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How To Keep Cat Out Of Christmas Tree?

Cats are one of the most adorable and fluffy creatures that bring endless waves of joy into our lives. However, handling these little furies can be a little challenging sometimes, especially when the Christmas season is around the corners and you need to decorate your home with exquisite beautifications.

Cats tend to own almost everything in the house which seems to be attractive to them. If you are a cat owner, there are more chances of your Christmas Tree getting wrecked by these notorious kitties. But there is no need to worry as there are several ways through which you can keep your cat away from the Christmas Tree.

1. Real vs. artificial tree

It is important to decide between whether you want to go for a real tree or an artificial one. Although, the real trees look more elegant at the same time they can be dangerous for your cat especially if your kitty loves to chew foreign objects. The real trees have pine needles that can cause serious health problems if ingested by your cat.

It is advisable to go for an artificial tree as it would give a realistic look minus the pine needles and can be eve used year after year.

2. Size of the tree

If we talk about the size of the tree, then you should go for the smaller ones as they are safer as compared to the huge ones. If your cat is notorious and keeps on attacking the small tree, there are fewer chances of any injuries if the tree falls on the kitty. Besides this, it would be easier for you to decorate, maintain, and clean a small tree.

3. Setup of the tree

To make your cat familiar with the newly placed Christmas tree in the home, it is preferable to set up the tree a few days before Christmas. It helps in giving your kitty enough time to familiarize yourself with the tree and there is more likely that your kitty would end up getting bored with the tree.

You can even decorate the tree a few days before Christmas as that your cat can investigate it and lose interest in it as soon as possible.

4. The base of the tree

We all know that cats love to jump on the tress. To ensure optimum safety for your cat, you should go for a tree that comes with a solid and strong base. Make sure to place the tree in such a manner so that it would not topple over the cat. You can even secure the tree towards the wall with the help of wire near the top to keep it upright.

5. Steering the cat away

Always make sure to place the tree away from those corners of the home that your cat is most comfortable with. Keep the tree away from those furniture pieces that your cat uses the most. It would help in reducing the temptation to jump over the tree.

You can even warp the trunk of the free in a foil and place few peels of orange or lemon around the base as most of the cats do not like the foil and citrus scents. You can even place the pine cones nearby or around the base of the tree to keep your kitty away from it.

6. Decorations

  • Emphasize the top half of the tree: Decorate the tree with beautiful adornments and place them where it is harder for your cat to reach. You can place the decorations towards the center and topmost of the tree. Do not place much decoration towards the end of the tree’s branches.
  • Be careful with the lights: Always place the lights towards the center portion of the tree as it reduces the chances of your cat chewing off the wires. Make sure to cover the end of the wire that gets plugged in the wall using a cord protector.

In case if you are not able to supervise or monitor your cat, then it is advisable to unplug the lights. If your cat is too notorious and tries to chew the wires, then you should take off the lights from the tree for the safety of your kitty.

  • Tie the ornaments: Instead of using metal hooks to hang the ornaments or embellishments, you can simply tie them with the tree. Tie them in such a secure way that your cat cannot run off with them.
  • Avoid the tinsel: Tinsel might seem to be flashy and cheap, but it can be hazardous to your cat’s health. Generally, the cats cannot resist themselves from eating the tinsel. There is always a high risk of the tinsel getting chocked or stuck in their intestines in case if they swallow it.

In place of tinsel, you can even use other beautiful décor alternatives such as wood, paper, or vegan felt adornments that are less tempting to your cat as compared to the super shiny objects.

  • Skip other hazardous items: Do not use decorations that could be harmful to your cats such as small ornaments, fake snow, or real candies that your cat could choke on. Make sure to keep all the poisonous plants and foods such as chocolate, lilies, amaryllises, mistletoe, cyclamen, and poinsettias out of your cat’s reach.

Wrap Up

Christmas is the season of joy and togetherness, so enjoy it to its fullest. Irrespective of your efforts, your cat might still try to jump over the tree to explore it properly. What you can do is instead of getting stressed out; shift your focus on decorating the Christmas tree with beautiful and safe adornments.

Do not worry too much if your cat has decided to redecorate the tree. These feline companions are unpredictable yet loving, so make most out of each moment you spend with them. You can take precautionary measures to keep your cat away from the tree but do not forget to cherish the merriest time of the season together.

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