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How To Put On A Dog Harness?

Dogs are indeed one of the most loyal and lovable companions one could ever get. They bring so much joy and unconditional love in our lives that we end up forgetting all our sorrows. However, these furies seem to be cute but at the same time, they are notorious too. If your adorable furry companion has a habit of playing outdoors, then putting on a dog harness is very important.

If you take your dog regularly out for a walk, then it is necessary to take precautionary measures such as putting on a dog harness as it helps in ensuring safety for your pooch during the outdoor sessions. There are always probable chances of your dog running away during the open-air walk. Different types of dog harnesses can be put on in different ways as mentioned below.

1. Standard Dog Harness

A standard dog harness consists of one loop around the ribs and the other one around the neck of your dog. It also comes with a D-ring on the back of the dog that enables us to clip the leash.

  • Stand, squat, or sit behind your pet dog and put him in a sitting or standing position. You should make sure to keep your dog calm.
  • Slip the harness over the head of your dog and ensure that the harness is positioned in such a way that the D-ring is on the back of the dog.
  • The wider loop with the buckle would go on first whereas the narrower loop would go on the second number.
  • Slip the leg of your dog through the first hole of the harness and make sure that the leg should be in between the loop that goes around the neck and the ribs.
  • Now you need to buckle the harness so that the leg of the dog is in the leg hole properly.
  • In case if the buckle is unable to get closed, then you might need to loosen the strap.
  • Once you have buckled the harness, adjust it for a proper fitting. Make sure that you can slip two fingers underneath the strap.
  • Pull the harness over the head of your dog to place it more securely.

2. Step-in Dog Harness

The step-in dog harness is the same as the standard one, the only difference between the two is the standard harness forms rectangles around the leg of your dog whereas the step-in dog harness forms triangles.

  • Place the harness flat over the ground, so that the two triangles are visible to you. You should make sure that the buckle is on top of the D-rings.
  • Hold your pet dog from behind and place his frontal feet properly into the two triangles.
  • Pick up both the ends of the harness and clip them together on the back of your dog.
  • Adjust the harness to get the perfect fit. For optimum protection, you can pull the harness over the head of your dog.

3. Front Clip Dog Harness

A front clip dog harness consists of a leash clip in front over the chest of the dog. This type of leash has been crafted specifically to discourage pulling during outdoor walks. Some front clips harness are designed the same as the step-in or standard harness.

However, there are different designs of the front clip harness such as with one loop placed around the ribs along with a single strap that goes around the chest of the dog. There is no divider between the legs of the dog. If you are having such type of harness, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Kneel towards the right side of your pet dog while he is standing or sitting calmly.
  • Place the loop of the harness over the head of your dog. Make sure that the harness label should rest on the left shoulder and the metal ring should be placed towards the center of the chest of your dog.
  • Reach underneath the belly of your dog and fasten the belly strap.
  • Adjust the harness in such a way that it fits your dog properly. Make sure that you are not able to pull the harness over the head of your dog.

Things to keep in mind while adjusting a dog harness

Putting on a dog harness is surely a tricky task as you need to pay attention to a lot of factors such as fitting and grip. While adjusting a harness, we tend to miss out on certain important things that can bother the dog while he is on an outdoor walking or running session. Here are some of the important aspects that one needs to keep in mind.

  • Do not adjust the harness in such a way that it becomes difficult for your dog to breathe. Do not keep it tightly fitted as it might cause discomfort to the dog.
  • Always opt for high quality and sturdy harness that comes with a strong and comfortable grip as it would become easy for you to hold it during the walk.
  • Make sure that the fabric of the harness is soft and not sharp or stiff as it would restrict the movement of the dog and would cause him uneasiness.
  • Pair the harness with a durable and strong leash as it reduces the chances of the leash getting damaged.
  • Always select the harness and leash according to the breed and size of your dog.
  • If the harness has become hard and irritable, then it is advisable to replace it with the new one.

Wrap Up

It is a complex job to figure out the most appropriate harness for your dog as there is ample variety consisting of different fabrics and styles of harness in the segment. But once you are done with this task, you can easily rely upon them for the safety and security of your dog.

The foremost thing is to ensure that the harness is snug and not too tight to keep your dog comfortable and secure during his open-air sessions.

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