Updated On May 18, 2020

How To Drive A Pontoon Boat?

Have you bought a new Pontoon boat? Great! Now, ready to take it in the water? Well, you have to put that thought on hold for a few moments. A pontoon boat gives a wonderful boating experience. The boat is easy to maintain and offers a large space.

Driving a pontoon boat becomes memorable when you have your family on board. However, driving a pontoon boat is not easy as compared to other boats. If you are not experiencing, then there are chances that the boat may sink. That would be scary, would not it? Do not worry. We will not let that happen.

In this blog, we have shared various methods that you must follow while driving a pontoon boat. We have also mentioned the do’s and don’ts while driving the boat. Thus, you will get all the necessary information to become a skilled pontoon driver. Moreover, we have shared some tips that you must follow before putting the boat in the water.

Wind can change everything

A pontoon boat is relatively light as compared to other boats. Therefore, the boat gets affected by the direction of the wind. Hence, you must keep a check on the direction of the wind. If the wind is in the opposite direction of the boat, then try increasing the speed. This will cover the lost speed due to the wind.

On the other hand, if the wind is in the same direction as the movement of the boat, then put the boat in reverse speed gears. This will prevent the chances of sudden acceleration of the boat.

Be smooth

You should never increase the speed of the boat suddenly. Why? What worse can happen? Well, if you did so, then some people on the boat will fall off the deck. Why does that happen? Thanks to Newton, as per his first law of motion, a body keeps moving in a state of motion until a force is applied. Therefore, here the people on the deck suddenly feel a backward force that drags that out of the boat.

Hence, you must increase the acceleration very slowly. Make sure that the acceleration rate is constant and always keep your hand on the slider.


Have you seen a large ship? If you have, then you must have observed its movement. If the ship turns too sharpy, then it tilts in a particular direction. Similarly, a Pontoon boat can also tilt in a particular direction. This can be extremely dangerous for the people onboard. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make a slow turn with the boat. You need to change the direction of the boat very slowly.


When you are returning to the dock, you have to be extremely careful of various factors. Make sure that the speed of the boat is as per the direction of the wind. Always keep control of the accelerator and the wheel. Do make sure that you have patience while docking the boat. So, what worse can happen while docking the boat. Well, first of all, the boat can hit the dock. This can damage the pontoon of the boat. Therefore, water may get inside the metal casks. This can become extremely costly in the long run.

Tips for pontoon boat

In this section, we have shared the most important tips while driving a pontoon boat.


There are numerous safety measures that you must follow before and while driving a pontoon boat. First of all, you have to make sure that all the passengers are wearing a safety jacket. This is highly important for worse scenarios. Secondly, you must have a first aid kit on the boat. There are chances that some passengers may suffer from sickness. In that case, you must have proper medicines. Thirdly, you have to make sure that the level of fuel is appropriate. There are instances where people take the boat in the water without checking the fuel. Due to this, they get stuck in the water on the boat. Moreover, you need to check the condition of the boat too. Make sure that there is no crack on any part of the boat.

Initial steps

You also need to follow the initial steps properly. First of all, turn on the motor for at least 10 minutes before taking it in the water. This step will help you understand the condition of the motor. Thus, it reduces the chances of breaking down the motor in the middle of the water. Make sure that everything is working properly, including the level of gas in the casks. There are instances where the gas keeps leaking. This can become dangerous in the water, as the boat can flip. It is also necessary to check the radio on the boat. You need to plan for all the worse scenarios that can happen in the water.

Is it easy to drive a pontoon boat?

Well, the answer to this question depends on numerous factors. First of all, you need to be sure of your skills. Do not try anything new with the boat, if you aren’t confident with it. Secondly, you need to plan for the worse scenarios. There is a saying “ Plan for worst, hope for best.” You need to follow this saying firmly. Let us assume that you keep all these things in mind, then is it easy to drive a pontoon boat? Yes, driving a pontoon boat is extremely easy when you follow these tips.

Wrap up

In this blog, we have to share the easiest ways to drive a pontoon boat. Most people believe, that driving a pontoon boat is difficult. However, if you have the proper knowledge and you take precautions, then driving a pontoon boat is easy. Make sure that you firmly stick with the method. Feel free to go in-depth on the working of a pontoon boat. This will help you have a better grip on the boat.

Moreover, we have discussed some important tips that you must keep in mind the safety of the passengers. These tips will also increase the durability of the boat in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Now, you have all the knowledge for driving a pontoon boat.

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