How to Connect Ps4 to VGA Monitor Port

When it comes to playing play station, all options are available to suit your preference with the PS4. Single-player and multi-player experiences are all at your disposal. PS4’s audience has drastically increased over the years. This hardly comes as a surprise for in the years it has been in existence, its library has grown to contain a myriad of games.

If you have recently purchased your PS4 or are considering doing so, you’re probably wondering what next? How do you get your game up and running? For this, you have to get a monitor and connect the two devices. 

This then begs the question, is it a plug-and-play kind of situation? Unfortunately, it is not. The process is a bit complicated, especially if you have old monitors. This article will take you through how to connect your PS4 to a VGA monitor port. But first, let’s look at the different types of ports offered by monitors.

Types of Monitor Ports

The most common ports of a monitor include the HDMI port, DVI port, and VGA port.

HDMI port

It is also referred to as High-Definition Multimedia Interface ports. When it comes to industry standards, HDMI ports are considered to be high on the list. Also, there is a range of HDMI cables in the market. The cables compatible with monitors that have HDMI ports include HDMI standard, HDMI High Speed, HDMI Premium High Speed, and HDMI Ultra High Speed. 

VGA Ports

Initially, VGA ports were industry standard before the introduction of HDMI ports. Most PC hardware incorporated this port. Currently, this port has been done away with for the most part. However, if you have a legacy device, you are likely to find this port. 

DVI Port

Just like the VGA port, the DVI port was common before the emergence of HDMI ports. Fortunately, most monitors have this port. The frame rate of the DVI port is higher compared to that of the HDMI. This is attributed to the fact that its digital signs are transmitted directly. 

VGA Monitor Port

As previously mentioned, the VGA port is mostly found on older PCs. When it comes to features, the port consists of a connector with 15 pins (3 rows with five pins. Every pin has its specific function. VGA ports are also popular on projectors. 

When using the VGA monitor, you can only expect low-resolution images on the screen. This is because it’s designed to use analog signals. Projectors, monitors, and televisions make use of the VGA connector when connecting to a computer. 

Other than the HDMI, VGA is also being replaced by the Display port cable. As manufacturers produce computers that are lighter and thinner, the VGA port is becoming obsolete. In fact, it is more like a setback because of its thick ports. 

Mini-VGA has been introduced to replace the standard VGA. The functions are the same; the only difference is with their design. In terms of popularity, VGA still wins.

 Using a VGA Connector

The VGA connector is mainly used when connecting a laptop to a projector or television. It is good to note that you are better of using an HDMI or DVI output. If these options are available, it is better that you utilize them. 

If the VGA connector is the only available option, you can then make use of it. Remember, audio signals are unavailable with this connection. Therefore, you should get an external audio connection. 

How to Connect PS4 to VGA Monitor


  • PS4 slim-comes with an HDMI lead, and it only has HDMI ports
  • Old VGA monitor-only has VGA input
  • HDMI male to VGA adapter- it converts the signal from digital to analog. It also allows you to take out sound as well. You will have to set up separate speakers to get the sounds. This is because the HDMI cable carries picture and sound, but VGA cables only carry the picture. Look for an old speaker that has a 3.5mm jack.
  • HDMI switch- It should have a voltage lead, input ports and output ports
  • 3.5mm 5V barrel jack 


  1. Get the VGA lead that comes from the monitor and plug it into the adapter
  2. Connect the speaker into the adapter
  3. Plug the HDMI part of the VGA adapter into the output of the HDMI switch
  4. Connect the HDMI lead that came with the play station to the play station and one of the HDMI switch inputs
  5. Connect the barrel jack to the HDMI switch and the phone charger
  6. Plug the charger into a socket and turn it on
  7. The display on the screen turns on
  8. Adjust settings and get ready to play

Final Thoughts

If you ever find yourself with an old VGA monitor and you want to play the game, all you have to do is follow the steps above. Uncommon as it is in today’s age, it is not impossible to find monitors that only have VGA ports. 

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