Updated On May 18, 2020

How To Hang A Porch Swing?

Porch swings are the perfect place to relax and have a cup of tea. They are also a wonderful place to have a conversation with your loved ones. Moreover, they are loved by children, as they love to swing on it. After looking at these advantages, you surely would want to have one, would not you? Well, if you have decided to get a porch swing, then you must know certain things about it too. You surely do not want to buy a cheap quality swing that would break in no time.

Moreover, these swings are tricky to install. If you do not install them properly, then there are high chances of someone getting injured. Worried about installing a porch swing? Well, don’t worry. In this blog, we have shared the best practices to choose a porch swing and the correct method to hang it. Yes, there is a correct method of everything. Similarly, while hanging a porch swing, you need to keep various factors in mind like the strength of the chain or rope to tie it.

Select that matches you

First of all, you have to select a porch swing. Now, there numerous types of porch swings in the market. Some of them are made of metal, while others are made of wood. Irrespective of that, there are even different sizes of swings in the market. Since the porch swing will probably remain outside, it has to withstand climatic conditions. Make sure that the material you choose does not get affected by the climatic conditions in your area. Besides, the material should be easy to maintain. Other than this, you must choose the swings based on its size. If you have a large family, then a large swing is probably the best.

Hang with what?

The next step is to get the material with which you are going to hang the swing. At present, there are numerous such materials. However, most preferred ones are rope and metal chains. Both of them are highly sturdy and reliable, but metal chains are more durable. Therefore, we would recommend you to buy metal chains to hang the swing. Make sure you take measurements of the area before buying the chains.

Which place?

The third step is to identify the place where you want to hang the swing. Make sure that you choose an area that gives a lot of space to the swing. Yes, by that, we mean in every direction. Since the swing is a movable item, a small space can hinder its movements. Therefore, choose a large area for the swing.

Add accessories

The fourth step is to add hooks to the swing. Usually, a porch swing does not come with an in-built chain attacher. Therefore, you will not be able to tie the chains to the swing. You must drill the swing and attach metal hooks such that you can tie the rope or the chain.

Hanging method

This is the most important part of having a porch swing. If this step is done properly, then the swing will last for a long time. On the other hand, a poor construction will lead to a short life of the porch swing.

The hanging method varies by a huge margin as per the area in which you want the porch swing. Let’s say that you want it in an open area. How can you hang it there? Well, for that, you will have to build a frame for hanging the swing. Irrespective of that, the basic concept does not change. You have to tie all the chains of the swing to the roof. In case of an open area swing, the frame must have a pole above the swing.

Give it a test

It is highly important to check whether the installation of the swing is durable or not. There have been various instances where people get injured by porch swing. The majority of the cases are reported among children. Therefore, you have to check whether the swing can hold up the weight or not.

So, how can you do that? One method is to put some load on the swing. Make sure that the load is equal to three to four people. Now, give it a swing with the load on it. If the installation is sturdy, then nothing will happen. However, if it is weak, a few chains will break right away. Do this test for at least 10 minutes to make sure that the structure is reliable.

How much weight can a porch swing hold?

The answer to this question depends a lot on the size of the swing you buy. However, if we take a seven-foot swing as an ideal one, then it can hold up to 600 lbs. Yes, the capacity of the swing depends on numerous factors.

So, what are those factors? First of all, it depends on the quality of the porch swing. Let us say that you have a wooden porch swing with low quality. It would surely not be able to hold much weight as compared to a high-quality one. Moreover, it also depends on the strength of the chain.

How can you make a swing more comfortable?

There are hundreds of methods in the market to make the swing comfortable. However, here are the most effective ones.

  • Add some cushions to the porch swing. This is highly effective if you have a metal porch swing. Do make sure that you choose thick cushions.
  • Add springs to the hanger. This will increase the cushion-like effect while sitting on the swing.

Wrap up

In this blog, we have discussed the correct method to hang a porch swing. We have also shared a brief buying guide to porch swings. Do make sure that you provide support to the swing from every direction. One way to check it is to assess whether the swing is balanced or not. Make sure that it is not tilted in any direction. You can also check out some videos that explain the installation of a porch swing. However, you need to keep the tips discussed in mind. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and install the porch swing!

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