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How To Clean A Deep Fryer?

We all love fried food, isn’t it? Yes, because of its additional flavor and deliciousness it becomes irresistible. Nowadays, every modern kitchen is equipped with a deep fryer to make your food more yummy and easy to cook. The trend of junk food has increased deep fryer usage among people.

But at the same time when it comes to its maintenance and cleaning, it is quite a cumbersome work. You should be able to understand clearly as to how the deep fryer needs to be cleaned if you cook fried food quite often.

The best approach to clean your deep fryer is to follow the required steps carefully and gently. It does take some time but if you know how to do it, then it is effortless. You will be requiring a few things ready before you start cleaning your deep fryer such as water, baking soda, scrubber, vinegar, clean cloth, grease dissolvent, etc.

Due to the prolonged usage of the deep fryer, it might develop a crispy coat of grease and oil remains. If the same is left unattended, it may cause issues both for your deep fryer and your health due to hygiene concerns.

The extensive cleaning and maintenance of deep fryer not only increases the safety against any fire threats but also ensures that the deep fryer is in good working condition for a longer period.

Cleaning a deep fryer

Basic thing first, unplug your deep fryer and cover the power cable with good insulating tape and cover it with a dry cloth. This will guard it against any water damage during the cleaning process. Wear gloves to protect your hands against any oil and dirt while cleaning. You should ensure that any food or leftovers are removed from the fryer before you get on with the cleaning process.

If the oil in your fryer is giving you a strange smell or a cloudy look, remove it completely and soak the wire basket installed in your fryer with warm soapy water. Leave it there for some time and see if there remains any more debris or oil stains in the wire basket. Gently scrape away any stains or food coats that are built-up in the corners of your fryer.

Scrub the surface wall of the fryer gently using warm soapy water without the use of any bristle or sharp brushes. Degreaser can be one good agent to get rid of tough stains and oil from the fryer. It is preferable to refer the user manual before proceeding with any sort of cleaning in your dry fryer.

The heating element is another part of the fryer which needs to be cleaned with proper care. In most of the fryers, these are two metal bars that can be wiped by clean cloth to get rid of any oil or debris. But as the wires are very thin and sensitive, you need to be very careful while performing the cleaning.

Similarly, the oil filter of the fryer also needs to be cleared to get rid of any food particles or tough stains carefully. Never immerse your fryer completely into a washing sink or water while cleaning as it may cause damage to the fryer.    

Using vinegar to clean a deep fryer

Vinegar is one good cleaning agent that can be used to get rid of tough and stubborn oil stains from the fryer. Just mix household white vinegar in half a gallon of warm water and leave it in the fryer for 15-20 minutes. Gently shake the solution and then pour away to rinse the fryer with water. Your dryer will be free of any tough stains and foul smell as vinegar is a good neutralizing agent.

To make it more effective, you can mix vinegar with baking soda, it will make your fryer sparkle like new. You just need to pour a dash of vinegar into the layer of baking soda laid on the fryer, this will initiate a chemical reaction leading to staining removal. The process can be repeated as per the toughness of stain and get a better result.

Using dishwasher to clean a deep fryer

The dishwasher can be used to wash your deep fryer but remember that you cannot put your entire fryer into it due to electrical components present in it. But as many fryers come with detachable parts, you can dismantle them and put in the dishwasher for cleaning. Like deep fryer basket is one of the major parts which can be full of grease, oil, and stains which can be put in the dishwasher for proper cleaning.

Other than fryer basket many other detachable parts in the fryer can be dismantled properly and put in the dishwasher for cleaning. But please refer to the user manual before putting any element into the dishwasher for its safety. Once the cleaning is performed successfully, dry the units, and assemble them properly before using the deep fryer.

Wrap up

If your deep fryer is getting used quite frequently, ensure that the same is cleaned and maintained also in a stipulated period. Changing the oil at least once a week and cleaning the accumulation of unwanted grease and oil from the deep fryer are common practices to be performed.

No matter how frequent you use your fryer, it is just that you need to know as to how you should clean and maintain your fryer for durability. By adhering to all the aforesaid things, you can ensure a safe and clean deep fryer experience.

The bottom line, the cleaning of deep fryer is not an easy task and you might end up with a lot of grease and oil on your clothes and body. But remember, it is a job worth doing as it will keep your deep fryer get going and help it serve you tasty fried food. And above all, it will save a lot of money as you will not need it to be repaired or replaced quite frequently.

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