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How To Fry Frozen French Fries

Frying has always been a very tricky process and especially when it comes to frying frozen items. It has been observed that people often make a mess while frying.

Most people are not aware that frozen French Fries need to be first brought to room temperature before these are being fried. This is not only the best way to get the desired taste but also provides safety while cooking.

Do you want to know how to fry frozen French fries perfectly and judiciously? Let us get on with that because it is not that easy to get the same taste which is offered in your favorite restaurants. You should purchase a packet of frozen French fries if you need to reinvent those perfect golden French fries at your home.

The process to fry Frozen French Fries

There is good news for lovers of French fries. They can now fry them in various ways. It is extremely useful to get a fair idea of the perfect mechanism to attain restaurants like French fries. You should either fry them meticulously in a pan, air fryer, or in an oven. The choice is exclusively yours!

Let us shed some light on how to fry frozen French fries wisely

Frying in a Fry Pan

Frozen French fries would not turn tasty and crispy until these are not deep-fried in a pan. You have to first get hold of the pan and after making it hot, add some oil or butter to it as per your preference.

Once the oil gets hot, add the frozen fries. You should always place a single layer of French fries in the pan instead of crowding it as otherwise, you will not get the crispy fries.

Make sure that the flame is on medium-high and keep on turning the fries until they consistently get golden brown. If you want to add some spices to make it more interesting then include seasoning with garlic powder, onion salt, chili flakes, oregano, etc. Your spicy and crunchy French fries are ready!

Some Tips and Tricks

  • Prefer using a non-stick ceramic pan or a pan that has rapid and even distribution of heat.
  • Avoid using butter and instead focus on good quality oils, such as vegetable or sunflower.
  • Set the flame to a medium-high during the process and avoid using low temperature while frying.
  • Uncover the pan during the process of frying to stop the oil to crackle

Frying in an Air Fryer

Frozen French fries that are prepared in an air fryer are crunchy and healthier in comparison to deep-fried. The frozen fries are already covered with a little coating of oil hence a minimal amount of oil is required for an air fryer.

It is a proven fact that cooking food by using oil is not at all healthy. Hence, it is preferable to cook food through the medium of an air fryer. An air fryer, due to its oil-free cooking qualities, has attained a prominent space not only in every kitchen but also in commercial restaurants as well. The air fryer reduces calorie intake drastically.

Some Tips and Tricks

  • Do not use too much oil while frying
  • Use olive oil to get the best results

Frying in an Oven

If you are a health-conscious person and in favor of less oil, then look no further and try the perfect option of frying French fries in the oven. Frying fries in the oven is more manageable in comparison to deep frying. You will be obtaining the preferred golden color with ultimate crispness with no extra oil.

You have to preheat the oven to 400oF before frying. Now place a foil piece over the metal baking sheet and keep the frozen fries into a bag and put a small amount of olive oil into it. After the fries have been coated with the oil, spread them over the sheet. Bake these until turns golden.

Some Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid crowding while placing the fries on the sheet.
  • Do not use olive oil if you prefer fewer crispy fries.

Frequent mistakes committed while frying French Fries

The temperature, quantity, and time come into the scenario when it comes to frying frozen French fries. In case you are not able to fry these with the desired golden crunch, then you are committing some mistake.

  • Selecting the wrong temperature: You should focus on setting the right temperature for frying. However, it is not very easy but indispensable. When the fries are fried at high temperature then there are chances of it getting burnt or under-cooked from inside. On a similar note, fries become moist due to low temperatures. 
  • Using inappropriate oil: The emphasis should be laid on the right usage of oil. Oils with a low smoke point are ultimate for pan and shallow frying, whereas oils with a high smoke point are perfect for deep frying.
  • Crowded frying: If you have to place French fries in the oil for frying properly then fry these in small portions.The process will take some time but will lead to optimum and desired outcomes. Byputting them all at one go can make the fries oily.
  • Consuming leftover oil: It has generally been seen that leftover oil usage not only affects the taste of the fries but also your health too. It also makes the fries oily and spoils its flavor.

Wrap Up

It has been evident from the above that Frozen French fries are the first choice of many. Most of the people prefer and love French fries because these are salty, crispy and delightful. What makes the people to be carried away by the French fries is its crispy layer with tenderness after being fried.

If you have to enjoy the delicious restaurant like French fries, then follow the tips and tricks that have been provided for your ready reference. It is your choice how to get your crispy fries ready, either through the deep frying, air frying, or in an oven.

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