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How To Build A Gun Safe Room

A gun is a weapon that always comes in handy. Apart from hunting, it’s good to have a gun in your home because you never know when you might need it. According to reolink statistics, 88 percent of burglaries occur at home. Thus, this is why you need a gun in your home.

In a house, a gun needs to be stored in a safe place. you must build a safe room for safety reasons. Some of those safety reasons are:

  • To prevent burglars, thieves and other bad guys from using it against you and your  family
  • To prevent the kids from accessing it
  • To protect it against theft in case of a break-in
  • To store a large collection of guns (In case you have several guns)

Now, safe rooms are dynamic. They can be as small as a shelf or a box or as big as a hotel room. Thus, Its best to determine the number of guns you need to keep before building a safe room. 

Most hunters and arms dealers need a whole room to build a safe room due to the number of firearms they possess. On the other hand, normal people only own pistols and 9 millimeters for protection. Thus, their safe rooms’ requirements are small sizes (as small as a microwave).

Things to take into consideration when building a gun safe room

Before building a gun safe room, there are few things you’ll have to look at first. These things include:

1. Number of guns

 As we said, the number of guns is what determines the size of the gun safe room. In case it’s a single gun, building a room-sized safe room is unnecessary. Otherwise, if you have a collection of firearms, then room-sized gun safe rooms are necessary.

2. Space available

Since the gun safe room will be inside the house, then its best that you start examining the space where the gun safe room will be located. The space available will not only determine the size of the gun safe room but also the design of the gun safe room.

3. The door(s) of the safe room

The door is the most important part of the safe room. Not only does it confine the gun(s) in a safe room but it also contains the lock-in which prevents unauthorized access to the gun(s). Doors differ from one another depending on the architectural design of the safe room. Small safe rooms for single guns usually have door vaults in which their locks are either biometric or coded numbers.

Large safe rooms for collection of rooms usually have every kind of doors. Its doors maybe advanced, using biometric or it may be a simple hidden door made from thin steel with a padlock tied to it.

4. Weapon management

As the gun safe room gets bigger, the need for weapon management increases. A gun safe room is just like any other room and hence it needs management. If tidiness won’t be the reason then inconveniences might be.

In situations where there is an emergency, you would need to access your gun in the fastest possible way. Therefore, if there is a gun arrangement, then it will be easy to access them.

How is a gun safe room built?

Now that we know the things that we need to take consider when building a gun safe room, let’s look at how its build. It’s obvious that to build a safe room you’ll need doors, locks, and walls but let’s try to look at it a bit deeper so as we can create the safest room for our gun(s) :

1. Determine the number of guns

The first step in building a gun safe room is to determine the number of guns you have. A lower number of guns need low spaces and hence small safe rooms. Vice versa, a large number of guns need large rooms. Numbers of guns also determine if there is a need for weapon management.

2. Determine the location of the room

Knowing the location of the room for your gun safe room is important. When selecting it, make sure that it’s a place that is easily accessible to you and at the same time inaccessible to people. This will help you on easy and quick access to your gun(s) in case of an emergency

3. Determine the size of your gun safe room

After knowing the number of guns and space for your gun safe room, then you’ll need to determine the size of the gun safe room. Gun safe rooms can be as large as a room, a closet, or locker room while others can be as small as a microwave.

4. Start building your safe room

The first thing you will need to start with is the doors, especially if, your safe room is room-sized or a closet. The door can be either a wooden door or a steel door depending on your choice of preference but I would highly recommend the steel doors

The second thing, which isn’t necessary, is gun racks. In case your gun safe room is room-sized, then gun racks are essential. The gun racks will be on the walls of the gun safe room, for gun mounting and management 

A small gun safe room will likely be mounted on the wall and so the best option is to purchase a vault. (Although they can be very expensive)

5. Create a lock

If you have installed a vault door in your safe room then there is no need to undergo this process. Otherwise, you’ll need to pick the perfect lock for your door.

There are different kinds of locks in which include

  • Pressure locks
  • Biometric locks
  • Scanner locks
  • Padlocks
  • Door locks

Picking the right kind of lock is very important since it conceals your weapons safe from intruders giving you the only access to the gun safe room.


Make sure to check on the state laws before constructing your gun safe room. Some laws limit the number of guns that need to be kept in the house, while others limit the amount of ammo that can be concealed in a safe room

So to be on the safe side, you should check in with the authorities before constructing your gun safe room.

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