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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Canned food was in existence since the early 1800s but the irony was that the first can opener was patented in 1858. It might surprise the modern generation as to how people at that time managed to open canned foods without a can opener.

But now in this modern age, you can’t even imagine the situation where you are deprived of a can opener. With more than thousands of canned foods available in the market, you can enjoy a variety of meals. The good part of canned foods is that they do not need refrigeration, special preparation, or water to cook but still you will be able to enjoy a comparatively delicious meal.

Yes, you can open a can without a can opener but most of the methods involve a little bit of risk as you will be tearing, cutting, and banging the can using some sharp tools. Though there are some safe and harmless tools also using which you can open the can but it is yet very important to proceed with safety and avoid touching any sharp edges during the process.

Here in this blog, we will try to share a few tips and tricks to open a can without a can opener. We will see how you can get rid of the situation where you are deprived of can opener but need to open the can for the sake of survival. By following a few basic techniques stated below, you will be able to survive and open can even without a can opener.

Opening The Can with Swiss Army Knife

To begin with, you need to keep the can upright on a stable and even surface. Now get hold of the knife and keep it vertical while placing the tip of the blade against the inner lining of can’s lid. The important thing to notice here is that the knife which you are using should have a sharp tip and edge.

Now pound the knife with enough force either by your hand or brick to pierce the lid of a can. After the first bang, reposition the knife on the lid exactly where you had made the puncture and repeat the process until the circumference of the lid is filled with punctures. 

This is now the right time to lose the lid off the can. You should not use your hands to pry the lid off the can as it might cause injury, instead use a different knife to complete the process.

Opening The Can with Spoon

It might surprise you but yes you can open a can with a spoon but the only thing to keep in mind is that it should be of robust metal with strong build quality and, not made of plastic or wood.

The steps to complete the process is very simple. Place the can on an even and solid surface. As in the case of the knife, hold the spoon tightly and place the tip of the spoon at the inner lining edge of can’s lid. Ensure that the bowl of the spoon is facing towards the lid’s center.

Now with some even pressure, run the spoon at the edge of can’s lid back-and-forth. After doing it for a while the lid’s metal will become thin and eventually get punctured at the edges. Try to press the spoon down into the punctured area and carefully tear open the lid by pushing the spoon under it.

Try to gradually pull the lid upwards with the spoon to open the can gently. Try to be careful while doing this as the pried lid will be having sharp edges that might injure your hands. Use a clean towel or gloves as protection while trying to remove the lid completely.     

Opening The Can by Friction On Rough Surface

This method becomes handy when we are left with no tools to open the can. All you need is just a huge rock or layer of concrete and a rough surface. Rub the can straight on the rough surface and you can see the magic of friction working to open the can’s lid.

The process to accomplish the task is very simple. Just place the can upside down on the rough surface and now start scrubbing the can back-and-forth with some pressure. The moment you start seeing a moisture formation on the rough surface, stop rubbing the can immediately.

The moisture on the surface is the indication of the fact that the can’s lid should be thin by now and ready to be pierced and torn off. In most of the cases, the lid becomes so thin that you can even get rid of it by squeezing the can by hand from both the end. If it does not work, use a piece of rock to bang in the lid but do it carefully and as a last resort as it may result in pieces of rock getting into the can contaminating the food.

Wrap up

Canned food is undoubtedly one of the excellent survival supplies when you are on an adventure trip or a jungle safari. But a lack of simple can opener tool will get you stuck in a situation of survival. This is where you need to be equipped with the knowledge of alternate techniques to open the can.

By going through the information provided in this blog you must have learned as to how to survive the situation when you are not in the possession of a can opener. Most of the methods mentioned above might seem to be unconventional, messy, and inconvenient but it will surely help you handle the situation and open the can effortlessly without a conventional can opener.

The most important thing to keep in mind while trying the aforesaid techniques to open the can is to be safe by not using bare hands. Always protect your hands with hard gloves, clothes or any other protection to avoid injuries while handling sharp edges.

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