Updated On May 18, 2020

How To Remove Hot Glue From Fabric?

It has been observed that the hot glue is usually and effectively used in the art and craft projects made by children.

During the time of applying the glue, sometimes it is spilled over a piece of a table cloth or attire which you are wearing. But it is not that easy to remove its stains and for this right product and the right procedure, is required.

If you are in a messy condition and glue has been spilled on the fabric, then don’t worry at all. In this article, we have tried to explain to you the most effective methods to remove hot glue from your fabric and provided some resourceful tips and tricks to get your fabric back in order.

When hot glue is spilled on your fabric?

Hot glue is a kind of celluloid adhesive that is used in the fixing of non-porous items together. Hence, when it spills on to your fabric accidentally then it wraps itself in the fabric in such a manner that it is not all easy to remove it without the help of extensive method.

Luckily, we have been successful in gathering some easy resolutions by using various household items which are common to get rid of the hot glue permanently from your fabric. Therefore, look no further and get started!

Some easy ways to remove hot glue stains from your fabric

You need to take into account the effective and resourceful techniques to get rid of the hot glue from your fabric depending upon the quantity which has spilled over.

1. Place the fabric in the freezer

Are you are aware of the fact that the fabric becomes crispy when comes into the contact of the cold? See how we are going to take out glue completely by using the below-mentioned approach:

  • Put the fabric in the freezer overnight on which the hot glue has been spilled
  • Take out the fabric very next day from the freezer and you will be able to notice that the paste has become completely brittle to be peeled out easily even with your hands.
  • Use a knife or a spoon to scrape the remaining glue
  • Wash the fabric with a good quality liquid detergent or commercial cleaning agent to even extract the leftover deposit

Important Tip

You need to be very cautious while taking out the adhesive from the fabric as extreme pressure might damage and completely ruin it.

2. Wash the fabric with alcohol

It has been generally seen that alcohol reacts very quickly with the adhesives and makes its bonding properties lose. This is one of the most effective mechanisms:

  • Take a small amount of alcohol in a bowl
  • Put a piece of cotton into the solution and soak it
  • Spot it around the area that is affected
  • Take out the adhesive with your hands
  • Use the knife or a spoon if it is too hard to be extracted
  • Afterward, rinse your fabric with a cold water

Important Tip

The alcohol that you are using to take the glue stains out from your fabric should contain 70 percent pure isopropyl otherwise it will not achieve the desired results.

3. Iron your fabric

Ironing is the best way of transferring elements from one medium to another. Let us see how this is done:

  • Pre-heat the iron by setting its temperature from a medium to a high range to get it hot to work in a proper manner
  • Put the fabric on a hard surface and cover the affected area with a piece of cloth or a paper bag
  • Hold the iron on the affected area that is covered for at least 25-30 seconds before lifting it
  • Check whether the glue has been transferred to the piece of cloth that you have used for covering the affected area 
  • Keep repeating the same process until the glue has been completely eradicated

Important Tip

You need to keep a close eye on the condition of your fabric constantly as excessive heat can cause the adhesive to melt into your fabric thus causing bigger damage.

4. Soak the fabric in detergent

This process is only effective for taking out mild stains:

  • Try taking out the glue with your hand as much as possible
  • Pour water into a container and allow it to boil
  • Add some pre-wash stain removing solution into the water and soak the fabric into it
  • Wash your fabric in mild detergent and allow it to dry completely.

Important Tip

If you are using a washing machine for this purpose then set its temperature to the highest that your fabric can bear to provide you the preferred result.

5. Use Acetone to get rid of a stain

Acetone is a powerful solvent that can easily take out reluctant stains from your fabric, thereby leaving a surface with no residues.

  • Put the nail polish remover in a small container
  • Take a small ball of cotton and dip the same into the solution
  • Rub the stained area slowly and notice if the gum is coming out properly
  • Wipe the dirt with a clean cloth and apply the same process again until the glue is taken out completely.

Important Tip

It has been seen that sometimes acetone might lead to discoloration of fabrics. Therefore, to avoid this, put a small amount of nail polish remover on a small area to see if the color of the fabric is intact. 

Wrap Up

Crafting is an ancient art and hot glue is one of the essentials of the toolbox that is almost required for each project. Now as we have provided you some homemade remedies and resourceful tips to get the adhesive out of your fabric, enjoy shaping your craft projects with utmost ease assisted by adhesives required in the same.

As you know how to remove glue from your fabrics than just sit and relax and let your kids indulge themselves fully into craft projects. After all, you are going to meticulously handle any kind of spillover.

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