Updated On May 18, 2020

How To Get Rid Of Noisy Frogs From Your Backyard?

Frogs are an essential part of the ecology. They are the predators of insects and anything small in size as compared to them. It is normal to have a few frogs in your backyard. It is even necessary. However, this becomes a problem when they are in a large population. The population keeps increasing at such a rate that some even successfully enter your home.

If you are dealing with this situation, then you surely would like to remove them from your backyard. There are many ways to get rid of the frogs from your backyard. You can try by removing the shelter they are taking or by removing any still water in the backyard. Irrespective of the method you choose, first of all, you must know the reason they come to the backyard. Therefore, let us discuss all the aspects of frogs in your backyard.

Why are the frogs in your backyard?

There are various reasons a frog can enter your backyard. However, survival is the main thing for frogs. They go to places that increase their chances of survival. Maybe that’s the reason behind frogs in your backyard.

So, what are the survival conditions for a frog in the backyard? They are food and shelter. If your backyard is full of insects, then it is most likely that you will see a frog in it. They may also enter due to a still water body in the backyard.

These conditions attract frogs to your backyard. However, before you jump to removing them, you must know certain other factors.

Are frogs dangerous?

Some frogs are surely dangerous for you or your pets. Though the majority of the species are non-poisonous and do not possess any harm to you, a small fraction is poisonous. Therefore, you need to identify the species in your yard. If it is non-poisonous, then the measures are easy to take as compared to measures against poisonous ones.

These frogs also carry lots of germs with them. How? Well, they live in the dirtiest places in the city. Some frogs even live in sewers. Therefore, they increase the risk of diseases at your home by a huge margin. This is another reason to kick them out of your backyard.

Irrespective of these reasons, you have to be extremely careful, while removing the frogs in your backyard.  There are some countries in the world, which have strict rules for frogs. Therefore, you must follow the rules by your government. It is also recommended to contact the wildlife department in case of a poisonous frog in the backyard.

Why? Well, removing a poisonous frog requires proper equipment, as well as experience. If you tried to remove a poisonous frog by yourself, then there are high chances that you are going to get poisoned.

How can you remove the frogs from your yard?

There are numerous methods to get rid of the frogs in the yard. However, only a few of them are effective in practical life. In this section, we have shared the most basic methods to do so.

Track them back

The first method is to remove the place where they are living in. Maybe they are living in a hole or any other thing. You need to identify those areas and remove them, In case of a hole, fill it with some sand or soil. However, you must make sure that the method you use to remove the shelter is permanent. You do not want the shelter to be used again by the frogs.

Remove water bodies

Some species of frogs can live in water too. Therefore, it is most likely that you will find them in a water body in your yard. This usually happens in the summer, as frogs try to beat the heat. However, frogs cannot live in flowing water. Therefore, you must remove anybody with still water in it. It can be a small pond in the yard or anything else. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, then it is better to get it fenced. Make sure that the fences do not have any space to let the frogs enter.

Clear waste

To get rid of the frogs, you need to remove the debris in your backyard. Why? Well, that provides natural shelter to frogs. Debris in the yard also attracts insects, which are food for frogs. This debris even stores rainwater, which leads to various other diseases, as well as infections. You must also remove the weeds in the backyard.

Turn off the lights

You must have observed that insects get attracted to the lights in the backyard. Especially in rainy weather, there is always a pile of insects on the light. This makes perfect conditions for frogs to appear in your backyard. Therefore, you must close all the lights in the backyard, especially in rainy weather. Due to this, there will be no insect in the yard. Thus, automatically the frogs will not come in the yard.

Fence up and kill the insects

Let’s say that there are some insects in your backyard, but what if the frogs are not able to enter? This can be easily done by putting a fence at the boundary of the yard. Usually, a metal net is recommended as a fence.

However, you may go for other designs of the fence in the market. After dealing with the boundary, you must focus on reducing the insects in your yard. We have already mentioned some steps in the above sections. However, you can also add an insect killer in the yard. Even using pesticides on the plants, reduces insects by a huge margin.

Wrap Up

It can be challenging to deal with frogs in the yard, especially in the rainy season. In this blog, we have discussed all the practical methods to deal with them. You just need to make sure that the species of frog in the yard is not poisonous.

If it is, then you should contact the wildlife department. Also, make sure that they do not enter your home. Keep the doors closed all the time.

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