Updated On May 18, 2020

How To Build An Underground Room In Your Backyard?

Humans are using underground rooms for a long time. They were found during the construction of pyramids in Egypt, in World War 2, and even in the present era. The requirement of these underground rooms is increasing very rapidly. There are numerous reasons for needing an underground room in Your Backyard. Maybe the area you are living in is prone to storms.

In that case, hiding in an underground room can be the safest option. Maybe you want to live your dream of spending some time underground, or maybe you want to use it as a storeroom. Irrespective of the reasons, the steps to build one doesn’t change.

There are hundreds of methods available on the internet to build an underground room. However, not all of them provide you with the easiest methods.

During the construction of an underground room, you need to be extremely careful while digging. You need to make a map in your mind so that you can build a room as per your expectations. Above all that, you must want it to be strong.

Of course, you are not making this much effort so that the room can collapse within a few days. That’s why we have brought you the simplest methods to build an underground room.

Steps to building an underground room

Identify the place

The first step is to decide where do you want the room in your Backyard? Moreover, you need to make sure that the place you choose does not affect the durability of the room. So, what are the factors that can affect the durability of the room?

Well, there are factors like water that can affect it. So, make sure that the place does not get flooded or in contact with water. Why? Well, excess water can loosen the soil and further lead to the collapsing of the room. You also need to make sure that the place doesn’t have much traffic. Why? Well, excess traffic can increase the load on the soil. This can probably collapse the room.

Make a map

The second step is to put your ideas on paper. You need to imagine the exact size, shape, and everything else in the room. Maybe you just want a storage room. In that case, there is no need to dig up a large room. There are even chances that you may want to stay inside the room. In that case, you may want it in a square or rectangle shape.

Irrespective of your expectation, you must conclude everything on paper. Make sure that you are satisfied with the final design. This step will also tell you the tools and materials required to build the room. Therefore, you must think of the internal decoration too.

Let’s start digging

The third step is to take your shovel and start digging the ground. Do make sure you are taking safety precautions by wearing goggles and gloves. Now, start digging and keep removing the debris too. Check your measurements and dig as per them.

The opening of an underground room should always be small. Start by digging a hole perpendicularly of the width of your shoulders. You must also know that the roof of the room is always thicker.

So, after digging perpendicularly, start digging in other directions. Do make sure that you follow the measurement in the original plan. This will surely take a couple of days. You can hire some part-timers to speed-up the process. After doing all the hard work, you would be able to see the raw design of the room.


The fourth step is to give finishing to the surface of the room. Try removing the debris on the surface, including the roots of the trees. Now, there are various methods to give finishing to the layer. You can add a layer of cement plus sand and many more. Irrespective of the method you choose, you must remember that this step is done to strengthen the walls of the room.

Therefore, even in conditions like a disaster, the room will not collapse. Some people even put wooden logs in the room to provide better stability. Yes, putting logs perpendicular to the base and roof can provide strength to the room.


The fifth step is to furnish the room as per your expectation, as well as requirements. If you are planning to stay in the room, then you surely would like to have some furniture in it. You can add some decorative items on the wall. However, there are some important parts of furnishing. There is always a need for a sturdy and reliable roof and base. Try adding some plywood to the roof. It is also necessary to add an entrance door. Make sure that the entrance is easy to use, and good enough to hide the room.

Protect it

An underground room is not invincible. Various conditions can damage the underground room. Therefore, you need to set up a mechanism to protect it. The first danger can be from water. Try to set up traps that can hold water from going inside the room, including moisture. You can even set some traps to keep away animals from the room.

Tips for making an underground room

  • Before starting with the project, you must have all the necessary tools and materials. Make sure that you even have items that are required for worse conditions. There are chances that you may find a boulder while digging. Therefore, a shovel will not be enough to dig further.
  • It is important to put warning signs around the construction site, especially at night. You surely do not want someone to fall into it.
  • Always keep the room in camouflage and closed. Why? Well, there are chances of wild animals getting inside the room, which you would surely not want to happen.

Wrap up

Making an underground room requires patience and effort. Just follow these simple steps to make the room. However, if you face any trouble, then you must summon the professionals and leave it to them. Do make sure that the professionals have a good reputation in the market.

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