most of the shampoos and conditioners as it is very effective in maintaining the scalp and hair strands healthy. The antioxidants in the Argan oil boost production of hair cells promoting healthy and voluminous hair growth.

Argan oil as a Leave-in Conditioner

Pure Argan oil is a natural leave-in conditioner. Most of the leave-in conditioners available in the market are composed of harsh chemicals. They would eventually damage your hair over time. Another major defect of most of the leave-in conditioners available in the market is that they would make your hair greasy and sticky.

Using pure Argan oil as a leave-in conditioner cause no damage to your hair over time. The conditioning agents in the Argan oil makes your hair soft, smooth, and shiny. It usually has prolonged benefits and effects on your hair. Above all these, when used right, Argan oil won’t leave your hair greasy and sticky as most of the leave-in conditioners do. Argan oil makes your hair quite manageable and easy to style.

Argan Oil as a Hair Mask

Argan oil is most effective when used as a hair mask overnight. An overnight hair mask makes the greatest absorption of nutrients possible.

Massage Argan oil into your scalp and hair strands. Wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap. Leave it overnight and rinse thoroughly in the morning using a shampoo.

Argan oil is a natural mask for your hair unlike the ones packed with chemicals available in the market. Using Argan Oil as a hair mask can be considered as a quick and easy treatment for your hair in the times when you require a smooth, shining, and voluminous hair overnight.

Argan Oil as a Styling Agent

Most Styling agents available in the market contains harsh chemicals and cause both short-term and long-term damages on your hair. They are least recommended for frequent use.

Argan oil is a natural replacement for chemical Styling agents. A few drops of Argan oil works great and makes your hair glowing, manageable, and easy to style. It is perfect for taming dry and frizzy hair types. Using Argan Oil as a styling agent also imparts long term benefits making your hair strong and nourished.


Argan oil can be used in different ways to promote natural hair growth. It makes your hair stronger, smoother, softer, and glowing. Argan oil is the perfect one for dry and frizzy hair types.

Argan oil is quite expensive due to its limited availability. If you cant afford pure Argan oil, you can consider hair care products infused with Argan oil instead.

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